Photograph and Report of the Headley Theatre Club's youth production of 'Ring Around the Moon' by Jean Anouilh, February 1972

Report by Jo Fisher:

The young section of the Headley Theatre Club tried very hard with Jean Anouilh's "Ring Around the Moon," at the village hall on Saturday evening but it did not quite come off. A scene from the play is pictured above.

However, the 11 youngsters taking part (all in their teens), obviously enjoyed themselves tremendously and it is encouraging and refreshing to see young people coming to the fore in the Theatre Club once again.

Their choice was a rather sophisticated comedy and four of the characters were of somewhat mature years and needed very heavy make-up to mask the youthfulness of the players. A better choice would have been one with all young characters and with a slightly less complicated plot.

However, after a slightly shaky start, the cast settled down and the audience entered into the spirit of the evening and enjoyed the subtle humour.
Stephen Cooper was exceptionally good in his double role of identical twins and seemed quite at ease throughout.

Suzanne Dennis played the leading lady's part of a ballerina very well and the part of her mother was played by her sister, Ruth.
Ruth Dennis was outstanding and surely has a great future as a character actress with the Theatre Club.

Nicholas Webb, as a millionaire's secretary, was very good and brought a touch of almost satirical humour to the production.
Other members of the cast were Joe Lucas, Jane Lucas, Lesley Wightman, Judith Howarth, Fiona Ross, Bill Wearn and Frank Hinson. Production was by Dawn Lewcock.

The stage manager, David Bryan, was assisted by John Papps, Bill Wearn, Bridget Keen and George Morris.

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