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19th February 2018

One of those weeks in which ordinary things happened, and treats came along.

12th February 2018

On Saturday we gave Dil a surprise 70th birthday party in the Village Hall. She thought she was going to an Albanian evening (which henceforth will be a metaphor for a surprise party.) Folks came from hin and yon for it, and Dil had no idea as she walked through the door. Despite the many months of planning that had gone into it and the many people who knew about it, not a single cat had been let out of the bag. Success!

5th February 2018

On Tuesday, being nice and sunny and with nothing else in the diary, we decided to retrace Jo's grampa's 'little run out' and go to Littlehampton. From there we went along the coast to Worthing for lunch at Harry Ramsden's despite living in this area for many years, neither of us had 'done' Worthing before, and we were quite impressed. Good shopping.

On Thursday, Jo set out chairs in the village hall to see how many we could fit in as audience when we run Wyrd Sisters in April the answer appears to be 80.

On Saturday we had folks round for a 'soup and pudding' evening, proving that you don't need a main course to have a filling meal.

29th January 2018

Once again Dil and I were on stage in the Village Hall to help run the Twinning Association's Burns Night. It was a full house again, and went well – and we were given a bottle each for our assistance.

Wyrd Sisters is cast, and rehearsals begin next week. I have three small parts; Dil is on costumes.

22nd January 2018

The panto's over, it's time to call it a day! It went very well, and audience numbers picked up on the second weekend. This week we audition for Wyrd Sisters. And so it goes on.

15th January 2018

The first weekend of this year's pantomime has come and gone. The show went well, and in particular we've seen some excellent performances by some of our younger cast members see photos but on the other hand we've had the lowest audience numbers since I started keeping records. Why? Was it the title? Humpty Dumpty isn't one of the 'standard' pantos but when we did it before we got good numbers in. Was it illness keeping people away? There's a lot of bugs about at the moment. I guess we'll never know. But when all's said and done, we do it as much for the experience it gives to our cast members as for the audience – and in that we've succeeded. Roll on next weekend!

4th January 2018

Back from a few days away in Somerset with members of both our families, to celebrate Dil's 70th on New Year's Eve. A good time was had by all, and there was plenty of music and celebration.

Now we have to knuckle down to getting the pantomime on the stage. It's Humpty Dumpty this year, a script of mine last performed in 1995! And Dil is playing 'Puss' again!!

Continued …

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