War Diary of the 14th Army Tank Battalion (The Calgary Regiment)

October 1941 (Volume 9)
November 1941 (Volume 10)
December 1941 (Volume 11)

The Calgary Regiment was the first Canadian armoured regiment to be quartered in Headley during WW2.

They arrived here on the 2nd October 1941, and stayed until 18th December 1941 when they moved on to Seaford.

While here, their Headquarters were at The Mount, and their squadrons were harboured in three other areas of Headley Down: on Cresta Field (at the top of Beech Hill where the Windmill estate is now); along Headley Hill Road; and by Seymour Road on the edge of Ludshott Common.

On the 19th November 1941, the regiment took delivery in Headley of its first Churchill tanks.  These were the ones eventually to be used in the ill-fated Dieppe raid exactly 9 months later, on 19th August 1942.

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