Report of the Headley Theatre Club's youth production of 'Instruments of Darkness' by Margaret Woods, November 1972

Report by Jo Fisher:

The Junior section of the Headley Theatre Club had a chance to show its paces at an informal evening for Club members and friends recently when it produced and acted a short play.

The play, "Instruments of Darkness" by Margaret Woods, was a drama and told the story of what was happening in the kitchens of Macbeth's castle when the King had come to stay.

Production was by Jane Lucas and the young performers gave a polished performance.

The cast was as follows: Katherine, Judith Howard; Morag, Michelle Allen; steward, Simon Cornish; Neil, Martin O'Kelly; Donaghue, Keith Watts; messenger, Frank Hinson; Porter, Joe Lucas; servants, Pru Harrold, Liz Dhillon and Vicki Cook.

A recent jumble sale held by the Theatre Club made a profit of approximately £20.

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