Headley Theatre Club production of Jobsworth, 13th April 2024

See also Jobsworth in 2005, Jobsworth in 2006 & Jobsworth in 2018

The poster — The ProgrammeThe Jingle by Sarah Horne

How we laid out the Hall …

… and how we filled it!

Martin Wellen as Bill, the 'Jobsworth'

Neil Hardinge as Bill's odd-job man, Fred

Pru Harrold as their Nemesis, Mrs Pressing, President of the Binford WI

Nick Webb as the Vicar of Binford, there to pour oil on troubled waters

Jane Fryer as Moira Tripp, organiser of dancing classes and the Binford Brownies

Jonathan Neil as Mr Thackeray, organiser of the Christmas Charity Fair

Wendy Downs as the interloping Needlecraft Lady from Stinton

Mel White as the Brown Owl from neighbouring Stinton

Angela Berry and Maggie Farnlucher as Brownies on pack holiday from Stinton

Karina Farnlucher as Mrs Thacheray, organiser of the Binford Twinning

Rod Sharp as Mr Pennington, Binford Town Clerk

Mel White as the formidable Madame Guillotine from the French twin-town of Graingué

Jill Turner and Annaliese Farnlucher making appropriate noises on the side

Zak White on the lighting board

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