The following children are required by Law to be present at the School Thursday, Jan. 29th 1885, (at 9 o'clock in the Morning,) on which day the Examination takes place,

William Chandler

James A. Burrows

Alice Whiting

Frederick Marshall

Thomas Chandler

Fredk. Blackman

Mary Lloyd

Thomas Burrows

Leonard Alford

John Glaysher

Ann Viney

George Chiverton

John Shrub

Henry North

Annie Harnet

George Shrub

Jesse Dean

Willliam Budd

Emily Curtis

Matthew Hoare

Henry Warner

Daniel Shrub

Laurie Rogers

George Ford

William J. Burrows

William Burrows

Amelia Chandler,

William Chandler

John White

Clara Chandler

Kate Glaysher

William Triggs

Frederick Whiting

Elizabeth Ford

Ann Shrub

Henry Boxal

George Viney

Catherine Fitt

Deliah Gardener

James Shrub

Harry Fyfleld

Harriet Burrows

Annie Rogers

Henry North

Frank Hoare

Sarah Messingham

Lucy Piggott

Cyrus Gates

Jesse Moore

Ellen Alford

George Fyfield

Walter Hutchings

Florence Chandler

Kate Albury

Martin Albury

Addison Rogers

Eleanor Bridger

Ellen Marshall

George Chandler

Fredk. Hutchings

Clara Chandler

Lucy Harnet

Albert Heather

Alfred Lloyd

Kate Warner

Miriam Moore

Chas. E. Fillmore

Frank Viney

Harriet Shrub

Emma Cole

George Aldred

James Dopson

Harriet Lloyd

Ellen Moss

Samuel Brindley

Sarah Marshall

Edith Burrows

Emily Moss

Amelia Falkner

Thersa Burrows

Edith Cole

Alice Fitt

Janet Wakeford

Mary Dopson

Ann Holden

Kate North

Edith Gates

Alice Dean

Rose Burrows

Bertha Collier

Eliz'th Hutchings

Harriet Harnet

Clara Heather

Edith Hutchings

Ellen Burrows

Annie Ford

Olive Curtis

Charlotte Smith

Minnie Burrows

Annie Warner

Kate Bridger

Eva Barnett

Jane North

Jane Sutton

Blanche Harnet

Bessie Falkner

Ann Coombs

Kate Barker

Elizabeth Sutton

Louisa Fullick

Ellen Boxal

Mary A. Curtis

Kate Gates

Edith Chandler

Harriet Coombs

Rose Shrub

Mary A. Smith

Minnie Gates

William Heather

Elizabeth Coombs

William Alford

Walter Barnet

George Sutton

Elizabeth Alford

Henry Marshall

George Gamblen

Samuel Falkner

Caroline Burrows

George Smith

Fredk. Chiverton

Ellen Fullick

Kate Burrows

William Dopson

William White

Louisa Curtis

James White

George Marshall

William Moss

James Fillmore

Arthur Brumley

William Dean

Noah Burrows

George Bridger

Alf Albury

Leonard Rogers

Martin Shrub

Ann Chandler

William Dawes

William J. Marshall

Frank Fyfield

John Marshall

Mary Glaysher

Henry Gardener

Rosina Hutchings

William Rogers

Mary Dorey

Richard Marshall

Edith Chandler


(Signed,) C. J. MOODY, School Attendance Officer.

Moody, Printer, Alton.

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