Rogers' Almanack and Directory of Headley - 1889

Cover missing, but assumed to be published by W Rogers, baker, family grocer, High Street, Headley

For details of other typical contents, and to compare list of residents, see his Directory of 1896/7


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Note: comments [in square brackets] do not appear in the original Directory

Curtis Lane
Smith, James
Smith, William
Holderness, RF
Eawles, Edward

Headley Wood
Bone, George
Hayden, John
Newman, AW
Hale, William

Headley Wood Hatch
North, Samuel
North, Joseph
Gale, James
Vere, -

Palmer, George
Whiting, George

Gardiner, Jesse
Kemp, William
Collyer, Samuel
Kingdon, Mrs
Loe, Miss

Headley Park
Wright, RS
Fullick, Frederick
Daws, William

Baigent's Bridge
Fullick, Albert
Fullick, Mark

Hills, Henry
Kemp, Colin

Saunder's Green
Mills, James
Smith, Miss
Langrish, Walter
Barnett, Mark

Picket's Hill
Craft, George
Dawe, David
Chiverton, Thomas
Gauntlett, William
Moore, Mrs

Huntingford Bridge
Collins, Charles
North, James sen
Barnett, Reuben

Fullick, James
Dorey, William
Frost, Mrs
Taylor, William
Burningham, Thomas
Allden, William
White, William

Wishanger Lodge
White, Walter
Marshall, George

Wishanger Farm
Smith, George
Rutherford, Robert

Maidman, William
Erminstone, Robert

Field House
Earl, Henry

Pond House
Clarke, Frank

Land of Nod
Aldred, William
Burrows, Andrew
Harris, George

Blanchard, Mrs
Blanchard, Edwin
Cover, John
Bettesworth, Mrs
Smith, James
Elstone, Henry
Knight, John
Loe, Daniel
Marshall, William
Fyfield, William
Fullick, Henry
Chandler, Mrs
Harris, William
Fyfield, George
Smith, Richard
Hall, Charles

Groves, David
Copper, Henry
Glaysher, George
Cover, Charles
Belton, Stephen
Snelling, Mrs
Cane, John
Reeves, Frank
Cover, Mrs
Mansell, Edward
Glaysher, Charles
Glaysher, Mrs W
Glaysher, George
Tilbury, Mrs
Philps, Lewis
Small, Joseph
Cane, John
Glaysher, Charles

Jetton, John
Harris, George
Cane, Mrs
Marshall, William
Crawt, Stephen
Crawt, George
Harris, William
Harding, Alfred
Cane, Richard
Cane, Thomas
Rooke, John
Harris, Charles
Fullick, Henry
Crawt, Daniel

Hale, Samuel
Plympton, Dr
Barrett, Edward
Griffith, EE
Cover, James
Winchester, Mrs
Robinson, Henry
Smale, Miss
Chapman, Ernest
Chapman, Walter
Symons, SC
White, Luke
Heather, George
Hardwick, -
Leuchars, Edgar
I'Anson, EB
I'Anson, Miss
Henslow, Cecil
Vertue, C
Foord, -
Ansell, -
Jones, Miss
Crawt, William
White, Mrs W
Hill, William
Coombes, George
Lawrence, William
Cane, John
Boxall, Stephen
Pook, James
Angel, Arthur
Threadwell, John
Woodthorpe, Mrs
Moore, Lewis
Coombes, John
Gould, John
Osborne, John
Whitaker, A Ingham

The Rectory
Laverty, Rev WH

High Street
Rogers, William
Wakeford, Frederick
Warner, Henry
Suter, William
Fullick, Mrs R
Louch, Eli
Curtis, Bros

School House
Edwards, Wm Chas

Crab Tree House
Bewsher, Samuel

The Grange
Hahn, TS

The Green
St Clair, Major
Gates, George
Chandler, William
Herret, Mrs
Utting, Miss

Phillips, Walter J

Fuller's Bottom
Burrows, Frederick
Courtenage, Charles
Combes, James
Gale, William
Gale, Stephen
Shrub, William
Turner, James
Allen, Albert
Hammond, Charles

Beech Hill
Hack, James
Viney, John H sen
Allden, George
Parfect, George
Viney, John H jun
Viney, William
Triggs, James
Upperton, James
Parish, Admiral
Glaysher, James

Parish House Bottom
Belton, Mrs
Burrows, Luke
Deane, Edward
North, James
Messingham, Stephen
Moore, John jun
Murrow, -
Burrows, James
Gates, Mrs
Gates, Stephen
Cover, Reuben
Coombes, Edwin J
Loe, George
Coombes, Edward
Patey, Miss J
Heather, William
Cole, George
Courtenage, Henry
Marshall, Samuel
Tuckey, James
Hayden, Alfred
Shrub, Mrs
Shrubb, Edward
Fyfield, Charles
Messingham, George
Marshall, Charles
Glaysher, William
Burrows, Robert
Burrows, Mark
Dopson, Arthur
Shrub, Andrew
Aldred, Mrs C
Marshall, James
Courtenage, John
Courtenage, Harry
Tuckey, William
Marshall, Mrs R
Courtenage, Fred
Burrett, George
Marshall, Thomas
Shrub, James
Fisher, Mrs
West, A
Lemon, Mrs

Headley Hill
Vincent, Mrs
Davenport, Thomas
Robinson, James
Elson, Mrs
Johnson, Charles
Collett, J

Fraser, Mrs
Coxon, -
Shalden, RP
Barnett, James
Parish, Maj-Gen CB
Curtis, James
Croucher, James
Pink, Mrs
Knight, Miss
Holden, Mrs
North, Samuel
Turner, Mrs
Knight, Henry
Chandler, Charles
Cooper, Mrs
Hutchings, Charles
Reading Room
Brindley, Samuel
Speakman, William
Moss, Joseph
Burrows, William
Overton, Alfred
Hoare, James
Amoore & Budd
Norman, Lieu-Col
Burgess, John
Ayling, Fred
Burrows, Mrs Agnes
Gilbert, R
Heather, Arthur

Long Cross
Gamblen, James
Gamblen, George
Gamblen, Oscar
Gamblen, William
West, Miss
Sawyer, John
David, Charles

Mill Lane, High Street
Smith, Walter
Heather, Henry
Warner, George

Headley Mill
Hoare, -
Chandler, Arthur
Budd, -
Chandler, B
Lickfold, Walter
Small, Walter

Warren, Andrew
Knight, William
Suter, William
Allen, HH
Plummer, CJ, M.D.
Curtis, Henry
Gates, Stephen
Moss, Henry
Sutton, James
Marshall, William
Burrows, James
Cox, Mrs
Hoare, John
Budd, William
Knight, James
Warren, George R
Warren, George
Brown, George
Falkner, Thomas
Curtis, George

Tall's [Tulls] Lane
Tilbury, Richard
Strugnel, Charles

Smythes, S.John
Carter, -
Gordon, Alexander
Gauntlett, Frederick

Standford Hill
Mullard, james
Eggar, John

Greenway, Samuel
Coombes, Mrs W
Over, Mrs
Elstone, John
Laws, Mrs
Knight, George
Parfect, George
Smith, Mrs Celia
Page, Thomas
Dawdy, William
Cannons, William jun
Fisher, Charles
Boxall, John
Smith, Mark
Burrows, Charles
Hunt, John
Lawes, Wm
Cannons, William sen
Chandler, James
Sutton, Mrs
Sutton, George
Chandler, Henry
Lawrence, Joseph
Chandler, Charles
Windabank, John
Sutton, William
Wake, John
Chandler, Charles
Sutton, Mrs W
Gauntlett, James
Chandler, Thomas
Stacey, George
Barrett, George
Janaway, Jonathan
Albury, Edward

Fullick, Mrs James
Chandler, Charles
Blackman, Andrew
Piggott, Mrs James
Albury, Thomas
Coombes, George
Weaks, James
Ford, Mrs
Ford, Harvey
Barnett, George
Gauntlett, Andrew
Combes, George
Conbes, Daniel
Weaks, Charles
Bone, William
Marshall, George
Ford, George
Woods, Aaron
Cook, Henry
Dodd, Isaac
Matthews, William
Lloyd, David

Deadwater Hill
Maude, Colonel
Langford, James
Whiting, James
Wakeford, Mrs
Fitt, Arthur
Chalcraft, W
Strugnell, George
Draper, G
Wheeler, John

Brock's Head [Broxhead]
Burke, UJ
Dixey, George
Plumbe, Isaac
Percy, Walter
Bidwell, Samuel
Winter, Daniel
Heather, H
Britton, John
Knight, George

Bordon Inclosure
Weeks, Henry
Cane, John

Lindford Chase
Fullick, Walter
Combes, Frederick
Triggs, George
Taylor, James
Harris, Mrs
Dibley, Daniel
Fyfield, Mrs
Fyfield, Wm
Taylor, Charles
Heather, Henry
Heather, Mrs Charles
Fullick, Edward
Draper, Joseph
Burrows, George
Warner, John
Boxall, Charles
Pigott, Mark
Fullick, George
Fullick, John
Roy, Mrs

Bungay, George
Shrubb, Eli
Whiting, William
Chandler, George
Fleming, Mrs
Oliver, george
Harding, Albert John
Hayden, Daniel
Coventry, Henry H
Rapley, -
Gardiner, RS
Gauntlett, Henry
Fullick, William

Lindford Lane
Burrell, Thomas
Wakeford, Mrs
Lemon, George
Messingham, Daniel
Shrubb, Mrs
Shrubb, William

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