Churt Remembered
Olivia Cotton

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Photographic memories of Churt, Surrey

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Front cover: Lloyd George with Landgirls in Churt

Paperback - 106 pages
Olivia Cotton; ISBN: 0-9542486-0-0; June 2002

Associated titles: Churt, an Oasis through Time - Further Reflections on Churt - A Time of Change

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Churt's first written history occurred in 688 AD when Caedwalla's charter gave land around Certe to the church. Thus Churt became a tything in the Bishop of Winchester's Great Manor of Farnham and stretched as far as Pitfold (present-day Shottermill). Over the succeeding 1400 years Churt, the friendly village, has developed.

Fearing that its photographic memories could disappear for posterity, this book is compiled in the hopes that today's readers will find these reminiscences of interest.


1 Churt and its environs
2 Transport
3 Events
4 School
5 The Church
6 Clubs and Societies
7 Noteworthies of Churt
8 Property
9 History in the Making

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