Parish of Headley 1861 census Sussex strays

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Surname Forenames Condn. Age Occupation Born
Aylwin Amanda   12 Scholar Sussex Elsted
Barnett Catherine Wid 73 Lab widow Sussex Linchmere
Belton Eliza Mar 47   Sussex Cocking
Belton Harriet Mar 25   Sussex Fernhurst
Belton Mary Wid 86   Sussex Linchmere
Boxall Charles Mar 27 Assistant grocer Sussex Easebourne
Courtnage John Single 43 Ag Lab Sussex Bepton
Cover Elizabeth Mar 64 Wife Sussex Battle
Curtis Harriett Mar 56   Sussex Midhurst
Eade Mary A   25 Servant Sussex Iping
Eade William   2m   Sussex Harting
Fisher John Mar 55 Ag Lab (deaf) Sussex Havant
Fisher Sarah A Mar 47   Sussex Willshape?
Ford James Mar 44 Carpenter Sussex Elsted
Fullick Martha Mar 57   Sussex Shottermill
Gale Sarah E   2   Sussex Stedham
Godsmark Thomas Mar 75 Landed Proprietor Sussex Cuckfield
Greenway Elizabeth   3 Visitor Sussex Fernhurst
Greenway Ellen Single 24 Visitor Sussex Fernhurst
Greenway Samuel Mar 40 Farmer 450 acres, 3 lab, 1 boy Sussex Fernhurst
Harding Alfred Mar 31 Ag Lab Sussex Linchmere
Harding Susannah Single 7   Sussex Linchmere
Hill Edward Wid 63 Heath Broom maker Sussex Northchapel
Holden George Mar 32 Cordwainer Sussex Northchapel
Howick Rachel   6   Sussex Northchapel
Howick William Mar 33 Grocer & Baker Sussex Fernhurst
Langford Clara E Single 9 Scholar Sussex Rumbold Wytte?
Langford Mary Jane Mar 33 Dressmaker Sussex Oving
Lickfold Anne Mar 57 Farmer's wife Sussex Northchapel
Lickfold John Mar 56 Farmer 250 acres, 10 labs, 2 boys - also Miller, 2 men Sussex Lurgashall
Mills William Single 21 Ag Lab Sussex Rogate
Newman Anthony Mar 46 Farmer of 30 acres employing 2 boys Sussex Cocking
Petar Fanny H Single 23   Sussex  
Petar John Mar 65 Yeoman 250 acres employing 8 men, 4 boys Sussex  
Petar John Single 25 Employed on the land Sussex  
Puttick Edward J   16 Lathrender Sussex Fernhurst
Puttick Elizabeth Single 23 Dressmaker Sussex Fernhurst
Puttick Elizabeth Mar 51   Sussex Fernhurst
Puttick George W Single 18 Lathrender Sussex Fernhurst
Puttick Naomi   10   Sussex Fernhurst
Puttick Thomas Mar 48 Lathrender Sussex Fernhurst
Rook Peter Single 21 Lab Sussex Iping
Shrubb Ellen Wid 52 Nurse Sussex Petworth
Shrubb Sophia Mar 63   Sussex Froxfield?
Small Annie? Mar 34   Sussex Stedham
Small Joseph Mar 42 Inn Keeper Sussex Stedham
Small Sarah Wid 78 Nurse? Sussex Stedham
Thornhill Robert   16 DS Sussex Stoughton
Tilbury Jane Mar 77 Papermaker wife Sussex Larkeshead?
Tipper Francis Mar 38 Innkeeper Sussex Rogate
Upperton James Mar 34 Boot & shoe maker employing 1 man & Grocer Sussex Northchapel
Valler James Single 55 Ag Lab Sussex Linchmere
Warren George R Wid 46 Paper manufacturer & farmer of 170 acres employing 10 men, 6 boys; Boble Christian local preacher Sussex Midhurst
Weeks Frances Mar 78   Sussex Not known
Weeks John Mar 88 Ag Lab Sussex Not known
West Frances Mar 37   Sussex Petworth