Headley Parish

Our Sailors and Soldiers whom we lost in the Great War 1914-1918

See also full list of all those who fought — see List of Subscribers to the War Memorial

From a booklet published by the then rector, W.H. Laverty, in Autumn 1919. Names are in sequence as printed in the booklet. The note below explains why there are 116 men on this list, but only 96 on the War Memorial.

NOTE that in researching the background to each of these names we have found extra, and in some cases contradictory information. Full details will be published at the completion of our project in November 2018.

NOTE by Mr Laverty:-
I have retained all the names that were in my list in 1918; although one or two have had but a passing connection with the Parish. Details have been kindly revised for me by those who previously collected the information. W. H. LAVERTY.


McAndrew, Charles Arthur Worthington, 2nd Lieut. R.F.A. Killed in action in France (Shell in Dug-out) 26 April, 1917, aged 19. 2nd son of Mr. C. W. McAndrew of Headley Park.

Shepherd, James Montague Edward, Flight Commander R.F.C. Missing in France in Feb. 1917, was seen to fall over the enemy's lines. Grandson of Mrs. I'Anson, of the Chalet, nephew of Mr. E. A. Shepherd of Stream.

Legge, Victor Albert, R.F.A. Died 1916, a prisoner in Turkey, aged 28. Left a widow and 2 children, now living at Stream Farm.

Mason, George, Stoker 1st class on H.M.S. "Venerable." Lost on Active Service (explosion) April 10, 1918, aged 23. Friends live at Sandrock Cottage.

Coombes, Harry, Maxim Gun Section, 2nd Hants. Killed in action in the Dardanelles, May 8, 1915, aged 21. Son of Mr. George Coombes.

Allden, Joseph Henry, 2nd Lieut. Oxf. and Bucks L.I. Killed in action in France, April 28, 1917, aged 26. Son of Mr. William Allden of Kingsley.

Windibank, Albert Charles, H.M.S. " Dolphin." Drowned 31st Jan., 1918, aged 23. Married. Son of Mrs. Alfred Fullick of Headley Park.

Betteridge, Harry, 1st Hants. Killed in action in France May 13, 1917, aged 35. Left widow and children.

Wishart, Robert James, Sergt. 17th R.F.A. Killed in action in the gun line 26 Oct., 1918, near the town of Poix du Nord, France, aged 38. He was married to a daughter of Mr. Thomas Chiverton.


Knowles, Arthur Yalden, Lieut. R.F.A. Died of wounds 26 Aug., 1917, aged 21. Son of Mrs. Yalden Knowles, of Heath Hall, Thursley.

Woodger, Allan, R.G.A. Killed in action in France, May 23rd, 1917, aged 29. Son of Mr. Wm. Woodger of Hearne Vale.

Kemp, Frank, R.G.A, Died of influenza in France in Dec. 1918, aged 29. Son of Mr. Colin Kemp of Hearne.

Earl, Charles, 1st Hants. Wounded and Missing in France Oct 23, 1916, aged 25. 2nd Son of Mr. Hy. Earl of Hearne.

Earl, Thomas, King's Royal Rifles. Killed in action in France Sept. 24, 1918, aged 25. 3rd Son of Mr. Hy. Earl.

Earl, John, Queen's (Royal West Surrey). Missing in France, April 23, 1917, aged 22. 4th Son of Mr. Hy. Earl.


Glaysher, Sydney, 1st East Surrey Regt. Killed in action in France, October 10, 1916, aged nearly 24. One of the two sons of Mr. Geo. Glaysher.

Glaysher, Frank, R.F.A. Died of pneumonia in France, Feb. 18, 1917, aged 23. The other son of Mr. Geo. Glaysher.

Denny, Harry Robert, Bandsman, Oxf. and Bucks L.I. Killed in action (buried by a shell) at Ypres, Nov. 12, 1914, aged 23. Left a widow who has remarried and gone to Canada.

Harris, Ernest Sydney John, R.A.S.C. Killed in action in France, Sept. 11, 1917, aged 34. Son of Mrs. Charles Harris, Hammer Lane.


Stacey, Frank, 2nd Hants. Killed in action in France, July 13, 1916, aged 24. Son of Mr. William Stacey, of the Land of Nod.

Osborne, George Victor, Hampshire Regt. Killed in action at Salonika, Sept. 1, 1918, aged 30. Left a widow and children.

Chandler, Henry Eli, Wilts. Regt. Shot in spine in France, and collapsed as he was coming nearer home, on June 12,1917, aged 19. Buried at Headley, where there is a monument to his memory [No.749]. Son of Mr. Henry Chandler, of Weetie.

Rustell, William Douglas, Queen's (Royal West Surrey). Killed in action in France, about Sept. 20, 1917, aged 22. Son of Mr. Geo. Rustell, of Douglas Cottage.

Denyer, Thomas James, Australian Imp. Force. Died of wounds in France, July 6, 1917, aged 21. Son of Mr. Chas. Denyer, of Pine Cottage.

Sulman, Paul Loxton, Captain 11th Hants, M.C. Died of wounds, April 27, 1918, aged 24. Stepson of Mrs. Sulman, of Hollywood.

Swan, Joseph, Lieut. R.G.A., M.C. Killed in action in Flanders Sept. 29, 1917, aged 35. Son of Mr. C. R. Swan, of the Retreat. Left a widow and 2 children.

Shipway, Guy Maxwell, Captain the Gloucester Regiment. Killed in action in France in 1914, leaving widow and child.

Kemball, Frederick Charles Guy, 24th Hants Terr. Killed in action in France 20th July, 1918, aged 39. Brother to Mrs. Watts, of Birch Cottage.


Trigg, Alfred, Queen's (Royal West Surrey). Died of wounds 6th Dec., 1917, aged 35. Was married to a daughter of Mr. Walter Smith.

White, Joseph, Worcester Regt. Died of wounds 12th February, 1917, aged 25. Son of Mrs. William White, late of Fuller's Vale.

Viney, Percy Gilbert, Grenadier Guards. Killed in action on the Somme 25th Sept., 1916, aged 35. Son of Mr. J. H. Viney, of Budleigh.

Shrubb, William, Hampshire Regt. Killed in action in France 14th Oct., 1916, aged 28. Son of Mr. William Shrubb, of Fuller's Vale.


Stanley-Creek, R.F.S., Captain, The Queen's (Royal West Surrey). Missing in 1914. Married a daughter of Sir David Masson, and had one child.

Smith-Rewse, H. B. W., Major, R.F.A. Mortally wounded, 20th Nov., 1914, at Ypres. Married a daughter of Lady St. John.

Fenwick, M. E. E., Lieut., the Devon Regiment. Killed in action, 2nd April, 1917, aged 22. Son of Mr. Maurice G. Fenwick, R.N.

Sedden, E. McMahon, Lt.,-Col., R.G.A. Killed in action 24th June, 1917, aged 47.

Turner, Carl Arthur, Sapper, R.E. Died at Plymouth of spotted fever 28th Sept., 1916, aged 33. Son of Mr. James Turner, of South View. Left a widow and one child.

Stokes-Roberts, E., Brigadier General, R.E., C.B. Died of Pneumonia in Mesopotamia, 22nd Nov., 1917, aged 48. Mrs. Stokes-Roberts lives at Homecroft.

Rogers, Addison Howard, 13th E. Surrey Regiment. Died of Nephritis in France, 24th March, 1917, aged 37. Son of Mrs. William Rogers of the Laburnums.

Sargeaunt, Arthur Frederick, Brevet Lt.-Col., R.E. Killed in action, 31st July, 1915. Mrs. Sargeaunt and her two children live at the Elms.


Longridge, J. A., Lieut.-Col., Indian Army, C.M.G., Legion of Honour. Killed in action on the Somme 16th Aug., 1916. Mrs. Longridge lives at Bowcot,

Marshall, Albert Charles, 1st Hants. Missing on the Somme 1st July, 1916, aged 24. Son of Mr. William Marshall, of Mount Pleasant.

Marshall, William George, 6th Wilts. Killed in action, 3rd Aug., 1917, aged 30. Married. Son of Mr. William Marshall of Mount Pleasant.

Beavis, Harold Percival, 19th London Regiment. Died of wounds in France, at Loos, 25th Sept., 1915, aged 24. Son of Mr. Chas. T. Beavis, of the Orchard.

Budd, William, R.A.S.C. Discharged Aug. 1917. Died 16th April, 1918, aged 42. Left widow and 4 children.

Tuckey, William James, Lnc.-Cpl., 1st Hants. Killed at the Somme, 1st July, 1916, aged 23. Name on headstone in Churchyard [No.1179]. Son of Mrs. Wm. Tuckey, of Beech Hill.

Dowler, Walter, 39th R.F.A. Killed in action, at Ypres, 15th Nov., 1914. Left widow and child.

Tomsett, Albert, 6th Queen's (Royal West Surrey). Killed in action in France, 6th Aug., 1915. Married.


Phillimore, Jasper Prescott, Lieut., 6th Buffs. Killed in action in France, 13th Oct., 1915, aged 24. Son of Mr. Joseph Phillimore, of Newlands.

Curtis, Charles, Hampshire Regiment. Killed in action in Mesopotamia 14th April, 1916, aged 23. Son of Mrs. Curtis of Bracken Lodge.

Goodyear, Harry Edward, R.N. Killed in action at the Battle of Jutland, on H.M.S. "Black Prince," 31st May, 1916, aged 23. Son of Mrs. Martin Shrubb of Barleymow Hill.

Larby, Amos, Wiltshire Regiment. Killed in action, 9th April, 1917, aged 19. Name on headstone in Churchyard [No.749]. Son of Mr. Samuel Larby, late of Shrubb Cottage.

Hack, Henry Ernest, 7th Royal Fusiliers. Killed in action in France 30th October, 1917, aged 28. Left widow and 3 children.

Hurlock, William James, Lnc.-Cpl., 2nd Hants. Lost in H.M.T. "Royal Edward," 13 Aug., 1915, aged 29. Married a daughter of Mr. Thomas Brown, of Eashing Cottages. Son of Mr. James Hurlock, of Summer Hill.

Hurlock, Harry, Leading Seaman R.N. D.S.M. Lost in H.M.S. "Maidstone," (submarine) near Harwich, 22nd Nov., 1916, aged 24. Left widow and one child. Son of Mr. Jas. Hurlock, of Summer Hill.

Cole, Walter, Cpl., Devonshire Regt. Wounded at Mons. Died of wounds at Aldershot 19th Nov., 1914, aged 22. Lodged at Summer Hill.

Amor, William John, 11th Batt. Hants. Formerly in the 7th Wilts. Killed in action 27 Sept 1916, aged 38. Lodged at Sleaford and Summer Hill.


Stacey, George, 2nd Hants. Gassed in France, near Albert, July 1916. Died in Hospital in Ireland, 15th Feb., 1918, aged 30. Left widow and child. Buried at Headley; a monument to his memory [No.524].

Gates, William James, Leading Stoker R.N., H.M.S. "Queen." Killed in Dardanelles, while landing troops, 29th April, 1915, aged 31. Son of Mrs. Stephen Gates of Burnside.

Rogers, Henry Edward Richard, Sergt. Instructor, Hampshire Regiment. Died of fever in Mesopotamia, 7th July, 1916, aged 31. Married a daughter (remarried) of Mr. Arthur Dopson.

Viney, Bertie Joseph, Cpl., R.M.L.I., H.M.S. "Black Prince." Killed in action, 1916, aged 25. Son of Mrs. William Viney, late of Arford.

Chisnall, W. Arthur, Officers' Steward, R.N. Lost in H.M.S. "Good Hope," 1st Nov., 1914, aged 18. Son of Mr. Wm. Edw. Chisnall, of Long Cross (1st Class Warrant Officer, R.A.S.C.)

Gamblen, A. Arthur, 2nd Hants. Killed in action in France, at Hill 63, 4th Sept., 1918, aged 33. Left widow and child. Son of Mr. William Gamblen, of the Post Office.

Mileham, Frank, 6th Rifle Brigade. Died of wounds in France 11th, Jan., 1918, on his 20th Birthday. Son of Mrs. Mileham, now of Whitehill.


Berry, Wyndham Percival, 1st Hants. Killed in action in France 20th April, 1918, aged 24. Son of Mr. Geo. Berry of Bridger's Farm.

Mackenzie, Albert, Middlesex Regt. Missing, supposed killed in action in France, 30th Nov., 1917. Son of Mr. Alexander Mackenzie of Standford Green.

Mackenzie, Malcolm, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Killed in action in France, 18th July, 1916. Also a son of Mr. Alexander Mackenzie, of Standford Green.

Symons, George, Highland L.I. Killed in action 23rd March, 1918, aged 27. Was at Eveley.

Ticknor, John, Grenadier Guards. Died of wounds, 12th Oct., 1916. Also was at Eveley.


Blackman, Harry, 14th Devons. Died of pneumonia in France 27th Feb., 1917, aged 36. Son of Mr. Andrew Blackman.

Budd, Henry, R.G.A. Killed in Railway accident in Egypt 6th June, 1918, aged 33. Buried in Cairo new cemetery. Left a widow and 3 children.

Bullock, George William, R.M.L.I. Lost with H.M.S. "Good Hope," 1st Nov., 1914, aged 30. Left widow (who has remarried) and two children.

Fisher, Frederick, Co. Q.M.S., 2nd Hants, D.C.M. (see Times of 7th Sept., 1915). Killed in action in Dardanelles 7th Aug., 1915, aged 23. Son of Mr. Hy. Fisher, of Riverside.

Duke, Frank, The Gloucester Regiment. Killed in action in France, 18th Aug., 1916, aged 30. Son of Mrs. Duke of Hollywater.

Lee, Ambrose, Grenadier Guards. Died of wounds at West Croydon 5th Jan., 1918, aged 40. Married.

Matthews, Job, 1st Hants. Killed in action (Gas Poisoning) 9th Aug., 1916, aged 26. Son of Mrs. Job Matthews, Hollywater Field.

Newland, Henry, jun., 6th Royal West Surrey. Killed in action in France 3rd July, 1916. Son of Mr. Henry Newland of Hollywater.


Platt, John Lewis, 54th R.F.A. Died of wounds at Newcastle 15th Nov., 1914, aged 33. Left a widow and child.

Christie, George, R.A.S.C. Killed in action at Salonika, early in 1917. Brother to Mrs. F. T. Groves.

Quinnell, Leonard, 3rd Hants. Missing, April 1917. Son of Mr. Wm. Chas. Quinnell, R.F.A., of Whitehill.

Read, Edwin James, R.G.A. and R.A.S.C. Medals, Boxer War and South Africa (2). Invalided, heart trouble, and died 28th June, 1917, aged 41. Mrs. Read lives at Shamrock Cottage.

Woodyer, Laurence, Royal Berkshires. Missing at Miramont in February, 1917, aged 19. Son of Mr. Woodyer of Arnold's Cottages.

Silvester, Ernest Arthur, Corpl. Rifle Brigade. Died of wounds at Etaples, 23rd September, 1915, aged 32. Left widow and child.

Bird, Richard Walter, Sergt. R.F.A. Killed in action in France in 1918. Left widow and family.

Blows, Horace, R.F.A. Killed in action at Cambrai 20th Jan., 1918, aged 29. Left widow and child.

North, Wilfred James, Hampshire Regt. Made prisoner at Kut. Died, aged 21, between 1st Sept., 1916, and 30th Nov., 1917. Son of Mr. Elijah North, of Allotment Road.

Blake, Sydney, Corpl. 4th Hants. Killed in action in France in 1917.

Cannon, Bertram, 2nd Hants. Killed in action in France 10th August, 1916, aged 22. Married a daughter of Mr. George Gardner.

Gardner, William, 1st Devons. Killed in action at Mons, in 1914, aged 22. Son of Mr. George Gardner.

Gordon, Samuel, K.O.S.B. Died a prisoner at Langensalza, 27th July, 1917, aged 26. Married a daughter of Mr. George Gardner.

Painting, Edward Charles, Hampshire Regt. 2 South Africa Medals, 3 Bars. Died at Boulogne, 5th November, 1914, aged 34. Left widow (remarried).


Allen, Alfred Thomas, Gloucester Regt. Died of wounds at Hazebrouck, 30th July, 1917, aged 21. Buried in the cemetery at Hazebrouck. Son of Mr. Vernon Allen.

Mahoney, Ralph, 15th Hants. Killed in action in France, 20th Sept., 1917, aged 19. Son of Mrs. Mahoney, of the Firs.

Adams, Charles William, R.G.A., formerly R.M.L.I. Died of wounds at Bradford 28th April, 1918, aged 38. Married the daughter of Mr. Robert Tebbutt.

Munden, Arthur Thomas, 4th Hants. Died in France of Gunshot wounds, head and face, 19th April, 1917, aged 31. Left widow and child.

Greene, Gilbert Dennis James, Lieut. R.F.A., attached to R.F.C. Killed in Air-Fight after having brought down one German aeroplane, 13th March, 1916, aged 22. Son of Dr. Greene of Sandymount.

Knowles, Jonathan Edward, Capt. 4th Middlesex. Killed in action in France in 1914, aged 32. Mrs. Knowles is the owner of Whitehill Chase.

Hawarden, Robert Cornwallis, Viscount, Lieut. Coldstream Guards. Killed in action, 1914, aged 24. Formerly of Whitehill Chase.


Kemp, Martin, Farrier Q.M.S., R.A.S.C. Died 9th Dec., 1916.

Godsmark, William Henry, Q.M.S., R.F.A. Died of wounds in France 21st October, 1915, aged 35. Left a widow (who remarried) and two boys.

Wilson, Sydney Herbert, Sergt., R.F.A. Killed in action in France 23rd Dec., 1917, aged 31. Left widow and child.

Ramsden, Richard, Corpl., S.A.I. Missing in France 24th March 1918, aged 27. Married to a daughter of Mrs. Wm. Chandler. Left widow and child.

Elkins, Frederick George, L/Corpl., Bucks Territorials. Wounded and missing in France, 22nd August, 1917, aged 33. Left widow and one child.

Kent, Arthur, L/Corpl. R.M.L.I. Killed in action in Dardanelles 1st May, 1915, aged 34. Left widow and child.

Dalton, Garrett, Corpl. Saddler, R.F.A. Killed in action 30th Oct., 1914, aged 35. Left widow (remarried) and two children.

Hayter, Ernest, East Yorks. Was frost-bitten and invalided. Rejoined and was killed in action in France 12th April, 1918, aged 30. Son of Mrs. Hayter of Lindford Chase.

Moss, Charles James, Corpl., Duke of Cornwall's L.I. Killed in action in France, 16th June, 1915, aged 22. Son of Mr. Charles Moss of Headley Street.

Budd, Edward Kennett, Q.M.S., Royal Engineers. Died at Calais 25th Sept., 1917, aged 44. Married a daughter of Mr. John Viney, of Budleigh. Died on the same day as his relative Percy G. Viney, of the Grenadier Guards.

Dorrington, Harry, son of Mr. J. T. Dorrington, of Elm Villas. Killed by an explosion of munitions at Cliffe-at-Hoo, in October, 1917, aged 28. Left widow and child.

Reid, Alec William, Lieut., K.R.S.B., attached to R.F.C. Missing at Bois Bernard, 4th March, 1917, aged 20. Son of Major Reid, of Hope Cottage.

Caine, William James, 2nd Dragoon Guards. Killed in action in France, 25th February, 1915, aged 29. Son of Mr. John Harding Caine, of Mount Pleasant. Left widow and three children.

Caine, John, Royal Marines. Died of wounds in France, 26th August, 1917, aged 34. Also a son of Mr. John Harding Caine.

Whiting, Frederick Henry, Queen's (Royal West Surrey). Killed in action in France, 20th May, 1917, aged 40. Son of Mr. William Whiting, of Mount Pleasant.

Munday, Ernest Tom, R.G.A. Killed in France, by explosion of ammunition dump, 24th September, 1917, aged 23. Son of Mr. Stephen Munday, of Florence Villas.

Fullick, Frederick Edward, 7th Queen's. Killed by a sniper in France, 2nd November, 1915, aged 29. Son of Mr. Walter Fullick, of Rose Cottages.

Gardiner, Arthur Henry, 1st Hants. Lost a foot in the war in 1914, and died 24th January, 1916, aged 37 [Monument No.696]. Left a widow (remarried) and children.

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Our Sailors and Soldiers, 1918

Full list of Sailors and Soldiers from Headley Parish in the 1914-1918 War.
From a booklet published by the then rector, W.H. Laverty, in February 1918. Names are in sequence as printed in the booklet.

Duffus, Francis, Lt.-Col., A.S.C. Awarded the C.M.G.
Dick, Martin Forster, Lt.-Col., K.E. Horse.
Barge, Kenneth, Major, 17th Cavalry. D.S.O., M.C.
McAndrew, Gerald A., Lieut., Hants.
McAndrew, Charles. A. W., Lieut:, R.F.A. Killed in action, 1917.
Shepherd, James M.E., Flight Commander, R.F.C. Missing,1917.
Adams, Raymond, Lieut., Mechanical Transport.
Neagle, James, Royal Navy.
Legge, Victor A., R.F.A. Died, 1916, a prisoner in Turkey.
Denne, Edward, Harry, and Tom. Royal Navy.
Wood, Frank H. E., Naval Air Service. Shot in aeroplane.
Wood, Luther S., Corporal, R.F.A. Gassed.
Wood, George R. E., R.G.A.
Carnall, W., Sergt.-Maj., K.R.R. M.C. Died of shock.
Phillips, Thomas H., Corpl., Queen's. Shell shock, 1916.
Mason, George, Royal Navy.
Souch, Fred, Hants. Prisoner of war.
Coombes, William Thomas, Somerset Regt.
Coombes, Harry, Hants. Killed in Dardanelles, May 8th, 1915.
Spreadbarrow, William B., King's Dragoon Guards.
Spreadbarrow, John, Hants. A prisoner.
Blanchard, Arthur, Gunner, R;G.A.
Blanchard Clarence, Wilts, Lost a leg, July 4th, 1916.
Grover, William, Stoker, R.N.
Allden, Joseph Hy., Lieut., Ox. and Bucks L.I. Killed in action, 1917.
Bradshaw, H. J. Pole, O.C. Electric L. and P., Bordon.
Knight, Albert, Hants. Has been wounded in right cheek.
Windibank, Albert Charles, Royal Navy. Drowned 1918 on active service.
Fullick, Charles, Royal Warwickshires. Wounded and invalided.
Fullick, Alfred, Hants.
Betteridge, Harry, Harry, Hants. Killed in action, 1917.
Howard, A. G., Corpl., Gloucesters.
Williams, Cecil J., Queen's (Royal West Surrey).
Williams, Alan G., R.F.A.
Glaysher, Henry J., R.A.M.C.
Glaysher, Percy Charles, Sergt., Devons. Has been wounded.
Glaysher, Arthur George, Lincolns. Discharged 1918.
Peters, E. Clay, T.R.B.
Chiverton, Charles, Lce.-Corpl., R.E. Has been burnt in leg.
Wishart, Robert James, Sergt., R.F.A. Has been wounded.
Marden, Fred., Devons. Discharged.
Marden, Edwin J., R.N. Reserve. Wounded by shrapnel.
Marden, Maurice S., Royal Navy.
Hayden, William, Stoker, R.N.
Stonard, Percy Chas., Somerset L.I.

Knowles, John Yalden, Lieut., Royal West Surrey.
Knowles, Arthur Yalden, Lieut., R.F.A. Died of Wounds, 1917.
Knowles, F. G. Yalden, Lieut., A.S.C.
Deane, Jesse, Sergt., Military Police. Slightly gassed at Ypres.
Woodger, Allan, Gunner, R.G.A. Killed in action, 1917.
Woodger, Percy John, Gunner, R.G.A. Wounded.
Woodger, James, Corpl., Hussars. Was gassed at Ypres.
Woodger, Harry, Corpl., R.F.A.
Hillman, Joseph, Australian, R.O.D., R.E.

Kemp, Frank, R.G.A.
Kemp, George, R.G.A. Accident with horse. Discharged.
Kemp, Thomas, Sergt., R.F.A.
Kemp, Charles, Gunner, R.G.A.
Kemp, Martin W., R.F.A.
West, Robert G., Driver, R.G.A.
Glaysher, Wilfrid, Gloucestershire Regt.
Hounsome, Frank Mells, Gloucesters. Mentioned in despatches.
Erle, Henry, R.A.M.C. Discharged.
Erle, Charles, Hants. Wounded and missing. 1916.
Erle, John, Queen's (Royal West Surrey). Missing, April, 1917.
Erle, Thomas, King's Royal Rifles.
Erle, George, Grenadier Guards.
Mears, William, Coy.-Sergt.-Major, Bedfords. Prisoner of war.
Glaysher, Albert G., Lancers. Badly kicked but rejoined.
Glaysher, Sydney, East Surrey Regt. Killed, October l0th, 1916.
Glaysher. Frank, R.F.A. Died in France, Jan. 1917.
Dopson, George. R.G.A.
Boyce, William George, Royal Engineers.
Mullard, William, Hussars.
Mullard, James, Shoeing Smith, A.V.C.
Mullard, Ernest, A.S.C.
Mullard, George, A.S.C.
Elson, George, Hants.
Cunnington, Cecil R., Sergt., A.S.C. Has been wounded.
Denny, Harry, Oxfordshire L.I. Killed at Ypres, Nov. 12th, 1914.
Pride, Frederick, Driver, Mechanical Transport.
Taylor, George, Sussex Regt.
Bunyan, John D., Royal Engineers. Ankle broken.
Elson, William, East Surrey Regt. Wounded. Discharged.
EIson, Charles, Queen's. Gassed and wounded.
Matthews, E. George, Sergt., Northumberlands. Wounded & gassed.
Nicolson, Robert, late Mounted Police. Discharged.
Glaysher, Charles, Corpl., Canadian Artillery. Military Medal.
Glaysher, William, Hussars. Has been wounded in head.
Glaysher, Frank, R.G.A.
EIson, Henry, Queen's. Wounded leg and hand. Discharged.
Elson, James, Sussex Regt.
Harris, Ernest, Labour Batt. Killed in France.
Harris, Alfred, Lincolnshire Regt. Wounded in shoulder.
Harris, Thomas, Hants.
Marshall, Walter J., Hants.
Marshall, Cecil C., Queen's. Wounded twice. Military Medal.
Walker, Oscar, Royal Engineers.
Glaysher, Willie, Queen's.
Hurry, Edward, Sub. Lieut., Royal Navy.

Stacey, Harry, Queen's (Royal West Surrey). Wounded.
Stacey, Arthur, Lc.-Corpl, Hampshire Regt. Twice Wounded.
Stacey, Frank, Hampshire Regt. Killed in action, 1916.
Stacey, William, Royal Berks.
Stacey, Charles, Royal Fusiliers.
Stacey, Frederick, Corpl., Notts., Machine Gun Corps. Has been wounded.
Croucher, Harry Edw., Sergt., A.S.C.
Gregory, Harry, Army Veterinary Corps.

Nasmyth-Wilson, Robert G., Lieut., Mechanical Transport.
Osborne, Geo. Victor, Hants.
Chandler, Henry E., Wilts. Died of wounds, June, 1917.
Chandler, William R., R.M.L.I. Prisoner of war.
Coombes, Albert Ernest, Hants.
Rustell, William D., Queen's. Killed in action, Sept. 1917.
Kenward, Frank, R.G.A.
Lee, Harry, Corpl., Sherwood Foresters.
Willis, Edwin, R.G.A.
Willis. Sydney J ., R.G.A.
Willis, Albert Geo., R.F.C.
Willis, Stanley, Hants.
Willis, William Henry. Prisoner of war.
Bartlett, William Geo., R.G.A.
Silvester, Francis G., A.S.C.
Holder, James, Queen's. Wounded and discharged.
Massey-Cooke, W. E., Lieut., Canadian R.E. Prisoner of war.
White, Henry, Sergt., Provisional Batt. Wounded and deaf.
Denyer, William, Royal Navy.
Denyer, John, Royal Navy.
Denyer, Tom, Australian Imp'l Force. Died of wounds, 1917.
Coombes, Edward Geo., Hants. Hurt in Egypt.
Rummens, Leonard, Mechanical Transport.
Lemon, George, A.S.C.
Fyfield, Frank, Hants. Wounded in thigh.
Sulman, Paul Loxton, Capt., Hants.
Swan, Sydney Bartlett, Capt., Gloucesters.
Swan, Joseph, Lieut., R.G.A. Killed in action 1917.
Obee, Herbert G., Hants.
Webb, George R., Corpl., Mechanical Transport.
Coombes, George, R.F.C.
Parkinson, Claude Fred., Artist's Rifles.
Baker, R. G., Co.-Sergt.-Major, Canadians. Twice wounded.
Williams, J. H., Sergt., Canadians.
Edmonds, A. J., Staff Sergt., A.G.S.
Jones, E. S., Sergt., Canadians. Wounded.
Stewart, S. B., Royal Engineers.
Bootie, James Albert, Sergt.-Major, Canadians.
Lawson, William P., Q.M.-Sergt., Canadians. Wounded.
Wallace, William, Sergt.-Major, Canadians.
Theobald, J. W., Lieut., R. E.
Radici, A. H., Lt.-Col., Gloucesters. M.C. Mentioned in despatches.
Maxey, George M., Canadians.
Anderson, James, Sergt., Scots Greys. Discharged.
Anderson, James, jun., R.F.A.
Anderson, Thomas, Lc.-Corpl., Dublin Fusiliers. Wounded and gassed.
Shipway, Guy M., Capt., Gloucesters. Killed in action, 1917.
Godbolt B., Captain, Suffolk Regt.
Cotton, Richard Henry, R.F.C.
Kemball, F. C. G., Hants.
Parratt, Charles. Lost with H.M.S. "Cressy."
Bickford, Jack, Hants. At munitions.
Upfold, Leonard, Queen's. Has been wounded.
Coombes, Edward, Hants. Wounded, July, 1917.
White, Percy, Irish Dragoon Guards. Wounded.

Triggs, Wm. Langford, R.E.
Windibank, F. E., R.E.
Heather, Fred T., A.S.C.
Rogers, Herbert, A.S.C.
Smith, Reg. Cuthbert, Queen's.
Trigg, Alfred, Queen's. Died of wounds, 1917.
Blanchard, William, R.F.C.
Blanchard, George.
Ledger, J. B., 1st Lieut., Royal Navy.
Bonham, C. B., Lt.-Col., Royal Engineers.
Brown, William J., Sergt., R.F.A. Wounded.
White, William, Queen's (Royal West Surrey). Twice wounded.
White, Joseph, Worcestershire Regt. Died of wounds, Feb., 1917.
White, Maurice, Shoeing Smith, Hussars.
Chandler, Thomas, Hants.
Coldicutt, Ernest, R.F.A.
Whatmore, Frank George, Sergt., R.G.A.
Holmes, George, Wiltshire Regt.
Kemp, William C., R.F.C. Hurt.
Viney, A. Cecil, R.A.M.C. Military Medal.
Viney, Percy, Grenadier Guards. Killed in action, Sept., 1916.
Whittington, William, A.S.C., attached to R.F.A.
Pearce, George, Mechanical Transport.
Woodford, Albert, R.F.A.
Woodford, Frederick, Hants.
Woodford, Charles Sydney, Berks.
Woodford, William, Cheshires. Twice wounded.
Anderson, Harry, Bedfords.
Figg, Alfred, Royal Navy.
Cousins, Charles H., A.S.C.
Le Feuvre, William Hy., Hants.
Shrubb, William, Hants. Killed October 14th, 1916.
Shrubb, Frederick, Somerset L.I.
Stevenson, Edmund P., Ward Attendant, H.M. Hospital Ship.
Small, Benjamin Frank, Cameron Highlanders.

Phillips, John Rouse, Lieut., R.F.A.
Field, Sydney R., Major, R.F.A. Has been wounded.
Welman, John B., Hon. Artillery Company.
Perry, Francis Frederick, C.M.G., C.I.E., Lt.-Col., I.M.S
Curtis, Richard Henry, Lieut., I. of W. Rifles.
Stanley-Creek, R.F.S., Captain, Queen's. Missing, 1914.
Rawlings, Fred. George, Hants.
Rawlings, Reg. Charles, R.A.M.C.
Smith-Rewse, H. B. W., Major, R.F.A. Mortally wounded, 1914.
Penwick, M. E. E., Lieut., Devons. Killed in action, 1917.
Sedden, E. McMahon, Lt.-Col., R.G.A. Killed in action, 1917.
Tapp, J. Hanson, Lieut.-Col., R.F.A.
Tapp, D. Hanson, Lieut., 114th Mahrattas.
Tapp, G. Hanson, Gentleman Cadet.

Browne, E., Lieut., (lateS.A.I.)
Turner, Carl A., R.E. Died, Sept., 28th, 1916.
Stokes-Roberts, E., C.B. Brig.-General, R.E. Died in Mesopotamia, 1917.
Hill-Whitson, E. C., Major, Royal Scots. Wounded.
Piesse, Alexander C., Capt., A.V.C.
Schofield, Herbert. Lt.-Col., Welch Regiment.
Balfry, John Morday, Acting Air Mechanic.
Bewsher, Frederick W., M.C. Capt. and Brigade Major, B.E.F.
Norris, C. H. Capt., R.F.A. Shell shock.
Norris, C. W. Midshipman, Royal Navy.
Rogers, Addison H., East Surrey. Died in France, 1917.
Wakeford, Robert Cecil, Grenadier Guards. Wounded, July, 1917.
Wakeford, Albert F., R.G.A.
Wakeford, Henry James, Royal Engineers.
Cohen, Morris, Co.-Serg.-Major, Dublin Fusiliers. Wounded and gassed.
Pritchard, Tom Southwell, Devons. Discharged, JuJy, 1917.
Suter, Percy, 1st Class Air Mechanic, R.F.C.
North, Bertie, Signaller, Hants.
North, Henry James, Stoker, Royal Navy.
Heather, William James, Royal Warwicks.
Sargeaunt, A. F., Lt.-Col., R.E. Killed in action, 1915.

Longridge, J. A., C.M.G., Legion of Honour, Lieut.-Col., I.A. Killed in action, 1916.
Hubbuck, Rupert, Lieut., R.F.A. Invalided.
Hubbuck, Geoffrey, Lieut., Hants. Mentioned in despatches.
Hinchliff, Woodbine, Lieut., on Staff.
Chiverton, Albert, Hants. Wounded.
Hopkins, Thomas, Sussex. Wounded and discharged.
Marshall, Albert Charles, Hants. Killed in action, 1916.
Marshall, James, Berks.
Marshall, Leonard, Dorsets. Crippled one foot.
Marshall, William G., Wilts. Killed in action, 1917.
Marshall, Samuel, R.F.A.
Dopson, William, Royal Engineers.
Dopson, Frank, Wilts. Wounded 1917.
Beavis, Harold, London Regt. Died of wounds.
Beavis, George, Field Post Office.
Hack, William Herbert, R.G.A.
Loe, G. Pratley, Royal Engineers.
Dopson, James, Hants. Discharged.
Bond, Walter A., Saddler, A.S.C.
Chiverton, Sam, A.S.C. Invalided.
Knight, James, Royal Marine L.I.
White, Arthur, Hants.
Denyer, A. C. Queen's. Wounded and discharged.
Gatcum, Harry, R.G.A.
Smith, James, Hants.
Swayne, Arthur G., Sergt., A.S.C.
Swayne, Wm. Fred, Sergt., A.S.C.
Swayne, E. Frank, Corpl., R.N.D. Wounded.
Wood, Sydney, R.F.C.
Budd, Wm., A.S.C. Discharged, Aug., 1917.

Kay, Hy. Graeme Aytoun. Lieut., R.F.A., attached Anti-Aircraft. Wounded.
Holdaway, John, Northamptonshires. Has trench fever.
Holdaway, William, Hants. Prisoner of war.
Snow, Percy. M., Sergt., Bedfords. Wounded and discharged.
Tuckey, William J., Hants. Killed, July 1st, 1916.
Marshall, Charles, Sergt., Welsh Regt.
Marshall, Jim. Devons.
Coombes, A. John, Royal Navy.
Coombes, Ernest E., Royal Navy.
Coombes, Herbert Henry, Somerset L.I.
Burrows, William Fred., R.F.A.
Fyfield, Walter B., Stoker, Royal Navy.
Fyfield, William E., Carpenter, Royal Navy.
Fyfield, Harvey Henry; R.G.A.
Courtnage, Percy John, Engine Driver. A.S.C.
Ruffell, George, Wessex R.F.A.
Brown, Wr. William Geo., Hants.
White, Gilbert, Hussars.
Paull, Wm., Royal Navy.
Deadman, Frederick, R.G.A.
Trigg, Allan, Hants.
Aldridge, Harry, Wilts. Wounded, Jan., 1917.
Aldridge, Arthur, Machine Gun Corps.
Deadman, George, R.F.A.
White, George Edw., Hants.
White, Reginald, Queen's.
Denyer, George, Royal Navy.
Dowler, Walter, R.F.A. Killed in action, Nov 18th, 1914.
Reene, Leonard L., Somersets.
Tomsett, Albert, Queen's. Killed, August 6th, 1915.
Randall, Henry, Wessex R.G.A. Wounded, June, 1917.
Jefferies, Leonard S., Mechanical Transport.
Dean, George, Queen's.
Small, Charles, Mechanical Transport.
Allden, James Knight, Westminster Dragoons, Lieut. Egyptian Lab. Corps..

Phillimore, Philip George, Major, A.S.C.
Phillimore, Stephen, Lieut.-Commander, Royal Navy.
Phillimore, Jasper Prescott, Lieut., Buffs. Killed in action, 1915.
Paddon, Harry, A.S.C. Motor Ambulance.
Curtis, Charles. Hants. Missing in Mesopotamia.
Curtis, Percy, Corpl., R.M.A.
Hack, George, Stoker, Royal Navy. Hurt, 1917.
Hack, Victor C., Irish Fusiliers.
Hack, Fred J., Military Medal, Hants. Wounded.
Hack, Albert Edward. Discharged and recalled.
Smith, Edward, Petty Officer, Royal Navy.
Nash, Fred John, Royal Marine L.I.
Goodyear, Harry Edw., R.N. Killed in action; 1916.
Stewart, William A., R.F.A.
Mason, Laurence, Military Cross, Captain, R.A.

Courtnage, C. George, Hants. Wounded, 1917.
Courtnage, William H., Hants.
Courtnage, Ernest, Wilts.
Courtnage, Richard, Territorial Rifle B.
Burrows, Luke Jas., Petty Officer, Royal Navy.
Burrows, H. Samuel, Driver, A.S.C.
Burrows, Christopher, Driver, A.S.C.
Coombes, James, Hussars. Wounded and invalided out.
Stearns, Edmund, S. Africans.
Larby, Edward, Royal Sussex.
Larby, Amos, Wilts. Killed in action, 1917.
Marshall, James Charles, Hants.
Hurlock, William, Lce.-Corpl., Hants. Lost in "Royal Edward."
Russell, John James, R.H.A.
Johnson, James, Corpl., A.S.C.
Parfect, Fred Oscar, Royal Engineers.
Ralph, William Reginald, Steward, Royal Navy.
Ralph, Frederick John, Hants. Twice wounded.
Freeman, Lewis, South African Scottish.
Trigg, George, R.E.
Trigg, Archibald P., Warwicks.
Trigg, Reginald, Hants. Wounded in face.
Trigg, William, Hants.
Bond, Thomas, Grenadier Guards.
Ward, Charles, Royal Navy. Discharged.
King, Joseph, R.F.A. Wounded.
Coombes, Frederick, Officer's Cook, R.N.
Coombes, Charlie, Hants Carabineers.
Hack, Henry Ernest, Queen's. Killed in action, 1917.
Hurlock, Harry, Submarine. Received D.S.M. Lost at sea.
Burrows, Tom, Hants. Invalided.
Cole, Walter, Devonshire Regt. Died of wounds, Nov. 19th, 1917.
Smith, George Alfred, late King Edward's Horse.
Moore, John A. L., Military Mounted Police.
Stacey, George, Hants. Gassed July, 1916.
Gale, William, Stoker, Royal Navy.
White, Robert, Hants.

Smith, Albert, R.F.A.
Gates, Cyrus S., Hants.
Gates, Alfred, Royal Warwicks.
Gates, William, R.N. Killed in Dardanelles, April 27th 1915.
Hayden, Jesse C., Stoker, Royal Navy.
Rogers, Hy. Edward, Sergt. Instructor, Hants. Died in Mesopotamia.
Brown, George Thomas, Hants.
Brown, James, Hants.
White, Martin, Hussars. Twice wounded.
Lebretto, Lewis, A.V.C.

Hooper, Richard Grenside, D.S.O., Major, 21st Lancers.
Parham, Percy A., Queen's (Royal West Surrey). Wounded.
Parham, Frederick S., Royal Navy.
Parham, Bernard S., Devons.
Durrant, Albert, Stoker, Submarine.
Viney, Hy. Wm., R.M.L.I.
Viney, Bertie J., Corpl., R.M.L.I. Killed in action, 1916.
Viney, Reg. Geo., Royal Naval Reserve.
Viney, Leonard Stanley, Royal Fusiliers.
Bayliss, C., Q.M.S., R.O.D., R.E.
Tidey, Sydney, Wiltshires.
Scott, James, Sergt., South African Scottish.
Deane, Charles, Dorsets. Wounded.
Passingham, Frederick, Hants.
Beach, Albert, Howitzer Brigade, R.F.A.
Dawes, Alfred, Petty Officer, R.N.
Lickfold, John Edward, Mechanical Transport.
Bellinger, Archibald, Dorsetshire Regt.
White, James, R.F.A. Has been wounded.
Webber, William Hy., Somerset L.I.
Harris, George, Royal Berks.
Chuck, Stanley, Corpl., R.F.C.
Chisnall, Wm. Edward, lst Class Warrant Officer, A.S.C.
Chisnall, W. Arthur, Royal Navy. Lost in "Good Hope," 1914.
Chisnall, Albert E., Staff-Sergt., A.S.C.
Chisnell, George H., Sergt., A.S.C.
Gamblen, Henry G., 1st A.B., Royal navy.
Gamblen, Albert J., R.F.A.
Barlow, V. G., Lieutenant, R.F.A.
Plummer, Herbert, R.F.A. Has been wounded.
Gamblen, A. Arthur, Hants.
Gamblen, George V., Royal Engineers.
Mileham, Frank, Rifle Brigade. Died of wounds, 1918.
Thackeray, Reg. Hartley, Capt., General Staff.

Branson, James R. B., Capt., A.O.D.
Berry, Arnold, Stoker, Royal Navy. Invalided.
Cooper, Thomas, Berks. Discharged.
Taylor, William, Hants.
Carter, Frederick, Mechanical Transport.
Foggarty, B., Sergt.-Major, A.S.C. Has been wounded.
Garnett, William, R.F.C. Has been wounded.
Gordon, Elrington, Sergt., R.E.
Foard, Harry, R.G.A.
Kelly, Edward, Sergt.-Major, R.F.C. Twice in despatches.
Borrow, Walter, Staff-Sergt. Instr., M.G.Corps (Cav.)
Small, Sam, R.E.
Tagg, George, Welsh Regt. Was wounded Oct. 3lst, 1914.
Tilbury, Wilfred J., R.M.L.I.

Mackenzie, William, Corpl., Hants.
Mackenzie, Alexander, Coldstream Guards.
Mackenzie, Albert, Herts. Killed in action, 1917.
Mackenzie, Malcolm, A. and S. Highlanders. Killed in action.
Kent, William, Engineer, Royal Navy.
Smith, Ernest Hy., Royal Navy. Crushed foot.
Smith, Percy, Hants. Wounded, 1917. Trench fever.
Roberts, Ronald, Royal Navy.
Stubbington, Ernest, Hants.
Denyer, William Hy., R.E. Gassed.
Beck, Charles Herbert, Lieut., R.E. Has been wounded.
Beale, W., Lieut., R.G.A.
Small, Herbert, Gloucesters.
Small, Harry, Hants.
Elstone, James, Devons.
Whitehorn, Thomas, Royal Navy.
Barnes, Reuben, Royal Engineers.
Nicholls, Colin, Lce.-Corpl., Hants.
Nicholls, Rowland, Berks. Wounded, 1917.
Symons, George, Highland L.I.
Ticknor, John, Grenadier Guards. Died of wounds.
Andrews, A. E., King's Dragoon Guards.
Rogers, Arthur, King's Dragoon Guards.

Blackman, Harry, Devons. Died in France, 1917.
Grant, Arthur Geo., Army Road Battalion.
Raby, Joseph, Northamptonshires. Wounded and discharged.
Budd, Jack, R.H.A.
Budd, Harry, R.G.A.
Bullock, George W., R.M.A. Lost with H.M.S. "Good Hope."
Sampson, Albert W., Hants. Wounded.
Jones, Edward, Hants.
Brown, George Henry, Sergeant, Warwicks.
Fisher, Frederick D.C.M., Sergt., Hants. Killed in action, 1915.
Fisher, William, Berks.
Small, Albert, N.C.C.
Small, Frederick, Devons.
Eames, Arthur, Warwicks. Twice wounded. Feet frozen.
Eames, Herbert Stanley, A.S.C. Eyes and hand bad.
Eames, Thomas, Sergt., Rifle Brigade.
Tuer, James, Mil. M., Serbian Gold M., Sergt.-Instr., S.A.I. Thrice wounded.
Chiverton, William, R.M.L.I.
Warner, Jack Edmund, Dragoon Guards.
Warner, James, R.M.A.
Jutton, Herbert Charles, Sergt.-Instr., Manchester Regt. Wounded.
Duke, Frank, Gloucesters. Killed in action, 1916.
Chandler, William, Labour Battalion.
Hunt, Fred., Hants. Has been wounded.
Whiting, Frederick, Queen's (Royal West Surrey).
Stilwell, John Hy., Wessex R.F.A
Gauntlett, Percy, Welsh Regt.
Carter, Horace, W. H., Leading Signalman, R.N.
Carter, A. George, Hants.

Lee, A., Grenadier Guards. Died of wounds, 1918.
Matthews, Job, Hants. Killed in action, August 9th, 1916.
Matthews, Benjamin, Berks, Labour Company.
Matthews, Charles, Wilts. Gassed and wounded.
Matthews, David, Sussex Regt. Wounded,1917.
Matthews, Rufus, Hants.
Matthews, William Hy., Royal Navy.
Matthews, Christopher, Royal Navy.
Barnett, Charles, A.S.C.
Lane, Joseph, Gloucesters. Twice wounded.
Pidgley, Henry. D.C.M., Sergt.-Instr., Hants. Has been wounded.
Newland, Henry, sen., Hants.
Newland, Henry, jun., Queen's. Killed in action.
Kent, Philip, Lieut., R.N .

Kay, J. E. Bertram, Lieut., Machine Gun Corps.
Hayter, Alfred, Hants. Temporarily invalided.
Barnes, George, Hants.
Barnes, Thomas H., Hants, Government work.
Barnes, Arthur, Royal Navy.
Barnes, Lasham M., Royal Navy.
Foard, Harry, Hants.
Foard, James, Royal Engineers.
Garrard, Percy E., Royal Engineers.
Kilburn, Bert, R.E. Hurt: a horse fell on him.
King, Arthur, Sergt., Rifle Brigade.
Filtness, George, Sergt., A.S.C.
Weeks, Fred John, Military Medal, Post Office Rifles.
Chandler, William, Labour Batt.
Gillett, H. C., Labour Batt., Ordnance Corps.
Pharo, Albert, A V.C.
Pharo, William, Sergt., Hants Yeomanry. Shell shock.
Hankins, William, Sergt., Machine Gun Section.
Cook, David, R.F.A. Gassed.
Atwell, Charles, Corpl., S.W. Borderers.
Platt, John L., R.F.A. Died of wounds, Nov. 15th, 1914.
Franklin, William, Lancers.
Austin, Malcolm, Sergt., Lancers.
Davenport, V., Regt.-Sergt.-Major, Borders, D.C.M., etc.
Gregory, Bert, Co.-Sergt.-Major, K.O. Lancaster Regt.
Larby, George, Worcesters, Labour Company.
Christie, George, A.S.C. Killed in action, 1917.
Christie, Victor, Hants. Prisoner of war.
Groves, Fred T., A.S.C. Invalided.
Quinnell, Wm. Charles, R.F.A.
Quinnell, William U., R.F.A. Twice wounded.
Quinnell, Leonard, Hants. Missing, April, 1917.

Bentote, Claude, R.E.
Hann, David, A.S.C.
Poulter, Fred, Devons Lab. Batt.
Webb, Arthur, Corpl., R.E. Invalided.
Bradley, Reginald, Isle of Wight Rifles. Wounded Nov. 1917.
Marks, John, Wilts. Wounded.
Marks, Edw., Training Reserve.
Smith, Leonard H., Sergt. Instructor, S.A.I.
Etherington, George S., Queen's. Prisoner of war.
Baldwin, William, R.F.A. Twice wounded.
Baldwm, James H., R.G,A. Shrapnel wound.
Haynes, Tom, Corpl., Buffs. Lab. Batt.
Mead, Fredk., Corpl., R.E. Has been wounded.
Bruce, Jas. Robert, S. African Scottish. Wounded.
Matthews, James, Bedfordshire Regt.
Jones, Henry, Sergt., late Welsh Regt. Guarding prisoners of war.
Jones, Harold, Training Reserve.
Jones, Albert Edw. D., Royal Navy.
Matthews, G. S., Dorset Regt.
Williams, Wm. Hy., Hants.
Read, Edwin James, A.S.C., late R.G.A. Died June, 1917.
Seager Harry James, R.F.A.
Norgate, Albert Edward, Welsh Regt.
Norgate, Alfred W., Berks Lab. Co.
Botes, Roelf J. A., Sergt., S.A.I. Wounded and discharged.
Burningham, Thomas, A.S.C.
Thorpe, Arthur, Quartermaster-Sergt., R.F.A.
Woodyer, Laurence, Berks. Missing Feb. 1917.
Woodyer, Arthur, Welsh Fusiliers. Wounded Nov. 1917.
Silvester, Ernest, Corpl., Rifle Brigade. Died of wounds, 1915.
Wyman, George William, Gloucesters. Prisoner of war.
Davies, Arthur, Farrier Sergt., R.F.A. Wounded.
Wrighting, Fred, Northants. Discharged.
Fosberry, Wm. Reginald, R.F.A. Prisoner of war.
Fosberry, A. F., Dorset Regt.
Holmes, William, Highland L.I. Discharged.
Wheeler, Alfred Tom, R.F.A. Wounded Mich. 1917.
Bird, Richard W., Sergt., R.F.A. Wounded.
Blows, Horace, R.F.A.
North, Wilfred James, Hants. Prisoner of war, (Kut).
North, Henry, R.E.
North, Elijah, Royal Navy.
Maurice, Frank, Sergt.
Bone, Edwin J., R.G.A. Shell shock, end 1917.
Preston, Thomas, East Yorks.
Blake, Sydney, Corpl., Hants. Killed in action, 1917.
Patey, James Charles, Sergt.-Major, R.E. Invalided.
Whittaker, Thomas Hy., Driver, Motor Transport.
Griffiths, Frank, Royal Navy.
Cannon, Bertram, Hants. Killed in action.
Gardner, William, Devons. Killed at Mons.
Gordon, Samuel, K.O.S.B. Died a prisoner, July, 1917.
Painting, Edward, Manchesters. Died, Nov., 1914, at Boulogne.
Coombes, Frank, Stoker, Royal Navy.
Green, Chas., Hants.
Ayres, Daniel, Hants. Invalided.
Ray, Fred., Hants Labour Co.

Blundy, John T., Shoeing Smith, A.S.C.
Hardy, Henry, Labour Co.
Whittle, Alfred, 1st Air Mechanic, R.F.C.
Whittle, Lewis, Engine Driver, R.N.A.S.
Pharo, Leonard, late Hants Yeomanry.
Smith, Albert, A.S.C., M.T.
Scott, Jack, A.S.C., Remounts.
Austin, Thomas, Army Remount Depot.
Matthews, Thomas, Gloucesters. Wounded, Oct., 1917.
Ray, Cecil, R.F.A.
Tucker, John, Hants. Wounded.
Tribe, Eric, Dragoon Guards, attached Indian Cavalry.
Tribe, Harold, 1st Class Mechanic, R.F.C.
Tribe, Frederick L., Bandsman, Berks.
Britton, Goliath, Signaller, Hants.
Britton, Robert, Shoeing Smith, Hants Yeomanry.
Britton, Ivo, A.S.C.
Allen, Alfred Thomas, Gloucesters. Died of wounds, July, 1917.
Allen, Stanley, R.W. Kents.
Armstrong, P. F. G. M., Drum Major, R.I.F. Has been wounded.
Mahony, Ralph, Hants. Killed in action, Sept., 1917.
White, Richard, Dragoon Guards. Wounded, gassed and discharged.
Clack, William H., Corpl., R.F.A.
Richards, Frederick, Hants. Temporarily discharged.
Burdock, John O., A.S.C.
Ricks, Alfred, Welsh Regt. Has twice been wounded.
Belcher, Fred. K., R.F.C.
Horner, Robert,-Sergt. Shoemaker, Border Regt.
Hague, C., Quartermaster-Sergt., Gloucester Regt.
Cull, Francis, Corpl., Devons.
Adams, Charles, R.G.A.
Dormer, Harry, Lieut., Canadian Engineers.
Seagroatt, Alf. C., Corpl., A.V.C.
Buxton, John, Corpl., R.E.
Munden, Arthur T., Hants. Died of wounds, April, 1917.
Mansey, Percy H., R.E.
O'Brien, Reggie, R.F.A. Wounded, Sept., 1917.
O'Brien, George, South Lancs.
Merrell, Edgar, Corpl., Worcesters.
Jackson, Edgar V., Corpl., King's Liverpool, Hants.
Jackson, George Edward, Boy, lst Class, R.N.
Carter, Walter Ernest, S.A.I. Discharged.
Andrews, Clement, Corpl., Hants Yeomanry.
Chandler, Richard, R.E.
Revel, Charles, Royal Engineers.
Knowles, Jonathan, Captain, Middlesex. Killed in action, 1914.
Hawarden, Lord, Coldstream Guards. Killed, Autumn, 1914.
Cardew, H. G. St. G., Lieut., Queen's Bays. Has been wounded.
Cardew, C. H., Colonel, A.Q.M.G., East Coast.

Kemp, Martin, A.S.C. Died December, 1916.
Holloway, Alfred Wm., Q.M.S. A.S.C.
Godsmark, Wm. Hy., Q.M.S., R.F.A. Died of wounds, 1915.
Wilson, Sydney H., Sergt., R.F.A. Killed in action, Dec. 1917.
Holloway, Charles, Hants.
Holloway, Stanley Lce.-Corpl., Hants.
Holloway, Edward, S.W. Borderers.
Holloway, Alec C., Royal Engineers.
Lovegrove, Alfred, R.A.M.C.
Lawes, Albert Edward, Iniskilling Dragoons.
Lawes, Frederick J., Cheshire Regt.
Lawes, George, R.N.C.V.R.
Whiting, James F., Hants. Prisoner in Turkey.
Whiting George, Hants Carabineers.
Martin, Percy, Hants. Invalided.
Buggins, Albert S., Warwickshires. Leg amputated.
Knight, William, Lce.-Corpl., Hants.
Gale, George, Royal Marine Artillery.
Wilford, J., Sergt., K.O.S.B.
Roke, Murray G., Hants.
Coombes, Walter, R.E.
Chandler, Percy, Hants Regt.
Chandler, William, Co.-Sergt.-Major, Hants.
Chandler, Alexander, Devons.
Ramsden, Rich., Corpl., S.A.I. Has been wounded.
Francis, Edward, Corpl., R.F.A.
Heather, Albert, Hants.
Williams, Richard, Sergt., Border Regt., D.C.M.
Elkins, Frederick G., Bucks. Terr. Wounded and missing, Aug 1917.
Disney, C., Royal Engineers.
Kent, Arthur, Lce.-Corpl., R.M.L.I. Killed May 1st, 1915.
Kent, Frank, R.F.A.
Dalton, Garrett, Corpl. Saddler, R.F.A. Killed in action, 1914.
Nelson, T. H., Lieut., R.F.A. Has been wounded.
Hayter, Ernest, East Yorks. Was frostbitten in the foot.
Hayter, James, Lce.-Corpl., A.S.C.
Hayter, William Henry, Royal Engineers.
Hayter, Walter John, R.E.
Hayter, Wm. Ern., Training.
Lawes, Hy. Albert, Baker, A.S,C.
Osman, Hy. John, Baker, A.S.C.
Moss, Charles, Corpl., Duke of Cornwall's L.I. Killed in action, 1915.
Ward, Sydney Wilfred. K.R.R.
Lambert, Herbert, Staff~Sergt., A.S.C. Discharged.
Caley, Henry, Duke of Cornwall's L.I.
Souter, Wm. B., Hants T ., Reserve Batt.
Clay, James, R.F.A. Hurt.
McCardle, John, R.F.A.
Courtnage, Frederick, M.T., A.S.C.
Courtnage, Archer H., Oxford and Bucks L.I.
Whitehead, A. G., Oxford and Bucks L.I. Wounded, 1917.
Whitehead, B. J., Wilts. Wounded in France.
Whitehead, Stanley B., R.N. Air Service.
Elliot, Fred, R. Operating Division, R.E.
Shrubb, Henry James, Lce.-Corpl., London Irish Rifles.
Mawby, John George, R.F.A.
Legg, William, Hants.

Viney, Robert A., Sergt.-Major, Remount Depot, Cairo.
Budd, Edward K., Q.M.S., Royal Engineers. Died in France, 1917.
Blackman, George F., Military Medal, Sergt.-M., Rifle Brigade.
Somerville, James, Durham L.I.
Jackson, Frank, Mechanical Transport.
Clairebout, Ed., A.V.C., Woolwich, Interpreter.
Clairebout, Douglas, Royal Navy.
Turner, Wm. Jas. Chas., Royal Engineers.
Dorrington, James, Sergt., R.E.
Dorrington, Albert G., Corpl., R.E. Wounded.
Dorrington, John St. E., Lce.-Corpl., A.S.C.
Dorrington, Wm., R.G.A. Prisoner in Turkey.
Evans, Arthur, Cheshire Regt. Prisoner of War, 1914.
Reid, J. J., Captain, Officer I.C. Barracks, Bordon.
Reid, J. A., Army Paymaster, R.W.R.
Reid, Alec W., Lieut., R.F.C. Missing, 1917.
Gibson, George, Sergt., R.F.A.
Baxendale, Frank, Sergt., R.E.
Lovegrove, Edwin, Sergt.-Major, R.A.M.C.
Aplin, William, Wilts.
Green, F. W., Royal Marines.
Caine, W. James, Dragoon Guards. Killed in action, 1915.
Davis, Harry Jesse, Pioneer, R.E.
Hall, Edward Thomas, Mechanical Transport.
Page, Thomas A., Wheeler, A.S.C.
Miller, Fred. Geo., S.A. Railway Section.
Barnett, James William, Royal Engineers.
Campling, Jacob, R.E.
Blowen, Thomas A., Warwickshire Regt.
Caine, John, Royal Marines. Died of wounds, 1917.
Whiting, John, R.G.A.
Whiting, Charles, R.E.
Whiting, F. H., Queen's (Royal West Surrey). Killed in action;1917.
Douglas, W., Gloucester Regt.
Harvey, W. H., Sergt., R.F.A.
Munday, Ern. Tom, R.G.A. Killed by explosion, 1917.
Munday, Chas. John, R.G.A.
Munday, F., Mechanical Transport, A.S.G. Long. F., Wilts.
Macready, Edmund G., Warwicks.
Fullick, Herbert H., Corpl., King's Dragoon Guards.
Fullick, Frederick, Queen's. Killed by sniper, Nov. 2nd; 1915.
Gardiner, A. H., Hants. Was wounded. Died, 1916.
Herbert, Frank, South African Infantry.
Stribling, Benjamin, R.W. Kents. Was prisoner of war, now released.
Rushton, W. S., Remount Depot, A.S.C.
Warner, Edward J. A., Trench Mortar Battery.

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