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1st March 2021

Spring is sprung! Let's hope for some good weather and a chance to get out more.
Last week I dusted off the dulcimer which had been lurking on top of a chest of drawers in the back bedroom. Neither of us had touched it since we bought it on a whim some years ago. As encouragement, Dil ordered a book of Beatles songs that could be played on the instrument – and on Saturday I performed "I Feel Fine" at the on-line folk club. But I don't find it a very satisfying instrument – effectively three strings tuned to two notes, and all the interesting frets missing so you can only play 'pentatonic' tunes. I think it may well go back on the chest of drawers. Sorry.

22nd February 2021

This week it was the saga of the freezer. Our big American-style one had stopped freezing and we decided to replace it with a smaller one, which was duly delivered by Currys on Saturday. We'd also paid for them to remove the old one – but the men took one look at it and said it would have to have the doors removed first, and as we hadn't paid for that they couldn't take it! We can't remember seeing that mentioned on the Currys website. After they'd gone we removed the doors, but too late. It's now standing in the middle of the kitchen (see pic) waiting for us to find another way of getting rid of it.

15th February 2021

Every day I try to remember to do 30 minutes on our exercise bike, or more precisely keep pedalling until the 'calories' counter rolls round to the magic figure of 300.
I'm quite enjoying it. I get our "Alexa with a screen"' to play music to the right rhythm, and watch the words to familiar pop songs scroll by on the screen – and realise that I obviously never listened to the lyrics first time round. Now that I see them in front of me, some make more sense than my dreamed-up versions, but some make far, far less sense – what were they on, these writers? (But since most of the music is from the 1960s & 70s, I thuink we might know the answer to that!!)

8th February 2021

Not much to report this week, other than that we are alive and well. The weather has turned cold with a touch of snow on the ground and bitter winds – so no great incentive to go out and break lock-down rules!

1st February 2021

I had my first Covid-19 jab on Wednesday, with no ill effects. It was the Oxford variety. Not sure when I get the second one – there seems to be some uncertainty politically whether to prioritise second jabs over a wider distribution of first jabs or not.

25th January 2021

I suppose the big news internationally was that they finally got rid of President Trump in the US of A last week. Or at least, they hope they did!
Over here, we still have to soldier on for a few more years under the motley crew we elected in last year. Well, I didn't but the collective 'we' did, bless them!

18th January 2021

One aspect of this continuing pandemic is that local societies have less to say about what they're doing, and as a result I've been given far less copy than normal for February's Parish Magazine. As a result I had to do some creative writing to fill the gaps and make up the page count. Finally finished at 10.30pm last night. You can see it under 'Parish Magazine' on the Headley Village website.

11th January 2021

The first Zooming of Headley History went well last Thursday evening. We had over 50 screens logged in, and estimated that nearly 90 people watched it from as far afield as Huddersfield and Herne Bay.
Sadly we forgot to press 'Record' on the night(!), so next day I did it all again, just to myself, and the recording of that is now on Youtube.

The other event of the week was managing to get to the dentist, during lock-down, to have a filling replaced. The staff were dressed like storm-troopers, but we all survived the event.

4th January 2021

The start of another year – hopefully better than the last! On the positive side, we've all learnt how to Zoom to good effect, and had no excuse not to do all those things that were waiting for us to get a 'round tuit'.

Last week we held a Games Evening on Zoom with 5 households spread out between Yorkshire and Kent contributing – we wouldn't have thought of doing that this time last year. Also, it's prompted me to develop some presentations on local history to run on Zoom instead of bringing people out on a wet, dark winter's evening to sit in a hall and listen. The first is this coming Thursday – let's see how it goes.

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