Perambulation of the bounds of Grayshott (Civil) Parish in the years 1919 & 1926

PERAMBULATION IN 1919 (with additional notes, the undefined boundary against Ludshott Common having been surveyed in 1928)

1. Starting at a cross cut on the edge of Ludshott Common (replaced by concrete Cross G.H. in 1928) E. of the existing wrong road into the Manor and 104 feet S.W. from the S. bank of the high road from Grayshott to Headley. (See 38).

2. Thence along the bank (passing concrete Cross B.G. fixed 1929 by side of track on to Common) some 400 paces to Cross W. of Grayshott Hall, beyond which bank ceases, marked by a stake.

3. Thence in same line to about 15 feet from chestnut pale fencing erected in 1928 (concrete Cross fixed 1929, position differs slightly from 1910 Ordnance Survey).

4. Thence S.S. by E. more or less parallel to fence, but entirely undefined to a Cross W. by S. of Grayshott Hall, which is under a small oak and near a thorn and 35 feet from marked oak tree (concrete Cross G.B. fixed 1929).

5. Thence Easterly, approximately at edge of old track, to a Cross in line with tree enclosure and 90 feet from same as Ordnance Survey 1910 (Cross re-cut in 1929).

6. Thence in a straight line to the S.W. point of "the acre enclosure" (later, part of the property known as "Yaffles") where a B. is cut on an oak tree (concrete Cross B.G. 237.5 feet W. of this fixed in 1929).

7. Thence, round by the curved bank to the road.

8. Thence, down the W. side of the road to Wagner's Pond head where the grating is.

9. Thence, turning by the stream up the lowest land through the penstocks.

10. Thence in the ditch on the N. side of the road, below Mrs Vertue's property, up to the further end of 1204 in the Ordnance Survey, 1897.

11. Thence up the middle of the road to the hedge on the E. of Miss I'Anson's land ("Mount Cottage").

12. Thence to a point in the S. hedge of the road, 20 paces up where the bank stops, point marked by post in fence.

13. Thence up the barbed wire fence, passing through the W. gate post, to a point in the W. hedge of the land (formerly) occupied by a Broom Squire.

14. Thence to the E. hedge, passing about 1 rod from the front of the house; and on in the same direction through the cultivated plot.

15. Thence again up the centre of the road.

16. Thence cutting off the corner of a small garden belonging to Mr Mowatt, and out into the road about 2 chains up.

17. Thence up the S. hedge of the road to Wagner's Wells Bottom head, at the corner of the hedge by the apple tree (this apple tree, estimated at 300 years old, died in 1919, and a new one was planted on the site).

18. Thence nearly N. across the mouths of the two roads to the bend of the bank, the District Council boundary stone being some 20 feet too far to the W.

19. Thence in a straight line to where the Boundary Road meets the Headley Road (the whole of Boundary Road being in the Parish of Grayshott).


20. Crossing the Headley Road to a point 3 feet W. of a bank which meets the N. side of the road (the Council stone being about 3 feet E. of the boundary).

21. Thence down the W. of this bank and 3 feet from it where is now a deep ditch, to the head of Whitmoor Bottom, a distance of some 7 chains.

22. Thence down the S. of newly-erected chestnut fencing (concrete posts marked L.W. are placed at intervals and the boundary would appear to be in a line between the fencing and these posts). Before reaching private path to old roadway to village the fencing is brought S. right up to concrete posts. Here in order to walk along boundary high fencing has to be climbed and diverting through small gate, generally locked, open grassland is reached.

23. Thence down the centre of the bottom.

24. Thence through the pond over the holly hedge, down the lowland to a point in line with the central hedge about chain before the hedge is reached.

25. Thence down the lowland, over the cross wire fence, keeping slightly N. of the lowland over next cross hedge about 20 feet from bank of Lawrence's Farm and round hollow where small pond was.

26. Thence diagonally across meadow down the lowest land to a point on the S. bank a chain from the W. bank.

27. Thence over the S. bank and high hedge, cutting off a small piece of meadow No. 90 in 1910 Ordnance Survey.

28. Thence over cross hedge and along S. side of centre hedge, over next cross hedge and after passing pond with water lilies over hedge and ditch with running water down the lowest land of meadow passing two oak trees.

29. Thence re-cross S. hedge over small stream through woodland, and follow S. edge of flowing water which passes under Whitmoor Road from the N.E. to the S.W. side.

30. Thence along centre of stream, which is crossed by road to W. side of Whitmoor Bottom, where is ford and footbridge.

31. Thence along centre of stream, which is crossed in three places by footpaths to a point 3 chains above footbridge and 11 chains from the S. end of first Barford Pond, this being the point where the bank from the road would intersect the stream if continued in a straight line. (There seems to have been no recent alteration in stream, points where it was formerly straightened are shown in Ordnance Survey, 1910).

PERAMBULATION IN JULY, 1926 (This was the first time the Bounds altered by the Order of 1921 were trodden. Headley residents assisted).

31. A point in Whitmoor Bottom about 200 feet above the footbridge below the grounds of "Llandover" (or 160 feet above the first boundary of Grayshott Parish), where the bank would intersect the stream if continued in a straight line, the County and Parish boundary being the centre of the stream.

32. Thence southwards, following the E. side of bank, which begins about 50 feet from stream, is much hidden by trees, but has a ditch on both sides, the bank being in Headley. The bank turns eastward to meet a sharp curve in Whitmoor Road.

33. Thence crossing Whitmoor Road Cross cut on roadside waste, follow west side of bridle or footway through open land for 40 paces, then keeping about 10 feet from bank of first enclosure, then against the bottom of bank or hedge of second enclosure, follow bank where it exists, but mostly undefined, through opening in a bank running diagonally, the boundary being 150 feet from Hammer Lane along line of this bank.

34. Cross Hammer Lane at an almost right angle Cross cut on S.W. side of road by post of field gate.

35. Thence in a straight line very slightly S. of W. along N. side of bridle or footway, the whole of the track being in Grayshott Parish, through Hammer Firs, passing Cross (not found) cut in 1919 8 chains from Hammer Lane, crossing hollow to a point 21 chains from Hammer Lane.

36. Thence from this point (where a concrete Cross G.H. was fixed in 1928, Rural District Council Surveyor measuring for same), turn slightly W. of S. 28 chains in a straight line to the Grayshott-Headley Road and for the greater part of the way along the bottom of a high bank, the bank being in Headley (concrete Cross H.G. fixed on inner side of N. bank of road in 1928).

37. Thence along road bank 20 chains S.E., where post was placed in 1919 (post replaced 1928, painted B.P.).

38. Thence crossing the Grayshott-Headley Road at a right angle to a Cross cut on the bank at the edge of Ludshott Common. (See 1).

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