Fire at All Saintsí Church

On Thursday morning, during divine service, it being Ascension day, the steeple of Headley Church, near Liphook, was accidentally set on fire by the heedlessness of some children, who having found some straw and fuel in an out-building adjoining, got a tinder-box and made fire, from idleness or amusement; this caught the steeple (built of wood and covered with shingles, and erected on a very low tower), and completely destroyed it, melting or cracking all the bells, and greatly endangering the lives of the congregation, whose means of egress was through the only one door under the burning mass; providentially all got out, the reverend gentleman being slightly burnt.† Every effort was made and the church was preserved; and such was the activity of the people at Farnham, that in three hours from the time of the alarm, the fire engine from that town was on the spot and fully employed.

Hampshire Telegraph, 16 May 1836