Boundaries of Headley Parish in 2017

This map shows the boundaries of Headley Civil Parish (in BLUE) and Headley All Saints Ecclesiastical Parish (in RED) in 2017

Map of Headley Boundaries

Hatched RED areas where Ecclesiastical boundary exceeds Civil boundary

1921: Adjustment to the boundary with Grayshott Civil parish; Ecclesiastical boundary remained as set when Grayshott was originally split from Headley in 1901. Note that 'Fairlands' and the new Woodland Burial Site are in All Saints parish, not St Luke's Grayshott.

1929: When the Civil parish of Whitehill & Bordon was created to include Lindford, the Ecclesiastical boundary didn't change. Lindford remains in All Saints parish.

1991: When it was decided to put all of Frensham Great Pont into the bounds of a single civil authority, the Ecclesiastical boundary didn't change. Frensham Pond Hotel remains in All Saints parish.

Hatched BLUE areas where Civil boundary exceeds Ecclesiastical boundary

1921: As above, with the adjustment to the boundary with Grayshott Civil parish, Headley Civil parish gained a small amount (mainly woodland)

1927: When the two new diocese of Guildford and Portsmouth were carved out of the old Winchester Diocese, Kingsley (remaining in the Diocese of Winchester) was given some of All Saints territory, including the New Inn and Trottsford Farm. The rest of All Saints then became part of Guildford Diocese

1982: In a minor adjustment of civil bounds, Headley Civil parish gained some territory from Bramshott Civil parish, but the ecclesiastical boundary between All Saints and St Mary's Bramshott remained unchanged


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