Post Office Directory of Headley - 1865

Also another Directory of Headley slightly later than the PO one - what year? - possible range 1865-72 - [but much the same info as Post Office Directory of 1865]

Note: comments [in square brackets] show differences in the Post Office directory compared with the other

HEADLEY is a large parish, in Alton Hundred and petty sessional division (lower half), Farnham county court district, Headley incorporation, archdeaconry and diocese of Winchester, and rural deaconry of Alton, eastern division, 8 miles south from Farnham station, 48 from London, and 4 from Liphook station. The air is remarkably dry and salubrious, and the water of great purity. The church of All Saints has a square tower with 2 bells: the church, with the exception of the tower, was rebuilt in 1859, by the Rev. J Ballantine Dykes, a vestry room and a chancel being added; the interior is neat, the pews are open and uniform. The register dates from 1538. The living is a rectory, value 776, with residence, in the gift of the Provost and Fellows of Queen's College, Oxford, and held by the Rev. Joseph Ballantine Dykes, M.A., late fellow of that college. A school room was built, in 1755, by the Rev. G. Holmes, D.D., for the education of twelve poor children, and endowed by him with a rent-charge on certain land. Some considerable alterations and improvements have been made in the building by the present rector, additional trustees appointed, and the school placed under Government inspection. Here is the Union workhouse for the parishes of Headley, Bramshott and Kingsley, incorporated under 22 Geo. III. c. 83. The Bishop of Winchester is lord of the manor. A portion of Woolmer Forest (now converted into a military encampment) is in this parish. The principle landowners are Sir Charles Hayes Miller, Bart., J.P., Froyle Park, who has a shooting box here, at Wishanger, and H. H. Allen, Esq. The chief crops are barley and wheat. The population in 1861 was 1,450 (other sources say 1,424 in 1859); the acreage is 6,977 (other sources say 7,090), 3,343 of which was waste land; about 1,600 or 1,700 acres of the latter have been recently enclosed and plantations laid out, which have greatly altered the appearance of the parish. [The Bishop of Winchester is lord of the manor. A portion of Woolmer forest, now a military encampment, is in the parish.]

Parish Clerk, William Speakman.


POST OFFICE. - William Speakman, receiver. Letters are received through Liphook; arrive at 7.30 a.m.; dispatched at 6.40 p.m. [6pm in 1865]. The nearest money order office is at Liphook.

POST OFFICE RECEIVING HOUSE, Standford. - Edwin Eggar, receiver. Letters through Liphook arrive at 8 a.m.; dispatched at 6.10 p.m.

National School, William Pollard, master. [J Freemantle-1865]

Workhouse for Headley Incorporation, Charles Bridger, clerk; Benjamin Bridger, master; [ Mrs Eliza Bridger, mistress]; Rev. Joseph B. Dykes, chaplain; Frederick V. Wood, surgeon [E Keene, Esq in 1865]; William Busscowen, relieving officer.

CARRIER TO FARNHAM. - Thomas Marshall, Thursdays.


Allen, Henry Howard, esq. - Eveley house

[I'Anson] Anson, Edward J., esq. - Grayshott lodge

Bennett, Mrs. - Green

Campbell, James, esq. - Hill land

Collins, Miss - Green

Cranborne, Right Hon. Viscount, M.P. - Oaks [Cecil, Lord Robert, M.P. - Oaks, in 1865]

Dixon, Henry, esq. - Curtis house

Dykes, Rev. Joseph Ballantine, M.A. - [rector]

Elstone, Mr. Edward

Ford, Mr. James

[Golding Mr - Arford Cottage, in 1865]

[Major, Mr Henry - Crabtree, in 1865]

[Miller, Charles Esq - Wishanger, in 1865]

Newman, Mr. Anthony - Arford house

Warren, Mr. George Roe

[Wedgewood W.R., Esq - Greyshott Hall, in 1865]


Allden, George, farmer

Baker, William [and Henry in 1865], farmer

Betsworth, Edmd., farmer & hop planter

Blanchard, James, farmer

Bone, George [M in 1865], farrier

Bridger, George, shopkeeper

Bridger, Joseph, farmer

Clear, John, farmer[, landowner] & hop planter

Cole, John, New Inn, & farmer

Collins, Daniel, blacksmith & farmer

Curtis, Richard, shopkeeper

Curtis, Richard, jun., draper & clothier

[Eggar, Samuel, shopkeeper in 1865]

Elstone, John, beer retailer & shopkeeper

Faulkner, Hy, wheelwright & blacksmith

[Fullick, John, gardener and farmer in 1865]

Fullick, Charles, farmer [& woodman], Lyndford

Gamblen, George, shoe maker

[Gauntlett, Abraham, farmer in 1865]

Gauntlett, James, farmer

George, William, farmer, Standford

Glaysher, Thomas, shopkeeper, Barford

Greenway, Samuel, dealer & farmer [Greenaway in 1878]

Howick, William, shopkeeper

Knight, Edward, farmer

Knight, Henry, builder

Langrish, William, jun., farmer & hop planter, Stream farm

Langrish, William, sen., farmer[, landowner] & miller, Picket hill

Lickfold, John, miller & farmer

Marden, George, White Horse

Matthews, John, wheelwright

Mills, James, carpenter, Lyndford

Parfect, Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Parker, Robert, farmer

Parsons, Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper

Petar, John, farmer[, landowner] & hop planter

[Purfeck (Parfect?) Mrs W., schoolmistress, in 1865]

Shrub, Jonas, Wheatsheaf

[Slade, Edward, butcher, in 1865]

Small, Joseph, Holly Bush

[Speakman, William, parish clerk & assistant overseer, in 1865]

Stivens, Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper [not in 1865 list]

Strugnell, John, beer retailer & tailor, Lyndford

Sutton, William, Robin Hood

Teesdale & Co, grocers, Arford

Upperton, Jas., shopkeeper & shoe maker

Wakeford, Noah, farmer, Lyndford

Warren Bros., paper maker, Standford mills

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