Sir Robert Hunter Walk, Hindhead Common — Saturday 30th September 2017

- see pictures from our performances in 2013 - and in 2010 - see background story to this play

Headley Theatre Club members were involved in the dramatic walk on Hindhead Common organised by Jo Smith with the Haslemere Walking Weekend at the end of September 2017. We were joined enthusiastically by classes from Camelsdale and Grayshott schools, and a good time was had by all.

Jo Smith as Sir Robert Hunter meets Professor Tyndall, played here by Rod Sharp, outside his Hindhead House.

Mrs Tyndall (Wendy Downs) comes out to meet them before the walkers move on.

Sir Robert extols the view of the South Downs, visible on a clear day …

… before meeting Flora Thompson (Mel White) out on one of her perambulations.

But shortly the walkers are horrified to see …

… a footpad (Rod Sharp again!) blocking their way …

… and victims being robbed in front of their eyes.

On to more pleasant things, we find Sir Jonathan Hutchinson (Mark Spiller, not visible here), founder of Haslemere Museum, and his wife (Tina Wareham) and two children taking the air.

The walkers move on …

… and meet a broomsquire's wife (Mary Coyte) in her encampment. Her husband was away on business, selling besoms to Royalty in London.

At the summit of Gibbet Hill, Sir Robert tells them of the history of the place, and how he helped the National Trust to acquire it.

But more dire deeds are afoot. Here we see a sailor (Nick Webb) and three 'friends' (Peter Glinn, Zak White and Neil Hardinge) walking from London to Portsmouth.

[We have spared you from seeing the bloody murder committed by the three fellons on the fellow – it was not a pretty sight!]

These ladies (Jill Turner and Rachel Spiller) saw it, and informed the authorities.

Sir Robert tells the tale in full …

… before finally meeting Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Louis Clist) who predicts the future rise of the automobile to the astonishment of all.

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