Photographs from 'The Punchbowl Players' production of Broomsquire, September 2000 and 2001

Photographs taken during the performance at the Rural Life Centre, Tilford, 17th September 2000 - see also production in 2013
(Chris Shepheard)

General view of the set

Scene 17 - "Master Iver, good day to you"

Scene 17 - "Not even her picture shall you have"

Scene 18 - "Misfortune and wasting away will be his lot, unless…"

Scene 19 - "You look at me, Mr Barelegs, like my horse does when he wants his feed of corn"

Scene 21 - "Oh no, not that! There are worse things to bear than a stick"

Photographs taken during the performance at Liphook Millennium Hall, 24th September 2000

The cast on the set before the performance

The cast photo outside the hall

Pru Harrold demonstrates spinning old style

Pictures of the cast taken August 2001 at Thursley churchyard

The cast by the Sailor's Gravestone – (left to right) Stan Sharp, Rod Sharp, Pru Harrold, Tony Grant, Mel White – the stone – David Irwin, Peter Daruvala, Wendy Downs, Linda Daruvala

Jonas & Mehetabel by the Sailor's Gravestone – Tony Grant (Jonas the Broomsquire), Mel White (Mehetabel the Foundling)

Jonas & Mehetabel on the churchyard wall – Mel White (Mehetabel the Foundling), Tony Grant (Jonas the Broomsquire)

The wedding party at Thursley church – David Irwin (Simon Verstage), Mel White (Mehetabel), Tony Grant (Jonas the Broomsquire), Wendy Downs (Susannah Verstage)

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