Kelly’s Directory of Hampshire – 1935

Note that, although Bordon and Lindford left Headley parish in 1929, they are still included under Headley in Kelly's Directories after that date

Note: Bordon, Lindford, Standford and Headley Down listed separately

‡ address to Whitehill, Bordon, Hants
§ address to Farnham, Surrey


Anderson, Mrs, Larchmont
Allden, James Knight, The Birches
Bailey, Hayden, Tignals Cottage
Bailey, Mrs Charlotte Hannah, Holly Bank
Beard, Arthur Charles, Marbery
Beringer, Mrs Oscar, Ferrands Rest, Arford
Berkeley, Miss Deoli, Beech Hill
Billiat, Capt. JJ, The Homestead
Blanchard, William, The Hollies
Bosanquet, Lt-Col. James Tindal Ives JP, Bayfields
Bradshaw, John Hilton Pole, Sleaford
Bromfield, Miss, The Chenies
Burrill, Miss, Marfield
Cardwell, Capt. Vincent Byrne OBE RN (ret), Kirk Knoll
Cooper, Mrs Emma Marianne, Ellesmere
Cotton, Henry Bickford, Vine House
Curgenven, Mrs, Thatch Cottage
Dudgeon, Maj. Christopher Robson MC, Beech Hill House
Duffus, Col. Francis Ferguson CMG, Birds Nest
Estradie, Mrs Jean, Walden
§ Evans, Maj. JMJ MC, Wishanger
Fairfax-Harvey, Mrs, Kenton House
fforde, Arthur Brownlow, Coolgreany
Funnell, Rev Frederick William, The Manse
Grisdale, Thomas Percy, The Den
Hall, Lieut-Comdr. John Abney, Hollow Lane Cottage
Hayward, Thomas George, Croft Cottage
Heaslop, Maj. Adair Colpoys OBE MC MA, Westwood
Hendry, Christopher William, Greenways
Hooper, Major Richard Grenside DSO JP, Arford House
Hughes, Charles Wylde JP (Brecknockshire), The Cottage
James, Mrs Edward, Tegnalls
Johnston, Alex, Leighswood
Kay, Andrew Cassels OBE, The Windmill House
Kentish, Mrs, Lane End
King-Hall, Comdr. Stephen RN (ret), Hartfield House
La Coste, Mrs, Curtis Farm
Laurie, George Frederick, Little Meadow
Laverty, Mrs, Abbeydore
Liddell, Lt-Comdr. Julian, Meadow Cottage
Longridge, Mrs, Wywurree
McAndrew, Gerald A, Headley Park
McLaren, Mrs Jane, The Haven
O'Brien, Lt-Col. Sir Charles RM, KCMG, Crabtree
Pack-Beresford, Misses, Brambletye
Perry, Lieut-Col Francis Frederic CMG CIE, Headley Grange
Phillips, Walter Tawney JP, Hilland
Pink, Miss, Well Field
Robinson, Maj. LJW, DSO, Pound Cottage
Rothera, Miss, Kirklands
Rowlatt, Charles Henry, Lower Hearne
Sargeaunt, Mrs, Burney Heights
Schofield, Mrs, Headley Hill
Simms, Capt. Henry William RN, Shortacre
Squarey, Mrs Arthur Futton, Pentlow
Stephens, Lionel Byng, Red House
Stephens, Miss Byng, Woodbine Cottage
Stokes-Rees, Lt-Comdr RH, RN (ret), Land of Nod
Sutthery-Pope, Miss Mabel, Oakhurst
Taylor, Miss FVM, Woodbine Cottage
Thackeray, Capt. Reginald Hartley, Wodehouse
Thomson-Glover, Miss Phyllis, Hilland
Towgood, Miss, Hilland Lodge
Trollope, Clifford C, Windridge
Tudor-Jones, Rev James Spencer MA, The Rectory
Watkin, Miss, Headley Meadows
Wheeler, Mrs MH, Linsted Hill
Wilbraham-Taylor, Mrs, Windspun
Williamson, Lt-Col. HNH, DSO MC, Belmont
Wills, William, Lynton Dene


Barnett, Reuben, cycle accessories dealer, Hillside Bungalow
Beech Hill Social Club & Institution (H Gregory, sec)
Bellinger, Archibald, grocer & butcher, Arford
Billiat, Capt. JJ, poultry farmer, The Homestead
Blanchard, William C, motor cab proprietor, Oak View, Beech Hill
Bohanna, George, grocer & coal & coke merchant
Chiverton, Charles, farmer, Prospect Farm, Saunders Green
Chuck, Horace Robert, builder
Church gate Stores, grocers
§ Collins, Charles, blacksmith, Hunting Ford [Huntingford] Bridge
Eddy, William, grocer & fishmonger, Beech Hill
Fisher, Arthur Ernest, Wheatsheaf PH
Foulsham, Leonard, draper & costumier, Church Gate Stores
§ Frensham Pond Hotel (EJ Dowley, proprietor)
Gamblen, Arthur, farmer
Gamblen, William, stationer, insurance agent and PO
Glaysher, Arthur george, gardener to Miss Pack-Beresford, Brambletye
Gregory F, gardener to EA Shepherd esq, Stream House, Churt
Griffiths, Reginald, gamekeeper to GA McAndrew esq JP, Headley Park Mill
Haines, Norman L, farmer, Linstead Farm
Headley Working Men's Club (EC Ashford, sec)
Hendry, CW (Mrs) BA (Hons), private school, Greenways
Hubbuck, Geoffrey, poultry breeder, Pinehurst Poultry farm
Hunt, Alfred, New Inn, Sleaford
Kemp, Colin, carpenter
Knight, Arthur, bootmaker
§ Knight, John, farmer, Symondstone
Knight, Lily (Miss), refreshment rooms, Sleaford
Lickfold, Frederick James & John Edward, motor car agents & electrical engineers, Arford & Crabtree garages, Arford
Marshall, James, jobmaster, Beech Hill
National Provincial Bank Ltd (agency), open Mon & Thurs, 10am to 2.30pm, head office 15 Bishopsgate, London EC2
North, Bertie, builder, painter & plumber, Arford
O'Brien, Reginald M, coal & coke merchant
Parfect, Frederick Oscar, builder, Hearne Cottage
Parker & Nethersole (Misses), dog breeders, Orgules kennels, Picketts Hill
Pearce, George, shopkeeper, Fullers Vale
Portal, Andrew Wallace, silver fox farmer, High Breck
Rogers, William, grocer
Scarrott, Harry, harness maker, Laurel Cottage
Shrubb, Millie (Miss), shopkeeper
Smallbone, John James Thomas, Crown PH
Smithers, Victor William Thomas, dairyman, Hurst Lodge
Snow, Percy Maynard, decorator, Heather View
Stevens, Arthur William, Holly Bush PH
Stenning, Edward James, shopkeeper
Stonard, Percival, farm bailiff to GA McAndrew esq JP, Trottsford Farm
Stoneman, Winston Ronald, refreshment rooms, New House Café, Sleaford
Teverson, Nelson H, motor engineer, Sleaford
Tidey, Sidney Arthur, fruiterer, Long Cross
Wakeford, Frederick, butcher
Walker, Mrs May, dog breeder, Picketts Hill House
Watts, Mrs, dressmaker, Oak Apple Cottage, Beech Hill
Wheeler, Alice Maud (Mrs), district nurse, Ivy Bank
Wills, William, pig breeder, Lynton Dene
Winchester, Edith (Mrs), confectioner, tobacconist & grocer

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