Photographs from the Headley Theatre Club production of Flora's Peverel, July 2022

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In this 2022 performance we added music, with some tunes adapted to fit poems from Flora's first published work 'Bog-Myrtle and Peat'

The Poster (the perfomance at Liss was eventually cancelled due to poor ticket sales)

First Dress Rehearsal, Sunday 10th July 2022

Photos by Angus McKay

The cast outside Headley Village Hall
Canadian Sgt John Mumford bumps into 'Louie' Woods with her ancient bicycle, in Liphook during the First World War in 1916
Young Joe Leggett buys a pennyworth of gobstoppers from John Thompson
Flora and John Thompson
Flora with 'Louie' Woods, reading her poetry
John Thompson and Harry Envis return from a fishing trip to Forest Mere
Dr Ronald Campbell Macfie pays a surprise visit to Flora but John Thompson is about to interrupt them!
Flora gets 'Louie' Woods ready for inspection before she starts her round
Bill Tidy inspects a Mills Bomb which Maggie has just found on Bramshott Common Sgt Mumford suggests they hand it over, and gently!
Flora meets the Gypsy who tells her fortune
Mrs Parkhurst (Flora's old landlady in Grayshott) visiting with her daughter Elsie Elsie was a late-comer, born while Flora was there, and Flora has just discovered that she too is unexpectedly pregnant again
Maggie and Bill Tidy meet Flora and help her identify a plant she's found: "tis hawkweed as you can see" (actually, it wasn't)
Joe Leggett withdraws 2 shillings from his savings account at the post office John Thompson makes sure he fills the form out correctly!
Capt Byfield visits the Post Office and chats to John
Mrs Leggett and her son Joe who run a farm in Griggs Green, talking about the Thompsons, who have just moved into Woolmer Gate next door to them
Flora meets Sam the shepherd and his imaginary flock of sheep on Weavers Down (her Peverel Down)
Diana Thompson and Eileen Leggett operating the Liphook telephone exchange in 1927
Bill and Maggie Tidy have just accidentally burnt there 'house' down so she is not best pleased!
The Chairman of Cable & Wireless on the occasion of Richard Brownlow's retirement (we never get to see Flora's old boyfriend Richard in this play)
We jump forward nearly 10 years: Flora sees a report in a magazine showing her old boyfriend from Grayshott days retiring from business she wonders what has happened to him in his life [In this presentation we had Diana showing her the magazine in the original script it was Peter, by now an engineer, who showed it to her but we couldn't find a Peter!]
John Thompson's epilogue following Flora's death in May 1947 ...
... and the band played on

Some random shots taken during various shows while we were 'on the road' – see if you can remember where

Scene 1
  Scene 2
Scene 5
Scene 6
Scene 7
Scene 8
Scene 9
Scene 10
Scene 11
Scene 13 ('Smell? What smell?')
Scene 14
Scene 17
Scene 18
Scene 19 (with the director reading in the part of an 8-year-old boy!
Scene 22
Scene 25
Scene 32 (with the director reading in the part of an 8-year-old boy!)
Scene 33
Scene 34
Walkdown at Headley
(from the video)

Other pics from the run …

'Flora' outside Flora's house in Liphook
'Transport of delight'
'The Banned' at The Phoenix
A break between performances in Headley

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