Headley’s Past and Present in Pictures

Part 3 — Along the Wey

Page numbers refer to those in the book Headley's Past in Pictures

p.93: The bridge at Hollywater, c.1906.
p.97: Road through Standford, before 1912.
p.99: Headley Mill, c.1930.
pp.100/101: A panoramic view (above) of Headley Mill viewed from across the mill pond and Headley Mill Farm (now Wey House), 1910.
These days, trees prevent you from seeing across the pond.
p.103: The ford at Headley Mill.
p.104: The garage at Lindford, and what it has turned into now!
p.105: The 'Royal Exchange' at Lindford crossroads.
p.106: Bridge over the Wey at Lindford, 1901.
p.108: Headley Park, before 1912.
p.110: Looking down Bull's Hollow, c.1906.
p.111: Heath Hill, near Dockenfield, 1904.
p.112: Lower House Farm, 1904 – now called Mellow Farm.
p.113: Huntingford Bridge, near Mellow Farm, 1901.
p.116: Frensham Pond Hotel, 1902.
p.117: Sailing at Frensham Pond Hotel, 1901 — there is still sailing, but not at the time when this recent shot was taken.

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