War Diary of the Fort Garry Horse Regiment (10 C.A.R.)

June 1942



Summary of Events and Information

Lindford & Headley


Warmer and bright; occasional cloudy periods.  Tank Crew training continues.



Warm.  The weather has become really summer-like.  Normal Squadron training.



Very warm and bright.  The Q.M. Staff have worked very hard arranging the Marquees for the Demonstration of all equipment on charge to the Regiment.  3 Marquees have been set up as well as the complete assortment of vehicles on charge to the Regiment, including their equipment.  The Ministry of Information full length film Next of Kin was shown to all ranks and was very favourably received.  The film made a great impression from the Security point of view.



Very warm and close.  The 1098 display at Headley was visited by the G.O.C. and all officers of the Division as well as all N.C.O.’s of 1st Cdn Armd Bde.  The purpose of the display was to acquaint personnel with the many items of equipment on charge to an Armd div. Message writing exercise for all officers was held under Div Supervision at “C” Sqn Men’s mess.



Very warm and bright, slight breeze.  Normal Sqn Training.



Very warm and bright.  Normal training in morning.  An Ensa play was very well attended and enthusiastically received in Headley Village Hall.



Warm and bright.  Church parades as usual.



Slight showers.  Preparation for exercise Ram III were carried out including assembling of Tps and Vehs etc.



Bright and fairly cold.  Exercise Ram III full details in Appendix.  Balance of Regt. Left in Camp continued normal training.



Bright and fairly cool.  Exercise Ram III.  Normal training for remainder of Regt.



Bright and Cool.  Exercise Ram III ended and “F” and “A” echelons returned between 1900 and 2100 Hrs.  Normal Training for balance of Regt.


[says 6th June in 'All Tanked Up']

Cloudy with intermittent heavy showers.  The Hon. Col. of the Regt. Major Gen. P.J. Montague inspected the Regt. At 1500 hrs on Headley Green.  Our escort met him at 1155 hrs and conveyed him to the R.O.R. where he was met by the Commanding Officers Lt. Col. R.E.A. Morton.  The party arrived at R.H.Q. mess at 1315 hrs where the following officers were introduced.

Major E.B. Evans, 2i/c Regt. – Major H.C. Blandshard, O.C. “H.Q” Sqn – Major G.M. Churchill, O.C. “A” Sqn – Major W.W. Halpenny, O.C. “C” Sqn – Capt. H.J. Peacey, O.C. “B” Sqn – Capt. J.M. Bowie, Adjutant. – Capt. C.W. Bailey Ass’t Adjutant – Lieut. H.M. Sleigh – Lieut H. MacEwing, Paymaster – Brigadier J. Rutherford, O.C. 1 C.A.B. – Major Turnbull, B.M., 1 C.A.B.

Major Gen Montague was accompanied by Capt. Laury Andraine.  Photographer who took pictures of the days proceedings.  At 1400 Hrs he was taken for a drive in “Royal Betty” commanded by Capt. A.S. [Alex} Christian.  Upon return he inspected the Regt.  At approx. 1600 hrs a picture was taken of the General and the Colonel surrounded by the Officers perched on a couple of General Lee’s.  At 1700 hrs the party left for C.M.H.Q. escorted by the Regt’l D.R.’s.  The General expressed his pleasure at the turn out of the Regt and addressed all Ranks while on Parade.  The march past, led by the Regt’l band took place, saluting base being in front of old tree opposite “A” Sqn orderly Room.



Cloudy and cool.  Normal Sqn training.



Warmer, some cloudy periods.  Normal church parades.



Clear and fairly warm.  Normal training.  The Unit was notified of a number of parcels and cigarette lost by enemy action in transit here.  Pay parade in evening for all Sqns.

[James Desaulnier "came from Canada" – signature in Church Gate Stores]



Warm and bright.  Preparations are being got under way for the movement of A.F.V.’s to Linney Head for Gunnery practice let the Crown on the Battle Ranges there.



Warm and bright.  Normal training.  Permission has been granted for men to wear shirtsleeves on duty and to and from meals providing web belts are worn during the warm weather.

[Lieut. Squires of the LSH killed falling from a tank in training on Ludshott Common]



Cloudy periods – warm.  Normal Sqn training.



Warm with some cloudy periods.  Still a large number of men proceeding on various courses.  The talk of the “Second Front” is main topic among the men.



Very warm.  Half day Sqn training with usual driving instruction in the afternoon.



Warm and clear.  Church parades as usual.



Somewhat cooler, clear.  Schools for shorthand and typing commenced at Aldershot.  Also schools for O.C.T.U. Regimental “I” course for two weeks started.



Bright but fairly cool.  Normal training.  Tank crew training is rather limited by A.F.V., been taken to Linney Head.



Still remaining dry and clear.  Crops in locality need rain.  Inter Sqn ball games etc in afternoon.  Regt’l tennis Doubles tournament started.



Cloudy but still warm.  Normal training.



Warm and clear.  Regt’l Band played for dance at Headley Village Hall.



Bright and warm, cloudy in evening.  Ensa concert at Headley Village Hall very well attended.



Cloudy in A.M. threatening rain but clearing off in afternoon.  Regular Church parades to Headley and Bordon.



Bright and warm.  Range practices on Conford Ranges.



Bright and warm Normal training.  Range practices on Conford Ranges.

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