Kelly’s Directory of Hampshire – 1899

See also 1903 Kelly's Directory

HEADLEY is a large parish (etc) ….

Parish clerk and sub-postmaster, William Gamblen

Standford sub-postmaster, Alexander Gordon; Grayshott sub-postmaster Walter Gillman Chapman

Carriers: Oscar Gamblen to Liphook daily, William Rogers to Farnham Thursdays, William Burrows to Farnham Tues & Fri, John Sandall from Grayshott to Haslemere daily

Note: Standford and Grayshott listed separately at end


Allden, James, The Birches

Ayling, William Budd, Headley Wood [Ferndale in 1903]

Bell, Joseph, Heathercot

Bellingham, Miss, The Cottage

Bewsher, Samuel, Crabb Tree [Crabtree] house

Bromley, Michael junior, Kenton House, Stone hill [note: this is at the bottom of the present road called Beech Hill]

Burke,Ulick John, JP, Broxhead Warren

Calvert, Miss, Headley Hill [this is the house now known as Windridge]

Christian, J Henry, Land of Nod

Cooke, George, Hilland Lodge

Coventry, Henry Halford, Lindford

David, Charles, The Laurels

England, Walter, Stags Deane, Stone Hill

Fraser Mrs, The Chestnuts

Griffin Mrs, The Bungalow, Stone hill

Gwyn-Jeffreys, Hewel(?) M.A., Arford House

Hahn, Theoph. Sigsmund, Headley grange

Hawes, Mrs, The Nook

Johnson Miss, Ealing cottage, Stone hill

Judkins, John Lucas, Hurst cottage

Laverty, Rev Wallis Hay MA [rector]

Maude, Lt-Col Rt [Robert?] Hy [Henry?], White Hill chase

Michell, Mrs, The Oaks

Page, Herbert, Headley Cottage

Parish Mrs, Beech hill

Phillips, Walter Tawny, Hill land [Hilland]

Prichard, Charles Edward, Llandover (postal address Churt, Farnham)

Rogers, J Warrington, QC, Kirklands

Scoffield, Frederick, Walcot, Beech hill

Smith, Alfred, Evetts

Swan, Charles Robert, The Retreat, Stone hill

Viney, John Henry, Ferndale, Fullers Vale

Walton, Frederick, Belmont

Watts, Richard, Oak villa, Fullers vale

White, Walter, Wishanger Lodge

Wright, Sir Robert Samuel BCL, etc …, Headley park

Wynne, Richard, Bayfields


Ayling, William Budd, farmer, Headley Wood

Barrett, Alfred, Hindhead Hotel

Bennett, John Howell, poultry breeder, Lindford

Blanchard, Edwin, bricklayer

Bone, George, farrier

Britton, Goliath, shopkeeper, Lindford

Britton, John, horse dealer, Broxhead

Burrow, Luke, broom maker

Cole, George, wheelwright

Collins, Charles, blacksmith and farmer

Curtis Brothers, grocers & drapers

Curtis, James, shopkeeper, Arford

Fuller & Son, builders & contractors, Stone Hill

Gamblen, Henry, farmer and coal merchant

Gamblen, James, Wheatsheaf PH

Gamblen, Oscar, fly proprietor

Gamblen, William, news agent and post office

Gardner, Richard S, farmer

Gates, Francis, draper, Arford

Gauntlett, Henry, bricklayer

Glaysher, Charles, baker, Arford

Greenway, Samuel, cattle dealer and farmer, Holy water [Hollywater]

Griffin, Frederick, cycle manufacturer, maker of the "I.C.M. machine", Headley Common, Headley; & at 20 Finsbury Pavement, London EC

Harding, Albert John, grocer etc, Lyndford [Lindford]

Headley Institute and Reading Rooms (Charles Henry Beck, sec)

Hurdle, Walter James, shopkeeper, Arford

Kemp, Colin, carpenter

Kemp, Emily (Mrs), laundress, Stone Hill [possibly where Whittles Stores is now?]

Kingdon Jane (Mrs), farmer and hop planter

Knight, Elizabeth (Miss), shopkeeper, Arford

Knight, Frank, farm bailiff to AI Whitaker, Esq

Knight, Henry, builder

Laurence, Ernest, White Horse PH

Louch, Eli, saddler etc.

Matthews, William, horse dealer, Deadwater hill

Mills, James, carpenter, Saunders green

Mullard, James, Crown PH

Palmer, George, New Inn

Paterson, Alex, Royal Exchange PH

Rogers, William, baker and grocer and agent for W&A Gilbey Ltd, wine & spirit merchants

Saunders, George, Holly Bush PH and posting house

Shepherd, Edward, farmer

Shrubb, Jonas, shopkeeper & bricklayer, Arford

Taylor, James, farmer, Broxhead farm

Viney, John Henry, builder & contractor, decorator, etc, and general furnishing & builders' ironmonger, plumber & hot & cold water fitter, etc, Fullers Vale

Wakeford, Frederick, butcher

Warner, Henry, horse breaker, Lindford


Allen, Henry Howard

Curtis, George

Morgan, Godfrey Harrison, Early house

Parsons, John, JP, Standford House

Parsons, John Arthur M.E., Standford House

Smithes, John Tatham, Eveley

Warren, Andrew, Passfield House

Warren, George

Wood, Mrs


Baker, Henry, smith & wheelwright

Brown, George, Robin Hood PH

Falkner, Thomas, wheelwright & blacksmith, The Mount, Standford Hill

Lickfold, Walter, miller

Parsons, John & John Arthur, physicians & surgeons, Standford House

Parsons, John Arthur M.E., C.M., surgeon

Stevens, Joseph, farmer, Standford farm


Campbell Miss, Oakley

Chapman, Ernest Henry, Cherry Villa

Coleclough, John Arthur, Arundel

Cox, Graeme Vassall, B.A., Oakhurst

de Pury, David, Grayshott house

Hale, Samuel, The Oaks

Hancock, Charles, Firlands

Henslowe, Cecil WE, Pinewood

I’Anson Miss

Jeakes, Rev James Malcolm MA (curate)

Leuchars, Edgar

Lowry, Charles Ernest Corry, Heathside

Lyndon, Arnold MD, Windwhistle house

Mitchelmore, Richard

Moir Miss

O'Callaghan, Rev James (RC)

Plimpton [Plympton], Richard T, Hurstmere

Vertue, Charles Erskine, Grayshott court

Wells, James Andrew, Moss Know

Whitaker, A Ingham JP, Grayshott Hall

White, Mrs, Hindhead Chase


Bangs, Alfred, fruiterer

Barrett, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs), beer retailer

Boyell, Ann (Mrs), apartments

Boyell, William Richard, agent for the Ocean Accident & General Insurance Co, The Gables

Brain, Robert Benjamin, launderer

Chandler, Benjamin, cab proprietor

Chapman & Lowry, builders and contractors

Chapman, Walter Gillman, carpenter, joiner, builder, cabinet maker, etc, stationer, Post Office [Flora Thompson (née Timms) was working for him at this time]

Charlwood, Charles, saddler

Coleclough, John Arthur, MRCS Eng, surgeon, Arundel

Cornish, George, draper and grocer

Cox, Graeme Vassall BA, private tutor, Oakhurst

Coxhead Edward, ironmonger

Deas & Son, grocers and wine & spirit merchants

Frost, Samuel, tobacconist

Heather, John, boot maker

Heather, William, boot maker

Hoy, Benjamin Charles, fishmonger

Little, Mary (Mrs), dress maker

Lyndon Arnold MD, MRCS Eng, physician & surgeon, Windwhistle house

Milton, Andrew Thomas, beer retailer

Mitchell, Henry, butcher

Moore, Archibald James, fly proprietor

Munday, John & Mary (Mrs), greengrocers

Oldershaw, Thomas, butcher

Pannell, Charles, boot maker

Prince, John, baker & confectioner

Puttick, Thomas & Sons, painters

Robinson, Henry, grocer

Sandell, John, carrier

Smithers & Co, cycle agents & makers, Grayshott & opposite Railway station, Haslemere

Stokes, Frederick, grocer

Upex, Joanthan, tailor

Upex, William, Prudential Assurance agent

Warr, Fannie (Mrs), draper & bookseller

Wells, James, blacksmith

White, John George, confectioner

Wilt, Mary (Miss), dress maker

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