War Diary of the Fort Garry Horse Regiment (10 C.A.R.)

Apr 1942 - May 1942 - Jun 1942 - Jul 1942 - Aug 1942
Feb 1943 - Mar 1943 - Apr 1943 - May 1943

The Fort Garry HorseRegiment was the one that came back to Headley a second time during WW2.

They first arrived here on the 1st April 1942, and stayed until 6th August 1942 when they moved on to Hove.

Following the reorganisation of the Canadian Army in January 1943, they eventually found themselves posted back to Headley, arriving for the second time on 22nd February 1943, and finally leaving on 1st June 1943.

While here, their Headquarters were at Lindford, and their squadrons were harboured in Headley village.

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