Bard Again! — 19th & 20th April 2013 in Headley Village Hall

See cast details video — see also MacHamlet 2011 and MacHamlet Goes West! 2015

Pictures below taken by Janet Hardinge at the Dress Rehearsal on Sunday 14th April, and by Angus McKay at the first performance on Friday 19th April:—

Hamlet (Luke Oates) guards the poster outside Headley Village hall

The Three Witches: Natasha Hibberd, Jo Levy, Mel White

Beth Macbeth (Rachel Spiller) with a few of her Scots team: Glen (Peter Glinn), Mac (Mark Spiller), Birnam (Thomas Hiller) & Morangie (Rod Sharp) on the Village Green.

The numerous Danes (L to R): Hamlet (Luke Oates), Ophelia (Karine Farnlucher), Claudius (Nigel Owens), Hans Christian Andersen (Nick Webb), Gertrude (Anne Flanagan), Horatio (John Preskett), Berg (Ollie West), Polonius (David Irwin) & Yorick (Neil Hardinge)

Football as the Bard might have envisaged it! Danes v Scots.

Spot the ball! The cast take time out on the Village Green during the interval.

Full cast photo – at least, of those who were at the Dress Rehearsal.

Three witches start the show, as usual.
Exit stage right, & fly if you dare!

Three Scots in a bar – there's a surprise!

Glen (peter Glinn), Birnam (Thomas Hiller) & Banquo (Katherine Wellen) - S'cot to be a good idea.

Enter, the eponymous Hamlet.

Gertrude, Claudius & Polonius.

Scots & Danes discuss European football.

Claudius (Nigel Owens) going OTT with: "My oars, my oars, a kingdom for my oars!"

Carl & Berg have to teach Glen & Morangie to row a Viking longboat to Venice.

It starts well enough …

… then, sadly, Glen gets his kilt caught in the cogs!

Time travel: the witches encounter René Artois (Jo Smith) from 'Allo 'Allo

…then Sybil Fawlty (Pru Harrold) …

…then Basil Fawtly (David Burnham) …

… Mr Humphries (Nick Webb) from Are You Being Served.

…and finally Kate (Pru Harrold again) from The Taming of the Shrew.

Chocks away! Witch 3 takes flight.

The Viking longboat is rowed through the auditorium (go on, use your imagination!) …

… or would you prefer a rear view?

Macbeth on the phone to Morag the Witch – his wife is not best pleased!

Some Danes in contemplative mood: Back – Polonius (David Irwin) & Yorick (Neil Hardinge); Front – Berg (Ollie West), Carl (Jake Rogers-Doughty), Ophelia (Karine Farnlucher)

The Scots have a lot of bottle – single malt whisky to be precise.

The Danes have their own brew too – crates of it!

Portia (Claudia Ridgely) meets Polonius – she's just popped down the Po from Padua to ref the match

But first, a Bard-Off between William McGonagal (Rod Sharp) and Hans Christian Andersen (Nick Webb)

The cheerleaders arrive …

… and the football match in Venice is about to begin.

Nobody was brave enough to photograph the match action, but we can give you the result: The Danes won and they wanted their Lego trophy back. Sadly this had been smashed by Macbeth when he slapped his sporran! The audience tried to make replacements, but not good enough for the Danes, who rowed away leaving the Scots stranded in Venice.

The final curtain.

Our thanks to the Mistresses of the Front of House: shown here on Friday there were Tina Wareham, Annaliese Farnlucher, Penny McKay, Wendy Downs & Maggie Farnlucher …

… and Harry Lewis, Master of Lights & Sound.

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