Barns in Headley Parish

The following barns were listed in Headley Parish during a survey in 1985 for SPAD (Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings) asking for information on pre-1830 barns

Standford Area

Hatch Farm
Old Robin Hood
Gravel Cottages
Hollywater Farm
Standford Grange
The Old Farmhouse
Standford Mill
Wey House
Headley Mill Farm
Headley Mill


Hatch House Farm

Headley Village Area

The Tithe Barn
Curtis Farm
Apple Tree – note: 'materials used for modern house'
Yeoman's Place

Beech Hill

The Barn
Beech Hill Farm
Cossington Cottage

Frensham Lane

Petars Barn – note: 'burnt down years ago'
Huntingford Farm
Linstead Farm
Birds Nest
Bayfields – note: 'no barns as such'
Stream Farm
Wishanger Oasts
Wishanger Farm – note: 'all modern buildings'
Symonstone Farm
Moor House

The North

New Inn
Trottsford Farm
Headley Park laundry barn
Headley Wood Farm
Picketts Hill Farm
Mellow Farm
Huntingford Cottage

Churt Road

Lower Hearn
Rooks Cottage
Plaster Hill Farm

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