Electoral Register for Headley 1913

Electoral Roll Parish of Headley 1913 Headley Polling District (District T)

Register of Persons Entitled to Vote at Any Election of a Member to Serve in Parliament for the Eastern or Petersfield Division of the County of Hants Ownership Electors
Name of Each Elector Place of Abode Nature of Qualification
(see notes)
Description of Qualifing Property
Adams, Newton Robert Burney Heights, Headley FHH&L Burney Heights  
Allen, John 15 New Bridge Street, EC FHH's Stone Hill  
Barnett, James Thomas Lindford FHH Lindford  
Beck, Charles Henry Hillboro', Headley FHH Hillboro'  
Belton, Charles Averley Cottage, Bourne FHC's Lindford  
Belton, Levi John Arthur Newton Valence, Alton FH Houses Stone Hill  
Bewsher, Samuel Headley FH&L Headley  
Blanchard, William Pinewood House, Headley FH Pinewood House  
Bridger, Turner Pine Ridge, Haslemere 4 FHH's Deadwater  
Britton, Goliath Deadwater, Bordon Camp FHH's Sleaford  
Brownlow, William Vesey Maj G. Eveley, Standford FHH& L Eveley  
Budd, George Herne Vale FH Deadwater  
Burdge, Sidney c/o PC Burley, 27 Lavant Street FHL Deadwater  
Calderton, William Frank 9 St Mary Abbotts Place, Kensington FHH&L Headley Mill Farm  
Cane, John Harding Lindford FH Oakleigh Villa  
Challen, George Henry Lindford FHH&Shop Lindford  
Carden, Lt Col George Heeward Pinewood FL(Joint) Whitehill  
Chandler, Andrew Walter Stone Hill FHH Stone Hill  
Chandler, Ernest William Stone Hill FHH Stone Hill  
Chandler, Walter Passfield Common FL Near Headley Mill  
Cole, George Vine Cottage, Headley FH&L Vine Cottage  
Collins, Charles Huntingford, Farnham FH&L Huntingford Bridge  
Collins, Robert Glenmuir, Stone Hill FH&L Glenmuir  
Coombes, George Stone Hill, Headley FHH Rose Cottage  
Coombes, William Hollywater FHC&G Hollywater  
Cotton, Henry Beckford Stone Hill, Headley FHH Stone Hill  
Courtnage, Frederick Lindford Bridge FHH Parish House Bottom  
Coventry, Henry Halford Lindford FH&L Lindford  
Cover, George Beech Hill FHC&G Beech Hill  
Cover, Thomas Headley FHH Beech Hill  
Croucher, William Barford, Churt FH&L Beech Hill  
Crow, Henry Wrent Grove Lodge, Wanstead E. FL Stone Hill  
Curtis, George Standford FHH&G Standford  
Curtis, James Headley FHH&L Arford  
Curtis, Richard Henry Headley FHL Lindford  
Cuthburt, Reynold Andrew Stone Hill, Headley FHH Stone Hill  
David, Charles Headley FHH&G Headley Green  
Davis, Alfred Thomas 2 Jackson St., Woolwich Common FHH&G Headley Green  
Davis, Alfred Thomas 2 Jackson St., Woolwich Common FHH Lindford Chase  
Dawes, William Headley FHH's Arford  
Dawson, Abraham Hadskis Rosemount, Standford FHH&L Rosemount  
Debenham, John Nugent 98 High St., Godalming Third share of FHH&L Barford  
Dockrill, William The Mount Stables, Headley FHH Grayshott Road  
Eddey, William Beech Hill FHH&Building Beech Hill  
Faulkner, Thomas Standford Hill FHH&L Hollywater  
Fraser, Cyril Edward Headley FHL Beech Hill  
Fullick, Frederick Albert Lindford Leasehold Cottage &L 99years. Lindford  
Gamblen, Henry Longcross, Headley Copyhold Cottages Longcross  
Gamblen, James Headley Copyhold House Hawthorne Cottage, Longcross  
Gamblen, Oscar Headley FHH&G Longcross Road  
Gamblen, William Headley FHH Longcross Post Office  
Gardner, Richard Samuel Hatch House, Standford FHH&L Lindford, Juniper Cottage  
Gibbs, Frank Todhurst, Plaistow, Billingshurst FHL Liphook Road  
Glaysher, Charles Sn. Barford, Churt FHH&G Barford  
Glaysher, William Barford, Churt FHL&C Grayshott Road  
Glaysher, William Parish House Bottom FHH Parish House Bottom  
Gordon, Charles Hubert Fellows Beacon Hill, Hindhead FHL 3 Plots on Stone Hill Estate  
Hack, William Deadwater FHH&G Deadwater  
Harding, Albert John Lindford FHH&L Lindford  
Haywood, Thomas George Croft Cottage, Headley FHC Croft Cottage, Headley  
Hine, Frederick William 49 Cambridge Rd., Chiswick FHC&L Stone Hill, Headley  
Hipwell, Edward 5 Trinity Sq., London EC FHL Fairview Road, Headley  
Hudson, Samuel Francis Parish House Bottom FHH Parish House Bottom  
Hunt, John Stone Hill FHL Stone Hill, Headley  
Huntingford, William 143 Liverpool Rd., London N. FH&G Hollywater  
Hurry, Edward Henry Llanover Partly FFH&Partly Copyhold Houses Churt  
Jelfs, John Henry Beech Hill FHH&Buildings Beech Hill Laundry  
Johnston, Alexander Richard (Dr.) The Pines, Stone Hill FHH&L The Pines  
Kingshott, Daniel Deadwater FHC&G Deadwater  
Knight, James Deadwater FHC Deadwater  
Knight, James Hill Ash Farm, Harting FFH&L Linstead Farm  
Knight, John Victoria Cottage, Lindford 2FHC Lindford  
Knowles, Yalden Henry Heath Hall, Godalming FHL Bayfields  
Knox, Arthur Dewes (Capt.) Forest Lodge, Hollywater FHH&L Forest Lodge  
Langdale, Alfred Augustus Southbourne, Emsworth FHH&L&Buildings Tignals Farm  
Larby, George Deadwater FHH Deadwater  
Larby, Samuel Shrubb Cottage, Headley FHC Parish House Bottom  
Laverty, Rev. Wallis Hay Headley Rectory FHH& Premises The Rectory  
Loe, George Headley FHH Headley  
McAndrew, Charles William Headley Park FH&L Headley Park  
Macklin, Walter 88 High Berkhamstead FHH&G Beech Hill  
Marshall, George Arford FHH Arford Pond  
Marshall, Richard Parish House Bottom FHC&G Parish House Bottom  
Marshall, Samuel Sen. Parish House Bottom FHH&L Parish House Bottom  
Marshall, Samuel Jun. Parish House Bottom FHH&G Parish House Bottom  
Maynard, Henry George Headley FHH Parish House Bottom  
Mills, Charles Harding Saunders Green FHH&G Saunders Green  
Obee, Alfred Herbert Stone Hill FHH Carlton Road, Headley  
Page, Thomas Standford FHH&L Chase Villas, Lindford  
Parsons, John Headley FHL Part of Mill Farm  
Patey, James Charles Hendon Road, Bordon FHH Deadwater  
Perry, Col Francis Frederick The Grange, Headley FHH The Grange  
Pharo, George Deadwater FHH Deadwater  
Phillips, Walter Tawney Hilland, Headley FHH In the village  
Pickering, George Kingsley 4FHC Deadwater  
Piggott, Walter Lindford FHH Lindford Chase  
Rogers, Leonard Lothian Headley Moiety of FHH The Laburnums  
Scoffield, Frederick Headley Common FHH Fairview Road  
Simmons, Charles Evelyn 5 St. Peters Rd., S.Croydon FHH&L Home Croft  
Swan, Charles Robert 9 Southwood Lawn Rd., Highgate, London FHH&L Cheapside  
Tingly, George Deadwater FHH's Heathcote Rd., Bordon  
Triggs, William Deadwater Hill FHH Part of Headley Mill Farm  
Venning, Charles Harrison 24 Bromley Grove, Shortlands, Kent FHH Stone Hill  
Verstage, John William Barford, Churt FHH Barford  
Wager, John James 75 Campbell Rd. Southsea FHH Kirklands  
Walder, James Partridge Hindhead Studio Grayshott FHShops Deadwater Hill  
Warren, George Standford FHH&L Powells piece  
Watts, Richard 26 Gascoyne Rd., S.Hackney, London NE FHH    
Weeks, John Deadwater FHH Deadwater  
Williams, Thornton Arthur Sunny Bank, Christchurch Rd., Hampstead FHH Hedgeside  
Willis, George Soames Rd., Ropley FHC's Chase Rd., Lindford  
Wynne, Richard Oxshott, Surrey FHH Part of Bayfield  
Occupational Electors (Other than Lodgers) Persons Entitled to Vote as Parliamentary County and Parochial Electors
Abell, Walter Albert Washford Lane, Lindford DH    
Abell, William Henry Lane End, Headley DH    
Albury, Thomas Primrose Cottage, Headley DH    
Aldred, Charles Arford DH    
Allcock, Robert Hollywater DH    
Allden, James The Birches, Headley DH    
Allen, Herbert Llewellyn Deadwater Factory Joint    
Arnold, Ralph Beech Hill DH    
Aylwin, Marner Stone Hill DH    
Baldwin, William Jesse Hollywater DH    
Balfry, Cecil Sleaford DH    
Barnes, George Deadwater DH    
Barnes, Reuben Chapel Cottage DH Washford Lane  
Barnett, Henry Standford DH    
Barnett, Reuben Arford DH    
Barnett, Reuben Jnr Hillside Bungalow DH    
Bartlett, Andrew Thomas Deadwater DH    
Baxendale, Frank Lindford DH    
Beck, Charles John Standford Hill DH    
Berry, George Standford DH    
Bird, Richard Walter 7 Arnold Cottages, Deadwater DH (Successive)    
Blackman, Andrew Standford Hill DH    
Blackman, John Standford DH    
Bond, Walter Hearne Vale DH    
Bosanquet, James Tindel Ives Bayfields, Headley DH    
Boulton, Fred 4 Pickerings Bungalows DH (Successive) The Pines, Pickerings Bungalows, Deadwater  
Boyce, William George Barford Stream, Churt DH    
Bradley, Augustus Deadwater DH    
Bradshaw, Hinton Pole Sleaford DH    
Brindley, Samuel Curtis Farm DH    
Brown, Thomas Parish Houses DH    
Brown, Walter Hollywater DH    
Budd, William Snr. 1 Firhill Villas, Hollywater DH    
Budd, William Jnr. Beech Hill DH    
Buggins, Albert Hendon Rd, Deadwater DH    
Bugler, Frank Deadwater DH    
Burrows, Albert Picketts Hill DH (Successive) Herne Rd., Picketts Hill  
Burrows, William James Parish Houses DH    
Buxton, John James Chalet Cottage, Bordon DH    
Cane, George Waterside Cottage, Churt/Barford DH    
Cane, William James Lindford DH    
Carter, Horace Standford DH    
Carter, Thomas Standford DH    
Chandler, Andrew Arford DH    
Chandler, Charles Hollywater DH    
Chandler, Harry Stone Hill DH    
Chandler, William Hollywater DH    
Chandler, William Lindford DH    
Chisnal, William Edward Hawthorne Cottage, Oakhanger DH (Successive)    
Chiverton, Thomas Prospect Hill House DH    
Christian, John William 1 Binfield Villas, Lindford DH    
Chuck, Horace Arford DH    
Clark, Walter 3 Pickerings Bungalows DH Deadwater  
Clay, Thomas Lindford DH    
Cobb, Frederick Crawford Beech Hill DH    
Collyer, Harvey Lindford DH    
Coombes, Edward Allsops Cottages, Headley DH    
Coombes, Edward Beech Hill DH    
Coombes, Frederick Herne DH    
Coombes, George Trottsford, Headley DH    
Coombes, James Barley Mow Hill, Headley DH    
Coombes, Walter Lindford DH    
Coombes, William Stone Hill DH    
Cooper, Joseph Beech Hill DH (Successive)    
Courtnage, Charles Arford DH    
Courtnage, Henry Jnr. Parish House Bottom DH    
Cox, Joseph Lindford DH    
Croucher, George Standford Hill DH    
Crowther-Smith, Stanley Francis Standford DH    
Cumming, John Thomas Deadwater DH    
Cunnington, Cecil Robert Barford Stream, Churt DH    
Dead, Edward Parish House Bottom DH    
Denyer, Charles Stone Hill DH    
Dicker, James Ellis Beech Hill DH    
Dopson, Arthur Edward Parish House Bottom DH    
Dopson, James Parish House Bottom DH    
Dormer, Harry Deadwater DH    
Dow, Ernest Stanley Gas Works, Bordon DH (Successive)    
Duncombe, Herbert Deadwater DH    
Dunne, Denis Pickering Bungalows, Deadwater DH (Successive)    
Eames, Thomas Hollywater DH    
Eames, William Barford DH    
Earle, Henry Rooks, Churt DH    
Elliot, Walter Lindford DH    
Elson, Henry Jnr. Barford DH Bramshott  
Elstone, Robert Tolls Lane [Tulls Lane], Standford DH (Successive) Standford  
Ewington, Charles Sydney Rd., Bordon DH    
Faulkner, Frederick William Wishanger Farm, Farnham DH    
Fifield, Harvey Henry Fairview Terrace, Headley DH    
Figg, Frederick Fullers Vale DH    
Figg, Frederick Standford DH    
Fisher, Henry Hollywater DH    
Foard, Harvey Deadwater DH    
Fryer, Charles Henry Lindford DH    
Fullick, Alfred Headley Park DH    
Fullick, August Joseph Hollywater DH    
Fullick, Frederick Headley Park Mill DH Bordon  
Fullick, Walter Lindford DH    
Fullick, William Field House, Churt DH    
Fyfield, George Stile House, Headley DH    
Gale, George Lindford DH    
Gale, James Lindford Lane, Headley DH    
Gale, William Snr. Allsops Cottages, Headley DH    
Gale, William Jnr. Curtis Farm DH    
Gamblen, George Valentine Longcross DH    
Gardener, Birt Lindford Lane, Bordon DH    
Gardener, George Lindford DH    
Gardener, William Thomas Birds Nest House, Headley DH    
Gatcum, Fred Fullers Vale DH    
Gatcum, Henry Cherry Tree Cottage DH (Successive) Allsops Cottages  
Gates, Cyrus Fairview Terrace, Headley DH    
Gates, George Headley Green DH    
Gates, Stephen Fairview Terrace, Headley DH    
Gauntlett, Andrew Deadwater DH    
Gauntlett, James Standford Hill DH    
Gauntlett, William Headley Park DH    
Glaysher, Alan Stone Hill DH    
Glaysher, Charles Jnr. Woodberry Cottage, Barford DH    
Glaysher, George Barford DH    
Glaysher, James Barford DH    
Glaysher, James Herne DH    
Glaysher, Wiliam Elliots, Churt DH    
Gordon, Alexander Mataora, Standford DH    
Gordon, Norman Pound Cottage, Headley DH    
Goss, William Robin Hood Cottages, Bordon DH    
Gray, Henry Headley Mill DH    
Green, George Lindford DH (Successive)    
Green, Robert Arford Pond DH (Successive)    
Griggs, Alfred Crown Inn DH    
Grover, William Trottsford DH    
Hack, William Fairview Rd., Stonehill DH Stone Hill  
Hall, Charles William Deadwater Tenement    
Hall, Dick Fullers Vale DH    
Harper, Albert Henry Chalet Cottage, Deadwater DH    
Harris, Andrew Fullers Vale DH (Successive) Passfield, Headley, Standford, Fullers Vale  
Harris, George 1 Fir Cottages DH    
Hayden, George Plaster Hill, Churt DH    
Hayden, John Huntingdon Farm, Headley DH    
Haynes, Tom Hollywater DH (Successive)    
Hayter, Charles Hollywater DH    
Hayter, William Lindford DH    
Hazlerigg, Thomas Headley DH    
Heather, Arthur Chapel House, Headley DH    
Heather, Harry Snr. Lindford DH    
Heather, Harry Jnr. Lindford DH    
Heather, William Lindford DH    
Heward, Walter Hollywater DH    
Holdaway, William Parish House Bottom DH    
Holden, George Barley Mow Hill, Headley DH    
Horner, Robert Deadwater DH (Successive)    
Hosking, James Tucker Trottsford DH    
Howllett, Herbert Arthur Deadwater DH    
Hudson, William Wheatsheaf Inn DH    
Hunt, Frederick William Sardus, Headley DH    
Hurlock, James Parish House Bottom DH    
Jelfs, John Henry Jnr. Beech Hill DH    
Johnson, William Henry Beech Hill DH    
Judkins, John Lucas Hurst Cottage, Headley DH    
Kemp, Colin Herne DH    
Kemp, William Colin Parish House Bottom DH    
Kennett, George Frederick Vine Cottage, Headley DH    
Kent, Philip Forest Lodge, Hollywater DH    
Kent, William Robin Hood Inn, Standford DH    
Kenward, Frank Stone Hill DH    
Killick, Joseph Judge Arford DH    
King, Arthur Deadwater DH    
Kingswood, Harry Percy Deadwater DH    
Knight, Arthur High Street DH    
Knight, Ernest William Standford Hill DH    
Knight, George Lindford DH    
Knight, George Woodbine Cottage, Lindford DH    
Lawes, William Lindford DH    
Lee, George Deadwater DH    
Le-Feuve [Le Feuvre], William Fullers Vale DH    
Legg, William Headley Wood Hatch DH    
Leggatt, Gordon Stone Hill DH    
Lemon, George Stone Hill DH    
Levett, Rodney Barley Mow Hill, Headley DH    
Libretto, Lewis Beech Hill DH    
Lickfold, Walter Arford Cottage DH    
Lindsay, Thomas Headley, Picketts Hill Land    
Lockley, George Deadwater DH    
Lockley, James George Harry Deadwater DH    
Louch, Eli South View, Headley DH    
Lovegrove, Alfred Arthur Washford DH    
Lovegrove, Edwin Lindford DH    
Lovett, Frederick Lindford DH    
McCabery, Frederick William The Royal Oak, Hollywater DH    
Macdonald, Alastair Kenneth Stone Hill DH    
Macready, Edmund Charles Rose Cottage, Lindford DH    
McNab, Archibald Hearne Lyton Dene, Headley DH    
Malcolm, Thomas Lindford DH    
Mansey, William Herne Vale DH    
Mantell, Herbert Thomas 3 Pickerings Bungalows, Deadwater DH    
Marden, Henry Linstead Farm DH    
Marks, John Frederick Deadwater DH    
Marshall, George Barford DH    
Marshall, James Parish House Bottom DH    
Marshall, James Beech Hill DH    
Marshall, James Charles 2 Fir Cottages, Headley DH    
Marshall, William Parish House Bottom DH    
Marshall, William Barley Mow Hill, Headley DH    
Marshall, William Standford DH    
Martin, Percy Fullers Vale DH    
Matthews, George Laurel Cottage, Barford DH    
Matthews, Henry Pond Cottage, Churt DH    
Matthews, James Deadwater DH    
Matthews, William Hollywater DH (Successive) Deadwater and Hollywater  
Maxted, Martin Beech Hill DH    
Merrett, William 2 Oakleigh Villes, Lindford DH    
Messenger, Albert Harry Syndey House, Deadwater DH    
Mighell, Joseph Headley Mill DH    
Miller, Thomas Stone Hill DH    
Mitchell, Charles Stone Hill DH    
Moore, David Arford DH    
Moore, John Barley Mow Hill DH    
Moorey, Albert Stone Hill DH    
Moss, Charles Jnr. Lindford DH    
Mulligan, Thomas Kenton House DH    
Munday, Stephen Lindford DH    
Murphy, John Hendon Road, Bordon DH    
Neller, William Standford DH    
Noad, Frank Rhys Lindford DH    
North, Elijah Hendon Road, Bordon DH    
North, Joseph Headley DH    
Norton, Arthur Stone Hill DH    
Okill, William Henry Deadwater DH Factory (Joint)    
O'Rorke, Rev. Benjamin Garmin Lindford DH    
Parfect, Ernest Arford DH    
Parfect, Frederick Oscar Wingrove Cottage, Headley DH    
Passingham, Frederick Arford DH    
Passingham, Henry Beech Hill DH    
Patterson, John Wellington St., Aldershot Shop Deadwater Hill  
Pearson, William Clement Simmonstone, Frensham DH    
Peel, Edward John Russell Newlands, Headley DH    
Peel, Robert Lindford DH    
Perry, Frederick James Lindford DH    
Pickup, Arthur Standford DH    
Phillips, John Standford DH    
Pither, Alfred Lindford DH    
Player, Charles Deadwater DH    
Plummer, Herbert Headley DH    
Powell, William Frederick Washford Lane, Lindford DH    
Ralph, George Parish House Bottom DH    
Randall, Henry Barley Mow Hill DH    
Read, Edwin James 2 Pickering Bungalows, Deadwater DH    
Ruffell, George Herne DH    
Sanderman, Gerald Heath Field DH    
Savage, Thomas Edwin Lindford DH    
Scott, Alfred 3 Eashing Cottages DH (Successive)    
Seagroat, Arthur Deadwater DH    
Shepherd, Edward Alfred Stream Farm, Farnham DH    
Shrubb, Daniel Lindford DH    
Silvester, Ernest 2 Arnold Cottages, Deadwater DH (Successive) Over stables Woolmer Laundry  
Sime, Frederick Cyprus Cottage, Lindford DH    
Sleigh, Robert Headley DH    
Small, Benjamin Standford Hill DH    
Small, Samuel Tolls Lane [Tulls Lane], Standford DH    
Small, Walter Fox Cottage, Hollywater DH    
Smith, Albert Arford DH (Successive) Parish Houses  
Smith, Alfred Brook Cottage, Headley DH    
Smith, George Hollywater DH    
Smith, George Parish Houses Headley DH    
Smith, George Trottsford DH    
Smith, James Parish House Bottom DH    
Smith, Thomas Lower House Farm, Lindford DH    
Smith, William Arford DH    
Smith, William Picketts Hill DH    
Snazell, Arthur Frederick Deadwater DH (Successive)    
Snow, Percy Parish House Bottom DH    
Somerville, James 2 Binfield Vills, Lindford DH    
Stenning, James Parish House Bottom DH    
Stevenson, Harry George Fullers Vale DH    
Stilwell, Jesse John Hollywater DH    
Stonard, Percival Washford, Bordon DH    
Stoneman, George Mortimer Deadwater DH    
Strugnall, Charles Deadwater DH    
Stubbington, Edward Barford, Churt DH    
Swayne, Henry Fairview Terrace, Headley DH    
Taylor, James Lindford DH    
Theobald, John Stone Hill DH    
Tidd, Thomas Lindford DH    
Tidey, Robert Arford DH    
Tilbury, Richard Standford DH    
Trigg, Albert Allsops Cottages, Parish House Bottom DH    
Triggs, James Fullers Vale DH    
Triggs, William Langford Brockenhurst, Beech Hill DH    
Trusler, Thomas Hollywater DH (Successive)    
Turner, James South View, Headley DH    
Turner, Percy Fairview Terrace DH    
Viney, John Henry Jnr. Near Headley Mill DH    
Viney, William Arford DH    
Wakeford, Frederick High Street, Headley DH    
Wakeling, James Arford DH    
Walker, William Deadwater DH    
Waller, Richard George Chalet Hill Studio    
Ward, Joseph 4 Eashing Cottages DH    
Warner, Edmund 2 Fir Hill Villas, Hollywater DH    
Warner, John Hatch House, Lindford DH    
Warren, George The Reddons, Headley DH    
Watts, Frederick Somerset Ave, Bordon DH    
Webb George, Beech Hill DH    
Webber, William Henry Arford DH    
White, Thomas Gravel Pit Cottages DH    
White, William Barley Mow Hill DH    
Whiting, Charles Deadwater DH    
Whiting, William Lindford DH (Successive)    
Wickens, Edward Deadwater DH    
Wilkin, Walter Lindford DH    
Wilkinson, Geofrey Bordon Camp DH Studio    
Willcox, Oliver Lindford DH    
Williams, Richard 1 Arnold Cottages, Deadwater DH (Successive)    
Willis, Jonah Moorhouse Stream, Churt DH    
Wilson, Arthur Bishop Stone Hill DH    
Wilson, Ray Nasmyth Stone Hill DH    
Windibank, Frederick Beech Hill DH    
Wood, John Beech Hill DH    
Woodford, Charles Fullers Vale DH    
Woodger, George Stile House, Headley DH    
Woodger, William Herne Vale DH    
Woods, Aeron Deadwater DH    
Woods, James 3 Firhill Villas, Hollywater DH    
Occupational Electors (Other than Lodgers) Division Two Persons Entitled to Vote as Parliamentary Electors and Parochial Electors but not as County Electors
Adams, Charles Deadwater DH    
Allen, Vernon Charles Deadwater DH    
Allen, William 166 G Block, Guadaloupe Barracks Dwelling House (Service)    
Andrews, James Taylors Lane DH    
Avenell, Moses Moorhouse, Stream DH    
Cooper, Thomas Reynolds Cottage, Standford DH (Successive)    
Cull, Francis Scotch House, Deadwater DH    
Dickens, James Land of Nod, Headley DH    
Ford, John Deadwater DH    
Fuggle, Charles Deadwater DH    
Glaysher, George Picketts Hill DH    
Grover, Charles Moorhouse Stream, Churt DH    
Heather, William Rose Cottage, Headley DH    
Holliday, Francis Hilland Cottage, Headley DH    
Hounsome, Frank Mell Herne Farm, Headley DH    
Kent, William Moorhouse DH Churt  
Knight, John Lower House Farm, Huntingford DH    
Maynard, William The Stables, Eveley, Bordon DH    
Mileham, Matthew School House, Headley DH    
Neagle, Richard Wishanger, Farnham DH    
Nicholls, Henry George Standford Farm DH    
Parmer, Walter Land of Nod Stables DH    
Parham, Samuel Arford DH    
Philpott, William Llanover, Churt DH    
Pike, George The Grange, Headley DH (Service)    
Smith, Arthur Arford House Stables, Headley DH    
Stacey, William Land of Nod, Headley DH    
Stevens, George Hilland DH    
Stevens, Harry Saunders Green DH    
Young, Harry Pinehurst, Headley DH    
Lodgers Parliamentary and Parochial Electors
Gamblen, Alonzo Arthur Post Office, Headley Bedroom 1st Floor Unfurnished William Gamblen  
Kemball, Frederick Charles Guy Birch Cottage, Beech Hill Bedroom 1st Floor Mrs Watts  
Lickfold, Fred James Arford Cottage Bedroom 1st Floor Flat Walter Lickfold  
Moore, John Arthur Leslie 1 Hill Terrace, Headley Bedroom 1st Floor Flat John Moore  
Munden, Arthur Tom   Bedroom 1st Floor Flat Mrs Dunscombe  
Suter, Percy High Street, Headley Bedroom 1st Floor Flat Mrs Suter  
Wakeford, Henry James High Street, Headley Bedroom Flat Fred Wakeford  
Wakeford, Robert Cecil High Street, Headley Bedroom 1st Floor Flat Fred Wakeford  
Warren, George Lynton Curtis Standford Bedsit 1st Floor Unfurnished George Warren  
Webb, George Robert Beech Hill Bedroom 1st Floor Flat G. Webb  
Bordon Camp Barracks 39th Brigade Royal Field Artillery:
Budd, William Bordon Camp DH 89 RFA MQ  
O'Brien, Aubrey Ulick Marshall Bordon Camp DH Officers Qtr. Det.  
Civil Subordinates:
Ames, Albert Lionel Bordon Camp DH Church of England Institute  
Ashton, John Bordon Camp DH 39 MQ Louisburg Bks  
Baggett, Charles Bordon Camp DH 174 MQ Guadaloupe Bks  
Beale, David Edwin Bordon Camp DH Oak Farm  
Biggins, William Bordon Camp DH 108 MQ Guadaloupe Bks  
Chandler, Thomas Richard Bordon Camp DH 3 MQ Louisburg Bks  
Cope, Valentine Bordon Camp DH Norfolk House, Bordon  
Dalton, Wallis Edgar Bordon Camp DH Heatherview, Lindford  
Herbert, John George Bordon Camp DH 9MQ Louisburg Bks  
Hill, Joseph Bordon Camp DH Wesleyan Institute  
Jackson, Lewis Bordon Camp DH 126 MQ Guadaloupe Bks  
Knight, Frederick John Bordon Camp DH Post Office  
Lee, Samuel George Bordon Camp DH 40 BB Bks  
Mist, William Arthur Bordon Camp DH Church of England Institute  
O'Brien, Ryhs Bordon Camp DH 132 MQ Guadaloupe Bks  
Ruler, Thomas Bordon Camp DH 81 MQ Louisburg Bks  
Thornton, James John Bordon Camp DH 101 MQ DB Infantry  
Occupation Electors (Other than Lodgers) Division 3 - Persons Entitled to Vote as County Electors and Parochial Electors but Not as Parliamentary Elector
Adams, Newman Robert Burney Heights House    
Allen, Grace Standford Hill House    
Ankers, Annie Stone Hill House    
Balfrey, Mary Ann Lindford House    
Barnett, James Thomas Lindford House    
Beck, Charles Henry Hillboro', Headley House    
Beak, Ada Mary Caroline Headley House    
Bewsher, Samuel Headley House    
Beringer, Aimee Headley House    
Bickford, Sarah Jane Beech Hill House    
Blanchard, William Beech Hill House    
Britton, Goliath Deadwater House    
Burrows, Agnes Headley House    
Brownlow, William Vesey Eveley House    
Cane, John Harding Lindford House    
Challen, George Henry Lindford House    
Chandler, Andrew Walter Stone Hill House    
Chandler, Ernest William Stone Hill House    
Cole, George Barley Mow Hill House    
Collins, Charles Huntingford Bridge L& Tenement    
Collins, Robert Glenmuir, Stone Hill House    
Combe, Major Boyce Great Holt, Dockenfield Land Lower House Farm  
Coombes, George Rose Cottage, Stone Hill House    
Coombes, William Hollywater House    
Cotton, Henry Beckford Stone Hill House    
Courtnage, Frederick Lindford Bridge House    
Cover, George Beech Hill House    
Cover, Thomas Beech Hill House    
Croucher, William Barford, Churt House    
Curtis, George Standford House    
Curtis, James Headley L& Tenement Arford  
David, Charles The Laurels, Headley House    
Dawes, William Arford House    
Dawson, Abraham Standford House    
Denne, Eliza Rock Barn Cottage House Dockenfield  
Dewe, Hilda Beech Hill House    
Duke, Fanny Hollywater House    
Eddey, William Beech Hill House    
Faulkner, Thomas Standford Hill House    
Fraser, Mary The Chestnuts, Headley House    
Fullick, Eliza Lindford House    
Fullick, Frederick Alfred Lindford House    
Gamblen, Henry Long Cross House    
Gamblen, James Long Cross House    
Gamblen, Oscar Headley House Arford  
Gamblen, William Post Office, Headley House    
Garner, Richard Samuel Hatch House L& Tenement    
Glaysher, Charles Snr. Folly Cottage, Barford House    
Glaysher, Jemima Barford, Churt House    
Glaysher, Thomas Barford, Churt House    
Glaysher, William Parish House Bottom House    
Grenside, Emily Arford House House    
Hack, William Deadwater House    
Harding, Albert John Lindford L& Tenement    
Hayward, Thomas George Headley House    
Hubbuck, Harriette Pinehurst, Headley House    
Hudson, Samuel Francis Parish House Bottom House    
Hulse, Augusta Julia The Mount, Headley House    
Hulse, Henrietta Eleanor The Mount, Headley House    
Hunt, John Stone Hill House    
Hurry, Edward Henry Llanover, Churt House    
Jelfs, John Henry Snr. Beech Hill House    
Johnstone Alexander Richard The Pines, Stone Hill House    
Johnson, Euphemia Eulingcot House Headley  
Kingshott, Daniel Deadwater House    
Knight, Annie Hillside, Headley House    
Knight, James Deadwater House    
Knight, John 1 Victoria Cotts, Lindford House    
Knowles, Yalden Henry Health Hall, Thursley Land Bayfields  
Larby, Samuel Shrubb Cott, Headley House    
Laverty, Rev Wallis Hay The Rectory, Headley L& Tenement    
Lawrence, Mary Whitehill House    
Loe, George Parish House Bottom House    
Loe, Minnie Headley Fields House    
McAndrew, Charles William Headley Park House    
Mohony, Rose Deadwater House    
Marshall, Richard Parish House Bottom House    
Marshall, Samuel Snr. Parish House Bottom House    
Matthews, Rhoda Deadwater House    
Maynard, Henry George Parish House Bottom House    
Mills, Charles Harding Saunders Green House    
Noad, Mary Ann Lindford House    
Obee, Alfred Herbert Stonehill House    
Parish, Williamina Emma Beech Hill House    
Patey, James Charles Deadwater House    
Perry, (Col) Francis Frederick The Grange, Headley House    
Pharo, George Deadwater House    
Phillips, Walter Hilland, Headley House    
Piggott, Walter Lindford House    
Ravenhill, Sarah Florence Villa, Lindford House    
Rogers, Leonard Lothian Headley House    
Scott-Kerr, Edith The Oaks, Headley House    
Shrubb, Ellen Barford, Churt House    
Stannard, Sarah Lindford House    
Stevenson, Elizabeth Stone Hill House    
Stevens, Sophia Stone Hill House    
Suter, Mary Headley House    
Swan, Charles Robert The Retreat, Headley House    
Tuckey, Emily Parish House Bottom House    
Verstage, John William Barford, Churt House    
Warren, George Standford L& Tenement    
Weeks, John Deadwater House    
Whiting, Mary Ann Lindford House    
Wodehouse, Maud Reynolds, Bordon House    
Separate List of Parochial Electors Persons Entitled to Vote as Parochial Electors Only Ownership Electors
Combe, Major Boyce Great Holt, Dockenfield FHH Lower House Farm  
Combe, Richard Pierpont [Pierrepont, Frensham] FHH&L Near Frensham Pond  
Ellis, Capt. Ralph Arthur 7 Abbots Rd., West Hampstead FHL&Buildings Standford Farm  
Glaysher, Thomas Hammer Lane, Barford FHC's Barford  
I'Anson, Edward Blakeway 3 Argyll Rd., Kensington FHH Beech Hill  
Saunders, George Passfield 2 FFH Headley Common  
Ward, Jesse Edmund Farnham Lane, Haslemere FHL Fullers Vale  
Whitaker, Alexander Ingham Grayshott Hall, Haslemere FHL Grayshott and Wishanger  
Parliamentary Electors List of Persons Whose Names Do Not Appear in Any of the Above List for the District but who Have Been Registered by the Revising Barrister to Vote at Headley
Budd, John Headley 2 FHC's Whitehill  
Glaysher, Thomas Barford FHL&Cottage Whitmore Vale  

FFH denotes Freehold House
FFH&G denotes Freehold House & Garden
FFH&L denotes Freehold House & Land
FHC&G denotes Freehold Cottage & Garden
FHC denotes Freehold Cottage
DH denotes Dwelling House

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