War Diary of the Fort Garry Horse Regiment (10 C.A.R.)

February 1943



Summary of Events and Information



Cloudy and cool.  Barrack rooms were evacuated at 0800 hrs and all tank crews immediately reported to the tank park first parade maintenance was carried out.  The Rear party started to clean up the barrack rooms as soon as they were vacated.  The Regiment moved off at 1000 hrs and arrived in the Lindford and Headley areas at 1130 hrs.  The run was well handled and no accidents occurred.  The remainder of the day was spent in doing maintenance and getting settled in the barracks.  Offices were set up.

Lindford and Headley, Hants


Cloudy and cool.  Most of the day was spent in getting unpacked and straightened up in the new lines.  Some of the personnel of the Regiment went as an Advance Party to the Army Scheme which is to take place in the near future.  Tpr. Lalonde A.J., who won the British Empire Medal last November, and two of his friends, namely, Tpr Conway V.G.H. and Tpr Fidler C. left for Buckingham Palace this morning to attend an Investiture held there by the King.  His Majesty shook hands with Tpr Lalonde and pinned a Medal on his chest.



Bright and fairly warm.  Normal training was carried out in addition to preparations for the coming Army Scheme.  Major E.B. Evans, who has been with Regiment since 1921, left this morning for No 2 C.A.C.R.U. on a three month course.  Major H.C. Blanchard became Second in Command of the unit.  A show called ďEscape to GloryĒ was put on in Hatchhouse barn by the Salvation Army.



Cloudy and cool.  Almost 50% of our tanks complete with crews have been loaned to Advanced Base Ordnance Depot for Tactical Employment, Regimental schools have been started on D. & M., Signals, Gunnery, N.C.O.ís  Classes and Young Officers Training.  For those not on the above schools there is training of D.R.ís, the Scout Car Troop and Range work.  Qualified personnel will have brush-up training on all subjects.



Fair and bright.  A lot of the Regimentís personnel are standing by waiting for a call to take part in the Army Scheme.  Pay parades were held from 1100 to 1330 hrs at the individual squadron lines.  Junior N.C.O.ís are having night training classes.



Bright but fairly cool.  There were clean up parades at all Squadrons followed by inspections by the Squadron O.C.ís.  In the afternoon there were voluntary sports.



Cloudy and cool but becoming warmer by noon.  There were Church parades to Headley Parish Church for the Protestants and to Headley Village Hall for the R.C.ís.  The afternoon as usual was free.

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