Muster Roll for the Alton Extra Company - 1624

Names of Headley men appearing in Henry Hooke's company (surnames altered to modern spelling):

John Hill, John Chitty, John Newman, John Huntingford, Henry Bacon, John Baker, John Balden, William Morer, Nicholas Morton, Robert Pallor, Henry Matthew, William Norris, William Figg, Nicholas Madgwick, Richard Norris, Richard Morer, John Baker, Christopher Baker, William Valler, John Valler, William Martin, Robert Martin, John Nicholson, Abraham (& Isabel) Harding, William Harding, John Gill, Peter Valler, Robert Valler, John Smith, William Mills, John Morer, Roger Clear, Edward Hunt, John Lone, Robert Viccary, Henry Locke, John Summers, William Gill.

Note there are further Rolls also for 1626, 1629, 1632, 1635, 1637 & 1638 – names from those have not yet been added here

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