Kelly’s Directory of Hampshire – 1915

HEADLEY is a large parish and village near the borders of Surrey and Sussex, 3 miles east from Bordon station on the Bordon and Bentley branch and 4½ miles north from Liphook station on the direct Portsmouth line of the London & South West Railway, and 8 miles south from Farnham, in the eastern division of the county, Alton hundred and Union, petty sessional division, Whitehill sub-division, Farnham county court district, and in the rural deanery of Petersfield and archdeanery and diocese of Winchester.

The air is remarkably dry and salubrious, and the water of great purity. The river Wey and a stream called "Dead Water" flow through the parish. The church of All Saints is an edifice of stone in the Decorated style, consisting of chancel, nave, south porch, vestry and a square tower containing 2 bells: the walls were rebuilt and the chancel and vestry added in 1859; the stained east window is a memorial to the Rev Joseph Ballantine Dykes MA, rector 1848 until his death on 28 March 1872; a new organ costing about £300 was placed in the church in 1885; there are 350 sittings.

The register dates from the year 1538. The living is a rectory, net yearly value £430 with residence, in the gift of the Provost and Fellows of Queen's College, Oxford, and held since 1872 by the Rev Wallis Hay Laverty MA and late fellow of that college.

In the village is a Congregational chapel erected in 1867 with 200 sittings, and at Lindford a United Methodist chapel holding 200 persons; at STANDFORD is a United Methodist chapel and an iron chapel for the brethren, and at DEADWATER HILL a gospel hall.

The Village Institute containing reading and recreational rooms was erected in 1909.

Headley Park on the border of Woolmer Forest is the seat of Charles W McAndrew esq JP. Eveley, the residence of Maj-Gen William Vesey Brownlow CB JP in the village of Standford, is a mansion of stone in the Gothic style.

The Ecclesiastical Commissioners are lords of the manor of Bishops Sutton; the War Department are lords of the manor of Broxhead Warren and Charles W McAndrew esq is lord of the manor of Broxhead.
The principal landowners are Charles W McAndrew esq JP, Miss Petar, A Ingham Whitaker esq JP, JA Chalcraft esq and the War Office.

The soil and subsoil are sandy. The chief crops are barley and oats. The area is 6,223 acres of which 177 consist of roads, wasteland and water; rateable value £23,640; population in 1901 was 5,477 [Kelly's in 1903 said 2,497!], and in 1911 was 7,576 including 3,740 military and 1,050 other occupants of Bordon Camp.
DEADWATER and STANDFORD are supplied with gas by the Bordon & District Gas Co, whose works are in the parish.

STANDFORD and LINDFORD, 1½ mile south of Headley and 3 miles north of Liphook station, and STONEHILL are hamlets.

Parish Clerk, William Gamblen.

Post, MO & T & Telephonic Express Delivery Office, Headley: William Gamblen, sub-postmaster.
Post Office, Lindford: Charles Henry Fryer, sub-postmaster.
Post, MO & T & Telephonic Express Delivery Office, Standford: Alexander Gordon, sub-postmaster.
Post, MO & T & Telephonic Express Delivery Office, Bordon (letters should have Hants added): FJ Knight, postmaster.
Post Office, Stone Hill: Arthur Bishop Wilson, sub-postmaster.

Note: Bordon, Lindford, Standford and Stonehill listed separately

‡ address to Whitehill, Bordon, Hants
§ address to Farnham, Surrey


Adams, Newton Robert, Burney Heights
Allden, James, The Birches
Bailey, Hayden, Signals, Saunders Green
Beck, Charles Henry, Hillboro
Beesley, Mrs, Stag's Deane
Beringer, Mrs Oscar, Ferrand's Rest, Arford
Bewsher, Samuel, Crabb Tree [Crabtree] House
Bradshaw, John Hilton Pole, Sleaford
§ Branson, George Arthur Harwin, Wishanger Lodge
Brown, Miss Josephine MB, Pan's Field
Butler, Mrs, Sardis
‡ Cardew, Brevet-Col George Hereward DSO, Pinewood
Christian, Mrs, Land of Nod
Cobb, Frederic Crawford, Heathfield
Creek, Mrs Stanley, The Reedens
David, Charles, The Laurels
Dick, Mrs, Brambletye
Dieterle, Carl Philip, Kirklands, Arford
Duffus, Maj Francis Ferguson, Headley Wood
Faraday, Harold, Oak Hill Cottage
Frankland, Miss Helga, Arford House
Fraser, Cyril Edward, Barley Mow
Fraser, Mrs, The Chestnuts
Greenway, Miss, Hollywater Farm
Guyon, Mrs, The Haven
Hayward, Thomas George, Craft Cottage
Hinchliff, Woodbine, Pentlow
Hooper, Mrs RG, Alford [sic] House
Hubbuck, Mrs, Pinehurst
§ Hurry, Edward Henry, Llanover, Churt
I'Anson, Mrs, The Chalet
Judkins, Miss, Hurst Cottage
Kay, John Bartram BSc
‡ Kent, Lieut Philip RN, Forest Lodge
Kingdon, Mrs, Mayfair, Headley Fields
Knight, Miss, Hillside
Laverty, Rev Wallis Hay MA (rector), Rectory
Ledger, Percy George, Pinewood Cottage
Liddell, Mrs, Fern vale
Loe, Miss, Mayfair, Headley Fields
McAndrew, Charles W JP, Headley Park (Telephone 10 Bordon)
Mansfield, Maj-Gen Sir Herbert KCB, Bayfields
Neal, Rev Bentley (Cong.), The Manse
Parish, Mrs, Beech Hill House
Perry, Lieut-Col Frederic Francis CIE FRCS Eng (late Indian Medical Service), Headley Grange
Phillips, Walter Tawney JP, Hilland
Scott, Mrs, Fernlands
Scott-Kerr, Miss, The Oaks
Shipway, Mrs, The Boreen
Sleigh, Robert, Leighswood Cottage, Headley Fields
Squarey, Arthur Fulton, Headley Mnt [Mount?]
Tuckey, Mrs, Heatherview

Bellinger, Archibald, grocer, Arford
§ Bridges, MC (Mrs), Frensham Pond Hotel (Telephone 19 Frensham)
Brindley, Mary Ann (Mrs), laundry, Curtis Farm House
Brown, Josephine (Miss) MB, private nursing home, Pan's Field
Brown, Walter Herbert, farmer, Hollywater
Budd, George, farm bailiff to Mrs Knowles, Hearne
Burrows, William James, wagonette proprietor, Parish House Bottom
Chiverton, Thomas, hire carter, Prospect Hill House
Chuck, Horace R, builder
Cole, George, wheelwright
§ Collins, Charles, blacksmith, Hunting Ford [Huntingford] Bridge & Wishanger Common
Courtnage, F & Sons, cartage contractors, coal & coke merchants, farmers, firewood merchants, Government contractors, haulage contractors & traction engine proprietors, Parish House Bottom
Cover, George, cowkeeper, Beech Hill
Curtis Brothers, grocers & drapers
Curtis, James, shopkeeper, Arford
Dickens, James, gamekeeper to AI Whitaker esq JP, Land of Nod
Eddy, William, butcher & fishmonger, Beech Hill
§ Faulkner, Frederick William, farmer, Manor Farm, Wishanger
Fuller, Harvey, gardener to Mrs I'Anson
Gamblen, Henry, farmer, Curtis Farm
Gamblen, James, greengrocer
Gamblen, Oscar, fly proprietor
Gamblen, William, stationer and PO
Gardner Brothers, farmers, Lindford Lane & Birds Nest
§ Glaysher, Charles, shopkeeper, Folly Cottage, Churt
Glaysher, George, private gardener to CW McAndrew esq, Picketts Hill
Halliday, Miss, convalescent home, Woodbine Cottage
Hayden, John, farmer, Hunting Ford [Huntingford] Farm
§ Haydon, George, farmer, Plaster Hill Farm, Churt
Headley Village Institute (Rev B Neal, hon sec)
Headley Working Men's Club (George Gamblen, sec)
Hosking, James Tucker, farmer, Trottsford Farm
Hounsome, Frank Mell, farm bailiff to AI Whitaker esq, Hearne
Howard, Allan, gamekeeper to CW McAndrew esq, Headley Park Mill
Jeffs, John Henry (Mrs), laundress, Beech Hill Laundry
Kemp, Colin, carpenter
Kennett, George Frederick, watch maker
§ Kimber, Stephen, gardener to EH Hurry esq, Whitmore Vale
Knight, Arthur, boot maker
Libretto, Lewis, insurance agent, Arford
Lickfold, Frederick James & John Edward, cycle agents, Arford
Lickfold, Frederick James, assistant overseer, Arford
Marden, Henry, farmer, Linstead Farm
Marshall, James, jobbing gardener, Beech Hill
Marshall, Richard, private gardener to Lt-Col Frederick Francis Perry CIE
Mells, George, New Inn, Sleaford
Moore, John, cycle agent, Hill Terrace, Arford
Moore, Susan (Mrs), shopkeeper, Hill Terrace, Arford
Moore, William, Wheatsheaf PH
§ Nagle, Richard, private gardener to GAH Branson esq, Wishanger
Paddon, Harry, electrical engineer
Pavitt, William, Holly Bush PH
Rogless, William, gardener to AF Squarey esq
Rogers, William, baker & grocer
Russell, Lilian (Miss), district nurse, Hurst Cottage
§ Shepherd, Edward Alfred, land steward to AI Whitaker esq, Stream
§ Shrubb, Ellen (Mrs), shopkeeper, Churt
Stacey, William, private gardener to Mrs Christian, Land of Nod
Stevens, George, gardener to W Hinchliff esq, Ashvale Cottage
Stevenson, Harry George, private gardener to Mrs Hubbuck, Pine Cottage, Fullers Vale
Sutton, Walter, Crown PH
Tear, Archibald, beer retailer, Hollywater [Royal Oak?]
Tidey, Robert, baker, Arford
Triggs, William Langford, apartments, Brockenhurst
Turner, James, private gardener to S Bewsher esq, South View
Union of London & Smiths Bank Ltd (thurs 10am to 1.30pm) Ivy Bank
Viney, John Henry, carpenter
§ Wakefield, Robert William, farmer, Symmondstone, Wishanger
Wakeford, Frederick, butcher
White, Thomas, plasterer, Barley Mow Hill
Whittleton, Thomas, hair dresser

Branson, James Reddy Beadon, Headley Mill Farm
Patey, James Charles, Pine Cottage, Hendon Road

Allen & Lloyd Ltd, mineral water manufacturer, Deadwater Hill
Allen, Vernon Charles, grocer, see Fuggle & Allen
Balfry, JM (Mrs), tobacconist
Birch, John, hawker, Deadwater
Bordon & District Gas Co (Telephone 2 Bordon)
Bordon Picture Palace (F Boulton proprietor)
Bordon Working Men's Club (Augustus Bradley, sec), Deadwater
Bradley, Elsie (Miss), dressmaker, The Laurels, Deadwater
Britton, Caroline (Mrs), wardrobe dealer, Deadwater Hill
Britton, Goliath, cab proprietor, Deadwater Hill
Courtnage, F & Sons, cartage contractors, coal & coke merchants, farmers, Government contractors, haulage contractors & traction engine proprietors, Oliver Farm
Cumming, John Thomas, photographer, Deadwater Hill
Dormer, Harry, draper, Deadwater Hill
Frisby, Joseph Ltd, boot & shoe dealers, Deadwater Hill
Fuggle & Allen, grocers, Deadwater Hill
Garrison Theatre (Frederick Boulton, lessee and manager), Bordon Camp
Hall, Charles William, cycle agent, Deadwater Hill
Heath & Wiltshire Ltd, motor engineers (Telephone 18 Bordon)
Horner, Robert, boot repairs, Deadwater Hill
Howlett, Herbert Arthur, chemist, Deadwater Hill
International Tea Co Ltd, Deadwater Hill
Larby, George, hawker, Deadwater
London City & Midland Bank Ltd (EA Joseph manager), Deadwater
London County & Westminster Bank Ltd (EG Gordon manager)
Matthews, William, hawker, Deadwater
Patterson, John, clothier, Deadwater Hill
Pharo, George, hawker, Deadwater
Phillips Bros, cycle manufacturers, Deadwater Hill
Seagroatt, Alfred, hair dresser, Deadwater Hill
Smith WH & Son, stationers, Deadwater Hill
Stonard, Percival, farmer, Washford Farm, Deadwater
Stoneman, George Mortimer, baker
Summerville, James, clothier, Bordon Camp
Tebbutt, WJ & Son, cycle agents, Deadwater Hill
Tingey, George, butcher, Deadwater Hill
Tribe, Frank James, hair dresser, Deadwater Hill
Waller, Richard George, photographer, Deadwater Hill
Warren, John Henry, draper
Weinstein, Bernard, watch maker, Deadwater Hill
Wickens, Edward, shopkeeper, Deadwater
Wilkinson, Geoffrey, photographer & clothier
Wood JR & Co Ltd, coal merchants

Gardner, Richard Samuel
Henning, Maj Maxwell, Earley House
Radford, Rev Charles I, Bareverlands

Balfry, Mary A (Mrs), apartments, Heather View
Barnett, James, painter, The Haven
Budd, William George, shopkeeper, Lindford Lane
Challen, Henry, butcher
Fryer, Charles Henry, baker, grocer, provision dealer, china, glass & earthenware dealer, PO, Chase Road
Heather, William, farmer
Hellier, Frederick, hire carter
Knight, George sen, builder, Woodbine Cottages
Laws, William, chimney sweep
Lovett, Dorothy (Miss), dressmaker
Page, Thomas Joel, wheelwright
Savage, Rose (Mrs), dressmaker
Souter, William Barton, dairyman
Taylor, James, farmer, Broxhead Farm
Warner, John, farmer, Hatch House Farm
Williams, George, Royal Exchange PH

Allen, Mrs, Standford Lodge
Brownlow, Maj-Gen William Vesey CB JP, Eveley
Crowther-Smith, Stanley Francis MB, Standford House
Curtis, George
Dickenson, Col Wykenham Corry RE, Reynolds
Horn, William Freeman, The Bungalow
Savile, Maj Lawrence Wray, Falklands
Warren, George

Beck, Charles Herbert, farmer, Moorside Cottage
Berry, George, cowkeeper
Carter, Thomas, private gardener to Maj-Gen Brownlow
Crowther-Smith, Stanley Francis MB Lond MRCS Eng LRCP Lond, physician & surgeon & medical officer & public vaccinator 4th district Alton Union, Standford House
Falkner, Thomas & Sons, wheelwrights, Standford Hill
Heward, Walter, cowkeeper, Hollywater
Kent, William, Robin Hood PH
Merrett, William, builder
Mighell, Joseph, farmer, Headley Mill House
Nichols, Henry John, farm bailiff to Maj-Gen Brownlow
Rushton, Walter, farmer, Lower House
Taylor, William, miller
Warren, George Lynton Curtis, farmer

STONEHILL [today we would call this Headley Down]
Atkinson, Misses, Heathland
Berry, Miss C, The Mushroom
Collins, Robert, Glenmuir
Curtis, Miss, Walcot
Duddington, Mrs, Hazeldene
Fisher, Miss, Bramcote
Guy, Mrs, Sunnyside
Hunt, John, Lilac Cottage
Johnstone, Alexander Richmond BA MB BCh, The Pines
Kay, Andrew Cassels, Windmill
Morley, Miss, Bishopsthorpe
Norton, Arthur, The Beehive
Scoffield, Frederick
Sulman, Mrs, Hollywood
Suttle, Mrs, Euling Cottage
Swan, Charles Robert, The Retreat
Theobald, John Meddows, The Hut

Aylwin, Marner, apartments, Woodside
Cotton, Henry Bickford & Son, wagonette proprietors, Myrtle Cottage
Madgwick, Mary (Miss), apartments, Ivy Cottage
Miller, Charlotte (Mrs), laundry
Mitchell, Charles, nurseryman
Pausey, Matilda (Mrs), apartments, Woolmer View
Rummers, Charles, poultry farmer, La Gariba
Webb, George, apartments, Sakubona
Wilson, Arthur Bishop, grocer, PO
Wilson, Robert Nasmyth, electrical engineer, Dowsby

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