Poll of Headley - 1836

Note: comments [in square brackets] do not appear in the original list

William Bettesworth

Bayfield Farm

John Chalcraft

Stream Farm

John Clear

Trottsford Farm

Robert Dickinson


William Ewsters

Arford House

John Hunt?


Daniel Knight

Eveley Farm

Richard Knight Sen.

Barford & mill (owner)

Richard Knight Jun.

Barford & mill (occupier)

Henry Lewis

Headley Mill Farm

William Langrish

Picketts Hill; Farm

Edward Loe

Hearn Farm

John Mills


William Parker?

Wishanger [in 1830]?

Thomas Piper

Saunders Green Farm & Park Mill?

John Smith

Chases Farm

Eli Smith

Hatch House Farm

William Swann

Moor House

Samuel Woodbourne


Charles Thomas Woodward

(lived in Andover) owned Headley, Crabtree & Dunce's Farms


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