Photographs from the Dramatic Walk round Waggoners Wells, 27th July 2008

To celebrate the centenary of the acquisition of Ludshott Common by the National Trust in 1908

[photos courtesy of Laura Roberts]

Jo Smith dressed ar Sir Robert Hunter welcomes the walkers
Bernard Shaw (Rod Sharp) and Arthur Conan Doyle (Peter Glinn) are found in animated discussion
Edward Moorey, broomsquire to the Royalty (Chris Webb) and his wife (Kay McGregor) show the audience how to make besoms
We encounter a mob angry about the ponds being created on their common land
More mobsters complaining about Bramshott Manor men encroaching onto Ludshott manor land
A closer view of the revolting mob!
Sir Robert meets Flora Thompson (Mel White) at the wishing well
Sir Robert discusses nightjars with Alfred, Lord Tennyson (David Burnham)
The merry tinker (John McGregor) in the dell, cooking his breakfast
A Canadian soldier from WW2 (Jamie Stickler) who has lost his way back to camp

Full cast list:

Robert Hunter – Jo Smith
George Bernard Shaw – Rod Sharp
Arthur Conan Doyle – Peter Glinn
Broomsquire – Chris Webb
Broomsquire's wife – Kay McGregor
Speaking Mobsters – Tina Wareham, Oliver Burnham, Jo Levy, Paul Wareham
Flora Thompson – Mel White
Alfred Tennyson – David Burnham
Tinker in dell – John McGregor
Narrator at the dell – Dil Williamson-Smith
William Cobbett – Nick Webb
Cobbett's squire – Steve White
Canadian WWII soldier – Jamie Stickler

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