War Diary of the Fort Garry Horse Regiment (10 C.A.R.)

July 1942



Summary of Events and Information

Lindford & Headley

Canada Day

Cloudy, rather cool in morning.  Proclaimed a holiday although training continued on Ludshott Common and firing parties were on Conford Ranges.



Cloudy, warm.  Normal training on Ludshott and Conford Ranges.  Preparations for move to Linnen Head.



Bright and warm, Normal training on Ludshott Common and Conford Ranges.  Sergeant’s pistol practice at No. 2 Range, Bordon Camp.



Cloudy, showers.  Training carried out all day on Ludshott Common and Conford Ranges.  D38025 Tpr. Fine J. “H.Q.” Sqn, was tried by Court Martial and found guilty by the Court of striking a superior Officer.  Court held in Hatch House Barn.



Bright and warm.  The Regt. Paraded S.A.P. in the morning to Bordon where services were conducted by Capt. McNeil.  The Commanding Officer, Lt Col Morton, then inspected the Regt and Sqn drill was carried out by the Sqns.  A march past was held, Major E.B. Evans taking the salute.  The Sqns then moved off independently to their own lines.



Cloudy, warm, rather high wind with light showers.  Normal training on Ludshott Common and Conford Ranges.



Clear and bright.  Preparations for move to Linney Head.



Bright and warm.  Occasional Clouds.  The Regt paraded at “H.Q.” Sqn Vehicle Park at 1600 Hrs and then marched to Bordon station.  See Appx No. 5.

Merrion Camp Pembroke Wales


Bright and warm.  Arrived Pembroke 0630 Hrs. R.C.A.S.C. Vehicles convoyed the Unit to Merrion Camp.  Crew Commanders’ meeting in the Afternoon.  Ensa concert in the evening ????? in the NAAFI, well attended.



Bright cool wind and occasional showers.  Firing on all ranges under way early.  Good showing.



Bright and warm.  Firing going ahead well so far, good results.  Swimming parade in the afternoon under Mr. Goodman.  Ensa concert show in the evening held in the NAAFI.  Divisional Sports held in Aldershot.  See Appx No. 6.

Merrion Camp, Wales


Clear and warm.  Range practices finished by noon.  Regt’l parade 1330 Hrs.  Route march to Broad Haven.  A number of the men went swimming in the sea there although no one stayed in very long as the water was rather cold.  Route march back to Merrion Camp.



Sky overcast, light rain showers all day.  Started Battle Practices in the morning.  Sqn sports in the afternoon and general clean-up of practice ranges for those not firing the Battle Practice.



Bright and warm.  Crews on Battle Practice, good results.  Tommy Gun and Pistol practices also being fired.



Sky overcast, light showers.  Finished Battle Practice in the afternoon.  Pistol and Tommy Gun practices still being fired.



Showers in morning.  Clear and bright in the afternoon.  Officers firing Tommy Gun practice.  Regt. Parade at 1300 Hrs.  Sight seeing convoy to Pembroke Castle and to Tenby.



Cloudy occasional showers.  The Regt returned to Lindford and Headley leaving Pembroke in the Morning.  Haversack lunch was carried and tea was obtained at Bristol.  Regt’l Convoy from Bordon Station to Sqn Areas.  See Appx. No. 5.

Lindford Headley


Sky overcast, showers.  Rear party returned from Merrion Camp.  General settling down after return from Wales.  Picture show Headley Village Hall in the evening.



Bright not very warm.  Church parades to Headley Church and Halehouse Chapel.



Cloudy, Moderately Warm.  Normal training by Sqns.



Cloudy, moderately warm.  Normal training.  Officers lecture and quiz held in evening at “A” Sqn Signal Hut under direction of Mr. Goodman and the “I” staff.



Bright, very windy a few showers in the Evening.  Normal training.  Results obtained for Range and Battle Practice fired at Linney Head.  See Appx No. 7.



Bright, occasional heavy clouds.  Normal training.  “A” schools demonstration in the afternoon.  Sgts lecture and quiz in the evening at “A” Sqn signal under direction of Mr. Goodman.



Bright, moderately warm.  Normal training.  “A” echelon demonstration in the afternoon.



Bright moderately warm.  Normal training in the morning, afternoon free.



Bright, warm.  Church parade to Headley Church.  After the Service a march past was held Lt Col Morton taking the salute.  The saluting base was under the large tree opposite the Holly Bush Inn, Headley.



Sky overcast, light rain showers in morning clearing in the afternoon.  There was a short alert in the morning however there was no action in this district.  Normal training.



Bright moderately warm.  Alert sounded at 0400 Hrs this morning lasting two Hours.  No action in this district.  Regt’l run held to-day.  At B, & C Sqns ran in the morning, H.Q. Sqn in the afternoon.  “A” Sqn made the best showing followed very closely by the other Sqns.



Bright, warm.  Advance party packed and loaded ready to move to new location at Hove on the South Coast.  Normal training for the Remainder of the Regt.  Brigade Quiz on Map Reading, Field craft Etc.



Bright and warm.  Advance party left for Hove. (see Appx No. 5)  The vehicles that carried the advance party returned here late in the afternoon.  Range practices were again resumed at Conford Ranges “H.Q.” Sqn firing there in the afternoon.



Bright and warm.  Normal training.  Preparation for garden party at Pound Cottage (“C” Sqn officer’s Mess) Headley.

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