Report of the Headley Theatre Club's production of "Angels in Love" by Hugh Mills, April 1972

Report by Jo Fisher:

As co-producer with Marie Bryan of the Headley Theatre club's spring production "Angels in Love" by Hugh Mills, Di Rabbetts scored another great success to add to all her others in the past years with the Theatre club. Although she has not played an active part in the Club's affairs for several years, she was persuaded to make a "come back."

The play (a comedy) is set in the late 19th Century at the home of Little Lord Fauntleroy, who has been married to Lettice (played by Ann McKechnie) for over a year but with no sign of a family. Overhearing the young couple talking, it is obvious to his mother that they know nothing of the facts of life and the point of the play is how, in such a very UNpermissive society they can be taught how!

Richard Boxall plays Little Lord Fauntleroy, and with his cherubic looks and gold curls was very convincing as the little boy who had not grown up and spent most of the time biting his nails and eating his mother's chocolates.

Brilliant is a word which can be used to describe Eileen Daykin's portrayal of the Comtesse de Chaumont (a friend of the family on whose head it falls to try to initiate Lord Fauntleroy into the activities of the birds and the bees). She is a local star in her own right, having appeared regularly with the Grayshott Stagers, Haslemere Thespians and the Farnham Operatic Society.

Joan Parkinson was good as Dearest, Lord Fauntleroy's mother. A favourite in the Theatre Club for some years, Larry Armstrong came to the fore again for this production and took the part of Sir Pomeroy Pomeroy-Jones, a suitor to Dearest. Gordon Filmer played Sir Pomeroy's brother, Eustace Pomeroy-Jones, a great character who calmly went through life murdering anyone who proved an inconvenience to him. Joe Wright was well cast in the role of Molyneux the Earl of Dorincourt, Lord Fauntleroy's grandfather. The maid, Burton, was played by Marie Bryan, and the Butler, Furse, by John Pierce.

Congratulations must be extended to the stage manager, David Bryan, and his team of Irving Webb, George Fisher, John Faulkner, Bill Wearn, Lesley Wightman, and Jane Lucas.

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