Headley’s Past and Present in Pictures

Part 2 — Headley Down and beyond

Page numbers refer to those in the book Headley's Past in Pictures

p.65: Fullers Vale pond, before the First World War – in 1972 it was drained and in time became overgrown and an unofficial rubbish tip
– by October 2003 it had been successfully restored.
p.66: Fullers Vale pond, 1931.
p.68: Bottom of Beech Hill, probably circa 1904, with Fernvale and Oakdene recently built
p.69: Honeysuckle Lane, 1924.
p.70: Wilson's Road, Headley Down, 1912.
p.71: Kenley Road and Fairview Road, Headley Down, c.1910
p.72: Bungalows at junction of Fairview Road and Carlton Road, c.1912
p.73: View towards Stonedene, Headley Down, c.1912. The house in view is actually Woodlands, situated at the end of Pond Road – Stonedene itself, a somewhat larger house, can just be seen in the distance below the overhanging tree bough, and has since been demolished. The present day view is of the drive to Woodlands as seen from Pond Road.
p.75: Post Office, Carlton Road
p.81: Front of Grayshott Hall, 1882
p.82: The lane down to Waggoners Wells from Headley Road, 1907 – a similar postcard was also available at the time without the boy included!
p.83: One of the ponds in Stoney Bottom, 1899.
p.84: Crossways Road, Grayshott, c.1900 – Flora Thompson worked in WG Chapman's post office on the right at the time, since demolished and replaced by Amity.
p.85: Bowes Cottage, Whitmore Vale, 1917.
p.86: Mill pond at Barford middle mill, 1906.
p.87: Barford middle mill, 1923.
p.89: Barford bridge, 1906.
p.90: Barford Stream from the path to Simmonstone.

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