Perambulation of the bounds of Headley Parish in the year 1772

  1. Golden Cross near Little Common in the lane at the meeting of the two lanes one of which leads directly to Greyshott, and the other to Headley.
  2. Hurlands Cross in the road from Headley to Bramshott, by the wall of Gentel's Coppice.
  3. Stone Quarry Cross at the upper end of Gentel's Coppice.
  4. Stone Quarry Hill cross on the Common.
  5. Cross at the South West corner of Greyshott by the hedge.
  6. Cross at the South East corner of Greyshott by the hedge over against the farm-house called Cane's on the North.
  7. From thence to the cross at Wagner's Wells pond in the road to Haslemere.
  8. From thence all along up Wagner's Wells stream and bottom.
  9. The head of Wagner's Wells bottom.
  10. From thence in a line Northward to the cross by the roadside from Greyshott to Hindhead.
  11. Thence Northward to the cross and stone mark at the head of Whitmore Bottom.
  12. Thence down Whitmore Bottom and the stream or little river or rivulet to Barford.
  13. Thence down the same stream to the cross at Frensham Pond where it falls into the pond; and from thence to the head of the same Pond.
  14. Thence into Beal's Mead, the old water-course in it being the boundary.
  15. Thence to the stone and mark at the corner of Wishanger mead.
  16. To the Southward to another stone in the same mead.
  17. To the ash tree in the same mead, by the river, which ash tree is marked WT for William Turner.
  18. Thence all along the river side into Lower Stream Mead but one to the S.W. corner of the same by the river side.
  19. Thence over the river into Crawt's Mead and in a straight line Southward into the opposite gate.
  20. Thence in a straight line S.W. by W. by the hedge of the two fields.
  21. Thence in a straight line W. by N. by the ditch to the end of it.
  22. Thence Southward in a straight line to gate and road.
  23. Thence S.E. up the road two or three rods to an ash stem on the other side of the road near Rock House.
  24. Thence straight Southward over the Field to the cross in the same.
  25. Thence W. in a straight line to the gate in the next field.
  26. Thence W. in the same straight line to the boundary stone by the stile in the next field called Park Field.
  27. Then W. in the same straight line to the end of Rack field all along by the hedge.
  28. Thence S. by the end of Rack field, the whole of Rack field being comprehended in Headley Parish.
  29. To Holt Mead, which said Holt Mead is wholly within Headley Parish.
  30. Across the Holt Mead, near the middle of it, into Cradle Lane field about eight rods E. from the opposite corner of Park field.
  31. Then S.W. to the ditch in Cradle Lane.
  32. Thence down the ditch S.E. to the middle of Sleaford River.
  33. Thence up the middle of Sleaford River to the Holt Rivulet.
  34. Thence up the Holt Stream about seven or eight rods.
  35. Thence W. from the Holt Stream along the ditch to the stile.
  36. Thence in a straight line across the field to the stone mark.
  37. Thence to the hedge corner.
  38. Thence about to the rails and pond.
  39. Thence straight to the stone in Beggar's Mead.
  40. Thence W. straight across the mead to the hedge in the next field.
  41. Thence along the same hedge to the gate.
  42. Thence down the ditch to Sleaford River.
  43. Thence up Sleaford River to the corner of the hedge near Kingsley Common.
  44. Thence by the old water course on the South side of the new stream of Sleaford River.
  45. Thence again to the said new and main stream of the said river; (the piece of ground comprehended by this old water course and the new stream of Sleaford River is about one third or half of an acre).
  46. Thence up the said river to the upper end of Withy Moor.
  47. Thence S. to the Forest water or stream.
  48. Thence up the Forest stream to the common.
  49. Thence up the said stream to the cross on the West side of and near to Sir Thos. Gatehouse's wooden bridge over the Forest stream.
  50. Thence S. or a little to the S.W. up or by the said stream to the point over against Ogmoor Great Pond head to the E.
  51. Thence to the cross at the said great Pond head.
  52. Thence up the middle of this great Pond to the tail of the lesser or Long Ogmoor Pond which falls or is emptied into the greater.
  53. Thence from the tail of the lesser pond along the cut or canal or water-course by which it is supplied to the great morass or marsh.
  54. Thence up the middle of this morass to the boundary stone.
  55. Thence to the cross on the road to this, E. of and near to Walden's Lodge.
  56. Thence to the cross by Hollywater Village on the common.
  57. Thence over a field straight in a diagonal line by the house of T. Farr, the half of this field being comprehended in Headley Parish.
  58. Thence across Hollywater and two or three little fields to the boundary stone on the common.
  59. Thence to the cross near two trees near the common.
  60. Thence in a straight line to another cross on the common, and to Osgood's house.
  61. Thence straight to Headley River and the rails upon it.
  62. Thence straight in a line Eastward up by the hedge side of several fields, Passfield Road.
  63. Thence by the same road back again to Golden Cross.

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