War Diary of the Fort Garry Horse Regiment (10 C.A.R.)

August 1942



Summary of Events and Information

Lindford & Headley


Bright and warm.  There was a Regtl Parade at St Lucia Barracks to-day (see D.O #181 – 31 Jul 42) Lt Col R.E.A. Morton inspected the Regt and afterwards took the salute as the Regt marched past first in Column of Troops then in Column of Route.  The officers held a garden party in the after noon at Pound Cottage.  The was well attended by local inhabitants as well as a number of Officers and their Ladies from our own and other Units.


Column of Troops is formation where the Troops march past in line, being 20 to 28 men per troop. The Troops are in three ranks, with a frontage of 6 to 9. An officer, the Troop leader would be in front, with the Troop Sergeant in the rear. As a drill movement, it is much more difficult, as the ranks must make an effort to keep their dressing from side to side while supposedly looking straight to the front.



Heavy rain showers in the morning clearing up in the afternoon.  Church Parade to Headley and Halehouse Chapel.



Bright and warm, some light showers.  Normal training.  The regt was visited by the Div. Security Police who lectured to all ranks on security.



Dull and cloudy. Preparing for the move to Hove.  Q.M. are all packed up ready for the Advance Party.  In the afternoon several officers attended a demonstration of Enemy A.F.V.s at Farnbourgh and were impressed by what they saw.  Enemy AFVs included German and Italian Tanks.  An “A” Echelon practice was held in the afternoon.



Dull some rain showers, Regt preparing for move to Hove.  General excitement all around.  Vehicles nearly all loaded by evening with the exception of kitchen vehicles.



Dull in the Morning clearing up in the afternoon.  Reveille was early this morning also Breakfast.  Kitchen vehicles and baggage was quickly loaded.  Echelon Rdv at “B” Sqn Tank party and proceeded to Frensham Common thence to Hove.  There was one casualty enroute when an "A" Sqn lorry turned over in the ditch. The driver suffered minor injuries.




Dull with over cast sky.  Some light showers in the late afternoon and evening.  The Regt is pretty well settled down with only a few minor details to be seen to.  Lt Col Morton spoke to all ranks this morning on the new phase of training that we are going into.  An area on the South Downs Training area has been allotted to us.  This evening there were several short Air Raid warning.  When the sirens went for the last warning immediately the A/A Guns opened up.  This was the first time most of the men had heard A/A fire and there was plenty of excitement.  It was reported that an enemy plane was shot down over the Channel.  H26532 Tpr. Brooks R.A. was accidentally shot by B61419 Tpr. Mitchell W.E. at Headley where both men were on the Regt’l Rear Party.  [Occurred outside the Church Gate Stores building]



Cloudy, light scattered showers.  This afternoon H26532 Tpr. Brooks, R.A. was buried in Brookside Cemetery with full Military Honours.  There was an alert this morning early and local A/A opened fire.



Bright and warm.  Sqn Training.  There was a short Alert early this morning also one at noon today.  The regt was paid this evening.  A court of enquiry was held today at Winchester, Hants.  For the purpose of inquiring into the circumstances surrounding the death of H26532 Tpr. Brooks, R.A.  President – Major E.B. Evans, Members – Capt. C.M. McLean, and Lieut. W.E.A. McMithell.



Bright and Warm, light showers in evening.  Normal training for Sqns.  Great excitement throughout the Regt on hearing the news of Canadian and Allied Landings at Dieppe.  Continuous stream of British planes over here on route to French coast.  This afternoon one of our ships was bombed just off shore and our shore batteries opened up.  The plane was brought down.  Bde orders in at 1640 hrs for men to pack and make ready to move.  Bde conferences at 1700 hrs.  However no counter measures were taken by the enemy, but the general feeling of being close to action has proved a marvellous boost to the morale and the keenness of the men.



Bright and warm.  Normal training.  Some enemy activity overhead in the evening and local A/A batteries opened up.  The Garry Volleyball team beat  the Westminster and LSH teams to win the Brigade Championship.

[Trooper J.L. Desaulnier F.G.H. D.R. signed his name again in the Church Gate Stores attic]

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