The Rectory Field Appeal, October 1987

to his Grace the
Lord Archbishop

We the people of Headley are troubled
by the threat to the Rectory Field in
the heart of our village.

Against the wishes of the entire
parish and despite the land being
outside the development area the
Guildford Diocesan Board of Finance
wishes to sell the field for the erec-
tion of a large housing estate.

Planning permission has been refused
and yet your financial advisors
are insisting on taking the applica-
tion to appeal on October 28–29
and we feel very sad that they are
so intent on destroying our village’s
rural character.

Many of us are torn between love
for our environment and loyalty
to our Church and deplore this

We appeal to you to ensure that
Headley’s green heart
is safe—for ever.

Written for the people of