History, Gazetteer and Directory of Hampshire and The Isle of Wight, 1859

by William White, pages 534-5:-

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HEADLEY is a small Village 9 miles E.S.E. of Alton, and 4 miles N.N.W. of Liphook station and Post and Money Order Office. Its parish contains 1,424 souls and 6,977 acres of land, watered by several tributary streams of the river Wey and including the small hamlets of Lindford, Stanford, Paswell, Picket-Hill, Barford, Hearne, Grayshot and many scattered houses in the valleys of the rivulets, and on the higher heath lands of Woolmer Forest, which extends into this and surrounding parishes and also into Surrey. An act of parliament for disafforesting Woolmer was passed some years ago, and large portions of it in this and the neighbouring parishes were enclosed in 1858, but about 8,000 acres in it and the adjacent forest of Alice Holt still belong to the Crown, as part of the Royal Forests. (see page 51) There are two paper mills and several corn mills on the rivulets. The Bishop of Winchester is lord of the manor of Headley but the soil belongs chiefly to the Macdonald, Allen, Samson, Glaysher, and other families, mostly free and partly copyholders. The Parishes of Headley, Kingsley and Bramshott, were incorporated for the support of their poor under Gilbert's Act more than fifty years ago and they have a Workhouse with room for about fifty paupers. Mr James Bridger is clerk to the guardians. Mr B and Mrs Eliz Bridger are master and matron of the Workhouse; and Mr Wm Busscowen is the relieving officer. Headley and Kingsley parishes are in Alton Hundred and Division, and Bramshott in the Finchdean Hundred and Petersfield Division of North Hants. The house in Headley Park was taken down many years ago. Eveley House, on the left bank of the Stanford rivulet, is the seat of H H Allen, Esq., and has tasteful pleasure grounds. HEADLEY CHURCH (All Saints) was nearly all rebuilt in 1858-9, at the cost of about 1,100, except the tower, which was rebuilt in 1838[?]. The fine Norman chancel arch still remains. The churchyard was enlarged in 1853. The rectory, valued in K.B. [King's Book] at 21. 4s. 7d., and now at 770 is in the patronage of Queen's College, Oxford, the incumbency of the Rev J B Dykes M A who has nearly 50 acres of glebe and a good Rectory House which was improved in 1852 at the cost of 500. A Free School for twelve poor children of Headley parish was founded in 1755, by the Rev Geo Holme D D who endowed it with a house for the residence of the master; a house and 2A 2R 16P of land at Linsted; and with an annuity of 6 out of an estate at Ash. The school was enlarged by subscription in 1812, and has since been conducted on the national system. It is now attended by about 60 boys and 50 girls. There are POST OFFICES at Headley and Stanford, whence letters are despatched via Liphook. Thos. Marshall, CARRIER to Farnham, Alton, &c.

Allen H. H. Esq., Eveley Ho
Baker Henry, road surveyor

Baker Wm. manure agent, and Simmonstone

Bailey Alice, schoolmistress

Bridger Benj. & Eliz. master and matron of Workhouse
Collins Daniel, blacksmith
Dykes Rev Jph. Balantine [Ballantine Dykes], M.A., rector, Rectory
Eggar Edwin, Stanford [Standford] Post Office
Elstone Mr Edward
Furniss Wm. schoolmaster
Gamblen George, shoemaker
Knight Henry, builder
Miller Chs., Esq., Wishanger
Oliver George, corn miller
Slade Edward, butcher
Wood George, farrier
Warren Wm. & Sons, (Geo. Roe and Andrew,) paper makers, Stanford Mills


Hollybush, Wm. Bailey, and parish clerk
New Inn, Hannah Ellis
Robin Hood, Wm. Sutton
Wheat Sheaf, Fras. Tipper, Harford [Arford]
White Horse, Geo. Martin


Baker Wm. and Henry, Simmondstone [Simmonstone]
Bettesworth Edm. Bayfds [Bayfields]
Blanchard James
Bridger Jph. Hatch-house
Clear John, Trotsford [Trottsford]
Collins Danl.
Oland John [D'Oland]
Gauntlett James, Holywater [Hollywater]
Gauntlett Abm. Mill chase
Greenway Samuel [Hollywater Farm]
Harding Eliz.
Knight Jno.
Knight Edward, Hearne
Langrish Wm. Picket hill [Picketts Hill]
Langrish Wm., jun., Moor-house and Streams farms
Mellersh Henry, Barford
Lickfold John, (and miller,) Lower House farm
Parker Robt. Wishanger
Petar John, Headley Wood
Richardson Wm. Crabtree
Slade Edw.
Tilbury Ty. [Timothy?]
Warren Wm. & Sons, Reynold and Hatch farms


*Matthews Jn
Parfect Rd.
*Woodbourne My. [Mary her husband Samuel the Smith had died in 1855] & smith

Drapers, &c.

Chalcraft Ts. Post Office
Curtis Richd.
Bridger Geo.
Glaysher Ths. Barford
Parfect Richd
Upperton Jas. & shoemkr
Parsons Hy. Harford [Arford]

[?] As far as we know, the tower was never rebuilt this probably refers to when the top of the tower was remodelled after the spire had fallen in the fire of 1836

King's Book Started with the Act of 1692, 4 William & Mary, as a tax on personal estates, public offices and land. After a few years of experiment it was decided in 1698 that the land tax should be levied on the so-called assessment principle instead. This enabled them to know in advance the theoretical yield of the tax. [Alan Hoptrough]

KINGSLEY, a scattered village, near the confluence of several rivulets, 5 miles E by S of Alton and 4 miles S of Bentley station, has in its parish 387 souls and 1,776 acres of hilly land, including part of the newly enclosed heaths of Woolmer Forest. It has a large ironfoundry and agricultural implement manufactory; and for the support of its poor it is connected with the Incorporated Workhouse at Headley, as noticed above. It is in Alton Hundred, Division and Polling District of North Hants. Lord Sherborne is lord of the manor, but part of the parish belongs to Sir Thomas Miller, Bart, and a few smaller owners. The church (St Nicholas) is a small, plain structure, which was rebuilt in 1778-9 and repaired in 1800 and 1810. The benefice is a vicarage, consolidated with Binsted Vicarage, in the patronage of the Dean and Chapter of Winchester, and incumbency of the Rev C. B. Walsh. Rd Warner Esq of Bedford is lessee of the rectorial tithes. Until a few years ago, these vicarages were annexed to that of Alton (see Binsted). The School was built in 1852-4 at the cost of 414. POST OFFICE at J Carter's. Letters via Alton.

Barrett Mr John, brewer at Farnham
Brown George, steward to Lord Sherborne
Carter John, shoemaker
Carter John, Jnr, vict., Cricketer
Clear Mr Wm, Upper green
Eames James, corn miller
Edwards Jph, blacksmith
Evans George, shoemaker
Swann Mr Wm
Walsh Rev Chas Bingham MA, vicar
Woodbourne Jas, engineer, ironfounder, agricultural implement maker, &c.
Wright Wm, schoolmaster


Arlett James
Hoare Ann
Clear Eli, Upper green
Matthews Henry and John, Shortheath
Maybee Charles, Dean farm
Newman White, Malthouse farm
Spiers James, Straights


Bannett Wm
Edwards Jph
Christmas Chs
Ralph Thos

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