MAIN FARMS INDEX for Ludshott Manor

Entries for the main farms are grouped here, to make it easier to study the families holding them – or to study the farms and perhaps identify them on the ground (the exact make-up of farms no doubt changed over the years).  Some material from Land Tax records & the Tithe Award 1845, etc., has been added.  T or m = tenement, messuage; v = virgate.  Money shown is annual rent.  See diagram of timescale.

AYLMANSLAND, ALMERS, ALLMANS, &c. (sometimes incl. GOLD(EN)LANDS, q.v.). Called ‘Mr Trimmer’s 3 Estates’ in Doc.188, viz. Almers, Allmans & Goldenlands.  Prob. roughly = PASSFIELD ESTATE as listed in Tithe Award.

24/2.      1331 Rich. Wydenhale; 1441 Thos. Komber holds with Goldlands.

105/2.    c1571 Jn Fish dead, Edmund F. admitted.

101/2.    1571 Edm. Fish holds by copy, 3 t. & one v., 60 acres, 15s.

109/2&4, 113/1. 1572?, 1573? Edm. F. holds with Gentills & Youngs. Ditto 121/1, 1577 and 125/3, c1580. (116/1, 1575. Eda. F. holds A.).

141/3.    1602 Eda dead; A, Gentills & Pasfeilds passed to son Peter Fish.

169/2.    1640 Rob. Hudson has bought the Hammerfield section of Allmans from John Fisher (read ‘Fish’?).

174/5.    1668 Anthony Fish dead; A. & Goldenlands, 15s. & 5s., passed to Jn Fish. Almans now free tenancy.

175/1.    1668 John Fish has A. and Goldenlands (freely).

177/1.    1684 — Fish holds Almers.

178/12. 1766 Thomas Goffe gent. holds Almers, Almers {=Allmans) & ‘other lands’, 158, 25, 55.1 as free tenant.

188.       1791–1827, Richard Trimmer has “freehold in (Passfield House), farm near it, and field opposite to (P. Farm)”. The Butlers held from 1834 but sub-let to Chalcrafts; shown as Chalcraft property 1845.

BEALES. N. of Burgh Hill Lane; prob. identical with later Fir Grove farm incl. ‘Bramshott Meadows’. Small bit held by Boxalls 1580–c1766.

66/3.      1544. Someone fished stream from B. to Hobbs Bridge.

78/2.      1557 Peter Norton gent. holds m. & land as free tenant, 6d.

99/1.      1571. – ditto –

105/5.    c1571 Mentioned in perambulation as between Conford/Coopers Bridge.

109/2, 118/3. P. Norton still holds 1572/76.

122/1.    1577 & 123/2&6, 1579. Norton has passed to Rob. Yalden and he to Rich. Shore, 50 acres.

125/4.    1580. Shore has Beales, but Edm. Boxall has 1 acre also called Beales, aka Bennetts Hill aka Cowpois (Coopers) for 2s rent, see 134/2, 136/2, 141/1, 169/12, 175/1 below.

131/3     1589 Rich. Shore dead, Agnes his d. succeeds.

134/2     1589 Edm. Boxall holds freely Bennetts (v. 125/4).

136/2     1507 Edm.Boxall has to give heriot for Bennetts.

141/1     1602 Robert Boxall of Bennetts Hill dead, heir Henry Boxall.

147/2     1604 Rich. Mellersh holds, passes to Hy. Streeter, who holds 152/1.

164/1     c1623, 169/3, 1640 Son, Hy. Streater jun., holds – rent 6d.

169/12   1640 Rob. Boxall dead, son Robert succeeds (there at 171/2, ‘nr. Coopers Hill’ & 175/1, 1668, rent 2s.).

170/2     1640 Hy. Streater (jun.) dead; succ. by son Hy. Streater III.

175/1     1668, 177/1 1684 Elizabeth Streater widow holds, rent 6d.

175/1     1668, 177/1 1684 Robert Boxall still at Beales, 2s.

178/6&12        1766. H.S. Gill has taken over both, from Streater & Boxall.

186.       1791–1811 H. Gill holds both (6d & 2s) + Gentles (red rose). 1827 H.J. Frankland. By 1833 lease bought in by Lord’s Trustees.

BIGNOLLS (ie. once held by Bignoll family, aka Bickenhall &c. Possibly = holding also known as Benifolds, which lay E. of Ludshott House.  Holding referred to in first few items not identified as Bignolls till 84/2). Copyhold, free by 1607, 7s., B below = Benifold.

55/4.      1530 Thos. Benifold held m, gdn & ½v., widow Margaret succeeds.

56/4.      1531 Margaret surr. for use John Benifold (he to help her).

72/3.      1555 Jn B. to repair fences next to Rob. Bicknoll.

76/4.      1556 The fences are at Woodlands; not done yet.

84/2.      1561 Jn B who held by copy Bignolls & ½v dead, widow Eliz. succ.

99/4.      1571 Elizabeth B holds (8 encl., grove, 32 acres arable etc, 7s.).

110/4.    1572 Full details of holding (names of fields &c).

113/2     c1573 Roger Benifold now holds.

127/7.    1585. Elizabeth sues Roger B. for debt.

129F & 130/1. c1586. Eliz. has died, Roger receives for 3 lives.

144/2.    1602. Roger surrenders but can have back for 12d. See note there.

148/1.    1604. Colpas family farm-let Benifolds to Roger B. (barn & ½acre & two encl. nr Lightfield).

150/2.    1607. Roger B. is now a free tenant.

169/15. 1640 Benifold holding referred to as Benifolds, not Bignolls (Roger to Agnes to John, free tenancy, 7s.).

175/1, 177/1, 178/12. 1668–1766. Jn Benifold, free tenant Bignolls, 7s.

180/12. 1795. John B. dead, widow Mrs. B. succeeds.

187.       By 1811 or 1827 James Holbrook. 1833–1895 Butler family, tenants.

BLANCHARD’S (still name of local family). Free tenancy.  In 1825 old Jn Beagley told steward that Blanchards house site had become part of (Ludshott Manor) farm yard; its land had lain on W. side of track to N. Lodge. incl. site of Lodge, grid 846341. So it existed after 1591?

7/5.        1400/01 Wm ?Fish has trespassed (or, offended) here.

46/3.      1513 Thos. Andrew died holding this t. and ½v with Chesters (q.v.).  Blanchards to son Jn, rest to widow.

52F.       1526 Joan Andrew says Thos. demised to others ?in trust.

70/2 (illegible). Possible ref. to ‘Blanchers’.

70/3.      c1552 Joan dead, son Jn gets Blands, Chesters, Shepherds & Wastells.

78/4.      1551 John alienates to Rob. Tribe – rent is red rose.

81/3.      1558 Robert Tribe does suit of court.

138/2.    1591 (illeg. ). Possible ref. to Robert & Blanchards.

CHAMBERLAYNS, CHAMBERLANDS, &c. (lay astride the Wey, see 153/2 – at Waterside?)

4/2.        cl400 Thos. Chamberlayne mentioned, tenant of unidentified farm.

63/2.      1544 John Hethe held, dead, Joan claims on copy of 1519.

65/1.      1544. Joan takes new lease for self & son Thos., 18s.

72/2.      1555 Joan At Hethe dead, Thos. her son admitted.

89/2.      1564 Thos. Hether held m & v, dead, Joan relict takes new lease.

100/2.    1571 Wm. Colpas holds, t & v, 8 encl., 20a. + 60a. ‘moors’.

111/2     1571 – ditto –  in all 58 acres, 14s. rent.

126/2.    1589 Wm and Joan Colpas may sub-let.

147/1&4, 148/1, 1604. Joan dead, son gets new lease & may sublet ½acre & 2 encl. to Benifolds.

151/2.    1607. Wm. Colpas who held as 1571 dead, widow Anne Tribe succeeds.

153/2.    1607. ‘Little bridge called Chamberlens’ between Parsfeild & Wolmer Forest needs repair, ?Michael Tribe who holds land each side should do it (is the Waterside bridge meant? this is the only bridge over the Wey in the 1739 manor map, apart from the mill dam at the Paper Mill).

161/2.    c1612. Michael Tribe may cut down some trees (under conditions).

CHESTERS. Copyhold.

46/3.      1523 Thos. Andrew, cottage, gdn & 8a., 6s.8d. Held then with Wastells, Woodland, Sparage etc. (see details, total rent 17s 10d).

50/6.      1524 T.A. has demised holding & should forfeit.

56/2.      1531 T.A. ordered to repair.

64/1.      1544 Joan A. held, dead, John A. receives for 3 lives.

69/2.      1549 John A. dead, Joan A. receives.

70/3.      c1552 Joan dead, son John Andrewes receives, with Wastells, Shepherds & ?Blands.

73/4 & 74/3. 1555/6 Jn farm-lets to James Morar & then to Jn Ansell.

77/3.      1556 Jn. Ansell agrees to pay heriot.

87/4.      1564 Jn Andrew surrenders Chesters to use of Hy Hownsham & son.

99/3.      1571 Hy Hownsham ack. he holds 7 encl. etc, 7s rent.

111/1.    1572 Hy Hownsham holds – details of fields, 23 acres.

117/2.    1575 House needs repairs to 3 sills.

122/2.    1577 As 1575.

134/4.    1589 William H may sublet (t and ½v.).

143/3.    1602 Richard H gets new lease.

144/1.    1602 – and can sub-let.

162/1.    c1612 – and can fell trees on his land.

166/2.    c1623 Richard Hounsham demises to Hy. H (brother?) for 6 yrs.

173/3.    1651 Henry H gets new lease (new water-courses excepted).

175/2 & 177/2, 1668 & 1684. Henry Hounsham, rent 7s., still copyhold.

COLLS (COLLIS, COLES, etc) & STEDES (STEEDES). Held together by 1523.


16/1.      1415 Rob. Gore holds at Lord’s pleasure, 3s.

25/3.      1423 Rich. Sprimstede who held cottage Stedes at Parchfeild has left, John Bele takes for 3 lives.

39/2.      c1470 Wm Komber hasn’t repaired Stedes – he is a sub-tenant, 40/2 – he still hasn’t repaired, 41/1.

Colls & Stedes.

4-6/2.     1523 Andrew Fish holding Colls 4s, Stedes 3s, has died, John Fish heir (Paulet deed produced).

50/6.      1524 Jn Fish has sublet to Jn Laws – but gets licence to do so for a penny p.a., see 74/5, 1555/6.

98/2, 100/4, 104F (1571&: c1572). Edm. Fish takes reversion of C. & S. from his father John, 11 acres; his father disapproves? – but dies. 98/2 & 100/4 give 11 acres, 100/4 talks of 7 encl., 20 a., 7s.6d.

109/3.    1572 Edm. Fish demises to Rich. Glazier – details fields 112/2.

139/2.    1597 Symon Wheler buys reversion from Thos. Fish.

141/2.    1602 Edmund Fish dies holding C. & S.

154/1&2 (illeg.) 1607 Thos. Fish has (nearly) forfeited.

159/3&4. c1612 Thos. Fish d., Thos Randall & Eliz. Fletcher receive 20 a.

166/3.    c1623 Eliz. Fletcher ?gets new lease.

174/12. 1668 She pays two heriots in advance!

175/2.    1668 Rents now 3s.6d each (same total of 7s., see 46/2; 100/4., 7s.6d, is an error?).

177/2.    1684 Coles and Stedes, –‘Pacy widow’.

GENTILLS. Free tenancy. Area as present Gentles Copse (836351) or larger.

13/11.    1415 Peter Young holds it, ½v, for red rose – with a & ferling for 2s. (=Youngs?) – Sir Thomas Poynings gave it to him 1380.

34/1.      1462 P. Y. died holding a + 8 a. + 30 a. + Gentles wood, 2s. + red rose, heir Richard Young.

38/2.      c1470 Richard dead, heir Thomas Young.

39/1.      1472 Thos. dies holding as 1462; heirs are his sisters Thomasina (who m. Jn Plongger) & Joan Dalman (41/1).

47/2.      1523 Joan Dalman d, leaves Youngs (gdn & 8 a.) & Gentills 30 a. Youngs is sub-let to Hy Hownsham, Gentills to Thos. Figg.

66/2.      1544 Thos. & Jn Figg hold freely G. + Parsfeilds + Goldlands (as sub-tenants? see 98/1).

74/2.      1555 G. is near Lightwood.

78/3.      1557 John Fish (Figg?) holds as 1544.

98/1.      1571 Joan Dalman holds G. freely.

101/4.    1571 & 105/2. c1572. Jn Fish dies. Edm. Fish succeeds to Gentills (as subtenant?), Aylmansland, Parsefeild & Goldland.

105/5.    1572 G. is between Lightwoods Way Bottom & Goldlands. [therefore Lightwood likely to be where the extension of Pond Road enters Ludshott Common? – JOS]

109/2.    1572 & 113/1 c1573. Edmund Fish still holds as 105/2 above.

118/4.    1576 & 121/3. c1580. John Dalman holds ½v here, once Peter Young’s (see top) and 1 acre meadow Kingsmead.

121/1.    1577 & 125/3. c1580. Edmund Fish holds G., Youngs & Aylmansland.

135/2.    1597 Peter Fish alienates Gentles to John Hooke (see below).

141/2&5. Edmund Fish has d., passing G., Pasfeilds & Allmansland to son Peter, who has alienated G. to John Hooke as above.

171/4.    1640 Henry Hooke died holding G. + Hammer &c, heir John Hooke II.

175/1.    1668 John Hooke II has Gentiles for 1 red rose.

176/5.    1684 John Hooke II has alienated Hammer & G. to Hy Streater.

177/1.    1684 Hy Streater has Gentils.

178/12. 1766 Hy. S. Gill holds G. with Beales.

213.       1827 Gentiles Coppice, Corner and West Corner occur in perambulation.

GOLDLANDS, GOLDENLAND(S). Disputed whether free or customary. 5s.

(See also Aylmansland). Probably near Golden Cross (825353), which fits 105/5 below.

This holding appears to correspond roughly to Farm C in the 1739 Manor Map (with Quarry Cottage as the site of the farmhouse).

16/6.      1415 Rob. Wydenhall holds at lord’s pleasure. 5s.

24/2.      1419 Thos. Komber has recd from Robert’s son. Free, 5s. (He also holds Wydenhales 14/7 & Aylmansland 24/2). The Kombers passed Goldlands to the Figg family c1465, see 95/4.

66/2.      1544 Thos. Figg, Headley, passes G., Parsfeilds, Gentills to Jn. Figg.

70/2.      c1552 Jn Figg or Fish holds Gouldlands.

91/4.      1565 Jn Fish claims Goldenland as free & (93/3 1566) brings deed by Rector 1358 assigning rts in G. to Peter Widinall (cp.16/6 above).

95/4.      c1568 Jn Fish brings 2nd deed, Jn Komber of Lymington grants G. to Figgs c1465. Not proven free tenancy.

97/5.      1571 As deeds don’t prove free, bailiff is to distrain.

101/1.    1571 Edmund Fish holds G. in Parsfeild, ruled customary, ?6s.

105/3.    c1572 Jn Fish has died, Edmund heir (as line above).

105/5.    c1572 Perambulation places Goldlands Bank between Gentills Way & Warlands Pill [stream].

109/4.    1572 Edmund Fish can’t prove G. free, Bailiff to seize.

112/3.    1572 Edmund F. holds G., = 10 encl., c40 acres, 5s.

123/5.    1579 As 109/4.

174/5.    1668 Anthony Fish dies, holding G. with Almans, Jn F. heir.

175/1.    1668 John Fish holds G. (5s.) with Almans (15s.).

177/1.    1684 Fish holds as 175/1.

GORES held with ATTWELLS (WULLES, WULVERS &c.). Entries below show that Gores + Attwells are the land held by Pitt family on 1739 manor map, where “Squire Pitt’s land” is (1) Steep Grove, today called Sheep Grove, S. of Gentles Copse, plus some land W. of Gentles, (2) Passfield Farm. The first group can be identified with the holding called Stupes, Stepland or Gores below. Attwells (Wulles, Wullis &c.) therefore = Passfield Farm. (nb. not Passfield House Farm).

13/5 & 14/16. 1415 Robert Gore holds Gore’s [previously held by Roger At Stupe. 47/3], m & v, freely, 10s. + 1 lb. Pepper – and Robert (Jn?) atte Well holds Attwell’s, ½v + purpresture, free, 7s.6d; this is clear, taking 90/5 with 102/1.

25/2.      1423 Rob. Gore’s holding Stepland passes to widow., 10s. + lb. pepper.

47/3&4. 1523 Robert Gore is succ. by Roger & he by son Walter Gore, who now alienates to Rich. Drake who alienates to Robert White of Farnham.

48/1.      1523 (Traces Attwells aka Wullers from Wm Brokes to ‘Jn Atte Wullis’ – cp. 14/16 above – to Thomas More to Robert White to Rob. White junior.

66/1.      1544 Jn White, Warden Winchester College, has passed Gores & Wulvers free tenancies to John White, merchant, London – who is ref. to in essoins or non-attenders at 67/2 69 73/1 78 81/2 82/3 83F 85/3 86/1 87/3 88F [now Lord Mayor London] 90/2 93/2 94/2 96 99/1 [here Gores is called Stupes]. For details of Sir John W. see 88F.

90/5.      1565 Sir Jn White holds as 13/5 & 14/16 above.

101/1,2. 1571 By his bailiff Thos. Colpas Sir Jn acks he holds Gores (9 encl., 40a., 10s) & Wulles (6 encl., 20a., 7s.6d).

99/1.      1571 Sir John’s holdings again called Stupes & Wulles.

109/1.    1572 —Dalman’s holding in Parsfeild is next to G. & W.

118/3.    1576 Robert White now holds Sir John’s holdings [Sir Jn d. c1573].

121/2.    1577 –ditto – [Stupes & Wulles again, as 99/1].

139/1.    1597 Jn White (different family?) receives land at Stepe Hatch.

140/2.    1602 Robert White d., daughter Helen heir by family arrangement.

149/1, 151/3. Jn White d. holding Stepe Hatch, succeeded by Wm. White.

174/6.    1668 Sir John Lowe has d. holding m + ydland, 9 closes 45a., 10s and 1lb pepper, also At Wulls ½ yardland, 20a. , 7s.6d, —Lowe is heir.

175/1, 177/1, 1668 & 1684 —Lowe holds Gores & Attwells.

178/12. 1766 George Pitt holds as Lowe above; family already hold in 1739 map, which shows “Squire Pitt’s land” situated as heading above.

203. 1792–1811 George Burgess holds. ‘previously (held by) Lord Rivers’ [Pitt family]. By 1827 ‘in hand’ [Lord of Manor has reclaimed].

KINGSMEAD, KINGSLEYMEAD. Ludshott Manor claimed “ten acres of meadow in the Common Mead of Kingsle” [deed of 1825]; Bramshott Manor claimed one acre. Kingsley was in Woolmer Forest; Dr. E. M. Yates (op. cit. ) states that as early as 1304 Sir Thos. Paynell of Ludshott was paying the Crown 2d–4d an acre for 25 acres which he had assarted [cleared] in the Forest at Oakhanger & Blackmoor; other landowners had assarted 12 acres at Kingsley – probably Sir Thomas or a later Lord started clearing there too, by the Oxney stream or R. Slea. As the Rolls show the Ludshott officials had difficulty in controlling valuable land so far from Ludshott.

Kingsley Common is marked on current maps at 795381.

17/9.      1415 Wm Newman leasing a meadow, Kingsleymead, 16s, demesne land.

22/7.      1419 Wm (de) Bramshott cut & carried hay from Kingsmead before Ludshott declared the meadow open. See note at end Kingsmead entries.

84/5.      1561 Three men’s fences/ditches between meadow & Forest in disrepair.

85/5       ?1561 Men have entered meadow with animals, to the farmer’s loss [the meadow or a part of it is leased to a firmarius, see Glossary].

86/2.      1562 Some men haven’t scoured out ditches between meadow & Forest.

92/3F.    1565 Distraint against Dalman heirs holding 1 acre in Kingsmead.

93/5.      1566 As 86/2.

95/3.      c1568 Tenants must maintain fences or indemnify others for crop damage. Repeated at 97/6, 1571.

107/4.    1572 Kingsley man has broken lock of meadow – Lord has ordo prati.

112/1.    1572 —Dalman holds 1 acre of Kingsmead near the Lord’s portion.

113/3.    c1573 Some men haven’t repaired fences. ditches.

113/4     c1573 Three men have broken gate of meadow etc.

121/3.    1577 John Dalman holds 1 acre meadow.

124/1.    1579 Inhabitants of Kingsley & Headley don’t maintain fences & ditches; cattle graze the meadow after closure.

133/2     1589 John Hooke [Lord of Bramshott] has meadow in Kingsley, next Alice Holt section of Forest; homage think not part of Ludshott Manor.

133/3.    1589 Two men will be fined if don’t repair their fences.

136/4.    1597 A man has broken the meadow gate.

170/12,13. 1640 The Cleers given land in Parsfeild but Lord retains the acre of Kingsmead which went with it.

171/3.    1640 Cleers get new lease, with same exception as previous item

Cp. two Bramshott items: (1) Bramshott Rolls 53/3 [1426] refers to one acre of meadow lying in Kingsley meadow which the Lord of Bramshott ‘recently’ bought from Peter Wydenhall; the Wydenhalls are a Ludshott family, see 16/6, 24/2 – Ludshott may have reckoned it should control the ‘opening’ & ‘closing’ of this acre; (2) in 1660 John Hooke II, Lord of Bramshott, sold a meadow in Kingsley near Shortheath Common, reserving right of way to his water-meadows there. Shortheath [774365] and Kingsley Commons lie on the same stream about 1½ miles apart; in the past they may have been virtually one common and Hooke’s meadow could perhaps have been close to the Ludshott acres (but can hardly be identical with the meadow near Alice Holt area mentioned at 133/2).

NEWMANS. Free tenancy. Believed to lie in the Thornhill area.

109/2.    1512 Joan Tribe holds – & 116/1, 1575, & 125/3, 1580.

147/3.    1604 Joan Tribe has alienated to Thos.Colpas.

152/2.    1601 Thos. Col pas does fealty, 1lb. cummin & 2d for purpresture.

174/7.    1668 Jn Lander holds m + 19a. for 5d & 2lbs cummin.

175/1.    1668 Rich. Tribe holds as previous line.

177/1.    1684 Rich. Bristow holds as 1668.

178/12. 1766 Jn Tuesley holds as 1668, for t previously called Newmans.

189.       1791 Jn Pocock sells lease to Lord; holding remains ‘in hand’.

OLD LANDS aka WHITESIDE + SHEPHERDS & WASTELLS. Wastells, Wassells & Shepherds.

15/10.    1415 Robert Cover holds W., cott. & ferling, 3s.4d, copyhold.

17/1.      1415 Roger Young, 2 campus & 1 ferling, Shepherds, 3s? & 9s.

33/1.      1460 Peter Andrew son of John receives Wastells, toft, gdn, 5a, .2s.

46/3.      1523 Thos. Andrew d., held copyhold W., cott.+ ferling,. 3s. 4d, also cottage called Woodland, Chesters q.v., Woodes, Sparage, ?Duffields, Joan Andrew widow is heir (he also held Blanchards q.v., heir his son John).

(From here on most refs. are to Old Lands + one or both of the others)

#50/6.    1524 Jn Fish leases O.L. & Shepherds to Jn Fish without permission, so should forfeit [but doesn’t].

53/3.      1529 Wm. Rapson/Robson? has built house at Whirtside – writ to issue.

60/2.      1538 Conford men ‘usurp’ Lord’s common ‘Whitside/Cornevorde’.

63/4.      1544 Joan Andrew d. holding Wastells, Shepherds, Whitehide. John A. takes on, W. 3d, S. 3d, W. aka Old Lands ?6d. [Plus Chesters. 64/1].

66/4.      1546 Jn Andrew demises S. for 3 yrs, W. for 13, should forfeit.

70/1.      1549 Jn Andrew dead, ? leaves Whiteside to wife, ?not heriotable.

70/3.      c1552 Wife dies, son Jn inherits Chesters, Blanchards. + S. & W.

72/4.      1555 Jn Andrew may sublet old Lands to Hy Hownsham [confirmed 74/4].

77/3.      1556 Hy Hownsham will pay heriots if necessary.

83/2.      1559 Jn Andrew puts O.L. into trust for Hy Hownsham – & forfeits?

142/2.    1602 Lord has enclosed part of Wassells Redding, hedges rooted up.

174/8.    1668 Rich. Tribe held 4a. Thornhill & parcel Oldlands, heir is brother Wm Tribe.

182/13. 1811, with 196. Cott. + 1a. adjoining O.L. granted to Levett family 1759, descended to Jn Baker, d.1810. Lord then took into hand.

195.       1745–1811 (A different cott. + 1a. adjoining O.L. held by Andrew family, by 1822 to 1876 Jn Bartholomew, 1895 Chas. Taylor, S. Harting.

195A.     A further cott. & 1 acre adjg. Old Lands granted to Grover family (when?) and regranted for 3 lives 1802.

PASSFIELD, PARSFIELD, PARCHFIELD, PARSTEAD, ETC. Two holdings or more, usually styled as ‘in Parsfeild’, presumably somewhere in area between present Passfield shop and Passfield House Farm.

25/3.      1423 (Stedes – see ‘Colls & Stedes’ above – is in P. area).

39/1.      1472 (Peter Young of P. holds Gentills by deed of 1380).

66/2.      1544 Thos Figg has passed Gentills, P, and Goldlands to Jn Fish.

70/2.      c1552 Goldlands & P. held together.

78/3.      1557 Jn Fish holds P., Gentills and Goldlands

92/3.      1565 Jn Fish holds a parcel of land in P.

95/4.      c1568 Jn Fish produces a 1465 deed for Goldlands ‘lying at P.’

100/3, 1511 & 111/3, 1572. Jas Grevatt holds t & 55a. in P., 13s., bordered by Passfield Lane.

101/1,2,3 1571. Edm Fish holds Goldlands 40a., copy 6s., Aylmansland 60a. 15s, + ten. & 12a. called Parsefeild. See next item.

105/2.    c1572. Edmund’s father Jn held land in P., + Aylmansland. Gentills & Goldenland. See previous item.

125/1.    1580 Jas.Grevatt d., widow Joan is heir, m. Rich.Chitty.

132/1.    1589 Edm. Fish alienates t + gdn in P. to Jn Fish.

141/3&4. 1602 Edm. Fish passes P. + Almans to son Peter, who alienates to Jn Fernden.

155/4     1609 Joan Chitty [see 1580] widow d., no heir. See next item.

157/2,3 & 158. 1609 Hy Streater takes the Chitty land for 3 lives, may farm-let, may change lives –

160/2     c1612 – and may clear trees.

169/6&9. 1640 Jn Fernden still holds as 141/3&4.

170/3,4, 12. 1640 Hy Streater (see 157/2) has died, his widow Joan ‘surrenders’ lease for £160; Lord grants to Edmund Cleer & son (170/12).

171/3.    1640 The Cleers (previous item) take new lease.

175/2.    1668 Henry Cleer, son, holds m. + yardland in P., 13s. copyhold.

PRIORS. Ludshott land held by the Prior of Selborne and then by Magdalen College, Oxford – see dates etc at 59F. The Prior and then the College are mentioned at most Courts for failing to attend. 30 acres, free tenancy, 2s. Tithe Map shows ‘Priors Farm’ lands at & east of the house still known as Priors today, at 851346 [modern house on old site]. Only a few references listed here.

9/2.        1404. Prior accused of taking over a 4-acre grove at Woodhouse (probably his sub-tenants had done it).

14/19.    1415 Prior of Selborne holds freely half a virgate, rent illeg.

59F.       1538 The Rolls mention (the President of) Magdalen College for the first time, 79 years after they acquired the holding.

177/1.    1684 President of Magdalen College, 30 acres, Priors, free, 2s.

178/12. 1766 Nicholas Kent Esq (of Downland) has bought Priors from the College – still a free tenancy, rent 2s (the College probably sold to Kent in 1766 or slightly earlier). From 1766 Priors was part of the Downlands estate, passing from the Kents to the Butlers.

THORNHILL. The 1739 map shows Thornhill in 2 blocks: (1) running from the present ‘Passfield Oak’ west to the Hollywater stream, (2) N. of the road from Passfield Oak to Royal Oak and about half way between them.

22/4.      1419 Robert Gore cuts oaks on Lord’s land here.

89/4.      1564. Headley man has reaped rye on land here – see next item.

92/1.      1565 Homage say land mentioned above is part of Youngs (q.v.).

105/5.    c1572 Perambulation places it between Westland Corner and Blackwater Bridge [?= footbridge over the Hollywater stream shown on 1739 map at about 808335].

Two holdings are now mentioned:–


143/2.    1602 Rob. Lipscombe, 60 yr lease for 2a., 10s. & capon

160/1.    c1612 Robert has d., 167/1 c1623 Joan widow surrenders. Joan Tribe & son take it.

169/9.    1640. Joan, now Joan Cob, & family take new lease & 2a. more for 10s. & 2 capons.

172/4–6. 1642 Cobs & Tribes get new lease for £60 & can farm-let, £40.

174/8.    1668 Rich. Tribe d., held cott. & 4a., plus Old Lands, 11s & 2 capons, Wm. Tribe heir.

175/2.    1668 Nicholas Tribe, in right of his wife, holds for 6s. [error for William? – who is shown as holding 177/2, 1684].


164/5.    c1623 Hounsham has encl. waste & built house at Thornhill.

170/6.    1640 Geo. Hounsham has encl. waste & built cottage, 12d.

173/4.    1651 Lord grants cott. and 4 acres ex waste to Lamborne family, 2s.

207.       c1825. “Farm buildings pulled down, house moved nearer Ludshott”.

210.       1836/8. A Macdonald rent list of ‘Small tenants at Thornhill Farm late Draper’s’. According to the 1845 Tithe Award the Macdonalds had all Thornhill in hand – were these small tenancies terminated or did the Macdonalds pay the tithe & fix the rents accordingly?

In Tithe Award the Draper family own and occupy 4 acres at Hollywater, roughly the farm now known as Riverside. The 2 blocks of Thornhill: (1) 34 acres (2) 7a. are Macdonald land, part in hand, part held by his two largest tenants. All around was Passfield Common, 210 acres of heath, manor ‘waste’. Hollywater Pond, then known as Draper’s Pond, was, like the Common part of the Macdonald estate; fed from the stream with a 1ong leat (expensive), it was presumably constructed to water stock grazing on the heath but seems very large for the purpose (3¼ acres).

WARLANDS. Two holdings bought by Bishop of Chichester c1523 & soon given by him to the Dean and Chapter, who sold to the Macdonald trustees 1833. Difficult descriptions of location quoted at 1901 apparently between Passfield Ho. & Gentles. Tempting to identify them with the fields there labelled ‘College Lands’ in Tithe Award. Adjoined Goldenlands & Headley parish border, see 112/3. Free tenancy, 3d + 2 lbs cummin.

45/2.      1523 References to Bishop as tenant begin; thereafter he or Dean & Chapter regularly cited as ‘in default’ (not attending Court); these citations are not normally listed below.

46/4       1523 Explains that John Andrewes transferred land once held by Roger Stupe’s wife to WL Robson, who transferred it to Robert Sherborne, Bishop of Chichester.

62H        1542 Dean & Canons appear in list of tenants, in place of the Bishop.

71/2.      c1552 The Bishop hasn’t paid a ‘relief’ on the transfer yet.

78/3.      1577. Rolls call the holding Woodlands – cp. note on 190 below. [For description of holdings at 1566 see 190].

105/5.    c1572 ‘Warlands Pill’ [stream] is placed between Westlands Corner & Goldenlands.

107/3.    1572 ‘Warlands Well’ mentioned – near Ludshott Wood; is it near Headley border?

118/3.    1576 Warlands identified as the Dean & Chapter’s tenancy.

121/2.    1577 and 175/1, 1668. Warlands identified as the Dean & Chapter’s tenancy.

[For description as at 1683 see 190 – but Chapter wrong in writing Woodlands aka Warlands; Woodlands was alt. name of Woodhouse, q.v. below].

177/1.    1684 and 178/12, 1766 and 190, 1791–1833. Dean and Chapter shown as free tenants of Warlands, 3d + 2 lbs. cummin; from 1833 ‘in hand’.

WOODHOUSE aka WOODLANDS. Held with ‘Woodes’ &c. in 1523.

7/6.        c1400 Jn Duffield had m + ?½v., ‘Woodhouse’; Jn Bicknoll takes over.

9/2.        1404 Prior of Selborne has seized 4-acre grove in Woodhouse.

26/4.      1423 Toft and ½v called ?Wodlands still in Lord’s hands.

46/3.      1523 Thos Andrew died, holding copyhold Woodland 18d – with Woodes, Wastells, Chesters, Sparage, ?Ouffields.

75/1.      c1555 Robert Bicknoll [cp 7/6] now holds Woodlands. Jn Benifold’s land adjoins.

80/3.      1557 Edm. Bicknoll gets reversion of W. for 3 lives, copyhold.

97/2.      1571 Robert has died, Edmund receives Woodlands as 1557.

100/1.    1571 Edm B. holds t + ½v, ‘Woodhouse’, 5 encl., grove, 20a, 6s.

110/3.    1572. Edmund B. holds Woodhouse (Conford), t + barn, gdn, orchard, 5 named enclosures, grove, 21½ acres, copyhold, 6s.

146F.     1604 Edmund B. has died, Joan widow heir.

152/3.    1607 Joan surrenders, Hy Colpas takes for 3 lives, lets ½ to Joan at 153/1.

161/1.     c1612 Hy Colpas holds, may cut trees.

164/3.    c1622 Henry Colpas has died.

173/2.    1651 His widow Margaret Colpas gets new lease for 3 lives.

175/2     1668 Richard Tribe holds in right of his wife.

177/2.    1684 Richard Tribe holds in right of his wife.

YOUNGS, YONGES. In ‘Parsfeild’ [& not far from Thornhill?].

32/3.      1460 John Farlee receives for 3 lives, 3s., copyhold.

47/2.      1523 Joan Da1man dies, held Youngs & Gentills with sister Thomasina;
Youngs = m.+ 8 acres, was sublet to Henry Hounsham. Heir unclear.

50/4.      1524 Thomasina has died, heir her son Hy Plongger; sublet as 47/2.

92/1.      1565 Homage say part of what they thought was Lord’s waste at Thornhill belongs to Youngs, held by Jn Fish.

109/1.    1572 —Dalman is free tenant of 1 acre near Youngs in Parsfeild.

109/2.    1572 Edm. Fish holds Y. with Aylmansland & Gentills as free tenant.

112/1.    1572 —Dalman as 109/1 but ‘Edmund Fish occupies it’ as 109/2 !

113/1.    c1573 Edmund Fish holds as 109/2.

121/1.    1577 & 125/3, 1580. Edmund Fish holds as 109/2.

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