War Diary of the Fort Garry Horse Regiment (10 C.A.R.)

May 1942



Summary of Events and Information

Lindford and Headley, Hants


Bright and clear.  Cloudy and cold in early morning.  Normal training by Sqns.  Emphasis on handling and driving on Gen. Lee. M3 Ram tanks.



Bright and clear.  Normal Training. Demonstration Troop in action under direction Major H.C. Blanchard under comd Lieut. D.S. [Buck] Whiteford.



Bright and clear.  Half day training.



Bright and clear.  Cool at night.  Church parade to Headley Church.  R.C. to Bordon. Air Raid. Planes over at 2300 hrs.



Bright and clear.  Personnel continually leaving on and returning from courses.  Lt. Col. R.E.A. Morton left for Bulford Tactical School.



Bright and warm – very summer-like.  Cool in the morning.  Q.M. Stores getting ready for the field by having all stores moved to vehicles.  Squadron training ????? on Tracked Driving and Gunnery.  Lieut. D.S. [Buck] Whiteford left with troop of tanks to carry out “running over” demonstrations with Highland Infantry Unit for 5 days.  Purpose to accustom infantry in slit trenches to being run over by tanks.



Clear and hot.  Normal training.  At 1500 hrs. R.C.E. demonstrated pipe pushing.  Purpose to blow up minefields demonstration highly successful.  Demonstrations of R/T communication between Aircraft and Ground and very impressive Ransom Flame-throwers.  In evening lecture to Officers by Lt-Col Birmingham on bridging.  Inglis bridge good but the Bailey bridge will replace it.  Important part of whole days demonstrations was that all materials used were of Canadian manufacture.



Clear and warm.  Normal training.  Sports are receiving emphasis in preparation for Regimental Field Day on May 15.  ENSA concert in evening at  Headley Village Hall.  Very well attended and enjoyed.  ENSA party entertained by 1 CAB after show.   1 CAB held party for Captains and higher of Bde.  Very enjoyable affair.



Warm and clear.  Cold in morning.  No sign of rain.  Normal training.  Major W.W. Halpenny, Capt. H.J. Peacey, Capt. W.R. Bray and Lieut. H.M Sleigh left to act as umpires on Exercise Beaver IV.



Dull and cloudy.  Heavy rain during afternoon and evening.  Church parade to Headley for Protestants and Bordon for R.Cs.  Regiment was ordered to stand by as result of fire at Grayshott early Sunday morning.  [Canadian 1st Hussars at Elstead note they were also called out for this]



Cloudy.  Very sultry during afternoon and evening.  R.S.M. Tuckett held a drill parade for N.C.O.s of the Regiment.  Many beneficial tips were obtained from his lecture and drill period.  Normal Squadron training.



Dull and cloudy.  Intermittent rain during the day.  Regimental softball team added another win to their long list of victories by defeating 2nd Armd Bde H.Q. 22-6.  Normal squadron training.



Dull and cloudy.  Intermittent rain during the morning.  Normal training.  Squadrons practised for Regimental Field Day during the afternoon.  Umpires from Exercise Beaver IV returned during the evening.



Cloudy and cool, becoming warmer in afternoon.  Regt’l C.O. and Squadron leaders on Divisional T.E.W.T.



Misty and cool, warming and clearing in afternoon.  All afternoon parades cancelled for Regimental Field Day.  A real Success.  Garden plots put in by different men are beginning to produce fresh vegetables.



Rain during night.  Clear and cool all day. Normal Squadron training.



Bright and warm.  Church parades to Headley and Bordon as usual.



Clear and warm with light rain in afternoon.  Squadrons are conducting troop T.E.W.T.s.



Clear and cool with occasional showers.  12 Officers and 36 O.R.’s are attached indefinitely from Southern Alberta Regiment.  3rd Regiment in 3rd Cdn Armd Bde. Of 4 Cdn Armd Div.



Warm and cloudy.  Normal Squadron training.  Squadrons conducting Div. T.E.W.T. passed from Regtl Commander down to Troop and Crew Commanders.



Cool and cloudy.  Some rain.  Normal training.  Div T.E.W.T. for Regt’l C.O.’s and 2 i/c’s.



Cool with cloudy periods.  Normal Squadron training.



Cool and cloudy in morning.  Heavy Rain in late afternoon and evening.  R.S.Ms parade held for N.C.O.s one Sqn at a time in “C” Sqn Vehicle Park.



Cool and cloudy with intermittent showers.  Recent rains greatly helped countryside as earlier dry weather had retarded growth and caused many heath fires.  Church Parades to Headley and Bordon.



Cool and cloudy.  Showers.  Normal Sqn. Training.  Track Competitors are training hard for Brigade Meet on 27th May.



Cold and almost continuous rain.  Range practices on Conford A/Tk Ranges with Browning. 300 Coax M.G. are being held for all tank crews on a basis of 65 per Sqn and 15 from R.H.Q. Coax practice is fired single shot as 2pdr as practice for when Unit goes on 2pdr ranges in Wales to fire.



Cool but mostly fine and clear.  Coax Practices continue.  Brigade Sports Meet.



Slightly warmer but windy and dry.  Normal Squadron training.  Of the many courses men from this Unit are on, one of the most interesting is the “Commando” course Sgt. EC [Ted] Brumwell and 2/Cpl T.R. Findlay are on, which consists of all forms of Gymnastics, P.T. and Assault training, including sealing 12 foot walls, swimming in Battle Order and so forth.  Sgt. C.D.F. McLellan had to give up this course due to a rupture.



Cool but mostly bright.  Regtl Dance Band played to well attended Dance at Headley Village Hall.  Normal Training.



Bright and Clear.  Scattered clouds.  Regiment was given anti-Tetanus and Typhoid Inoculations by Squadrons.  Regiment was paid.



Mostly bright with occasional very light showers.  Warmer in afternoon.  Church Parades to Bordon and Headley.

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