Perambulation of the bounds of Headley Parish in the year 1873

[with corrections from 1881]

1. A cross and stone, E. of the road from Sleaford to Greatham where the stream from the Ogmoor runs in.

2. Thence almost in a straight line (S.E.) to Eade's house by the following marks, viz.

2a. Up to a tree on the hill marked H.B. (in Lawrence's ground) [but this was not found in 1881].

2b. Thence to top of walldown [a little to right of the top. Thence between Mr Dixon's two buildings, over the E. end of the low wall].

2c. Thence to White Hill Cross on S. of road from White Hill to Hollywater on land belonging to Greenway.

2d. Thence to a broad-arrow mark on an oak tree [or, a cross by 1 oak in Headley and 13 oaks in Selborne] on the N. side of and near to another road leading to Hollywater Village on Greenway's land.

2e. Thence to Eade's chimney.

Note: "Eade's Chimney" was where the parishes of Bramshott, Headley and Selborne (now Blackmoor) met, at the centre of a chimney of a house inhabited by a person named Eade. This house was demolished between 1881 and 1890, leaving no trace as to where the chimney stood. A joint party from Bramshott and Headley in 1890 then determined it to be: "in a small garden lying due north and 23 paces from the door of the house inhabited by Charles Fisher; the spot being 5 yards from the S. bank, and 7 yards from the W. bank, and 12 paces from a wild cherry tree situated on the E. side of the garden".

3. Thence, through his cottage, [E. to big stump] to a cross by the stream at the bottom of the field, where the more Northern of the two water courses runs in.

4. Thence in the same straight line to the S. corner of a fuel shed belonging to Pink.

5. Thence, still in a straight line, across the road to a boundary stone at the corner of the hedge on the N. side of the road.

6. Thence in the same straight line along the bottom of the ditch to another road.

7. Thence in the same line, and 25 feet from the hedge, to an old stump.

8. Thence up the common, 3 feet from the bank, right up to a stone near the Bible Christian Chapel.

9. Thence N. 32 paces.

10. Thence E. again along the hedge, down to a house belonging to Mrs Curtis, past a drain which crosses the road over Passfield Common to Liphook.

11. Thence up the hedge side [on S. side of hedge] nearly straight to a field by Headley river.

12. Thence down the watercourse which runs from the hedge E. half-way down the field, then N. across the field, and then down the river.

[12. or; Thence in the same direction, 20 paces, to the head of the old course, thence down the course, taking in one paine, and E. to the river.]

13. Thence across the river and E. [N.E. in the direction of an oak tree] across the meadow between the streams to where the rails were.

14. Thence E. (after crossing the stream) up to Mr Warren's road[; by a course, and then 12 paces].

15. Thence across the road, and up the S. side of the hedge of several fields (one meadow and four fields) to the pond opposite Tilbury's.

16. Thence, without going into the pond, up the W. side of the road to the corner of the hedge opposite the limekiln.

17. Thence across to the E. side of the road, and up the E. (and afterwards S.) side of the road to Golden Cross, (sometimes called Reden's Corner) by a gate leading into what was Little Common.

18. Thence through the gate up by the S. hedge of what was Little Common, [this S. hedge being out of the parish,] (crossing a new hedge after a while, so as always to keep to the S. side of Little Common,) to Hurland's Cross on the road leading to Bramshott.

19. Thence across the road to the end of the stone wall opposite, and N. up that wall, and (through the gate) round by the N. hedge of Gentel's coppice, [keeping to the N. of the hedge,] to a stone at the head of Fuller's Bottom road.

20. Thence, across the road, and up the E. side of the bank nearly to the top of the hill to a tree and stone[; where the bank bends, and thence 12 paces to the R. to a cross].

21. Thence, leaving the hedge, E. and N.E. up a little sort of ditch, with various crosses cut and mounds raised, tending to the S.W. corner of Greyshott.

22. Thence along a ditch much covered with brambles, but running first about 30 feet, then about 70 feet, then 100 feet, then 40 feet from the hedge to a cross and stone and thorn bush, this side (i.e. W.) of the firs.

[21. and 22. The 3rd cross is behind a tree and 9 paces S.W. of forked tree. The 4th cross and stone is E. by N. 150 paces from the 3rd. Thence up a ditch, at first E., to the 5th cross which is just beyond where a road crosses the bank. The 6th cross is at the bend, 20 paces from the road. The 7th cross is 42 paces further on, a little beyond the road into the manor. The 8th cross is close to a mound on top of the bank. The 9th cross is E. by S. of Greyshott House. The 10th cross is across the road some 10 paces from the bank. The 11th cross is 40 feet from the hedge. The 12th cross is 75 feet from the hedge. The 13th cross, which is just across the foot path to Woolmer, is 70 feet from the hedge. Thence to the cross and stone and thorn bush W. of the firs.]

23. Thence across the road cutting off a corner of the firs.

24. Thence, down the W. side of the road to a cross at Wagner's Pond head.

25. Thence up the centre of the bottom, and afterwards up the S. side of the road to near Cane's Thence through the centre of a garden field to the N. of Clark's house.

[25. Thence, by the watercourses, to the ram, and afterwards where the watercourse runs, i.e. up the lowest land; then in the ditch on the N. side of the road, below Mr I'Anson's property, up to the new gate below Belton's; thence in a straight line to again meet Belton's hedge; all along Belton's hedge; then in the middle of the road as far a Robinson's land goes; then to a point in the S. hedge of the road, 20 paces up; thence in a straight line to a small tree in the centre of the W. hedge of Morrey's house. Thence to the S. corner of W. hedge, passing, as it were, between the 2 apple trees.]

26. Thence again by the [old] S. fence of the road.

27. Thence [diagonally] through the middle of the small enclosed (one-eight acre) field belonging to [(or rented by)] Stephen Boxall.

28. Thence out into the road (not going through Mr Chalcraft's piece), and up the S. hedge to a cross at Wagner's Wells Bottom head, at the corner of the hedge by the apple tree.

29. Thence in a straight line N.E. up the uncultivated land along a path[; i.e. on the E. side of the new occupation road].

30. Thence (crossing the Greyshott and Hindhead road), with a very slight bend, [going by the bank,] to a mark at the head of Whitmore bottom.

31. Thence down the S. of the embankment to a cross and stone[; on further side of opening in hedge (taking S. hedge)].

32. Thence down the centre of the bottom.

33. Then through the pond, and over the hedge, and down through the lowest land of the meadow, [(or rather, bottom of Surrey slope)] to where the pond is on the other side of the hedge.

34. Thence over the hedge, and through the pond, and down the ditch (now dry) which is between the two streams, [and down the filled-up hollow, 20 paces and less from lower bank,] to the lower end (W.) of the meadow.

35. Thence through the W. hedge cutting off a small piece of Mr Phillips' meadow.

36. Thence over the hedge (W.) and along the S. side of the hedge.

37. Then across the hedge where the stream crosses it and down the centre of the bottom.

38. Then all along the stream to Frensham Pond, noting the boundary stone at the tail (N.) of the Upper Mill Pond, where the boundary leaves the stream, goes over the cottage and passes by the front of the other cottages to meet the stream again.

38g. The boundary at the corn mill passes through the sluice and;

38h. At the lower mill pond through the water-wheel.

39. Thence to Frensham Pond head and sluice.

40. Thence across the road and through Beale's mead down the centre of the stream to the centre of the river (the island at this point being in Dockenfield).

41. Thence (passing through the rushes on the Headley side of the island, [from 3 to 5 yards from the island]) up the centre of the river in Mr Phillips' meadow called Little Moor; noticing that the river has widened at the W. end of Little Moor.

42. Thence (leaving the river at the W. corner of Little Moor) up a drain W. a short distance to a stone in Wishanger Mead[; 12 paces to watercourse, and then on 34 paces past an ash tree].

43. Thence W. again [42 paces] to a cross and mark in a direction in line with the central line of the river.

44. Thence up this central line passing by [the same and] another of Mr Phillips' meadows[; with another large river encroachment in the centre of Wishanger Mead].

45. Thence into Lower Stream mead all up the middle of the river to a point in Lower Stream Mead W.S.W. of a gate [(or gateway)] in the said Lower Stream Mead, and E.N.E. of a gate in the opposite meadow (occupied by Mr Dan. Collins).

46. Thence across the river to this latter gate.

47. Thence W.S.W. up a ditch by the side of the road to the end of the field.

48. Thence across the road where the drain crosses.

49. Thence nearly N. up the E. side of Mr Watts' field (and therefore to the W. of the plantation)[; the boundary being the ditch in the plantation].

50. Thence S.W. down the other side of the same field to the gate and road[; the ditch being the boundary].

51. Thence S. up the road 10 or 12 rods to a cross near Rock Barn gate[; the cross not to be found in 1881].

52. Thence across the road and over the hedge.

53. Thence due W. across Rock field to a mark in the field near the further corner, 40 paces from the W. hedge and 13 paces from the N. hedge.

54. Thence N. to this last hedge.

55. Thence N.W. [or rather, nearly in the same direction], over the five-acre field to the junction of 2 hedges, and over the hedge to a stone immediately on the other side.

56. Thence, nearly in the same direction, up the S. [or W.] side of the hedge of the seven-acre field (Mr Watts') to a stone at the end of the hedge[; i.e. to the corner S.W. of the cottage].

57. Thence by the hedge round the same field [or rather, by 2 short hedges, to a corner].

58. Thence W. (but over the hedge [at the corner]) still round the seven acres.

59. Thence by the [N. or] W. hedge [inside] of Long meadow.

60. Thence by the S. hedge half-way down the meadow to a stone by an ash stem nearly opposite [(i.e. S.W. of)] the corner of the seven-acres.

61. Thence W. across Cradle lane field to a drain in Cradle lane.

62. Thence down the N. [or E.] side of the road to the middle of the river (noticing a boundstone, near the river, [a short rod from it,] just inside the hedge).

63. Thence up the river to a cross, showing where the river originally ran[; the cross being S.S.E. of two gates in the opposite meadow; and 110 paces from the rails on the W. of the meadow].

64. Thence up this old river bed, round an old tree, (about 60 paces in all) again to the river; (all this being in Bajeant's meadow).

65. Thence up the river to the bridge on the road between Trottsford and Groome's farm.

66. Thence still up the river to where the Holt stream runs in.

67. Thence N. and W. up the Holt stream about 100 paces.

68. Thence, leaving the stream, W. up the ditch to the stile on the Farnham road. [There was formerly a hedge, over 40 years ago, made by Master Grover, aged 80; crossing the bridge where the old road ran.]

69. Thence in the same direction across the road.

70. Thence up the ditch in the same direction (N.W.) a short distance to an oak tree.

71. Thence S.W., again a short distance to the oak tree at the W. of the pond.

[70. and 71. Thence W. up the ditch 4 paces to the S. of the 2nd oak tree at the W. of the pond.]

72. Thence W. up the central ditch of the meadow (called Beggar's mead), to [6 or 7 rod from] the middle of the new double hedge.

73. Thence S.W. [or rather, S.] across the field to the water-hole in the S. hedge, about 12 paces [or rather, 6 or 7 rod] from the S.W. corner.

74. Thence S. across the field to the corner of 3 fields, i.e. to the N.W. corner of Mr Barratt's field.

75. Thence down the ditch to the road.

76. Thence across the road and down the ditch to the river.

77. Thence up the river to Sleaford bridge on the Alton road.

78. Thence under the Southern mid-arch of this Sleaford bridge (noticing a boundary-stone fixed in the bridge on its W. face).

79. Thence, leaving the river, about 43 paces up the water-course which lies to the S. of the river.

80. Then strike a straight line between the most Southern elm tree on the road-side hedge of the meadow and 4 or 5 withies on the bank of the river (about N.W. by W.)

81. Along this line to the said withies treading in about 3/4-acre between Nos. 79 and 80 and the river.

82. Thence up the river round Sleaford meadow to the further (the W.) end of the meadow.

83. Thence S. to the Forest stream.

84. Then up the Forest stream (i.e. up the S. side of Mr Maybee's [or Parker's] hedge as far as the common [by Mr Foley's]. [(It is thought that 82, 83 and 84 may not be correct owing to the altered course of the river.]

85. Then still up the N. hedge of the Peat moor [and Mr Foley's ground] (the hedge not being in Headley Parish).

86. Then by the same N. hedge, passing N. of Mr Trimmer's [(Mr Foley's)] new artificial pond.

87. Then, along the same hedge, to where the old coach-road belonging to Sir Thomas Gatehouse ran over a wooden bridge, now destroyed.

88. Thence in the same direction along the hedge to a point over against Ogmoor great pond head to the E. [to where the hedge turns back at right angles] (i.e. having Ogmoor great pond head on the E.)

89. Thence E. [in a straight line] to Ogmoor great pond head at the penstock.

90. Thence up the middle of the great pond to the S. corner of the said pond.

91. Thence S. or S.S.E. about 80 yards to a boundary cross.

92. Thence S. or S.S.W. about 65 yards to another boundary cross.

[90, 91 and 92. Thence up the middle of the Great Pond to the S.E. bay. Then up the trench to the Little Pond. Then up the middle of the lowest ground where the Long Pond was; and round the rising ground, S. veering to N.W., to a cross on the end of a bank].

93. Thence W. up the side of the bank, by the old watercourse, across the road, through Ogmoor enclosure, past several crosses on the bank, to where the watercourse turns to the S.[; passing one cross; to a cross at the corner of the new Enclosure; along bank of new Enclosure to the road].

94. Thence still along it for a short distance to where it runs into the newly-cut Government trench[; following the Government trench, and taking the W. branch where it divides].

95. Thence straight S.W. to a cross near some ground still marshy; (the said cross being 20 yards from where a road crosses a stream).

96. Thence still S.W. a short distance into the main trench.

97. Then up the main trench, taking the W. branch where it divides into two.

98. Then up this W. branch to a stone near where a road crosses the trench;- the said stone being W. of a new house belonging to Mr Kemp.

99. Thence S.S.E. to a cross near the road; and across the road with the drain.

100. Thence S. to the starting stone.

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