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‘A Perambulation of the Boundaries of the Manor of Ludshott als Lidshott in the County of Southampton made 9th October 1827.’ 

[Manor boundaries tend to follow not main paths but the far edge of fields, woodlands &c. and are difficult to describe clearly or identify; this lot are no exception.  Capital letters, paragraphs and most of the punctuation inserted].

Beginning at SPRING POND [grid ref. 842336; the line now proceeds E. up the Coopers or Waggoners Wells stream, tracing the Ludshott boundary with Bramshott Manor] the Bounds were trod up the Ditch (and continuing in the Ditch whether in the Stream or not) close to the Hedge up to Mr Kemp’s Home Pond at the Penstock, from thence thro’ the Pond along the Channel or Stream up to the right hand Arch at the Tail of such Pond, over or thro’ such Arch to the grating just above and continuing on in the stream up to WAKENERS WELL to the corner of late John Moor’s now Belton’s Garden where a boundary X is Dug just on the left side of the Stream, still continuing the Stream winding a little to the left into and upon the Stream into a field formerly of Sir Thomas Miller but now Mr Kent’s called Wakeners Wells – on entering which field thro’ a Gateway you turn short to the right into and up the Ditch to WAKENERS WELLS POND HEAD up to the Penstock thro’ the middle of the Pond – up the Stream to the Penstock of the Upper Pond, still continuing up the Stream to the left up Wakeners Wells to a Bound X near THE ROAD BOUNDING BELTON’S GARDEN [? = the road running N. from the easternmost pond at 863344 up to the GRAYSHOTT–HEADLEY DOWN road at 862353; from 863344 we follow the boundary with Grayshott and then Headley].

Leaving this X on the left go over into Belton’s Garden, continuing on under the left hand Hedge where the old Road used to go but now enclosed by the Garden Hedge of Belton, out at the corner of his Garden into the old road up the bottom to a Bound X about 10 yards on the left of a Lime Kiln.  Proceeding thence to a Boundary X where was formerly a Hillock.  Then going on about 40 Yards to the West of this to an old boundary mark of Headley Parish [nb. Grayshott Parish had not then been carved out of Headley Parish].  Then 40 yards above is another little Hillock and a boundary X on each side.  Then turn to the left to the corner of a Hedge at Grayshott where is a boundary X.  Then under a Hedge in the Ditch to a Bottom and proceeding along an old Road to the top of POINTSBROOK BOTTOM [?? = 845360 – can’t be!] where there is a Boundary X.  Then along the Ditch to the end of Grayshott west field to a Boundary X.

Then turning to the left up an old Road about 100 yards to another Boundary X, from whence bearing over the Top of the Hill by a blind bank almost invisible in some places a boundary X is cut at top of FINE HEATH BOTTOM – which said bank continues to the left along the top of the Hill and at length the bank is discontinued and as we face GENTLES COPPICE we come to a boundary X. Then proceeding about 200 yards there is another boundary X.  Then we go to a boundary Stone at the top of a Bottom which leads to GENTILES COPPICE CORNER, where there is another boundary X called GIRDLERS BOUND mark.

Then turn to the right round a Coppice in the ditch to the WEST CORNER [West Corner of Gentles Copse is 832352] opposite the Coppice Gate where there is a boundary X.  Then down under Mr Baker’s field hedge called HIVE LANDS into a Lane end to GOLDEN CROSS by REEDENS GATE where there is a boundary X [G. Cross is at 825353 – this is clear from an 1890 perambulation].

Then up to CHASE’s LIME KILN [Chase Farm is in Tulls Lane; its land presumably ran down to the boundary] continuing on up the right hand ditch against late Trimmer’s now Chalcraft’s Farm [PASSFIELD HOUSE FARM land], then go along the Easternmost Ditch of Hatchfield and along the Easternmost Ditch of a field of Mr Chalcraft’s (the 4 Acres), down Pondfield Ditch to the corner [the boundary here follows the N. edge of Cow Field, actually 5a., Upper and Lower Pond Fields], through a little Mead Ditch, across a lane [the lane from Hatch Farm] down to the River [the Wey at 818345, by what was then the Paper Mill], up the left hand Ditches of Mr Smith’s two fields to ASGOOD’s HOUSE at the side of the Forest, leaving his House on the right [‘the Forest’, ie Woolmer Forest; Osgood’s or Asgood’s house is believed to have been at the westernmost point of the parish, at approx. SU805337.  ‘Mr Smith’s two fields’ have taken us from the Paper Mill, across the B3004, through what is still scrub woodland and past the Royal Oak crossroads 1500 yards!  The OS 1868 survey and 1890 perambulation are equally short on detail here] – across to a little Oak where is a boundary X at the opening of HOLYWATER [sic] MARSH.  Down into and across the Marsh to and under Priors Lease Hill where there is a boundary X.  Then down to Holywater where there is another boundary X.  Then thro’ by end of Henry Matthews’ Turf House [ie his peat store], by corner of Henry Matthews’ house (in occupation of Brambly) down to and then up the River [ie the DEADWATER or CONFORD STREAM] treading in Wall’s Pond [= Hollywater Pond?] and continuing up the River to Tumble Bay Gate [a dam], leaving the stream here and going close under this Gate across about 12 yards of land on a straight line to the River again, then into and up the River to CONFORD.

From Asgood’s House we have been tracing the boundary with (then) Selborne, now Whitehill parish; we now follow the boundary with a detached section of Oakhanger Manor – and then with Bramshott Manor again.

Then turning short to the left out of the [Deadwater] River at a Bound Pollard, facing to and up the Hill to a Road [in Conford village] where there is a Bound Stone and continuing on half way up which Hill there is another Boundary Stone – also a large Boundary Stone at the top of the Hill [the boundary stone in ditch at 828333?].  Then down to a large Oak treading it in down to the corner on the right hand side of Gravel Pit but leaving 9 Oaks to left in OAKHANGER MANOR HEDGE, into Boxall’s, then turn short to left hand on BRAMSHOTT LANE, then into a Gate at the left at the end of a Lane leading to Fir Grove, down the Lane to the RIVER, then continue up the river [COOPERS or WAGGONERS WELLS STREAM] to SPRING POND, the place where the perambulation began.  [The last sentence is obscure but, taken with the 1739 Manor map, suggests that from the Boundary Stone at 828333, the line ran down Burgh Hill Lane at first, then turned left across the fields beyond Boxall’s farm to a (vanished) lane west of the Wey ‘leading to Fir Grove’, right-handed down this lane and across the Wey – at Bramshott Meadows? – and so to the Coopers Bridge stream; this would differ slightly from Capes’ map. Cp. the following’ piece].


Made 23 October 1900; the Ludshott–Bramshott boundary section is printed here, for comparison with the beginning & end of the one above.

We followed the said [COOPER’S] STREAM till we came to [the end of the] boundary of the adjoining Manor of Oakhanger and commenced to follow the boundary of the Manor of Ludshott, then crossed the stone bridge over the Mill stream [the Wey? or a ‘carrier’?] where Coopers Stream formerly joined it and then went up the old line of Coopers stream till we came to the road, treading out the corner planted with trees between the stream and the road [TUNBRIDGE LANE?], then followed the stream till we came to SPRING POND, then went up the stream near to the south edge thereof towards WAGGONERS WELLS till we came to the Head of the Pond called HOME POND, tossed in a stone at the Penstock, across the Pond in a slanting direction to the Right hand arch in the Bridge opposite, then across a small Pond adjoining through about the middle to a grating, on up the middle of the stream till we came to a Pond called WAGGONERS WELLS COTTAGE POND [nb. Summerden not then built], through near the middle of the same, continued up the centre of the stream to a Pond belonging to Sir Archibald Macdonald also called WAGGONERS WELLS, through the middle of the same, up the stream to WAGGONERS WELLS MIDDLE POND, through about the middle of same to the Penstock of UPPER WAGGONERS WELLS POND, across the centre of that Pond to about 5 yards above the grating at the tail of same, then left the stream and turned short to the right (here Mr Macdonald, Mr DuCane and Mr Collier left us)…

‘Mr Macdonald’ is correctly styled ‘Sir Archibald’ at the beginning of the document; he was Lord of Ludshott, LC DuCane was his solicitor and CH Collier his estate agent; they ‘left’ at this point because the boundaries of Ludshott and Bramshott part company here.

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