Headley Parish Archives

Headley, Bordon, Hampshire

  • Held in the Parish Office, Headley Village Hall, Arford Road, Headley GU35 8LJ unless otherwise stated.
  • Managed by The Headley Society
  • For physical access, contact John Owen Smith or phone the Parish Clerk on 01428 713132

    Right: Banner of Court "Forget-me-not" No. 6,943 of the Ancient Order of Foresters

River Wey at Headley (11K) - click to enlarge

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Location of Acquisitions

Maps: standing rolled or folded in cardboard boxes and bins at right rear of cupboard:—

Other items on shelves:—

2-drawer filing cabinet:—

In cardboard boxes on floor to right:—

Various locations:—


Books donated by Joyce Stevens

Headley Miscellany volume 3
Headley Miscellany volume 4
Headley Miscenllany volume 5
Headley Miscellany volume 6
Cobbett Comes to Headley
Headley's Past in Pictures
Headley Grange
Hollywater booket
To the Ar and Back
Flora's Peverel by Jo Smith
I'Anson's Chalet by Judith Kinghorn
One Monday in November
Salute to Elizabeth (including black and white photos)
Headley celebrations 1995
Queen's golden jubilee service June 2002
Picturesque Hampshire, written by CJ Beck between 1895 and 1901
The Pageant of Headley June 1951 (3 copies + 1 hardback)
King George VI Coronation souvenir programme 1937
Headley & Kingsley Almanac & Directory for years 1890, 1896 & 1897
Silver Jubilee Programme 1977
50 years of I'Anson Competition, Headley Chapter


Books donated by Joyce Stevens

Hampshire County Handbook (1960s)
Hampshire The Little Guides - 6th edition revised 1929
It Happened in Hampshire - Winifred G Beddington and Elsa B Christy, 5th edition 1977
Hampshire a Sense of Place by Peter F Mason 1994
Conservation in Hampshire (third edition)1983
Selection of timber-framed houses in Harting by Terry Barnfield 1978
Local history research and writing - David Iredale 1980 edition
East Hampshire Hangers leaflet
The countryside heritage and introduction - 1970
Hampshire's countryside heritage - 1 ancient lanes and tracks
Hampshire's countryside heritage - 2 ancient woodland
Hampshire's countryside heritage - 3 rivers and wetlands
Hampshire's countryside heritage - 7 the coast


Books donated by Joyce Stevens

Hampshire within living memory - Hampshire Federation of Women's Institutes 1994
The King's England - Hampshire and the Isle of Wight 1993
The Folklore of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight - Wendy Boase1976
The sunken lanes of East Hampshire - an introductory leaflet
Liphook, Bramshott and the Canadians - Bramshott and Liphook Preservation Soc
The Hindhead Murder 1788-1986 by Judy Hewins
Marchant's Hill 1939-1989 by Judy Hewins
The Liphook Calendar 1066-1989
Discovering Hampshire - R.L.P.Jowitt (1969)
Tales of old Hampshire - Cecilia Millson 1980
Conford from Domesday to Victoria - Mary Tyfield 1996
Headley Appraisal booklet 1980


Headley Organisation papers 1990 & 1991 – those taking part in "Here's Headley"

1 Report on church matters
2 Minutes or the annual vestry and parish meeting
3 Arford WI summary of events
4 The Cats' Protecton League diary of events 1990
5 Report on activities of Headley Bridge Club
6 Headley branch East Hants Conservative and Unionist Association
7 Headley Friendship Club 1990
8 Guild of Health group
9 unused
10 Headley Down Community Association
11 Mother Teresa's Co-Workers activities 1990
12 Headley Nursery Club diary notes 1990
13 Headley Oxfam Group in 1990
14 Headley Branch Royal British Legion
15 The British Red Cross Society
16 St Francis' Church Headley Down minutes of AGM 1991
17 Headley Voluntary Care Group chairman's report 1990
18 Headley Wives Group 1990


Holme School Headley

1. Notes on the history of the Holme School (handwritten)
2. "Holme Infant School, 1990" (by Patricia Naismith)
3. "The Development of Education in Headley Village School" - May 1991
4. Reading, Guildford & Reigate Railway Co purchase of land from Headley Charity School (1848).
5. Holme School - copy of Schedule of grants 1866
6. Holme School - Copy of cash book 1890
7. Headley National School - Inspector's Report (1869-1890)
8. Photocopies of Holme School photos 1922 and 1935
9. List pupils 1885
10. Managers' Notice 1925
11. Notice of alteration of school fees 1885
12. Photo unknown year
13. Various photos


Photos donated by Joyce Stevens

To be indexed

Headley Plan 1972
Parish Plan 2006


Photographs (indexed 2008/03/AV)

1. Tithe Map.
2. Headley Heritage Trail.
3. Lamport Family 1924–25.
4. Pop Group 'Clover' at Headley Grange 1976.
5. Whitmore Vale, Churt.
6. Post Card of Whitmore Valley.
7. Barford Chapel with Sunday School members and men working in garden in Barford (from Nigel Thorne).
8. New Lynch Gate Headley Church.
9. History of Headley Post & New Office Built 1910.
10. Man Quarrying Stone Near Blackdown 1912.
11. Sketch Plan of School Land, Headley by Rev. Laverty.
12. Staff of Grayshott Laundry.
13. Copy of Rev. Geo Holme Signature. 1751.
14. Old Brockford Bridge 1964.
15. Newspaper cutting: Headley Tithe Barn 1967.
16. Blacksmith Shop, Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia [of no relevance to Headley!]
17. Headley Mill Staff 1930.
18. Headley Mill Vehicles 1930.
19. Staff of Badgerswood Surgery 2003.
20. History Group Outside Suters – Joyce Stevens' 90th Birthday.
21. 'Here's Headley' 1991 and 2006.
22. Canadian Graffiti at Churchgate.
23. Headley Road, Grayshott.
24. Viney Family 1907.
25. Park Mill 1948.
26. Post Card Oyster Lane 1920.?? – is it this one? If so, it's the Headley in Surrey.
27. 26 photographs of Tonards Garage before and after demolition, and of shops in Headley High Street (Donation by Philip Bird, 11th March 2016)
28. Photographs (photocopies) of Hilland before demolition from an album dated 1900.
29. Photographs of John & Emmeline Viney and their son Frank, 1881.
30. "Picturesque Hindhead" Album
31. "Grayshott" Album
32. Riverside Cottage, Hollywater (exterior & privy)
33. Headley Carnival photos 1983
34. Frith Postcards of Grayshott in wallet
35. Headley Ladies' Cricket Team 1897.
36. The Foresters Banner displayed in Headley Village Hall (c1985)
37. Arford Cottages
38. Headley Cricket Team 1962
39. Photo of James Curtis 1916 (aged 92 years)
40. Photo unknown Cricket Team c1900
41. Mrs Lickfold's petrol pump/shop in Arford
42. Village Triangle, Chestnut Tree and wooden signpost c1900
43. Photos unidentified
44. Foresters in Headley with Banner x 2 (circa 1906)


Miscellaneous (indexed 2008/03/AV)

1. Will and Inventory of Richard Hays 1567. (Philip Brooks).
2. Copy of Will of J. William Harding, 1615.
3. Notes written in 1996 by Mrs Barnard; and Sale of Headley Park, 1555.
4. Broxhead from 1636 by Major Wade.
5. Headley Wills and Inventories from 1627.
6. Dudman/Deadman Families from 1772.
7. Bramshott Baptisms 1749–1771.
8. Will of William Lee, Odiham, 1780.
9. Family Tree Chiverton from 1603.
10. Belton Pedigree 1793
11. Reference to Arford House, 1812.
12. Sale of Land at Hollywater – Eade/Knight 1788.
13. Marriages Outside the Parish 1739–1807.
14. Headley Mill, Philip Brooks.
15. History of Headley Mill, RJ Ellis.
16. Water Mills of Headley Parish.
17. Richard Carrington 1875.
18. A Mummers Play.
19. The Foresters Banner – see frontsee back
20. Fishing at Headley 1826.
21. Post Office Directory of Hampshire 1855.
22. Headley Directory 1865.
23. Extract from Kelly's Directory 1899.
24. Charles Beck.
25. Passfield House Farm.
26. A History of Liphook, Joan Finney.
27. Shulbrede Priory.
28. Right of Way between Arford and Fullers Bottom.
29. Fullers Bottom Pond.
30. Districts of Headley Parish 1924.
31. Headley Church and Parish Chronological Record of Events, 1872–1922.
32. A Note by Wm. Suter.
33. Red Cross Victory Show 1943.
34. Vegetable and Flower Show 1951.
35. Note to Wardens re Bombs 1941.
36. Information on Reverse of Postcards.
37. Trial of Henry Fauntleroy. [This is also in Box 27, sub-section 14, titled: "Forger's death on scaffold - Henry Fauntleroy with sketch of Curtis Farm in the Herald March 21st 1925"]
38. Certificate of Thanks for War Service, Gnr. F. Thorne.
39. Sub-Postmistress, Mrs E.H. Carter.
40. Death of Mr HR Oliver, Shottermill.
41. Major and Mrs Kay, née Gamblen.
42. Laurence Giles.
43. Enclosure of the Common – Notes from Mr Laverty.
44. Children's Entertainment at the Holme School, 1920.
45. Henry Knight.
46. Memories of Headley Rectory by the Tudor Jones Family.
47. Memories by Ivy Woodward.
48. Memories by Myra Treharne.
50. Merton Priory.
51. High Breck by Joanna Jackson.
52. Report of Headley WI, 1925.
53. Will of William Rogers 1908.
54. Report on Cart Shed at Symondstone.
55. Links between Bishop's Sutton and Headley.
56. Fulling Mill at Standford.
57. Kiln in Cradle Lane, 1977.
58. Benifold 1998.
59. Woodman's Green Farm, Linchmere.
60. Edward Medal Awarded to Harry Rasell, Liss.
61. Glebe Land 1987.
62. Dunkirk - Daily Express 1940.
63. Glass Works, Chiddingfold.
64. Proposed Golf Course, Wishanger Farm, Churt 1992.
65. A History of Fullers Earth.
66. Grass for All, Major JRB Branson.
67. Commonwealth War Dead – RC Churchyard, Grayshott.
68. Badgers at Headley – Clive Brown.
69. Symbols of the Church.
70. The Hack Family 1851.
71. Sheep Stealers, Headley 1854.
72. Details of a Mug Inscription Headley 1892.
73. Papers associated with History of Headley Park
74. History of Fauntleroy Family, Headley Park
75. Programme Headley Autumn Fete 2008
76. Vernon Anderson - memories of WW2 Headley Down
77. Parish of Whitehill 80th Anniversary programme (2009)
76. Memories of Headley Residents


War years in Headley

1. Our Sailor and soldiers 1914-1918
2. WW2 Roll of Honour & men & women serving (3 pockets)
3. Minute book of WW2 Memorial Committee
4. Headley Observer Corps
5. Children's Concert Programme WW2
6. Headley Red Cross Victory Show
7. Farewell Dinner D company 24th Hants Battalion Home Guard
8. 1st Headley Girl Guides 1942 Concert Programme
9. List of Headley men taking part in WW1

BOX 10

Barn survey – Headley Farmsteads

BOX 11

George Holme & Memorial 2000

1. News cuttings regarding George Holme Memorial
2. Correspondence regarding carving & erection of memorial (3 pockets)
3. Fund raising notices etc.
4. Dedication of memorial
5. Miscellaneous correspondence regarding memorial
6. George Holme's Family Tree
7. Correspondence regarding George Holme's time in Middle East.
8. Correspondence between Joyce Stevens & Isle of Wight archivist, regarding Catherine, wife of George Holme

BOX 12

Fullers Vale Pond

BOX 13

Headley Society - minutes of last 10 years

BOX 14

Calor Hampshire Village Competition - Headley entries 2008 & 2009

BOX 15

Headley Society - events

BOX 16

Headley Society - Christmas Parties

BOX 17

Headley scrap book 1974-1977; Headley Oxfam Group 1970-2004

Headley - News cuttings 1974-1977
Minute book of Headley Oxfam Group 1970-1986
Minute book of Headley Oxfam Group 1989-2004

BOX 18

Headley Electoral Registers 1995-2005

BOX 19


1. Photo All Saints undated c21st Century
2. An A4-size illustrated booklet of 40 pages produced by Carl Tantum documenting the history of both St Joseph's Grayshott and Christ the King Headley, plus CD
3. The Cenacle, Grayshott
4. Methodist Church Liphook Plan & Directory 1953
5. Photo of Lych Gate & Dedication of Coronation Lych Gate June 1954
6. Induction of Rev. David Bentley 1966
7. History of Standford Hill Methodist Church 1861-1961
8. St Mark's Bordon 1955-1975.
9. Photo of Clock/Tower taken 1985
10. Picture of Church & Rectory - date unknown
11. Headley Parish Church 1842 - Artist's impression
12. Photos (2) Rectory 1875
13. 1875 photo of Church
14. Newspaper photo of Rev's Laverty, Gamblen & Ridley 1929
15. Photo of Rev Joseph Ballantine Dykes (rector 1848-1872)
16. Photo/article The Standford Story c1990
17. Photo of Rectory
18. Headley Church before the fire in 1836 (drawn by Prof. de la Motte - Mr Laverty's father-in-law)
19. Mothers' Union 1990 display booklet
20. Burials at St John the Evangelist, Churt 1868-1957
21. Baptisms at St John the Evangelist, Churt 1868-1920
22. All Saints Church Headley, History compiled 1994
23. Hampshire Telegraph news cutting on Fire at All Saints -16 May 1836.

BOX 20

Properties #1

1. Victorian Dreams
2. Kingsmead, Frensham - sale particulars
3. Conford Park, Headley - sale particulars
4. Wishanger Estate, Frensham - sale particulars
5. Coachman's Lodge, Church - sale particulars
6. Yeoman's Place/Cottage/Crabtree - plans/documents 1960
7. Newspaper article on Glebe Fields 'victory' 1988
8. Battle for Glebe Field correspondence 1987/8
9. Gentles Copse - acquisition by National Trust 1983
10. St Teresa's Convent, Dockenfield 1983

BOX 21

Broxhead Common

BOX 22

Rev WH Laverty (rector of Headley 1872-1928)

1. Mr Laverty's notes on Church, Parish & School
2. Information on Philip Henry Delamotte, Mr Laverty's Father in Law
3. Photo of Mr Laverty playing Croquet
4. Photo Mr Laverty, aged 25 (1872) taken just before his arrival in Headley
5. Photo Mr Laverty, 1922
6. Photo Mr Laverty, (1922?)
7. Visiting card, envelope, Photo of Mr & Mrs Laverty at Littlehampton

BOX 23

Properties #2

1. The Mount - Folder dated 1953 plans relating to division of The Mount
2. Benifold
3. Peter's (Petar's) Barn
4. Mellow Farm
5. Stonehill Road development
6. Headley Park - Crusaders (school prospectus) I
7. Headley Park - Crusaders (school prospectus) II
8. "Seeds of Time: The Life of Edmund Fullick in Tudor England"
9. News cutting re. Land of Nod 1994
10. Postcard of Kenley Road, Headley Down
11. Photo Standford Corn Mill
12. Photo Hilland Farm 1905 x 3
13. Photo Wakefords Butchers 1985 x 2
14. Headley Park Cottage - photo of ornate window
15. Sale of surplus furniture, Headley Rectory 1929
16. Sale of land on Eddeys Lane, opposite "Whittles"
17. Aerial photo of Yeomans House, Headley c1990
18. Gatehouse, Anna Mara, née Huggins (c1722-1793)
19. Fauntleroy Family (Headley Park)
20. Petrol Pump shop in Arford
21. Headley Public Utility Society 1933 onwards
22. Fox & Pelican Signboards


BOX 24


1. Joanne Jackson (aka Joan Hunter Dunn)
2. Pauline Baynes (Watership Down, etc illustrator)
3. Dr Elizabeth Wilks (Openlands)
4. Philip Oyler (Headley Down school 1913)
5. Harriett Rowsell (born Arford Lodge 1879)
6. Robert Parker (born Wishanger 1878)
7. David Hadfield photo (lived at Mellow Farm)
8. Ellis Family - Ann Miller's Memories
9. Edward Coombes photo, 1873 (Broom Squire on Arford Common)
10. Joyce Stevens 1914-2007
11. Beatrice Seymour 1886-1955 (British Writer, Seymour Road connection?)

BOX 25

Exhibition Material

1. Map showing position of old farms in Headley parish
2. Poster Headley Ancient Order of Foresters 1883
3. Poster James Curtis, Arford
4. Enclosure award for centre of Headley 1859 with field names
5. Headley Labour Rate 1843
6. J & W Mason Sale of farming stock & effects - Catalogue
7. Growth of Headley Parish (number of houses) between 1906 and 1924
8. Headley Flower Show 1899 - cancelation of tournament due to Boer War
9. Agreement for prosecution of felons in Headley & Kingsley 1806

BOX 26

Papers relating to the book "A Parcel of Gold" by Joyce Stevens (including original letters)

BOX 27

Joyce Stevens Collection – Parts 1 & 2

Part 1 – Deposited 2007 (indexed 2008/02/JF)

1 Burials in All Saints' Churchyard Headley, Notes by John Owen Smith
2 4 School Photographs of The Holme School Headley 1896, 1922, 1923, 1935-6
3 Photographs/Postcards of Headley/Arford

Crown Inn Arford Mrs? Hudson
Crown Inn Arford Local Baker, Mr Tidy on horse.
Summer scene, Bordon, Headley Mill
Lady outside house?
Old Chapel Steps, Headley
Holly Bush Pub with decorated tree
Arford Stores Winter1947/8 (2 large and 1 small)
Headley Village Hall opened 1927 Baby Welfare Mrs Coombes
Mrs Chuck outside her house at Arford
Mr Coombes1954 with others (cups and shields)
Mr Coombes 1950 tossing the straw over the pole
A procession
Group photograph

4 Two Photographs 1941

Len Ford RCE at Frensham Pond Hotel talking to evacuees
Temporary buildings (coloured)

5 Notes about photographs (photographs not included)

1 Headley Village, looking North
2 The Street looking South
3 North side of church 1896
4 Tower of All Saints
5 Interior of All Saints 1908
6 Headley Street
7 The First World War Memorial
8 Headley Village. The S. bend
9 Headley Post Office
10 View down Longcross
11 Separate card of chapel, later (no notes)
12 Longcross Farm
13 View of Arford from the highbank
14 Arford Road looking north towards the Wheatsheaf
15 Eashing Cottages
16 Arford the T junction with Longcross
17 The Crown, crown cottage and the bakehouse (no notes)

6 Hilland Development Scheme Opposed, a newspaper cutting, no date given
7 Two Photographs of Standford Farm before 1938
8 The Three War Memorials

Stone Memorial outside the church. Description on form, 2 photographs
Marble Tablet inside the church. One photograph. Description in Headley Magazine
A Book of Remembrance. Two photographs
A list of next of kin/representatives with addresses
Headley Monthly magazine September 1921
Notes Headley Society 13/6/97
Letter to Headley Parish Council from Mrs S L Adcock
Letter to Mrs J Stevens from Catherine Moriarty (National Inventory of War Memorials)

9 The Rev Joseph Ballantine Dykes Rector 1848–1872

Notes about his life and restoration of the church
Joyce Stevens's Great Grandfather's letter. (A description of a dying woman in Lindford helped by prayer.)
Photograph of Headley Church 1922
Photograph of nave of Headley Church
3 Photographs of carved chair (Ry3.9 chair)

10 Photographs of Houses

2 small photos of front of Hilland House
2 large photos of front of Hilland House (different periods, not dated)
1 photo of back of Hilland House showing vegetable garden
The Grange (formerly the workhouse)
The Mill
Headley Park
Lady outside house?
Council offices? (9th & 11th Chairman Mrs P Thomson-Glover 1950–54 & 1957–60)
(3rd Chairman Mr W T Phillips 1908–1919)
The farm in Longcross Hill

11 Photographs

Large photograph of butcher's shop
Lindford Bridge
Headley village (from Curtis Brother's Shop looking towards the Holly Bush)
2 views Headley village (from Holly Bush towards Curtis shop)
2 views from Headley church tower (not the same)
View of Arford
The Rectory
The Rectory Field c.1890: Ladies v gentlemen cricket match

12 Cuttings from Newspapers – Historical Headley with pictures

W & M Heaton – 21st Nov 1975
Park Cottages
Wey House & oast house – 27/6/1975
Lime Kiln – 30th Oct 1975
Sheep Wash Wall, Frensham Ponds – 24th Oct 1975
Hatch Farm, Tulls Lane
Yeoman's Cottage – 17th Oct 1975
Overton Cottage, Arford – 25/7/1975
Riverside cottage
Aqueduct, Headley Wood Farm – 1975
Moor House Farm – 8/8/1975
Peter's Barn Cottage
Linstead Farm – 13/6/1975
Huntingford Farm – 15/8/1975
1 Yeoman's Place – 10/10/1975
Apple Tree Cottage – 6th June 1975
Huntingford Cottage – 16/5/1975
Tulls, Passfield – 4/7/1975
Peter's Barn – 11/7/1975
Wakeford's Butcher Shop
Lickfolds, Arford
All Saints' Church, Headley – 12/9/1975
Stores House, Arford
Suters – 22/8/1975
Headley's School House
Longcross Farm – 30th Oct 1975
The Tithe Barn 1967/ today – 1/8/1975
The Rectory
The Grange, Liphook Rd (old workhouse)
Other cuttings from newspapers with pictures
The Chestnut Tree in the High Street (typed)
Farm in Longcross Hill – 11/10/1985
Headley from River Wey
Aqueduct at Headley Wood Estate – wish it to be listed
Bayfield cottage Frensham Lane 1937 – recorded 25/7/1980
Hatch House Farm, Lindford – Jan 1976
Headley 2nd football team1931–32 with names – 29/10/1982
Diamond Jubilee of Scouting in Headley – 5/12/1986
Holly Bush in 1911
Lithuanian Club, Headley Park – 23rd May 1975
Holme School class of mid 1950s & 1947–49 Football and Netball club members
Bramshott cottage for sale – 12/7/1991

13 Directories

1 Headley entry in Directory of Hampshire1865
2 Headley entry in Post Office Directory of Hampshire 1855
Letter from Mr David Allen of Petersfield

14 History, various

History of the Catholic Church of Christ the King Headley
History of The Crown Inn at Arford
Headley Parish Council Election, March 21st 1925–6 and criticism
Essay about Headley by Mrs Belcher March 21st 1925
Forger's death on scaffold - Henry Fauntleroy with sketch of Curtis Farm in the Herald March 21st 1925

15 Various

High Breck Silver Fox Farm - Letter from Mr Andrew Portal once owner, living at Petherton Somerset dated 10/1/86
Letter from Joanne Jackson (aka Joan Hunter Dunn) at Lynton Dene 26th May 93 – giving information about the Portal family and her connection with them.
New Inn Friendly Society balance sheet for 1904 & 5
The acreage and dwellings at Headley Park, Headley and Kingsley – no date
Programme of Headley Summer Fete Wednesday June 29th 1904

16 Photographs

Sunday school class 1901 Nellie Hayden, Kate Dee, Jermima Fox?, Nellie Glayther?, Anne Small?, Minnie Gauntlett
Postcard showing Headley from Beech Hill c1906
Old family photograph (no names or date)
Fete procession on a carriage (no names or date)

Part 2 – Indexed January 2008/JET

BOX 28

Joyce Stevens Collection - Parts 3 & 4

Part 3 – Indexed 2008/JET

Part 4 – A collection of letters, newspaper cuttings, etc grouped together on the following subjects:—

BOX 29

Headley Michaelmas Fete 2006

Photograph album (not in a box)

BOX 30

Headley Village Hall Trustees Minutes #1

Minute Books 1949-1972

BOX 31

Headley Village Hall Trustees Minutes #2

Minute Books 1974-1980

BOX 32

Headley Twinning Association

1. 1988 - Certificate presented to Headley Parish Council to say that Headley is Twinned with Corné
2. 1989 - Headley Report - Headley officially Twinned with Corné
3. Corné Guide Book
4. 1988 Corné Municipal Directory
5. 1999 Corné Bulletin
6. 2001 Corné Bulletin
7. 2002 Corné Bulletin
8. 2002 Corné Municipal Directory
9. 2004 Corné Municipal Directory
10. 2004 Corné Bulletin
11. 2006 Programme of visit from Corné to Headley
12. 2006-2007 Corné Municipal Directory
13. 2006 Bulletin Corné
14. Booklet about Corné and its history (in French)
15. Programme of events for Corné's visit to Headley 2003
16. Programme of events Headley visit to Corné 2002
17. Newspaper item Twinning Easter Picnic with Easter hats, April 6th 2005
18. Booklet about Corné in French "Corné Devoile ses Tresors"
19. Newspaper article about Headley Fete July 1995 when the Twinning ran a Boules competition.
20. Photographs of Headley Fete 1995 including Boules Competition.
21. Newspaper article (September 1999) about the second car treasure hunt organised by Headley Twinning and article about car treasure hunt.
22. Article (in French ) about the 1994 visit from Corné to Headley.
23. Newspaper article (May 2003) about Gordon Wrigley and Christian Ebener who started the Headley Twinning in 1988
24. From Parish Magazine May 1995, Twinning events planned for the Summer.
25. From Bordon Herald April 1995 asking who would like to go to Corné.
26. Twinning article from Parish magazine April 1995
27. From Parish Magazine March 1995
28. Twinning matters in Headley Report 1995
29. Newspaper article in Bordon Herald November 1995 about visit to Corné
30. Bordon Herald advertising forthcoming visit to Corné 1995
31. Herald Newspaper article on 1996 and Barn Dance.
32. Bordon Herald May 1998, Article about the visit from Corné and a Barbecue on the Village Green to mark the 10th anniversary visit from Corné
33. Leaflet advertising Headley Twinning and trip to Corné 1995
34. Leaflet about Headley visit to Corné May 2007
35. Headley Twinning Association Constitution.
36. Minutes of Committee Meetings 2000
37. Minutes of Committee Meetings 2001
38. Minutes of Committee Meetings 2002
39. Minutes of Committee Meetings 2003
40. Minutes of Committee Meetings 2004
41. Minutes of Committee Meetings 2005
42. Minutes of Committee Meetings 2006
43. Minutes of Committee Meetings 2007
44. Minutes of Committee Meetings 2008
45. Corné Flash Info 2002 (in French).
46. List of those who went to Corné 1992 and accommodation.
47. Programme of events for weekend in Corné 2004
48. Corné Flash news 2002, after Foot and Mouth outbreak of 2001.
49. End of year accounts 1999 and 2006
50. AGMs 1998 and 2000
51. Corné Flash Info 2003 (in French)
52. Document with original aims of Headley Twinning Association
53. Newsletters 2001-2007
54. Letters, emails from Committee members and members of Council 1996-2007
55. Boules , Boules de Fort et Flechettes in Corné (in French).
56. Newspaper article about Headley Youth Football Club obtaining a grant from the Council to visit Corné
57. Article from 1987 when Gordon Wrigley first asked Headley Councillors if Headley could be Twinned with Corné.

Filing Cabinet – top drawer

Rural Life Centre info sheets on Eggars sales of Headley properties

Sheet identity Nos. WAVMS: C1985.0898 and 1004 to 1024 – mainly related to sales documents obtained from J Alfred Eggar
Apply to the Rural Life Centre to view the actual documents

Sales material mentioned to us in a previous list as being held by the Rural Life Centre, but not found in the above sheets (no Ref. Nos. given):—
This list is item 44 in JOYCE STEVENS COLLECTION (part 2)

Filing Cabinet – bottom drawer –

Deposited May 2001 by Margaret Denholme (indexed 2008/01/NW) – on shelf – photos (wedding and masonic and children) pink folder + 2 large photos

Miscellaneous Locations

PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM OF TREASURES OF HEADLEY (indexed 2008/01/NW) – in cardboard box on floor
– see also info on website

The following are further Headley Treasures not yet on official list:

Other Archived Material

Archives of Headley Theatre Club (held in cardboard archive boxes under the shelves)

Parish Magazines

Headley Reports

Scrapbooks (in cardboard boxes on the floor to the right)

The Headley Society



For further information see the History section of the Headley website

Pamphlets of Major JRB Branson, B.A., LL.B (1872–1952) – (held in Box 8?)

James RB Branson was born in India on November 9th, 1872. He graduated at Trinity College, Cambridge, taking an Honours Degree in Classics; and later an Honorary Degree in Law. He was also a keen rower.

From records in Headley [Mr Laverty's notebooks], we note that his mother lived at Wishanger Lodge and died in 1923. James bought Headley Mill Farm 1915. We are told [by Sue Allden] that in 1920 he was just along the road at Lower House Farm, Lindford – but he still used Headley Mill Farm as the address on his pamphlets published in the 1940s.

Local memories of him [by Sue Allden]: He used to eat meat, but then said to Wakeford the butcher, 'No more steak from you', and became vegetarian. Used to cycle everywhere, even up to London.

He was a local Councillor, being successively chairman of both Headley and Whitehill Parish Councils, and was known as a local benefactor. He gave the ground and money for Lindford Working Men's Club, which opened in August 1927. He says in the introduction to 'Grass for All' that he left Headley for London in 1936. He died in 1952. Branson Road in Bordon is named after him. Richard Branson, the present-day entrepreneur, is his great nephew.

We have in the Archives eleven of the following small pamphlets (the ones with titles shown in BOLD) written and published by James Branson in the period 1939–1950.

Our thanks to Dave Schmauch of New York, who found these pamphlets and passed them on to us.

Yet to be filed

Donations to Headley Archives by Sue Allden, 26th September 2012

· Framed map of local area dated 1776 (as included in Headley's Past in Pictures)
· Framed list of subscribers to the Testimonial presented by the parish of Headley to WH Laverty (completion of 50 years service & his Golden Wedding)
· Two sheets of mounted local postcards.
· Framed school attendance certificate for Fred George ARNOLD, 1912.
· Framed individual photographs of WH Laverty and his 2 daughters (unnamed)
· Framed copy of letter dated 1777 to Gilbert White from Rev SEWELL, rector of Headley.
· Map of Hampshire in 1610
· Framed photograph of Mr Justice WRIGHT.
· Framed photograph of the old Rectory with tithe barn pond in foreground.
· Recipe book of Gladys Laverty (now republished)
· Recipe book of Muriel Laverty
· Parish Magazines for 1930
· Mr Beck's book History of Headley, including original pictures.
· Folder of Mr WH Laverty's notes, including material used by Tudor Jones in his book Headley 1066-1966.
· Various cuttings & photographs in boxes & folders (some of the contents were used for Sue Allden's historical displays)

Donations to Headley Archives by Sue Allden, 12th March 2013

· 5 woodblocks of engravings by Norman Wilson - scenes of Headley (as used by The Headley Society)
· Original & copies of drawing "Headley Church in the time of G White" by Prof de la Motte (father-in-law to WH Laverty)
· Folder containing various printed papers belonging to WHL, plus later newspaper cuttings, including some on John Henry Knight of Farnham who invented the first British petrol-driven car in 1895.
· Mr WH Laverty's postcard album
· Kelly's Directory of Hampshire for 1895
· Hard-backed 'Day Book' with frontispiece 'The Oxford Crew' 1869 - half empty
· Small red photograph album of a member of the Laverty family
· Two photograph albums of Muriel Laverty, both dated 1901 (some items very faded)
· 'Scenes by the Way' (brown cover) photo album of Muriel Laverty, dated 1904 - with names
· 'Scenes by the Way' (green cover) photo album of Gladys Laverty, dated July 1903 - with names
· 'Sunny Memories' photograph album of Gladys Laverty, dated October 1906 - with names
· Photo album of Gladys Laverty, dated 1909 - with names - card pages, half empty
· Small black notebook/diary of a member of the Laverty family - first entry dated 17 April 1893, last dated 1st Jan 1895 [worth transcribing]
· Small notebook of Gladys Laverty dated Xmas 1903 (from M Wright), in which she records the birth of her kittens - also the members of the badminton club, and results of her graphology tests among other things
· Photo of WHL in military uniform
· Photograph album "WFF 1915-16" with photos taken in or near Arabia
Lindt chocolate box containing:—
· Loose family photographs, some named on back
· Other miscellaneous family memorabilia, including:-
· Envelope marked 'Tracing of BGL's hand' containing BGL's diary from her wedding day (12 June 1872) to 28th June, visiting the Lake District (on their honeymoon?)
· Envelope marked 'Mr Llewellyn's letter' containing lockets of the Laverty children's hair.
· Christmas card from Bret Harte, 1898, in envelope addressed to Miss Laverty
· Sketches by Nellie Knollys
· Cocktail stick with a small fan at the end

Donations to Headley Archives by Haart of Grayshott, 3rd January 2014

Folder dated 1962 relating to 'planned development at Headley Green' (Crabtree Farm land) which became the first phase of The Paddock
Folder dated 1982 relating to the sale of land at Gentles Copse to the National Trust
Folder dated 1983 relating to the sale of Great Holt, Dockenfield (when it stopped being St Teresa's Convent)
Several maps:
Undated map on delicate tracing paper, much torn, showing plots available for sale on Headley Down and their cost
OS maps of various dates, mostly 25" scale, showing parts of Headley parish (yet to be filed)

Donation by Mrs Hedgecock, 20th October 2015 — Ring binder containing minutes, plans, notes, letters, press reports and pictures relating to the Headley Down Playing Fields Association, 1969-1977

From the Trustees of the Headley Down Community Association (HDCA) when it was wound down in November 2015 — A large cardboard box of records, photos, etc

From All Saints' Church Office, August 2016 — Minute book (1945-47) of the committee set up to decide on the form of a memorial for Headley servicemen who lost their lives in WW2; and the account book for collection of the Poor Rate in Headley for the year 1848 which has been mostly transcribed and passed for safe keeping to the Surrey History Centre.

From Robin Smeeton, October 2017 — CD containing MP3 audio file of Barbara Tudor Jones talking to The Headley Society at their AGM in 1986.

From Nigel Thorne, March 2018 — Newly published A5 booklet 'The Hamlet of Barford' by his father Frank Thorne, 'a country boy' — contains memories from the 1930s onwards (he was born Dec 1925) with many local names from Barford and Churt.

Donations to Headley Archives, March & May 2018 following Sue Allden's death

. Order of Service for Sue Allden's funeral, 27 March 2018
· Special Constable's wooden truncheon, said to have been used in the 1830 riot by Henry KNIGHT (Sue's gt-grandfather) — George III insignia and 'ALTON' painted on it.
· Churchwarden's pipe, 60cm long.
· Cardboard tube (maroon, 30cm long) with GR insignia, containing two documents ('Trimmer v Walsh') in judgement of a case in the Court of the Queen's Bench in Nov 1862 (concerning a dispute over hop grounds and tithes in Binsted) together with a letter to John CLEAR of Trottsford.
. Brown A5 envelope addressed to Sue Allden containing cuttings, photos and information on the Allden family connection with Aldershot.
. Particulars & conditions of sale of "The Elm Place Estate" in Aldershot, May 1887, with maps.
. Order of Service at Remembrance Sunday in Headley 1998, showing a plan of who stands where for the wreath laying at the War Memorial.
. Correspondence with Helen Mirwald about names of the WW1 fallen in Kingsley.
. A3-size sheet showing a reconstruction of Hampton Court Palace 'before its partial demolition in the 17th century'.
. 'Daily Journal' Annual Account Book of James Allden from 1770 showing rents and observations on hop yelds, etc to 1834.
. Rate book for the Parish of Aldershot from 1808 to 1829.
. Rent Book for Allden interests in Headley 1900 to 1963.
. Foolscap envelope containing many documents: including Deeds and details of The Birches from 1853 up to its sale in 1984, and other properties. Also birth & marriage certificates of the Allden family – and much else.

In a box yet to be filed, returned to us in Dec 2018

Photocopy of Sir Thomas Gatehouse's survey of tithing 1552 for the manor of Headley (23M50/40) also on website
Photocopy of Sir Thomas Gatehouse's rentroll 1774 for the manor of Headley (23M50/29) also on website
Trial logos for Headley incorporating a mill wheel drawn by Hester Whittle (never used) – two sheets A4
Documents and maps relating to the sale of Headley Wood Estate in 1962 – in brown A4 envelope addressed to Dr Alan Dunkley, Tignals
Illustrated calendar backing card 'With compliments from E. GWINN, Grocer, Fruiterer, Greengrocer and Provisions, Deadwater Hill, Bordon, phone Bordon 113'
Sales brochure for Headley Park Estate, 1947 (being sold by GA McAndrew)
Map 'Plan of Headley Park' for sale by auction 1947, with accompanying list of plots
Copy of a Memorandum (hand written) extracted from Headley Parish Register 1736 relating to the upkeep of Huntingford Bridge
Various paper items 'deposited 27 June 2000' – in blue envelope folder (to be itemised)
Autograph album of "D. Collins, given to her by Mrs Harwood, Christmas 1913"
Scrapbook relating to Edward Barnsley and the Headley WW2 Book of Remembrance
Tracing of the Headley Enclosure Map made by Doreen Parfect c.2002 on several A3 sheets of tracing paper – in white A4 envelope addressed to John Owen Smith
Document and maps relating to a dispute over the irrigation of water meadows along The Hanger, Arford in 1806/1807
Handwritten notes on the Gates family and other historical information – perhaps by Mr Laverty?
A Provisional List of Paths and Properties prepared by Mr Laverty and published in 1912
Copy of a booklet (36pp) "Frances I'Anson, The Lass of Richmond Hill" by Leslie P Wenham
Notes on the I'Anson family, typed by Joyce Stevens – 3 sheets
Sheets relating to input for the Village Appraisal of 1999
Programme for the Headley Festival of Music, June 1996
Local Walks written by Mr Parratt (in the 1940s?) – typed on 10 sheets on quarto paper, now turned brown with age
Floor Plan of Headley Village Hall produced in 1991 – single folded A3 sheet
Map of Headley with margin notes about old surveys – two A3 sheets
"Strategic Information Warfare & Strategy" by Dr Dan Kuehl – mentions Telconia – over 60 printed pages of his article
Photos 1994 "for the Headley report" – many familiar faces, needs indexing
Original pen & ink drawings for "To the Ar and Back" by Mick Borra
Autograph book dated 1943, belonging to Elsie Watkins
Framed photograph of Joyce Stevens with Mike Withers and Jo Smith – August 2005, the 20th anniversary of The Headley Society
Margaret Hussey's diary, 1940 & 1941 – small black book, mostly unused
Log Book of the Bullfinch Patrol of the 1st Headley (Guides) Company, 1941/1942
Some notes on the Parish of Headley by Mr Laverty, 1925 – single folded sheet of paper
Indenture for Henry George Hunt, 1887 – wheelwright and carpenter
Indenture for Jesse Bone, 1862 – carpenter
List of Subscribers to the Great War Headley Memorial Fund
Receipt (27 Jul 1919) for contribution to Great War Headley Memorial Fund by Mrs Ellen Shrubb, attached to a list of names for the Marble Tablet in the church
Headley & Kingsley Almanack 1896
Headley & Kingsley Almanack 1897
Old photo of the interior of Headley Church (undated) sent by Barbara Tudor Jones
Booklet of Weights and Measures, 1845
Booklet "An Epitome of Universal History", 1836
The Bounds of Headley, 1895
"Epitaphs in the Churchyard of All Saints' Church, Headley" 1878, collected by WH Laverty
Village Design Statement for Swanmore, Hampshire, 2001
Pamphlets published by JBB Branson: We are all Children of God; The Spiritualistic basis of Orthodox Christianity; Universal Brotherhood; A Challenge to the Priesthoods of the Twentieth Century; The Challenge to our Times; The Goal of Life; The Psychology of Religion; The Need of Civilisation Today; The Heat-less Sun; The Origin of Perverted Christianity; Grass for All.
Sales details of Mowlands Farm, Frith End, 1965
Programme for "The Middle Watch" by the Local Amateur Players at Redhill, 1936 – written by Commander King-Hall of Headley
Newspaper cuttings relating to Harry Brittain
Scrapbook and cuttings covering the Rectory Field dispute of 1987

Material from Susan Dunkley, received Dec 2018

Info on the workings of the 1980 Appraisal of Headley
6 Headley Reports, 1976-1985, with comments

Memories of old Headley residents

. Ken Sharman (also on-line)

Material from Marion Davey, received Feb & Mar 2019

Copy of a letter dated 1876: "I return your T.T's signed. I don't think you have much to complain of in your school …" [we assume the Holme School]
Printed Circular to H.M. Inspectors dated 1895 on the subject of 'Object Teaching' (13 pages)
Plans (4 sheets) drawn up by Edward I'Anson in 1893/94 for an extension to the Holme school
1937 OS 25 inch map (XXXVI.15) of Headley & Lindford – on tracing paper [filed in a cardboard tube with the other maps, but not numbered]

From Carl Tantum, received October 2019

A framed photograph of staff and pupils the old Holme Infant School, April 1984 [it closed in January 1991] – now on loan to Victorian Dreams, who operate from the old Holme School buildings

From Elaine Gouger, received October 2019

A Certificate of Honour for Private A HODGSON, designed by Hugh Thomson-Glover and given to all Headley men known to have served in WW2

From Carl Tantum, received April 2020

A packet of 27 photographs of staff & pupils in class 'pre-1987', including a lesson on how to bathe a real baby.

From Carl Tantum, received July 2020

Video tape of the Holme School (yet to be transferred to a digital meduim)

From Petersfield Museum, received October 2020

A wooden cog from Headley water mill

From David Collings, received March 2021

A catalogue of sale of Headley Mill farm,October 1889

Other miscellaneous material

Two large photographs of Sherman tanks from the IWM, bought by Jo Smith as part of his Canadians WW2 project [filed in a cardboard tube with maps]

Headley Appraisal 2001 and Parish Plan 2004/5 & 2007 – notes and working papers – in cardboard box from Jo Smith, May 2019

Millennium Pageant 2000 – notes and working papers – in cardboard box from Jo Smith, May 2019

Headley Society old posters – in cardboard box from Jo Smith, May 2019

Copy of booklet Echoes of Erie Camp published June 2019 by the Headley Down Nature Reserve Trust

Obituary of Major Jeremy Whitaker (10 Nov 1934 – 9 Sep 2019) from The Daily Telegraph

Results of the investigation into WW1 names on the Headley War Memorial by The Headley Society – in cardboard box, March 2020

CD of images of the First Minute Book of Headley Parish Council, 1894-1920 – these have been transcribed and the result is on the website

Images of Booklet published 1932 summarising the history of Grayshott Parish

A notebook kept by Rev WH Laverty from 1872 in which he tried to understand the documents relating to the foundation of the Holme School, organised the expansion of the school to include an Infants Room, and started an Education Council in the parish. [in filing cabinet drawer]

A reprint of a copy of WH Laverty's "The Laws of Motion" once owned in 1923 by Prof Alexander Ziwet (1853-1928) in which he has made notes, sometimes not very complimentary! [in filing cabinet drawer]

Twinning: Cotton 'shopping bag' from Corné dated 22 Oct 1988 containing a decorative plate, Headley paperweight, commemorative pen, some photographs of Twinning events a folded poster dated 1998. [in filing cabinet drawer]

Items of interest to Headley

  • Flint arrowhead blank found in Headley on 23rd November 2010

  • — We do not possess the actual artefact

    Known to exist but not in the Archives

    Some documents relating to The Stores, High Street, Headley (also known as Rogers Stores)
    in possession of Graham Walder [as at August 2014]

    25 Sep 1833 Assurance of copyhold, sale by Thomas BAKER (deceased) to Thomas CHALCRAFT
    6 Jun 1859 Abstract of title of William SUTER to a freehold piece of land at Headley known as Gauntletts (in Arford?)
    3 Oct 1860 Admission of Mrs Mary CHALCRAFT
    19 Sep 1864 Auction at Holly Bush
    18 Apr 1865 William SUTER buys Lot 1 (of above auction) for £160
    "Comprises a brick-built and tiled dwelling-house and shop, with garden containing wood and 19 perches (more or less) and a four-roomed cottage adjoining, situate near the Holly Bush Inn in Headley. The house contains a sitting room, kitchen, washhouse, cellar, three bedrooms and a roomy shop. A grocery and general trade was for many years carried on on the premises by the late proprietor."
    12 Jun 1865 Admission of William SUTER
    Aug 1874 Lease from William SUTER to William ROGERS
    17 Nov 1887 Plot for Laburnums sold to ROGERS (Philip BIRD)
    12 Sep 1888 Conveyance of a piece of land between S BEWSHER and W ROGERS (relates to the eastern side of the stores)
    23 May 1895 Deed of Enfranchisement (Indenture) to William SUTER
    24 May 1895 Mortgage of £250 to William ROGERS from Miss Edith SUTER
    24 May 1895 Title of Leonard Lothian ROGERS to freehold
    24 May 1895 Sale by William SUTER to William ROGERS
    3 Jan 1908 Will of William ROGERS (d. 15 Jun 1908) gave shop to son & daughter

    3 Jan 1927 Mary Jane ROGERS (wife of William) died
    24 Nov 1931 Register of Prohibitions
    22 Sep 1949 Fee for Search (for 3 & 4, London Road [&/or Portsmouth Rd], Liphook)
    26 Feb 1955 Beatrice ROGERS died
    2 Sep 1957 Conveyance from ROGERS to Bargrave Deane - premises known as The Stores, Headley
    9 Sep 1957 Requisition for Search (for 43 & 45 Portsmouth Rd, Liphook)
    8 Nov 1957 Application for permission to develop - alterations to existing shop premises, use unchanged
    24 Feb 1958 Deed allowing Biddy Bargrave Deane to build a land drain under Laburnum property
    27 Aug 1958 Tithe Redemption
    19 Aug 1959 Application for Search
    2 Oct 1959 Report on Title of BMB Deane

    19 May 1964 Deed Poll change of name of Beatrice Mary Bargrave Deane to Beatrice Mary Bargrave KAY
    1 Jul 1965 Conveyance from Beatrice Mary Bargrave KAY

    28 Jul 1978 Application for permission to develop - proposed dwelling with garage (refused)
    14 Sep 1987 Requisition for Search
    Feb 1988 Plans for new shop front
    28 Mar 1988 Planning permission for use of first floor as offices
    22 Oct 1990 Proposed extensions to Crabtree House
    22 Oct 1990 Planning permission for alterations
    4 Feb 1991 Requisition for Search
    27 Jul 1994 Property Register for Crabtree House - Office Accommodation

    Diary of Biddy Bargrave Deane when she took over Rogers Stores (Aug 1956 to July 1958)

    Mentions among other things Julie Andrews' step father coming to the shop trying to sell her a cash machine: "A rum old boy who was on the boards – a singing act with his wife – Ted and Barbara Andrews. However, as he said, 'My little daughter Julie is carrying on where we left off.'"

    Photographs of Wishanger Lodge, early C20th, showing the Evans family. Some of these were included in the book Characters of Headley's Past.

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