Flora Thompson The Story of the 'Lark Rise' Writer
Gillian Lindsay

Cover of Flora Thompson by Gillian Lindsay

a biography of Flora Thompson

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Paperback - 192 pages, 16 photographs, wood engraved Chapter Headlings by Julie Neild
Robert Hale; ISBN: 0-7090-4594-8; First published 1990, reprinted with corrections 1996
(Now replaced by ISBN: 978-1-873855-53-9)

Associated titles: Heatherley by Flora Thompson; On the Trail of Flora Thompson by John Owen Smith; 1925 Guide to Liphook by Flora Thompson

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The Lady
"Fifty years after the first publication of Lark Rise comes Gillian Lindsay's biography of its author. Flora Thompson uses contemporary photographs and delightful wood engravings to illustrate the story of this shy, intelligent girl who loved reading and the countryside ... With descriptions of family life and wartime struggles, the book gives a fascinating portrait of the author who was a pioneer of the conservationist movement."

Daily Express
"Many will remember Lark Rise to Candleford, a classic of old country life in an Oxfordshire village of the 1880s. Flora Thompson is Gillian Lindsay's gentle, moving story of the woman who wrote Lark Rise."

This England
"Anyone who has enjoyed Flora Thompson's novels will surely appreciate the opportunity to learn more about this exceptional woman ... Gillian Lindsay's book is the first full biography of Flora Thompson. Based on an earlier biographical essay and on interviews with the few people who still remember Flora Thompson ... it examines its subject's lifelong quest to become a writer and the reasons for her success."

Table of Contents


List of Illustrations in Book

1. Cottisford Church
2. Old Queenie, the beewoman and lacemaker, 1880
3. Cottisford School, 1905
4. Fringford forge and post office in the 1890s
5. The men at the forge at Fringford in the 1890s
6. A girl telegraphist in the 1880s
7. Edwin Timms photographed in india, in about 1905
8. Flora and her daughter, in about 1905
9. Flora and her son, 1911
10. Winton Library, Bournemouth today
11. Flora and John Thompson's home at Griggs Green today
12. Liphook post office during the First World War
13. Mildred Humble Smith
14. Dr Ronald Campbell Macfie
15. Flora at her typewriter
16. Flora Thompson's grave in Dartmouth

About the Author

Gillian Lindsay has written several books for children including: The Dormice Who Didn't, Fox Barn, The Toffee Apple Tree, The Biggest Boast and An Owl in Winter. As Anne Stratford she wrote Village Practice. Her interests include book illustration and she has written the introduction to Four Hedges, the reprint of a gardening classic by the distinguished wood-engraver Clare Leighton. Gillian Lindsay lives in a village in Somerset.

See also information on two new plays about Flora Thompson's life in Hampshire
Heatherley, her own book telling about this period of her life.

Visit the web site dedicated to the memory of Flora Thompson and her time in east Hampshire

Please feel free to contact if you would like to share information on the life and works of Flora Thompson. See address details on Home Page