Report of the Headley Theatre Club's production of 'Breath of Spring' by Peter Coke, May 1971

Report by Jo Fisher:

Headley Theatre Club scored a triumph with their spring production, "Breath of Spring," by Peter Coke, which they performed at Headley Village Hall on Friday and Saturday evenings last week.

The play is a light-hearted comedy in which five usually quite normal people form themselves into a gang which steals expensive furs, sells them and distributes the proceeds anonymously to deserving cases.

Happily for the audience, they are never caught, and by the end of the play are making plans to turn their "talents" to other fields than furs.

The gang consisted of Miss Nanette Parry (Jonnie Bradley), Brigadier Albert Payne (Stanley Sharp), Lady Alice Miller (Doreen Keen), Dame Beatrice Appleby (Joan Sharp) and Miss Elizabeth Hatfield (Jeanne Emmett).

All were excellently cast and played their parts convincingly. Lily Thompson, Dame Beatrice's maid, was ably played by Sylvia Lang, who kept up an East End accent throughout the play.

The two policemen who made a brief appearance were played by Bill Wearn and John Papps. This production was somewhat unusual for the Theatre Club in that it was produced by Ray Pascoe, who normally appears behind the footlights. From the result, there is no doubt Ray will be invited to produce again for the Theatre Club.

The next date in the Theatre Club's calendar is their Annual Meeting to be held at the Village Hall on May 26.

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