Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp — 13/14 & 20/21 January 2023 in Headley Village Hall

The Poster – ProgrammeKarina's backstage photo gallery

Cavan on the hall floor, constructing the animals

The set for Widow Twanky's 'Wot Went Wong Chinese Laundry cum Take-away'

The set for The Palace (borrowed from our March production – to good to lose!)

Photos taken at the Second Dress Rehearsal (by Angus McKay)

Act 1

Before the production begins, we show the wonderful lamp suspended in front of the curtain

The show starts, as tradition dictates, with a song and dance routine in the laundry

We meet Aladdin (Anneliese Farnlucher) …

… then his mum, Widow Twanky (Martin Wellen) …

… who is not best pleased with his laziness – 'Peking … Duck!'

The Widow is 'Too sexy for her shirt'

She gets to meet Aladdin's 'recently-lost' Uncle Abanazar (Rufus Kendall) …

… who encourages Aladdin to follow him to a cave full of riches.

… here's the cave entrance!!

… where Aladdin is trapped and surrounded by ghoulies and ghosties (in UV light on the show nights!)

Of course, Aladdin rubs the lamp and, of course, the genie (Karina Farnlucher) appears – the Chinese version

Later, when the Widow has the lamp, the genie appears as an American!

Abanazar reads the plot ahead

Aladdin meets his love (Jenna Cross), they get married and she becomes a Princess [go figure!!]

'She should be so lucky!'

But Abanazar gets his hands on the lamp! Boo!!

Abanazar encourages us all to sing 'This little lamp of mine' …

… then he rubs the lamp to bring the Genie back – this time as a posh English person just taking a bath

Aladdin's nosy neighbours, Hilda Hogpen (Kathryn Witts) and Mrs Doolally (Shirley Wellen) tell him that his Palace has been whisked off to Africa

… and so ends the first Act

Act 2

This time the Skull & Crossbones replaces the lamp through the curtains …

… and soon we see why, as Pirate Captain, Jeremiah Jugwash, appears, complete with squawking parrot

Aladdin has been caught as a stowaway by two members of the Captain's trusty crew, Seaman Staines (Nick Webb) and Roger the Cabin Boy (Abby Hibberd) [who, apparently, are not just urban myths!]

Aladdin is made to walk the plank and ends up in the sea …

… and finds himself washed ashore and in a remake of The Lion King!
Here is the Lion (Casey Hawkes) at the rising of the sun

As the routine progresses, we have Meerkats …

… followed by the full 'Circle of Life'

Then the 'King of the Swingas' (Jo Smith) appears. Elvis, it seems, is still alive!
See short video clip!

Back to the plot-line – Abanazar has the lamp locked safe in the Palace, now on a hillside in Africa (got it?)

But Aladdin finds him and challenges him to Kung-Fu fighting

The Genie (now Scottish!) appears from the lamp to finish him off with a Glasgow kiss …

… and summons the whole cast to the stage for a finale

… and just in case we're not sure – that is The End!

… apart from a final rendition of 'This Little Lamp of Mine'

OK, lights off – you can all go home now!

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