Monumental Inscriptions in Headley

Burials in All Saints churchyard

Right: All Saints churchyard, Headley,
when there was still ivy on the church
view from the West
the angel is the Hahn grave (see 1154)

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All Saints' churchyard (25K)

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Introduction Old Section A (1-200) Section A/B (201-339) Section C (339a-437) Section D (438-502) Section E "Long Churchyard" (503-945) Section F & later A (946-1363) War Memorial (1109) Burial Register Entries to AD1901

The Headley Society recorded all the gravestone inscriptions in Headley All Saints churchyard as at July 1999. Some more recent details have been added since, but not in any consistent manner.
For Sections D (438-502) and E "Long Churchyard" (503-945) we have recorded all plots, with or without monuments (as at June 2018).
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??1 Patricia Antoinette. 338
??4 Fred. 1279
??4 Win. 1279
??5 Linda. 1309
ABERCROMBIE Elizabeth Ann. 275
ABLE Leonard W. 1109 WW2
ABLE Walter Albert. 567a, 334
ABUKAUSKAS Antanas. 585j
ADAMS Charles W. 1109 WW1
ADAMS Gerald. 1027
ADAMS R. 432c
ALBRIGHT Ada W.T.. 823d
ALBURY Clara. 885
ALBURY Harriett. 528a
ALBURY James. 778a
ALBURY Walter. 885
ALDER Mary. 67
ALDER Peter. 67
ALDERTON Emily Honor. 655a
ALDERTON George Albert. 656b
ALDRED Charles. 497a
ALDRED Charles William. 821
ALDRED George James. 933c
ALDRED Grace. 497a
ALDRED Henry (Darkie). 1087
ALDRED Kirstey Rebecca. 898a
ALDRED Michael. 821
ALDRED Ruth. 821
ALDRIDGE Eliza. 663
ALDRIDGE George. 663
ALEXANDER Laurie Lynda. 1158
ALLCHIN Anne. 694
ALLCOCK Ellen. 780g
ALLCOCK Robert William. 780g
ALLDEN Elizabeth. 458
ALLDEN Ellen. 1112
ALLDEN James. 1112
ALLDEN James Knight. 1112
ALLDEN Joan Sutherland. 1112
ALLDEN Joseph H. 1109 WW1
ALLDEN William. 458
ALLEN Albert. 585n
ALLEN Alfred T. 1109 WW1
ALLEN Alfred Thomas. 418
ALLEN Beulah Ruth. 418
ALLEN George. 585j
ALLEN Grace Maria. 315
ALLEN H. Howard. 315
ALSTON Archibald McDonald. 506a
ALSTON Tom R. 1109 WW2
AMOR William John. 1109 WW1
AMOS Emily. 275
AMOS Joseph. 275
AMOS Vivien Arthur. 756a
AMOS Winifred Elsie. 756a
ANDERSON Gladys Gwendoline. 780j
ANDERSON Mary. 1271
ANSELL Anne Elizabeth. 255
ANSELL Daniel. 255
ARISS Charles Joseph. 739e
ARMALIS Antanas. 1024
ARMSTRONG Alfred Henry. 980
ARMSTRONG Charles. 586
ARMSTRONG Helen Jane McGill. 980
ARMSTRONG Julia. 1055
ARMSTRONG Larry. 1055
ARMSTRONG Rosemary. 1055
ARMSTRONG Stuart. 1055
ARNOLD Aloisia Josefin. 414
ARNOLD Annie. 567a
ARNOLD George. 414, 378
ARNOLD George K. 342e
ARNOLD James. 925a
ARNOLD Nellie. 378
ARNOLD Olive. 506
ARNOLD PARKER Ruby Isabella (Gem) K. 342e
ARNOLD Ralph. 506
ARNOTT Arthur Fredric. Cl16
ARTHY John. 699a
ASHLEY Boris Leon. 1092a
ASHLEY, S. Derick M. 386
ASHMORE Elizabeth Tamara. 395
ATKINS James Edward. 1109 WW2
ATKINS Samuel James. 775a
ATKINS William. 1118b
ATKINSON Lizzie (Dolly). 422
AUGER William. 308
AUSTIN Leonard (Bunny). Cn17
AUSTIN Sybil Marian. 598
AVIS Johnny. 306
AVIS Michele Dawn. 306
AVIS Peter. Cj5
AYLWIN Augusta Walker. 33
AYLWIN Charlotte Sarah. 167
AYLWIN Elizabeth. 167
AYLWIN George. 167
AYLWIN Marner Walker. 521
AYLWIN Mary. 521
AYLWIN Sarah Anne. 450
AYLWIN William Walter. 450
AYRES Alice. 780c
AYRES Amy. 1297
AYRES David. 780c
AYRES Henry. 960
AYRES Jack. 1297
AYRES Karen. 344f
AYRES May. 960
BACH Muriel Amy. 344e
BACON Thomas James. 1280
BAGGALEY Harriet Elizabeth. 750a
BAILEY Aaron. 694a
BAILEY Charlotte Hannah. 270
BAILEY Hayden G. 444
BAILEY Henry Frederick. 270
BAILEY John. 1073a
BAILEY Michael John Edward. 1037
BAIRD William James. 512a
BAKER Ann. 162, 91
BAKER Anna Maria. 163
BAKER Caelia. 43
BAKER Edward. 132
BAKER Elizabeth. 79
BAKER Frances. 132
BAKER Francis. 128, 127
BAKER George. 129, 91
BAKER John. 162, 129, 79, 43, 43, 40
BAKER Maria Theresia Hedwig Felicitas. 1068
BAKER Mary. 128, 101, 50
BAKER Nicholas. 133, 50
BAKER Richard. 163, 132
BAKER Sarah. 129, 43, 40
BAKER Susannah. 41
BAKER Thomas. 41
BAKER William. 79, 79
BALDWIN Florence Maud. 1093
BALDWIN William Jesse. 702b
BALFRY Cecil Juan. 508
BALFRY Donald. 508
BALLANTINE DYKES Dolores Evangeline. 539
BALLANTINE DYKES Frecheville Joseph. 539
BALLANTINE DYKES Gertrude Mary. 539
BALLANTINE DYKES Joseph. 194, 66
BALLANTINE DYKES Maud Theresa. 539
BANCE Arthur Henry. 1229
BANCE Charlotte. 1007
BANCE Frederick William. 1007
BANCE Leonard G. 1322
BANCE Winifred May. 1229
BANFILL Nellie Jane. 515
BARBER Phyllis P. 339b
BAREFOOT Edith. 735g
BAREFOOT James George. 735g
BARGH Ernest John. 780z
BARKER Charles Christopher. 650d
BARLOW Dennis John. 1109 WW2, 844
BARLOW Margaret Mary. 844
BARLOW Philip Victor George. 844
BARLOW Victor George. 844a
BARNARD Emma. 515
BARNES [Beatrice] Grace. 967
BARNES Barbara. 407a
BARNES Constance Lilian. 407a
BARNES Emma. 748
BARNES Emma Ellen Alice. 908
BARNES George. 748
BARNES Jemima Ellen. 849
BARNES Matilda May. 934
BARNES Reuben. 849
BARNES Reuben George. 967
BARNES Roy Walter. 820
BARNES William Charles. 934
BARNETT Alice. 1362, 874, 480
BARNETT Alice Elizabeth. 1252
BARNETT Annie Eugenie. 480
BARNETT Annie Louisa. 828e
BARNETT Benjamin. 1362
BARNETT Charles. 932, 874
BARNETT Edith Annie. 990
BARNETT Eliza. 578c
BARNETT George. 530a
BARNETT James. 254
BARNETT James Thomas. 480
BARNETT James William. 990
BARNETT John Henry. 932
BARNETT Mary Ann. 530a
BARNETT Reuben. 828e, 578c
BARNETT Rose. 875
BARR Violet Muriel. 296
BARRETT Ralph. 739h
BARROW Arthur Robert. 375a
BARROW Charles Henry. 685c
BARTLETT Andrew George. 397
BARTLETT Andrew Thomas. 845a
BARTLETT Annie. 397
BARTLETT Caroline. 845a
BARTLETT David Charles. 786i
BARTLETT Edith Kate. 585i
BARTLETT Frank William. 513b
BARTLETT Mary Ann. 513b
BARTLETT Reginald Alfred. 687m
BARTLETT Sidney Henry. 786i
BARTLETT? Dorothy Kate. 786h
BASS Madge. Cl12
BATCHELOR Alice Maud. 426
BATCHELOR Elizabeth. 46
BATCHELOR Harry John. 426
BATCHELOR John. 54, 53, 46
BATCHELOR Mary. 54, 53
BATCHELOR Thomas. 54
BATCHELOR William. 54
BATE Jane Phyllis. 392
BATE Roberte de B.. 392
BATES George. 911
BAUGH John. 1245
BAUGH Rosina Maud. 1245
BAXTER Sophia. 453
BAYLEY John. 177
BEACHAM Helena Mary. 828c
BEAGLEY Ann. 665
BEAGLEY Eliza. 664a
BEAGLEY Henry. 664a
BEAGLEY John. 665
BEARD James Thomas. 830a, 749c
BEARD Martha. 830a
BEARD William Henry. 410
BEARD Winnie Adeline. 749c
BEASLEY Albert William. 1057
BEASLEY Camelia. 555
BEASLEY Frederick. 799
BEASLEY Milly. 555
BEASLEY Paul. 555
BEASLEY Peter. 555
BEASLEY Rose. 799
BEASLEY Stanley George. 555
BEAVEN Elizabeth Sarah. 403
BEAVEN Oliver Thomas. Cn16
BECK Albert John. 868, 868
BECK Annie Maria. 868
BECK Charles Henry. 275, 234
BECK Hannah. 289
BECK Peggy Ena. 544a
BECKETT Albert. 776
BECKETT Edith. 776
BELDHAM Elizabeth. 184
BELDHAM John. 184, 183
BELDHAM Robert Harcourt. 183
BELL Dorothy Beatrice. Cl15
BELL Elizabeth. 282
BELL Joseph A. 282
BELLINGER Archibald. 709a
BELLINGER Arthur James. 709a
BELLINGER Ellen. 709a
BELTON Levi. 735
BENE? Gertrude Amy. 847e
BENHAM Arthur William. 413b
BENHAM Ethel. 413b
BENJAMIN Patricia Ann. 652b
BENNETT Charles Gordon. 834
BENNETT Sarah. 1149
BENNETT Sonia Ann. Cp1
BENNETT William. 514b
BERESFORD Heather Ann. 300a
BERESFORD STEELE Roger Brian Jeremy. 1286
BERKELEY Sackville Hamilton. 275
BERRY Ellen. 589c
BERRY George. 589c
BERRY Peter. 589e
BERRY Wyndham P. 1109 WW1
BESWICK Alan. 902a
BESWICK Joan Winifred. 902a
BESWICK Rory Alan. 726
BETTERIDGE Emily Mary. 647
BETTERIDGE Henry. 1109 WW1
BETTESWORTH George. 615b, 186
BETTESWORTH Sarah. 22, 21
BETTESWORTH William. 22, 22, 21
BEVAN Kathleen. 974
BEVERIDGE Geoffrey Derek Donald. 685b
BEW Jenny. 792b
BIGGINS William Henry. 739c
BILLIAT Aline. 602
BILLIAT John Joseph. 602
BINGHAM Evelyn Florence. 1080b
BINGHAM Harold. 381a
BIRCH Emma. 780m
BIRCH John. 780l
BIRMINGHAM George. 610a
BIRMINGHAM Thomas James. 951a
BIRMINGHAM Walter Colin. 421
BISHOP Edwin. 1098
BISHOP John Henry. 387
BISHOP Minnie. 1098
BISHOP Rhoda. 387
BLACK Leonard Walter. 303a
BLACK Walter Edward. 1226
BLACKLAW Henry John. 774b
BLACKMAN Harry. 1109 WW1
BLACKMORE Martha. 827a
BLAIR Andrew George Patrick. 349
BLAIR Florence. 349
BLAKE Amy Hilda. 500
BLAKE Percy Arthur. 500
BLAKE Sydney. 1109 WW1
BLAMEY Ivy R.C. 435a
BLAMEY Olivia B.E.E. 435a
BLANCHARD Ada Louisa. 551
BLANCHARD Clifford Harry. 600
BLANCHARD Elizabeth. 152
BLANCHARD Harriet Ellen. 223
BLANCHARD Hori. 152, 92
BLANCHARD James. 152, 147
BLANCHARD Lily Louisa. 599
BLANCHARD William. 551
BLANCHARD William Charles. 599
BLANKS Cyril E. 1109 WW2
BLANKS Sarah A. 937a
BLEACH Lindsay. 264
BLIGH Maj. Frederick Arthur. 469
BLIGH Mary Wentworth. 469
BLOFIELD Alan Gordon. Ck7
BLOWEN Harriet Alice. 923
BLOWEN Thomas Albert. 923
BLUNDY Henry. 585f
BLUNDY Sophia Matilda. 585f
BOND Constance. 232
BOND Henry C. 232
BONE Edith. 934a
BONE Elizabeth. 209
BONE George. 209
BONE John. 610c
BONE Percy William. 915a
BONE Rosa. 785
BONE Walter Henry. 785
BONHAM Charles Henry. 331
BOOKHAM John William. 634
BOOLEY Anthony Reginald. 657
BOSANQUET Florence. 679
BOSANQUET James Tindal Ives. 679
BOSANQUET Peter. 679
BOSHER Lena Frances. 505
BOUGHEN Guy William Paul. 1107f
BOUGHTON Birdie E. 870a
BOWEN Gwladys. 344d
BOWEN Myfanwy. 344d
BOWEN Ronald. Cm8
BOWERS Ada (Doe). 739b
BOWERS Alice. 687
BOWERS Andrew. 928, 928
BOWERS Edward William. 739b
BOWERS Elizabeth. 619l
BOWERS John. 687
BOWERS Louisa. 928, 690
BOWERS Rhoda. 928
BOWERS Sarah. 619b
BOWYER Mary. 708c
BOXALL Barbara. Cl2
BOXALL John R. Cl2
BOXER Matilda Grace. 797
BOYCE William T. 1109 WW2
BOYELL William Richard. 215
BOYLE William Richard. 215
BRAILEY Albert Edward. 429a
BRAMLEY James. 790
BRAVERY Arthur Edmund. 686
BRAY Richard. 1107e
BRAYLEY Albert Waugh. 811
BRAZIL Elizabeth. 909b, 742
BRAZIL John. 930, 909b, 695a
BRETT Alice Dorothy. 881
BRETT Antony John. 1021
BRETT Harry William Reuben. 881
BREWITT Maud. 718
BREWITT Nora Loud. 718
BRIDER Anne. 93
BRIDER William. 93
BRIDGER Ann Louisa. 222
BRIDGER Anne. 155
BRIDGER Benjamin. 181
BRIDGER Bessie Mabel. 808
BRIDGER Edward. 6
BRIDGER Eliza. 181
BRIDGER Henry. 222
BRIDGER James. 6
BRIDGER Laurence Edward. 808
BRIDGER Sarah. 117
BRIDGER William. 117, 6
BRIDSON Margaret Hilda. 716
BRIGGS Arnold S. 1109 WW2
BRINDLEY Charles Bennett. 887
BRINDLEY Mary Ann. 698c
BRINDLEY Samuel. 840d, 698c
BRITTAIN Alida. 601
BRITTAIN Lady Alida, DBE. 601
BRITTAIN Muriel. 1123
BRITTAIN Sir Harry. 1123
BRITTAIN Sir Harry, KBE, CMG, DL, LLD. 601
BRITTON Caroline. 517, 516, 498
BRITTON Doris Daisy. 517
BRITTON Doris Pat. Co5
BRITTON Goliath. 517, 516, 498
BRITTON Robert Thomas (Bob). 518
BROADBENT Anthony John David. 687c
BROADBENT Florence. 999, 998
BROADBENT Frederick. 1078
BROADBENT Grace. 366
BROADBENT Harris. 998
BROADBENT Margaret Betty Rosemary. 687c
BROADBENT Patrick John (Mick). 1242
BROADBENT Raymond Harris. 997
BROADBENT Ronald Henry Bill. 1078
BRONFIELD Ella Winifred. 594b
BROOK George Douglas. 1101
BROOK Mabel Alice. 646
BROOK William John. 646
BROOKE Arthur. 547
BROOKER Albert Victor. 933e
BROOKER Charles H.E.. 775
BROOKER Edith Mary. 606
BROOKER Marguerite. 933e
BROOKER Mary. 775
BROOKER Philip John. 301
BROOKER Thomas S. 606
BROOKS Agnes. 880
BROOKS Eileen. 880
BROOKS Henry William. 880
BROWN Daisy. 855
BROWN Frederick Charles. 513a
BROWN Herbert William. 585e
BROWN Linda Beryl. 416a
BROWN Matilda. 610b
BROWN Ruth. 847
BROWN Sophia Sarah. 513a
BROWN Suzanne Laura. Co2
BROWN Terence William. 904
BROWN Thomas. 610b
BROWN Walter William George. 855
BROWN William Gilbert. 855
BROWNE Barbara Helen. 1015
BROWNE Commodore William Brunswick. 1015
BRYAN Ethel Lily. Co7
BRYANT Edith Emily. 609d
BUCHANAN Brenda. 1009
BUCHANAN James. 1009
BUCK Charlotte Rachel. 638a
BUCKLE James. 661b
BUDD Alice Mabel. 662
BUDD Arthur. 735b
BUDD Edward John 'Ted'. 914
BUDD Edward K. 1109 WW1
BUDD Edward Kennett. 914
BUDD George. 619h
BUDD Grace Hannah. 581
BUDD Harriett. 619h
BUDD Harry. 1109 WW1, 581
BUDD Jack. 696b
BUDD Janetta Adelaide. 914
BUDD Mary. 621, 619g
BUDD Mary Ann. 581
BUDD William. 1109 WW1, 662, 621
BUDD William George. 619g
BUDD William Henry. 743a
BUHAEA Rosl Berndt. 600a
BULL Eliza. 831a
BULLENS Annie. 859a
BULLOCK Edith. 202
BULLOCK Edna Maud. 202
BULLOCK George W. 1109 WW1
BULLOCK Henry. 202
BULLOCK Violet Mary. 202
BUNCE Rosa. 828b
BUNDAY Evelyn Grace. 780w
BUNDY Edith. 565
BUNDY Edith Hannah. 567, 566
BUNDY William. 565
BUNDY William George. 567
BUNDY William Silas James. 567
BUNYAN Beatrice E. 684b
BURGESS Elizabeth Jane. 342b
BURGESS Jessie. 678
BURGESS Toby Jonathan. 342b
BURKE James Michael. 1028
BURKE Ulick. 216
BURKE Winifred Kathleen. 1028
BURN Florence Ruth. 488
BURN Robert Benskin. 488
BURNINGHAM Albert. 851a
BURNINGHAM Hannah. 563a
BURNINGHAM Harriet. 563
BURNINGHAM Isabella. 851a
BURNINGHAM William Herbert. 563
BURROWS Agnes. 224
BURROWS Albert. 650
BURROWS Andrew. 320
BURROWS Annie Sarah. 792d
BURROWS Caroline. 684c
BURROWS Charles. 224
BURROWS Clifford James. 792d
BURROWS Ernest ('Jumbo'). 1013
BURROWS Esther. 319
BURROWS Gertrude. 563b
BURROWS Giles. 763b
BURROWS Herbert Samuel. 848d
BURROWS James. 792d, 317
BURROWS James Aden. 224
BURROWS Josephine. 502b
BURROWS Kathleen. 792d
BURROWS Matilda. 848d
BURROWS Olive Lucy. 650
BURROWS Rebecca. 691
BURROWS Rose. 763b
BURROWS Susan Marie. 810
BURROWS Thomas. 526c
BURROWS Thomas George. 810
BURROWS Tom. 691
BURROWS William. 318
BURROWS William Frederick. 502b
BUSH Lily Kathleen. 647e
BUSH William Arthur. 667b
BUTCHER Anthony J. 928b
BUTCHER Leslie. 670
BUTLER John. 899a
BUTLER Josephine (Josie). 562
BUTLER Mildred Amy. Co11
BUTLER William George (Dick). 562
BUTT Doris Bettina. Ck4
BUTT Eric Gustav Cipriani. Ck4
C D. 1102a
CAESAR Kate. 823c
CAHILL Bridget. 780i
CAIGER Ann. 10
CAIGER Cassandea. 11
CAIGER Sarah. 7
CAIGER William. 11, 10, 8, 7
CAIN Agnes E.R. 916a
CAIN Pamela Daisy. 857a
CAIN Scott Alexander. 918b
CAINE Harriet Emily. 653
CAINE John. 1109 WW1
CAINE John Harding. 653, 652h
CAINE W..James. 1109 WW1
CAIRNS D.M. (Billee). Cm3
CAIRNS Kathleen Emily. 401
CAIRNS Kathleen Thomas. 401
CALDWELL Celisse Margaret. 1207
CALVERT Jean Mary. 603
CAMERON Dorothy Joan. 727b
CAMERON Janet May. 918b
CAMERON Robert John Chapelle. 404
CAMERON Rodney Janes. 727b
CAMPBELL Lorna A. 339b
CANE Eric Charles. 1083
CANE James. 512
CANE John. 525a
CANE Mary Ann. 525a
CANNINGS Alice Jane. 510
CANNINGS Frederick George. 510
CANNINGS Noah. 840e
CANNON Alice. 766
CANNON Bertram. 1109 WW1
CANNON Dorothy Evelyn. Cm9
CANNON George. 1050
CANNON Nellie Gladys. 1050
CANNON Peter George. Cm9
CANNON Sybil Barnden. 360
CANNON Walter. 766
CANNON William Hubert. 360
CARR Albert. Co17
CARROLL Gladys Louisa. 893b
CARROLL William Vincent. 893b
CARSE Robert. 1014
CARTER Albert. 687o
CARTER Anne. 293
CARTER Annie. 510a
CARTER Arthur Leonard. 836
CARTER Doris May. 527a
CARTER Dorothy Eliza. 836
CARTER Elizabeth Mary. 293
CARTER Ethel Hilda. 472
CARTER George Arthur Vincent. 843
CARTER Horace Symes. 613
CARTER James Frederick. 836
CARTER Margaret Beatrice. 651a
CARTER Roland Walter. 472
CARTER Roy W H. 1109 WW2
CARTER Sarah. 613
CARTER Thomas. 293
CASEY Marian. 332
CASEY Thomas. 332
CASSIDY James. 208
CASWELL Albert Edward. 1109 WW2, 701+
CASWELL Alice Davis. 434
CASWELL Frank. 434
CHALCRAFT John. 25, 25, 20
CHALCRAFT Martha. 25
CHAMPNEY Elspeth Jeanie. 730
CHAMPNEY John D'Arcy. 730
CHANDLER A. W. 581, 491
CHANDLER Alexander. 763
CHANDLER Alfred. 746c
CHANDLER Amelia. 570
CHANDLER Andrew. 779a
CHANDLER Andrew Walter. 760
CHANDLER Anna. 1181
CHANDLER Annie Elizabeth. 425
CHANDLER Arthur. 217a
CHANDLER Charles. 780u
CHANDLER Doris Eva. 763
CHANDLER Elizabeth. 743
CHANDLER Ellen. 760
CHANDLER Ernest William. 743
CHANDLER Fanny. 780u
CHANDLER Frank. 1181
CHANDLER George. 1181
CHANDLER Henry. 749a
CHANDLER Henry Eli. 1109 WW1, 749
CHANDLER Jane. 749a, 217b
CHANDLER Leonard W. 1109 WW2
CHANDLER Marner Alfred. 570
CHANDLER Mary Ann. 581
CHANDLER Mary Ann Frances. 685
CHANDLER Robert W. 437d
CHANDLER William. 685, 214
CHANDLER William James. 747
CHANDLER William R. 425
CHAPMAN Mary Ann. 216a
CHAPMAN Phyllis Ruth. 1001
CHAPMAN Ruth Hannah. 957
CHEASLEY Eric Edwin. 1299
CHERMSIDE Merriel Mabel. 213
CHESHAM William James. 824a
CHESMAN Cicely Ann. 1275
CHESMAN Edward Frank. 1275
CHESTERMAN Louisa Elizabeth. 786a
CHEW Charles Samuel. 259
CHEW Harriet Helena. 259
CHILDS Dorothy Irene. Cm6
CHILDS James. Cm6
CHILMAN Albert Thomas. 418b
CHISNAIL Elizabeth. 492
CHISNAIL William Edward. 492
CHISNALL W.Arthur. 1109 WW1
CHIVERTON Elizabeth. 662e
CHIVERTON Henrietta. 698b
CHIVERTON Thomas. 698b
CHOYCE Gertrude M. 921b
CHRISTIE Annie. 1239
CHRISTIE George. 1109 WW1
CHRISTIE Percy Herbert (Chris). 1239
CINIGLIO Celestina Sophia. 305
CLARK Dennis William. 1354
CLARK Edith Mabel. 1058
CLARK Evelyn L. 361a
CLARK Gladys. 437c
CLARK Harold G. 361a
CLARK Jessie Ellen. 1268
CLARK Lily Ann. 787
CLARK Reginald Gilbert Charles. 1268
CLARK Sidney Herbert. 437i
CLARK Susan Hadnett. 437i
CLARK William Henry. 787
CLARK Winifred Joan. 1354
CLARKE Arthur John. 291
CLARKE Bill. 1319
CLARKE David John. 962b
CLARKE Frances. 291, 188
CLARKE George. 732c
CLARKE George John. 291
CLARKE Gladys Louise. 732c
CLARKE Louisa Marion. 732c
CLARKE Mary. 1319
CLARKE Paul. Co6
CLARKE Robert. 188
CLAYDON Winifred Amy. 958a
CLEAR Ann. 42
CLEAR Edmund. 19, 18
CLEAR Jane. 158, 47, 44
CLEAR John. 196, 165, 158, 48, 47, 44, 42, 39, 34
CLEAR John George. 47
CLEAR Margaret. 165
CLEAR Mary. 19, 18
CLEAR Sarah. 48, 48, 44, 42
CLEAR William. 19
CLEAVER Sidney. 933f
CLEGG John. 798
CLEGG Nora Beatrice. 798
COHEN Gwendoline Letitia. 829b
COLBECK Alice Maude. 771
COLBECK Charles Freshney. 771
COLE Agnes M. 866a
COLE Ethel Annie. 924a
COLE Fanny. 564c
COLE George. 564c, 126
COLE Wally C. 1205
COLE Walter. 1109 WW1
COLES Bertha Louisa. 695c
COLES Eli. 695c
COLES Frances Louisa. 695c
COLES Mabel D. 1117
COLLENS Daniel. 222
COLLENS Elizabeth. 322
COLLET Frederick. 333
COLLINGE Lilian. Cm5
COLLINGS Rosemary. 592
COLLINGWOOD Charlotte Annie (Nancy). 596
COLLINS Anne. 56
COLLINS Charles. 701c, 701a, 153, 153
COLLINS Charlotte. 56
COLLINS Clara. 830b
COLLINS Daniel. 222
COLLINS Daphne E. 1051
COLLINS Edward. 56
COLLINS Eleanor Elvina. 701d
COLLINS Elizabeth. 153
COLLINS Gladys Muriel. 1254
COLLINS Isabella. 619c
COLLINS Julia. 585g
COLLINS Kate Elvina. 701c
COLLINS Mary. 701a
COLLINS Stephen. 666a
COLLINS William. 666a
COLLINS William John. 429c
COLLIS Gertrude May. Ck6
COLLYER Eliza Sophia. 747a
COLLYER Fred. 778f
COLLYER Harvey. 747a
COLLYER Mary. 778f
CONNELL Ernest Alexander. 722c
CONNELL Gwendolen. 722c
CONNELL Margaret Jane. 357
CONWAY Kate. 687q
COOK David Ritchie. 1071
COOK Ethel Jane. 1071
COOK Peter. 1073
COOMBES Albert Ernest. 420
COOMBES Albert John. 824
COOMBES Alfred. 1090
COOMBES Amelia A. 856c
COOMBES Charlie. 687f
COOMBES Daisy Violet. 1016
COOMBES Edith. 732
COOMBES Edward. 825, 687d
COOMBES Edward G. 856c
COOMBES Edward George. 1016, Co14, Cm7
COOMBES Eric John. 1323
COOMBES Frances Emily. 872b
COOMBES Frank. 819a
COOMBES Frederick. 1127, 652c, 635a, 609a
COOMBES Frederick Walter. 918b
COOMBES George. 871, 778g
COOMBES Harriett. 1183
COOMBES Harry. 1109 WW1
COOMBES Ivy Maud. Co14
COOMBES James. 872b, 687g
COOMBES Joan Amy. 385
COOMBES Joan Monica. Cm10
COOMBES John. 663d
COOMBES John Charles Edward. 1045
COOMBES Kirsty Louise. 435f
COOMBES Maria. 1127
COOMBES Martha. 871
COOMBES Mary Ann. 687d
COOMBES Mary Jane. 635a
COOMBES Maud. 420
COOMBES May. 423c
COOMBES Nellie. 918b
COOMBES Robert Stewart. 949
COOMBES Rose. 687h
COOMBES Roy. 423c
COOMBES Sarah Ann. 825
COOMBES Sidney John. 385
COOMBES Thea. 1045
COOMBES Tryphena. 526b
COOMBES Walter. 732
COOMBES William. 663c, 526b
COOPER Alice Emily. 879b
COOPER Elizabeth. 746
COOPER Emma Marianne. 528
COOPER Gladys May. 652
COOPER Ivor James. Ck10
COOPER Joseph. 528
COOPER Leonard Robert. 437e
COOPER Stephen. 749b
COOPER Thomas Edward. 879b
COOPER Venus C.E. 923a
COPUS Kathleen Maud. 945a
CORKE Charles Alfred. Cn12
COTTERILL Peter. 394b
COTTERILL Robert Richard. Village Green, 394b
COTTINGHAM Thomas. 779
COTTON Henry Beckford. 489
COTTON Ruth. 489
COUGHLAN Catherine McKenzie. 814a
COURTNAGE Alan S.G.. 780n
COURTNAGE Alexander Stanley Cyril. 1108
COURTNAGE Archer Harold. 606b
COURTNAGE Charles. 780o
COURTNAGE Frederick. 281
COURTNAGE Frederick 'Fred'. 365
COURTNAGE Joan Muriel. 462
COURTNAGE Matilda. 780o
COURTNAGE Phoebe. 281
COURTNAGE Vivienne. 939
COURTNAGE Wallace Frederick. 939
COUSINS Charles. 622d
COUSINS Harriet. 622d
COVENTRY Malvina Antonia. 1137
COVER Emma. 220
COVER Jane. 689a
COVER John. 219
COVER Mary Ann. 1178
COVER Reuben. 1178
COVER Thomas. 689a
COWES R A (Gus). 423
COX Agnes Mary. 524a
COXON John Stovold. 154
COXON Sarah Ann. 154
CRADDOCK Edward E. W. 1222
CREASER Dawn. 983
CREASER Malcolm George. 983
CREASER Michael. 983
CREASER Vaughan. 983
CRESSWELL Rosemary Jane. 608
CRIMMINS Jenni. 1293
CRIPPS Nora Lena. 846
CRIPPS Walter Patrick (Paddy). 846
CROFT Harry James. 981
CROFT Laurence. 542
CROFT Margaret Unice Lillian. 981
CROMWELL Eleanor Grace. 418a
CROSS Gillian. 898
CROSS Mabel Florence. 950
CROUCHER George. 826
CROWN Dennis Albert. 437b
CROWN Gladys Beatrice. 437b
CROWTHER-SMITH Charles Vernon. 1109 WW2
CUFF Lt-Col Arthur St. G. 348
CULLUM Gladys May. 373
CUMMING Catherine. 659
CUMMING Elizabeth Wilkins. 275
CUMMING John Thomas. 659
CUMMING Marion Agnes. 389
CUMMING Robert. 275
CUNNINGHAM Jane Estelle. 1002
CUNNINGHAM Laura. 1002a
CURTIS Charles. 1109 WW1
CURTIS Elizabeth. 327
CURTIS George. 245
CURTIS James. 256
CURTIS Jane. 256
CURTIS Louisa. 244
CURTIS Mabel. 933a
CURTIS Mary. 327, 109
CURTIS Mary Jane. 256
CURTIS Richard. 327a, 244, 187, 109
CUTLER Peggy Maureen. 738
DALTON Garrett. 1109 WW1
DAMER Clara Emmeline. 541
DANGERFIELD George Walter Maurice. 731
DANGERFIELD Hannah Gladys. 731
DANGERFIELD Richard George. Cn15
DAVEY Alice Elizabeth. 1025
DAVEY William John. 1025
DAVID Charles. 288, 287
DAVID Edwin Charles. 287
DAVID Jane. 288, 287
DAVIDGE Frank. 380
DAVIDGE Phyllis Molly. 380
DAVIES Susannah. 24
DAVIES Terry William. 437v
DAVIS Annie. 502a
DAVIS Daniel. 619
DAVIS Francis. 938
DAVIS Harry Jesse. 502a
DAVIS Hilda Maud. 723a
DAVIS Ivy Annie Marian. 493a
DAVIS Rosa Dorcas. 938
DAVIS Walter. 927
DAVIS William John. 532a
DAVISON Emily Betsy. 846
DAWES Eliza. 780k
DAWES William. 780k
DAY Kathleen Eva. Cj4
DAY Richard John. Cj4
de la MOTTE Ellen Mabel. 232
de la MOTTE Mary Sophia. 792
DEACON Grace E. 437l
DEACON William. 437l
DEADMAN Annie Dorothy. 853a
DEADMAN Caroline. 123
DEADMAN Charles. 123
DEADMAN George. 853a
DEADMAN Harriet. 123
DEAN Arthur James. 786j
DEAN Edward. 622
DEAN Emma E. 786j
DEAN Frederick. 786j
DEAN Frederick Edward William. 437w
DEAN Harriet. 622
DEAN John Henry. 1272
DEAN Mildred Florence. 437w
DEANE Amy. 751e
DEANE Jesse. 751e
DEIGHTON Frederick. 735a
DENHOLME Mary Margaret. 709a
DENING Mary. 327
DENNEY Harry R. 1109 WW1
DENYER Alfred Charles. 654e
DENYER Annie. 689
DENYER Charles. 618c
DENYER George. 689
DENYER Harriet. 689d
DENYER John. 424
DENYER Kate Elizabeth. 424
DENYER Mary. 618c
DENYER Thomas J. 1109 WW1
DENYER Willie. 656c
DEVERALL Gordon. Cj1
DEVERALL Kathleen. Cj1
DIBLEY James William. 475a
DIBLEY Lydia. 475a
DICKENS Henry C. 896d
DICKENS Margaret Alice. 896d
DICKENS Patience. 520a
DICKIE Robert. 1074
DICKINSON Henrietta Maria. 189
DICKINSON Robert. 130
DICKSON Ada May. 822
DICKSON William G.S. 822
DIDZBALIS Pijus. 684
DILLON Mary. 780i
DINNAGE George William. 618e
DISNEY Charles. 1219
DISNEY Nesta. 1219
DIXON Dick Walter Aubrey. 1036
DIXON Vivien. 713a
DOE Frank. 905
DOPSON Arthur E. 1109 WW2
DOPSON Arthur Edward. 619i
DOPSON Ellen. 561
DOPSON Frank. 560a
DOPSON Frederick. 867c
DOPSON Harriet. 619i
DOPSON Helen. 589d
DOPSON Helen Jane. 589d
DOPSON James. 561
DOPSON Spr A E. 561
DOPSON William V. 1269
DORMER Douglas Philip. 290
DORRINGTON Albert George. 1109 WW2
DORRINGTON Hettie Isabel. 442
DORRINGTON Isabella. 443
DORRINGTON John St. Elmo. 335
DORRINGTON Lieut. A.G. 442
DOWLER Nellie M. 727b
DOWLER Walter. 1109 WW1
DOWNS Albert Edward. 961
DOWSE Arthur Kerman. 411
DOWSON Elizabeth. 282
DRACKFORD Frederick. 344g
DRACKFORD Marilyn Evelyn. 344g
DRAGE Clara. 670c
DRAKE Henry George. 423b
DRAKE Margaret Louisa. 423b
DUCKWORTH Phyllis Audrey. 805
DUDGEON Patrick Laurence. 1109 WW2
DUDMAN Edith. 993
DUDMAN John C. 993
DUDMAN William James. 569a
DUELL Ella Annie. 479
DUFFUS Agnes Evans Whelen. 674
DUFFUS Francis Ferguson. 674
DUFFUS Marjorie. 429
DUKE Eleanor Frances (Tiny). 765
DUKE Frank. 1109 WW1
DUKES Thomas Dunbar. 822a
DUNCAN Thomas R. 684a
DUNFORD Arthur. 1109 WW2
DUNK William Eric. 860c
DUNLOP Tony. 985
DUNMORE Joseph Stanley. 682a
DUNNE Ethel Victoria (Essie). Cm13
DUTKIEWICZ Bronislow. 992
EADS Ann. 88
EADS Anna Maria. 89
EADS Elizabeth. 89, 88
EADS Frances. 89
EADS Hannah. 115
EADS John. 161, 116, 115, 114
EADS Margaret. 161
EADS Mary. 116
EADS Richard. 89, 88
EADS William. 113
EAMES Dorothy Ann Carpenter. 635c
EAMES Gilbert Henry. 635c
EARL Charles. 1109 WW1, 669
EARL Doris May. 851
EARL George. 899
EARL George Alfred. 851
EARL Henry. 852, 669
EARL John. 1109 WW1, 669
EARL Kate. 669
EARL Thomas. 1109 WW1, 669
EARLE Elsie. 1217
EASTON John Robert. 412
EASTON Rosie May. 412
EASTON William Ernest. Cn8
EDDEY William. 593
EDMEAD George Pirie. Co16
EDRIDGE Awdry. 124
EDRIDGE Daniel. 124
EDWARDS Daisy Ethel. 554
EDWARDS Herbert. 616
EDWARDS Maud Annie. 780y
EDWARDS Minnie. 616
EDWARDS Richard John. 409
EDWARDS Ruby Charlotte. 409
EDWARDS William Henry. 554
EGENTI Chuk. 1106
EGGAR Jane. 288
EILOART Arnold. 502f
EILOART Clarence. 502g
EILOART Iris Mary. 502e
ELEKER Mary. 1002b
ELIADON Paraskerow D. 856e
ELKINS Frederick G. 1109 WW1
ELLIOTT Florence Susanna. 760b
ELLIOTT Fred. 605
ELLIOTT George Kenneth. 532a
ELLIOTT Harriet. 605
ELLIS Amelia Anne Amanda. 637
ELLIS Dorothy Maud. 637a
ELLIS Emma Ann. 624a
ELLIS Frederick John. 637
ELLIS George Kenneth Woodward. Cl9
ELLIS John Harry. 637a
ELLIS Peter George. 636a
ELLIS Phyllis Amelia (Ginny). 636a
ELLISON Elizabeth M. Cl7
ELLISON Jane. 794
ELLISON Joseph F.R. Cl7
ELLISON Mary Ann Gertrude. 794
ELSLEY Joseph. 648b
ELSON William. 585h
ELSTONE Bessie. 573
ELSTONE George. 572
ELSTONE James. 572
ELSTONE Julia. 571
ELSTONE Robert. 571
ELSTONE William Charles. 571
ELSWORTH Godfrey. 1344
EMBLETON Bertha. 965
EMBLETON John. 965
EMERSON Sarah. 303
ENSELL Nellie. 241
ESTRADIÉ Jean Elie René. 465
ETHERINGTON Mary. 85, 85, 84
ETHERINGTON Richard. 85, 85, 84
ETHERINGTON William. 166
EVANS Arthur. 490a
EVANS Phoebe. 666i
EVANS Ruth Amelia. 490a
EVANS Wilfred Arthur. 493
EVETTS Martha. 495
EVETTS Richard. 495
EWSTERS Mary. 24
EWSTERS William. 23
FALKNER Bessie. 206
FALKNER Thomas. 206
FALKNER Thomas John Frank. 459a
FARRANT Lucy Susanna Eleanora. 736
FAULFNER John. 15, 14
FAWCETT Evelyn Victoria (Eve). 544b
FEAR Gertrude. 727a
FEAR Henry John. 727a
FEGAN Elizabeth. 585g
FELTHAM Henry Charles. 1247
FERGUSON Henry. 519c
FEVE? William Henry. 652d
FEWELL Frederick Charles. 866c
FEWTRELL Geoffrey William. Cl18
FIDDES Edward Scott. 346
FIDDES Helen Scott. 346
FIDUCIA Michael. 405
FIELD Vincent. 1023
FIFIELD Fanny. 615b
FIFIELD George. 615b
FIFIELD Thomas Robert. 529
FIGG Frederick George. 976
FIGG Henry Charles. 431
FINCH Angela Ethel Rose. 739
FINCH Arthur Albert. 739
FINCH Ethel Rose. 739
FINCH Maurice Charles 'Bidge'. 739
FISHER Charles. 514a
FISHER Emily Sophie. 644a
FISHER Florence Jane. 644a
FISHER Frederick. 1109 WW1
FISHER Harold Ronald. 619e
FISHER Henry. 654a
FISHER Mary-Ann. 514a
FISHER Sophia. 654a
FISHER Stan. 437r
FISHER Stanley William. 1109 WW2
FITCH Harry Richard Barnes. 729
FITCH Norah Elizabeth. 729
FLANAGAN Kathleen Mary. 299
FLANAGHAN Caroline. Cl8
FLEETWOOD Ada Jessie. 671
FLEMING Florence Dora. 821a
FOARD Harvey. 777a
FOARD Kathleen. 538a
FOARD Mary. 777a
FOLEY Edward. 1081a
FORBES Judy. 437k
FORD [FOARD] Jemima. 1176
FOSS Alfred John. 609c
FOSS Eleanor Ada. 609c
FOSTER Maud. 969
FOSTER Peter. 969
FOULSHAM Leonard. 635b
FOWLER Marian Faith. 437g
FOX Laura. 501
FOX-SPENSER Selina. 547a
FOX-SPENSER Susan. 547a
FRANCIS Elizabeth Mary. 400
FRANKLIN George Thomas. 526c
FRANKLIN Jane Georgina Caroline (Blanche). 783a
FRASER Henry Seymour. 470
FRASER Mary Ann. 470
FREEBREY Frances. 440
FREEMAN Fred. 505
FREEMAN Kenneth (Jim). 1237
FREEMAN William Charles. 504
FREEMANTLE Hannah. 122
FREEMANTLE Richard. 5, 3
FREEMANTLE Robert. 122
FRESHNER Charles William. 623e
FREWEN Harry J.C. 647a
FROST Alfred William. 751j
FROST Arthur. 1350
FROST Ellen Mary. 751j
FROST Joy Mary. 1000
FRY Frederick Walter. 918a
FRYER Charles Henry. 793
FRYER Ellen Georgina. 793
FULLICK Ada Lucy. 915
FULLICK Alfred Henry. 892a
FULLICK Ann. 623c
FULLICK Augustus Joseph. 915
FULLICK Charlotte. 624
FULLICK Eliza. 530
FULLICK Elizabeth. 253
FULLICK Ellen. 530
FULLICK Emily Martha. 576
FULLICK Esther. 520
FULLICK Fred. 623c
FULLICK Frederick. 530
FULLICK Frederick A C. 1109 WW2
FULLICK Frederick Albert. 576
FULLICK Frederick Alfred Charles. 698
FULLICK Frederick E. 1109 WW1
FULLICK Frederick Edward. 583a
FULLICK George. 253
FULLICK Jessie May. 253
FULLICK John. 323
FULLICK Kate. 662d
FULLICK Richard. 530
FULLICK Walter. 582
FULLICK William. 623d, 253
FULLICK William Charles. 583b
FURNESS Henry. 52
FURNESS Mary. 52
FYFIELD Alice. 1104
FYFIELD Basil Raymond. 1109 WW2
FYFIELD Edith I. 760f
FYFIELD Ellen. 563j
FYFIELD Fanny. 615b
FYFIELD Felicia. 784
FYFIELD Frank. 784
FYFIELD George. 615b
FYFIELD Harry H. 760f
FYFIELD Harvey William Frederick. 1104
FYFIELD Kate Louisa. 894b
FYFIELD Mabel. 1103
FYFIELD William Eli. 894c
GABBITAS Ena Violet. 905b
GAIGER Harriette Kate. 491
GALE Ada. 830c
GALE Agnes Lilian. 884
GALE Eli George Coles. 884
GALE Elizabeth Annie. 164
GALE Emily. 199
GALE Emma Eileen. 693a
GALE George. 884
GALE Henry James. 693a
GALE Leslie James. 962a
GALE Lucy. 693a
GALE Marion Mabel. 608
GALE Mary Eva. 164
GALE Ronald William. 1109 WW2
GALE Samuel. 199
GALE William. 830c, 689b
GAMBLEN A.Arthur. 1109 WW1
GAMBLEN Albert James. 845
GAMBLEN Eliza. 1145, 228
GAMBLEN George. 1145
GAMBLEN George Valentine. 1146
GAMBLEN Henry. 228
GAMBLEN Henry George. 700a
GAMBLEN James. 701
GAMBLEN William. 274
GARDINER Arthur H. 1109 WW1
GARDINER Edith Elizabeth. 702c
GARDINER William. 1109 WW1
GARDNER Arthur Henry. 696
GARDNER Bert. 784a
GARDNER Delia. 569b
GARDNER Francis. 311
GARDNER Hannah Louisa. 784a
GARDNER James Herbert. 816
GARDNER Louisa. 840c
GARDNER Louise. 861
GARDNER Mary Ann Ridout. 816
GARDNER Richard Samuel. 311
GARNER Susan Lillian. 810
GARNET Bernard Edwin. 815
GARNET Rosalind Elizabeth. 815
GARRARD Emily. 1256
GARRETT George. 687p
GASKELL Béatrice Jacqueline / Claude. 555b
GASKELL Waryn Thomas Mogridge. 555b
GATCUM Ellen. 611, 585d
GATCUM Frederick. 585d
GATCUM Harry. 611, 611
GATCUM Henry Ernest. Cn9
GATEHOUSE Alexander. 68
GATEHOUSE Dame Anna Maria. 192
GATEHOUSE Elizabeth. 68
GATEHOUSE Sir Thomas. 192
GATES Alfred. 647b
GATES Cyrus Stephen. 847f
GATES Florence. 847f
GATES George. 587a
GATES William J. 1109 WW1
GATES William John. 845b
GAUNTLETT Andrew. 615
GAUNTLETT Emily Ann. 286
GAUNTLETT Frances E. 614
GAUNTLETT Ivy Emily. 286
GAUNTLETT John Percival Edgar. 644
GAUNTLETT Lucy. 615a
GAUNTLETT Mary. 644, 642
GAWTHORP Hannah. 944
GAWTHORP Vera. 347
GEERING Clara. 853b
GEERING Douglas Archer. 1038
GEERING William Edward. 1038, 853b
GERMAN Alice. 1105a
GERMAN Rose. 1105a
GERSTEL Marie Jeanette. Ck6
GIBBONS Doreen. 589h
GIBBONS Jack Alfred. 677
GIBBONS Kathleen May. 677
GIBBONS Lily. 589h
GIBBONS Simon. 677
GIBSON George. 780
GIBSON Louise. 780
GILBERT Ellen Charlotte 'Nellie'. 278
GILBERTSON Elizabeth. 829a
GILLETT Hawed Leslie. 684d
GILLETT Henry Charles. 609b
GILLETT Joseph H.F. 912a
GILLETT Kate. 609b
GIRENAS Ramünas. 1080e
GIRENAS Tekle. 1080e
GIRENAS Vladas. 1080e
GISSING Albert. 848b
GISSING Eleanor Mary. 848b
GLADMAN Matthew John. Cm17
GLAYSHER Albert George. 768
GLAYSHER Alfred. 705
GLAYSHER Alice. 706
GLAYSHER Alice Louise. 703
GLAYSHER Allan. 703
GLAYSHER Arthur George. 1165
GLAYSHER Beatrice Jane. 707
GLAYSHER Bernard Allen. 760h
GLAYSHER Charles. 668b, 668
GLAYSHER Dennis George. 708
GLAYSHER Eliza. 839
GLAYSHER Elizabeth. 1132
GLAYSHER Emma. 1164
GLAYSHER Flora Mary. 705
GLAYSHER Frank. 1109 WW1, 1132
GLAYSHER George. 1164, 1133
GLAYSHER George Andrew. 1135
GLAYSHER Hilda Lyddie. 1165
GLAYSHER James. 892, 705a, 702e
GLAYSHER Jemima. 1133
GLAYSHER John. 667d
GLAYSHER Kate. 892, 704
GLAYSHER Mary. 892
GLAYSHER Mary Ann. 185
GLAYSHER Minnie Gertrude. 702e
GLAYSHER R.A.A. (Joe). 1032
GLAYSHER Rebecca. 668a, 668
GLAYSHER Ronald. 708
GLAYSHER Sarah. 892, 760h, 111
GLAYSHER Sarah Ann. 668
GLAYSHER Sarah Rose. 768
GLAYSHER Sydney. 1109 WW1
GLAYSHER Thomas. 668, 185, 185
GLAYSHER Wilfred James. 751b
GLAYSHER William. 1135, 839, 707, 328, 111
GLAYSHER Winifred Jessie. 751a
GLEESON Margaret. 778e
GODDARD Florence Annie. 1265
GODDARD Leonard. 1265
GODSMARK William H. 1109 WW1
GOODALL Stanley John. 687l
GOODSON Cyril. 435
GOODYEAR Agnes Maria. 953
GOODYEAR Albert. 732b
GOODYEAR Arthur W. 928d
GOODYEAR Daisy. 684e
GOODYEAR Edith. 388a
GOODYEAR Elsie. 1312
GOODYEAR Emily May. 728
GOODYEAR Frank. 684e
GOODYEAR Frederick George. 728
GOODYEAR Frederick John. 760g
GOODYEAR Harry E. 1109 WW1
GOODYEAR Walter. 388a
GOOLD Kevin. Co12
GOOLD Stanley. Cn1
GORDON Alexander. 1169
GORDON Ann. 1169
GORDON Donald David. 1049
GORDON Elrington Leith. 1085b
GORDON Emily Louisa. 1085b
GORDON Isa (Emily Louisa). 676
GORDON Marion. 292
GORDON Peter Leith. 676
GORDON Samuel. 1109 WW1
GOSHAM Charles Edwin. 627b
GOSHAM Elizabeth Jane. 627b
GOSNELL Adrian. 454
GOSNELL Christopher. 454
GOSNELL Maj. Harry Theodore. 454
GOSNELL Michael Fox. 454
GOSS Isabella Fanny. 932c
GOSS William. 932c
GOULD Annie Jane. 847c
GOULD Henry Frederick. 847c
GOVAERTS Gerard. 739d
GRAHAM CHARLTON Gwendoline. 242
GRAHAM Sylvia Gwendoline. 242
GRATTON Elizabeth. Ck11
GRAY Alfred Thomas. 1011
GRAY Anna Sophia. 535
GRAY Ethel. 1031
GRAY Hilda Elizabeth. 478
GRAY Leonard. 1031
GREATHURST Michael. 1306
GREEN Ena Constance. 808a
GREEN Florence. 670a
GREEN Frederick Robert. 808a
GREEN Frederick William. 683
GREEN Lily May. 511
GREEN Mabel. 683
GREEN Robert. 511
GREENAWAY Louisa. 675
GREENFIELD Augustus F. 928c
GREENOUGH Edith Annie. 612a
GREENWAY Emily. 326
GREENWAY Emily Matilda. 1136
GREENWAY Samuel. 324
GREGORY Mary Isabella. 537
GRIFFIN Alice Louisa. 878
GRIFFIN Doris Annie. 878
GRIFFIN Gladys. 435e
GRIFFITH Richard. 563c
GRIFFITHS Lillian Frank. 563e
GRIGG Doris Elsie. 845g
GRIGG Warrington Eugene. 845g
GRIMSLEY Sheelah. 401b
GRIMSLEY William E. 401b
GRISDALE Thomas Percy. 708e
GROTHAUS Ethel. 1345
GROTHAUS Helmut. 1345
GROVER Charles. 654b
GROVER Frances Irene. Ck15
GROVER Lily. 883
GROVER William. 883
GROVES Annie. 510a
GROVES Frederick. 510a
GUGAS Petras. 1301
GUNAS? Donald R.S. 937b
GUSTAITIS Jonas. 1052
GUY Bessie. 628
GUY Margaret G. 765a
GUY Robert Randers. 765a
GWATKIN Elizabeth Noël. 591
GWATKIN Rosa Maud. 591
H B. 554b
H P. 554b
HABBERLEY John Ernest Henry. 379
HACK Ada. 884a
HACK Albert Edward. 831
HACK Alice Lauren. 444a
HACK Bertha. 845h
HACK Edith Rebecca. 837a
HACK Elsie Elizabeth Maud. 831
HACK Emily Maud. 589j
HACK Emmeline Edith. 227
HACK Harry E. 1109 WW1
HACK James. 227
HACK Martha Jane. 687i
HACK Mary. 784b
HACK Matilda Alice. 445
HACK Sarah Ann. 227
HACK Victor Charles. 845h
HACK William Herbert. 554e
HACK William John. 784b
HACKER Bridget. Cn14
HACKER Oskar K.M. Cn14
HAHN Helen Maxfield. 1154
HAHN Theophilus Sigismund. 1154
HALE Jane. 564a
HALL Ada. 800
HALL Alfred. 800
HALL Anne. 31
HALL Charles Percy. 1138
HALL Clara Maud. 391
HALL Dick. 786d
HALL Elizabeth Lydia. 698a
HALL Ernest Sidney. 391
HALL Ester Esme. 548c
HALL Frederick. 558
HALL Herbert (Nobby). 394a
HALL Jennifer Ann. 918b
HALL John Abney. 1109 WW2
HALL John Azor. 698a
HALL Mary. 558
HALL Robin George. 1332
HALL Simonne Berthe Angelique. 394a
HALL Stephen. 31
HAMILTON Douglas. 1260
HAMMOND John. 172
HAMMOND Sarah. 172
HAMPTON Elizabeth. 135
HAMPTON James. 135
HAMPTON Margaret. 135
HAND Emma. 786l
HANDLEY Elsie Mabel. 461
HANDLEY Frank. 461
HANMER Guy David. 1324
HANSEN Mari. 838
HARDING Charles. 12
HARDING Harry. 792a
HARDING John. 13, 12
HARDING Mary. 755a
HARDING Rose. 708d
HARDY Constance Maud. 919
HARDY Elizabeth. 745a
HARDY James Victor. 970
HARDY Tony Frederick. 866
HARDY Walter James. 919
HARFIELD Tracy Ann Irene. 1105
HARKER Sidney George. 1030
HARMSTON Mary. 279
HARRIES Victor Percy. 1044
HARRIS Albert Henry. 893a
HARRIS Andrew. 609m
HARRIS Arthur. 860a
HARRIS Charles. 744a
HARRIS Eleanor. 689c
HARRIS Ernest S.J. 1109 WW1
HARRIS Fanny. 205
HARRIS Francis. 510c
HARRIS Frederick James. 786c
HARRIS Frederick James Alfred. 786b
HARRIS George. 689c
HARRIS Harold Benedict. 1087a
HARRIS Helen Florence. 786c
HARRIS Jane. 860a
HARRIS John. 1360
HARRIS Joseph William. 773
HARRIS Kim Lorraine. 900a
HARRIS Linda. 773
HARRIS Lola. 1284
HARRIS Mary Jane. 744a
HARRIS Mary Jane Beatrice. 510c
HARRIS Maude. 909f
HARRIS Nellie Alice. 893a
HARRIS Pauline Wendy. 1034
HARRIS William. 205
HARRIS William (Billy). 1282
HARROLD Andrea. 475b
HARROLD Bernard. 475b
HARROLD Judy. 475b
HARVEY Annie. 785a
HARVEY Jane. 886a
HASSELL Terence John. 647d
HATFIELD Godfrey Charles. Cn7
HAUGHTA Gertrude E. 670c
HAWARDEN Viscount. 1109 WW1
HAWKINS Pamela Mary. 828d
HAYDEN Clari. 617
HAYDEN Eliza. 740
HAYDEN Elizabeth. 740a
HAYDEN Ellen Jane. 886c
HAYDEN Frederick. 694c
HAYDEN George. 740a
HAYDEN Gertrude Alice. 694c
HAYDEN Jesse Charles. 886c
HAYDEN John. 833b, 740
HAYDEN Mary. 886b
HAYDEN William. 886b
HAYDON John Mark. 302
HAYES Annie Louisa. 876
HAYES Charlotte Edith. 1124
HAYES Henry Ernest. 876
HAYTER Albert Charles. 751
HAYTER Ernest. 1109 WW1, 702
HAYTER Lettie H. 838a
HAYTER Mary Margaretta. 702
HAYTER Minnie. 751
HAYTER William. 702
HAYTER William Henry. 838a
HAYTOR Alfred. 853
HAYTOR Alice. 853
HAYWARD Charlotte. 886
HAYWARD Edith May. 861a
HAYWARD James. 886
HAYWARD Marjorie Grace. 354
HAYWARD Michael Hamish?. 861a
HAYWARD Thomas George. 591a
HEASLOP Adair Colpoys. 540
HEASLOP Gwyneth Phedora Sibyl. 540, 275
HEASLOP Margaret Copeland. Cm15
HEASLOP Peggy Beatrice Nan. 540
HEASLOP Sibyl Mary. 540
HEATHCOTE Elinor M. 275
HEATHER Alexander Frank. 984
HEATHER Alfred Percy. 890a
HEATHER Alice. 589
HEATHER Alice Maud. 563d
HEATHER Arthur. 588
HEATHER Caroline. 314
HEATHER Charles. 751c
HEATHER Charlie. 624
HEATHER Charlotte. 624
HEATHER Clara. 751g
HEATHER Frederick Thomas. 845f
HEATHER Harry. 624, 589, 563d
HEATHER John. 552
HEATHER Kate. 588
HEATHER Maud. 624, Cn18
HEATHER Olive Edith. 984
HEATHER William. 751g
HEATHER William James. 890a
HEDGECOCK Nora. 1134, 402
HEDGECOCK Rose K. 1012
HEDGECOCK William John. 402
HELLIER Ernest Edwin. 1100
HELLIER Frederick Thomas. 754
HELLIER Herbert. 753
HELLIER Minnie. 754
HELLIER Priscilla Sarah Ann. 1100
HENDRY Agnes. 544
HENDRY Christobel. 544
HENDRY Christopher J. 544
HENDRY Hamish. 544
HENDRY Ruth. 544
HENRICK Ernest Alfred. 1046
HENRICK Mary. 1046
HERRETT Charles. 1149
HERRETT Sarah Elizabeth. 1149
HEWLETT Antony Francis. 437
HEWLETT Patricia. 437
HIBLING Caroline Harriet. 967a
HIBLING Frederick Charles. 967a
HICKS Edwin Jesse. 478
HICKS Emily Bracy Lewis. 478
HICKS John Lewis. 478
HIGGINS Charles Arthur. 945e
HIGHLEY Amy. 1002c
HIGHLEY Frederick George. 1002c
HIGHLEY Peggy. 1002c
HIGHTON Alice Rose. 230
HIGHTON Annie. 275
HIGHTON William Thomas. 230
HILL David. Furze Hill Road
HILL Lydia. 774a
HILL Ronald. 437u
HILL Ronald Edwin. 818
HILL Vera Grace. 437u
HILLIER Alice Dora. 1294
HILLIER Charles Edward. 1294
HILLS Annie. 447
HILLYER Louisa Jane. 507b
HITCHCOCK Ingard Luise. 1289
HITCHCOCK James William. 819
HITCHCOCK Laura. 819
HITCHCOCK Peter Lawrence. 1289
HOARE Harriett. 524f
HOARE James. 524f
HOLDAWAY William. 1109 WW1
HOLDEN Alice Kate. 554d
HOLDEN George. 735k, 554d, 381b
HOLDEN John. 788b
HOLDEN Marion Elizabeth. 735k
HOLDEN Michael George. 1305
HOLDSWORTH Clifford Abercrombie. 275
HOLLANDS Elsie N.M. 932a
HOLLOWAY Annie Eliza. 559b
HOLLOWAY Daisy Mary. 833c
HOLLOWAY Letitia. 924
HOLLOWAY William George Grove. 735f
HOLLOWAY William John. 1343
HOLMAN John Arthur. Cn5
HOLME Catherine. 190
HOLME George. 190a, 190
HOLMES Phoebe Mildred. 563e
HOMER Ivy Emily. 286
HOMER William. 286
HONESS Richard. 210
HOOKER John Edward. 879a
HOOKER Vivienne Violet. 879a
HOOPER Richard Grenside. 237
HORNIBLOW Reginald Luscombe. 1109 WW2
HORSFORD Benjamin. 649
HORSFORD Clara Elizabeth. 649
HORSFORD Harold Harris. 1287
HORTON James Noël. 1248
HORTON Margaret Frances. 1248
HOUSLEY Lucy. 1081
HOUSLEY Terry. 1081
HOWARD Daniel Sean. 751h
HOWARD Eileen Elizabeth. 388
HOWARD Joseph. 121
HOWARD Norman John. 388
HOWARD Percy. 1047
HOWARD Sarah. 121
HOWARTH Katrina Lily. 773c
HOWSON-RAY Robert Gerald. 850
HUBBER Ellen. 736
HUBBUCK Edward. 275, 204
HUBBUCK Geoffrey Martin. 204
HUBBUCK Harriette Edith. 275, 204
HUDSON Brian Edward. 1274
HUDSON Edith. 764
HUDSON Ethel Harriet. 956
HUDSON Henry James Gordon. 764
HUDSON Hilton. 1040
HUDSON Joseph Edward. 956
HUDSON Samuel Francis. 786g
HUGGINS Anna Maria. 192
HUGGINS Frederick. 1236
HUGGINS William. 192, 191
HUGHES Charles Wylde. 719
HUGHES Cicely F.F. 719
HUGHES Lilian Blackberry. 1072
HUGHES Mary Eliza. 1355
HUGHES Thomas James. 1072
HULL Frank A. 437j
HUNT Elizabeth. 523
HUNT George. 9
HUNT John. 523
HUNT Mary. 224
HUNTINGFORD Leslie Ernest. 1214
HUNTINGFORD Sarah Jane. 538
HUNTINGFORD William. 538
HURLEY Charlotte Emily. 662a
HURLOCK Harry. 1109 WW1
HURLOCK William J. 1109 WW1
HUXLEY Angelina Violet. 796
HUXLEY Nora Mary. 796
HUXLEY William Harding. 796
I'ANSON Caroline Susan. 249
I'ANSON Catherine. 195
I'ANSON Edward. 1153, 195
I'ANSON Lavinia Blakeway. 195
I'ANSON Philip Blakeway. 1152
IMPETT Ethel. 352
INGLIS John Morrison. 1004
INWARD Hannah. 650c
JACKSON Edward E.C. 933g
JACKSON John. 1077
JACKSON Louis. 735i
JACKSON Percy H. 359
JACKSON Rhoda C. 933g
JACKSON Violet Rose. 359
JAMES Gladys Gwendoline. 713
JAMES Ida. Cj11
JAMES William Harold. 1109 WW2
JANAWAY Jonathan. 623
JARVIS Edith Lily. 650e
JARVIS Edward. 786n
JARVIS Elizabeth J. 740a
JARVIS Francis. 740a
JEANES Clifford [Herbert Stanley]. 968
JEFFERIES William. 512f
JEFFERY Charles. 94
JEFFERY Charlotte. 97
JEFFERY Richard. 97, 94
JEFFERY Sarah. 97, 97, 94
JEFFERY Sophia. 94
JEFFERY William. 97
JEFFERY Winifred C. 923b
JEFFRIES Muriel Elizabeth Ruth. 256
JEFFS Joyce Rosemary. 1017
JEFFS Noël Hugh. 1017
JELFS Beatrice. 589i
JELFS John Henry. 589i, 589g
JELFS Sarah Ann. 589g
JELFS Sarah Jane. 589h
JENKINS Jenny. 427
JENKINS Leonard. 427
JINKS Joan. 1212
JOHNSON Arthur A. 945d
JOHNSON Christopher W J. 1109 WW2
JOHNSON Cicely May. Cm12
JOHNSON Darren James. 304
JOHNSON Edith Alice. 1278
JOHNSON Flora Annie. 840a
JOHNSON Frank. 1080
JOHNSON Leonard. 945c
JOHNSON Louisa. 945d
JOHNSON Mary. 1331, 945c
JOHNSON Richard. 1278
JOHNSON Sally May. 945f
JOHNSON Sidney William. Cj10
JOHNSTON Alexander Richmond. 460
JOHNSTON Kate Elizabeth. 460
JOHNSTON Lilian. 594
JOHNSTON Percy Dove. 594
JOHNSTONE Robert William. 1109 WW2
JONES E. 581
JONES Grace Hannah. 581
JONES Hannah. 937c
JONES Henry Harold. 866b
JORDAN James Roland. 418c
JORDAN Olive (Brownie). 418c
JOUSEY Mary Eleanor. 585n
JOYNSON Arthur G. 917
JOYNSON Dollie. 917
JUDKINS Benjamin Lucas. 258
JUDKINS Isabel. 297
JUDKINS Isabel Clara. 297
JUDKINS John Lucas. 296
JUREVICIUS Vincas. 986
KAVANAGH Josephine Titalyo. 1107c
KAY Alison Mary Lilias. 720
KAY Andrew Cassals. 275
KAY Andrew Cassels. 721
KAY Mabel Florence Aimee. 720
KAY Mrs. 264
KEAN James Lockhart. 865
KEDDLE Andrea Elaine. 1347
KEEN Celia. 142
KEEN Daniel. 1130, 148
KEEN Edward. 151, 27, 26
KEEN Elizabeth. 26
KEEN Hannah. 151
KEEN Mary. 1130
KEEN Samuel. 142a, 142
KEEN Sarah. 27, 26
KEET Caroline. 909a
KEET Elizabeth. 742
KEET Henry. 909a
KEET Shirley. 300
KEITH Bessie. 907
KEITH Colin. 907
KELE Agnes Amy. 823b
KEMBALL Frederick C.G. 1109 WW1
KEMP Alfred G.E. 549
KEMP Alfred GB. 548d
KEMP Caroline Obadiah. 446d
KEMP Charles. 896b
KEMP Charles Goldie Colin. 897
KEMP Colin. 446d
KEMP Edith Mary. 597
KEMP Ellen Mabel. 897
KEMP Frank. 1109 WW1
KEMP Lucy Parker. 126
KEMP Nellie Maria. 896b
KEMP Nicholas. 1091
KEMP Tom. 1091
KEMP Walter Henry. 342d
KEMP William. 597
KENNEDY George. 1045a
KENNEDY Teresa. 1045a
KENNETT Annie Eliza. 497
KENNETT George Frederick. 497
KENT Arthur. 1109 WW1
KENT George Frederic. 1321
KENWARD Eliza Harriet. 816b
KENWARD Elizabeth Mary Frances. 816a
KENWARD Joshua Francis. 816b
KENWARD Margaret Ann. 817
KENWARD William John. 817
KENYON Alice. 702d
KERRY Sylvia H. 375b
KERSLEY William James. 627a
KEYHOE Mimi. 437m
KEYSER Kathleen Maude. 513
KILBURN Annie. 879
KILBURN Bert. 879
KILKENNY Stephen Patrick. 347b
KING Arthur. 1176
KING Beatrice. 437t
KING Bessie Eliza. 480
KING Cecily. 298
KING David B. 952
KING Edgar George. 451
KING Esme Dorcas. 1176
KING Eunice. 952
KING Joan S. 952
KING Rose. 687h
KINGDON Jane Wheeler. 1143
KING-HALL Amelia Kathleen. 758
KING-HALL Ann. 758
KING-HALL Jane. 758
KING-HALL Kay. 758
KING-HALL Stephen. 758
KING-HALL Susan. 758
KINGSHOTT Daniel. 1177
KINGSHOTT Eliza. 698d
KINGSHOTT Isaac. 698d
KINGSHOTT Laura. 1177
KINGSWOOD Harry P. 512c
KINGSWOOD Rosina. 512c
KINNING Iris May. 1086
KIRBY Alice Margaret. 503
KIRBY Henry Clifford. 503
KIRBY Mary Ellen. 503
KIRK Margery Lily. 1108a
KIRK Raymond Barker. 1099
KITSON Mary. 803a
KNAPLEY Violet. 773a
KNIGHT Alice Mary. 947
KNIGHT Amy Elizabeth. Cl17
KNIGHT Anne. 1110, 41
KNIGHT Annie Eliza. 995
KNIGHT Arthur H. 777
KNIGHT Bessie. 609e
KNIGHT Daniel. 83, 75, 74, 73, 70, 69
KNIGHT Edward. 87
KNIGHT Elizabeth. 150, 87
KNIGHT Emma. 321
KNIGHT Ethel Marianne Georgia. 560
KNIGHT Florence Maud. 791
KNIGHT Frederick. 693b
KNIGHT George. 947, 666c, 656h
KNIGHT Henry. 1111, 1110
KNIGHT James. 574
KNIGHT Jane. 1111, 777
KNIGHT John. 734b, 150, 146, 81, 80, 70, 41
KNIGHT Kate. 656i
KNIGHT Lucy. 666c
KNIGHT Martha. 150, 75, 73, 70
KNIGHT Mary. 81, 73
KNIGHT Mary Ann. 656h, 574
KNIGHT Mary Anna Maria. 69
KNIGHT Olive May. 1006
KNIGHT Percy Charles. 560
KNIGHT Richard. 86, 83
KNIGHT Rosa. 1013b
KNIGHT Rosina. 847a
KNIGHT Sarah. 150, 150, 146, 86, 83, 41
KNIGHT Thomas William. 995
KNIGHT Walter. 847a
KNIGHT Walter John. 1006
KNIGHT William. 1013b, 622a, 321
KNIGHT William John. 737
KNOCK Olive Enid. 737b
KNOLLYS Ellen May. 232
KNOLLYS Sir Courtnay. 232
KNOWLES Hrefna Susan. 394c
KNOWLES Jonathan M. 1109 WW2
KORSAKAS Jokubas. 1090a
KYNASTON Edmund. 714
KYNASTON Helen Frances. 715
LACEY Elizabeth. 609n
LACEY Frederick James. 610
LACEY Horace James. 918b
LACEY Sarah. 610
LAKE Claude Paxton. 1005
LAKE Frederick Thomas. 548
LAKE Winifred Jenny. 1005
LAMB William. 833d
LAMBERT John. 180
LAMBKIN Glynis Kathryn. Cl10
LAMPORT Alice Mary. 840
LAMPORT Florence A. 437p
LAMPORT Harry. 840
LAMPORT Olive Elizabeth. 756
LAMPORT Thomas H. 437p
LANDON Col. Guy de Laval. 415
LANE Edward. 1249
LANE Janty. 958
LANE Joseph. 958
LANE Mary Ann. 694d
LANE William. 694d
LANGRISH Ann. 156, 64
LANGRISH Elizabeth. 209, 157
LANGRISH Henry. 156
LANGRISH Matilda. 1139
LANGRISH Walter. 1140, 157
LANGRISH Walter Henry. 157
LANGRISH William. 1139, 156, 64
LARBY Amelia Elizabeth Eliza. 1122
LARBY Amos. 1109 WW1, 749
LARBY Edith. 1122
LARBY Edith Lottie. 1122
LARBY George. 1122
LARGE Edith May. 955
LARGE John. 955
LARKBY Elizabeth. 585h
LAUWA Frederick. 413c
LAVERTY Bessie Geraldine. 275, 233
LAVERTY Gladys. 233
LAVERTY Muriel. 233
LAVERTY Wallis Hay. 262, 233
LAVOI Cleo Patricia. 932e
LAW Jessie Annie. 1243
LAW Robert Young. 1243
LAWES Ellen. 662b
LAWES Frederick Joseph. 783
LAWES John. 662b
LAWES Mary Ann. 697
LAWES Rose. 875
LAWES William. 697
LAWRENCE Welcome. 623h
LAXTON Laurie H. 909g
Le FEUVRE Albert Percy. 1039
Le FEUVRE Lucy Caroline. 932d
Le FEUVRE William Hector. 856
Le FEUVRE William Henry. 699b
LEACH James. 527a
LEE Andrew. 900
LEE Ann. 168
LEE Charles. 77, 76
LEE Christina. 339a
LEE Elizabeth. 78, 72, 71, 63, 62, 61, 58
LEE George. 609g
LEE John. 339a, 169, 72, 71, 63, 61, 60, 49
LEE Mary. 76
LEE Stephen. 71
LEE Thomas. 168
LEE William. 170, 82, 78, 62, 59, 58, 49
LEGGETT John Frederick. Cj18
LEIGH Catherine. 190
LEIGH John. 190
LEIGHTON Reginald C. 433
LEMON Augusta. 786
LEMON George. 786
LEMON Jane. 621b
LESLIE John. 356
LESLIE Lilian. 356
LEWIS Anne. 45
LEWIS Arthur Middleton. 1144
LEWIS Christopher Edward. Ck9
LEWIS Cyril Barnard Nevill. 712
LEWIS David Henry Charles. 936
LEWIS Edith Marion. 1144
LEWIS Frederick. 1144
LEWIS Henry. 45
LEWIS Ruth Margaret. 712
LEWIS Sarah. 88
LEWIS Susan. 837
LEWIS Thomas. 90, 88
LICKFOLD Anna. 226, 164
LICKFOLD Edward. 164
LICKFOLD Elizabeth. 225, 164
LICKFOLD Frederick James. 164
LICKFOLD James Frederick. 164
LICKFOLD John. 226, 164
LICKFOLD Mary. 225
LICKFOLD Walter. 225
LIGHT Georgina. 1223
LIGHT James. 1095
LIGHT Joseph. 925
LINDESAY Frederick. 792
LINDESAY Frederick Sinclair. 792
LINDESAY Mary Sophia. 792
LINDESAY Philip Mauleverer. 792
LINDESAY Violet. 792
LOE Daniel. 1167
LOE Edward. 182, 136, 136
LOE Elizabeth Mary. 456
LOE Emily. 182, 136, 136
LOE George. 456
LOE Maria Kate. 1143
LOE Mary. 1167, 137, 134, 134
LOE Sarah. 131
LOE Thomas. 137, 134, 131
LOGIE Lily. 345
LONG Marion B. 894d
LONGHURST Frank D. 436
LOVEGROVE Alfred Arthur. 568
LOVEGROVE Edith. 568a
LOVEGROVE Edwin John. 545
LOVEGROVE Florence. 545
LOVEGROVE Hartie. 568
LOVEGROVE Maria. 568a
LOVELL Isabel. 1102
LOWE Gerald William. Co4
LOWE Robert Alfred. 609f
LUCAS Alfred Frank. 369
LUCKIN Cecil Edward. 922
LUCKIN Florence Elizabeth. 922
LUNNON Isaac (Jack). 1010
LUNNON Selina May. 1010
LUTZ Elizabeth. 609h
LYNN Mary Jane. 795
LYNN Matthew William M. 795
MacARTNEY K.W. (Mac). Cn4
MACGREGOR Arthur. 639
MACGREGOR Mabel Eileen. 639
MACINTOSH Gordon Frank. 612
MACINTOSH Kenneth. 612
MACKEGGIE David. 373
MACKENZIE Albert. 1109 WW1
MACKENZIE Enid Violet. 1080c
MACKENZIE Malcolm. 1109 WW1
MacKINNEY Charlotte Mary Sleigh. 546b
MACLEAN Barbara Phyllis. 344a
MACLEAN Norman Mewburn. 344a
MacLEOD Agnes M.M. 435b
MacLEOD Norman. 435b
MACPHERSON Alice Bessie. 229
MACPHERSON Arthur Holte. 229
MACPHERSON Arthur William. 229
MACREADY Edmund Charles. 496
MACREADY Louisa S. 496
MAHONEY Ralph. 1109 WW1
MAIDWELL Ellen Beatrice. 828
MAIDWELL William. 828
MAKER Kathleen Mary. 687j
MANN Edward James. 1303
MANNERS Lionel Gaston. 342a
MANNING Peggy. 428
MANNING Sidney Charles (Dick). 437x
MANSFIELD Madge Mary. 355
MANUEL Capt. Eric. 374
MANUEL Howard. 374
MANUEL Mark. 374
MARCH Edwin Thirkeil (Max). 368b
MARCH Marjorie Violet. 368b
MARCHANT George. 933d
MARDEN Charity Esther. 585
MARDEN Dorothy. 902
MARDEN Elizabeth. 525
MARDEN Ernest Walter. 662f
MARDEN Frederick. 482
MARDEN Henry. 585
MARDEN Henry Vickery. 494
MARDEN Mary Ann. 494
MARISCOTTI Michael (Mick). 1325
MARKS Blanche Selina. 747b
MARKS Doris G. 1317
MARKS Edward. 829
MARKS John Frederick. 747b
MARKS Sarah May. 829
MARNER John. 35
MARNER Mary. 35
MARNEY Caroline. 863
MARNEY Harry. 863
MARNEY Nelson. 863
MARNEY Violet. 863
MARSH Joseph John. 963
MARSH Olive Joyce. 963
MARSHAL Leonard (Bob). 1339
MARSHALL Albert C. 1109 WW1
MARSHALL Albert E. 924b
MARSHALL Alice. 786k
MARSHALL Annie Jane. 833
MARSHALL Annie Laurie. 556b
MARSHALL Cecil Charles. 806c
MARSHALL Charles. 751i
MARSHALL Charlotte. 175
MARSHALL Dinah. 533
MARSHALL Edith. 924c
MARSHALL Edward. 731a
MARSHALL Esther. 559
MARSHALL Eunice M. 731b
MARSHALL Fanny. 507c
MARSHALL George. 625d, 533, 528a
MARSHALL Hannah. 625e
MARSHALL Harriet. 535
MARSHALL James. 887a, 780q
MARSHALL James Charles. 833
MARSHALL Jane. 534
MARSHALL John David. 780t
MARSHALL Leonard. 608, 605a
MARSHALL Peter Robin. 780t
MARSHALL Phyllis Sophia. 780t
MARSHALL Richard. 891b, 606a
MARSHALL Rose Georgina Maud. 608
MARSHALL Rose I.M.. 806c
MARSHALL Samuel. 780r, 625e
MARSHALL Sarah. 175
MARSHALL Thomas. 175
MARSHALL Thomas Charles. 605a
MARSHALL William. 559, 535, 507c
MARSHALL William G. 1109 WW1
MARTIN Beatrice Winifred. 1308
MARTIN Elizabeth. 856d
MARTIN Percy. 856d
MARTIN Percy Ernest. 1308
MARTIN Reginald. 437s
MASON George. 1109 WW1
MASON Samuel. 648a
MATHEWS Lee. 929b
MATTHEWS Alice. 909d, 842, 627c
MATTHEWS Andrew Fred. 735e
MATTHEWS Benjamin. 695b, 619k
MATTHEWS Charles. 941, 620
MATTHEWS David. 909d, 842, 837
MATTHEWS Edward George. 524e
MATTHEWS Freedom. 942
MATTHEWS Henry. 584
MATTHEWS Hilda. 941
MATTHEWS Jane [or Jennie]. 524e
MATTHEWS Job. 1109 WW1, 620
MATTHEWS John. 931, 842, 618a, 198
MATTHEWS Leonard. 939a
MATTHEWS Linda. 661, 339
MATTHEWS Mary. 198
MATTHEWS Mary Ann. 695, 695, 559a
MATTHEWS Priscilla. 619k
MATTHEWS Robert. 909c, 661
MATTHEWS Susan. 931
MATTHEWS Walter. 942, 842
MATTHEWS William. 695, 559a
MATTHEWS? Marlyne. 339
MATULIS Jonas. 1267
MAY Evelyn Grace. 797a
MAYNARD Ann Maria. 589f
MAYNARD Henry George. 589f
McANDREW Charles A.W. 1109 WW1
McANDREW Charles W. 275, 261, 236
McANDREW Florence. 275, 261, 236
McANDREW Gerald A. 236
McANDREW Gerald Alexander. 271
McANDREW Mary Louise. 236
McCAFFREY. 1104a
McCAFFREY James Patrick. 1076a
McCARDLE Frederick George Henry (Bill). 281
McCARDLE John. 848a
McCARTHY Doris Elizabeth. Cn10
McCAUGHAN James Andrew. 1109 WW2
McGREGOR John Crawford. 814
McINTOSH Pauline Mary. 1341
McKAY Donald G.T. 893
McKAY Robert Donald. 893
McKENZIE Alexander. 778d
McLAREN George (Jock). Cm16
McLEAN Agnes Waddell. 344c
McMILLAN Barbara. Cl1
McMILLAN Christopher. Cl1
McNAB Francis Archibald Tuart. 279a
McNAB Maj Archibald Hearne. 280
McNAB Neil Hearne. 279a
MEDDEN Stanley. Cl5
MEDLICOTT Cyril. 937
MEDLICOTT Louisa E.J. 937
MELLOR Joan Eileen. 702a
MERRETT Emily. 738
MERRETT Herbert William. 738
MERRETT Peggy Maureen. 738
MERRETT William. 738
MESSINGHAM Charles. 227
MESSINGHAM Sophia. 1180
MILEHAM Annie Alfreda. 1125
MILEHAM Frank. 1109 WW1, 1125
MILEHAM Matthew James. 1125
MILEHAM Phyllis Kathleen. 1125
MILLARD Arthur. 891a
MILLARD Mary Jane. 891a
MILLER Charlotte. 788
MILLER David John. 948
MILLER Fanny Elizabeth Fullick. 788
MILLS Anne. 142
MILLS Celia. 142
MILLS Charles. 30
MILLS Charles Harding. 746b
MILLS Frances. 140
MILLS Grace Lydia. 994
MILLS Harriett. 1170
MILLS James. 1170
MILLS John. 143, 142, 138
MILLS Len. 994
MILLS Mary. 138
MILLS Sarah. 140, 29
MILLS Thomas. 140
MILLS William. 29
MILNE Edith Rosina. Ck12
MITCHELL Charles. 1119, 667
MITCHELL David R. Cl11
MITCHELL Fanny. 1119, 667
MITCHELL Sheila. 1218
MOGER Caroline Isabel. 1076
MOORE David. 524a
MOORE Dorothy G. 407b
MOORE George. 407b
MOORE Harriett. 1131
MOORE John. 1131, 524b
MOORE John (Geordie). 1320
MOORE Robert. 767a
MOORE Susan. 524b
MOORE William. 483
MORDEN George Frederick. 354a
MORLEY Edith Rebecca. 837a
MORLEY Henry William. 837a
MORLEY Winifred. 555a
MORRIS Denise. 435d
MORRIS Martha Ann Louie. 636
MORRIS Nancy Barbara. 445a
MORRIS Sarah Ann. 692
MORRIS Tony. 435d
MORRIS Wilfred Herbert William. 445a
MORRIS William Alexander. 866d
MORTIMER Charles P. 1109 WW2
MORTIMER Paul Fitzgerald. 1107b
MOSS Charles. 845c, 666g
MOSS Charles J. 1109 WW1
MOSS Jane. 845c
MOSS Lillian. 773b
MOSS Mary Ann. 666g
MOSS Peggy. Cm11
MOSS Rosina A. 773b
MOXON Bertha Annie. 340
MULDER? Otto. 773c
MUNDAY Alec Ernest James. 964
MUNDAY Alice May. 964
MUNDAY Charles John. 624a
MUNDAY Ernest James Buller. 964
MUNDAY Ernest T. 1109 WW1
MUNDAY Ernest Tom. 625
MUNDAY Harriet. 625a, 625
MUNDAY Herbert Henry. 625
MUNDAY Stephen. 625a, 625
MUNDEN Arthur T. 1109 WW1
MUNN Marion. Cn6
MURDOCH John Alexander. 973a
MURPHY Christopher. 607
MURPHY Hilda Eveline. 607
MURPHY John Joseph. 780s
MURPHY Laurence William. 780s
MURPHY Michael John. 1227
MURPHY Molly. 1201
MURPHY Peter. 1109 WW2
MURPHY Richard. 812
MURRAY Lilian Grace. 797
MURTON Rebecca. 2
MURTON William. 2
MYERS Garnet A. 342c
NASH Ada. 629
NASH Arthur. 498a
NASH Frederick Arthur. 1080f
NASH Frederick James. 430
NASH Ivy Jane. 430
NASH Jonas. 17, 16
NASH Lily May. 498a
NASH Mary. 17
NASH Winifred. 1080f
NAVICKAS Magdelena. 1307
NEAL Emma. 731d
NEILL Charlie. 1285
NEIMES Arthur J. 432e
NELSON Charles Edward. 667a
NELSON Isabella Charlotte. 667a
NEMANIS Leonas. 1059
NEWBURY Charles Henry. 643
NEWCOMBE Harold Hector. Ck8
NEWENS Gordon Frank. 651
NEWLAND Hannah. 780d
NEWLAND Henry. 1109 WW1, 780d
NEWLAND Karen. 344f
NEWMAN Alfred Andrew (Tiny). 1056
NEWMAN Arthur. 912
NEWMAN Bertha. 912
NEWMAN Emma. 910c
NEWMAN Ethel Maria. 946
NEWMAN Mary Ann. 1056
NICHOLS Henry John. 502d
NICHOLS Mary Ann. 502d
NICHOLSON Robert Henry. 583
NICOL Staff/Sgt Frederick John Gregg. 390
NICOLLS Sarah Lilian. 594a
NOAKES Clare Ada. 776b
NOONAN Violet Amy. 1329
NORGATE Queenie Elsie Eileen. 652a
NORGATE William. 652a
NORKAITE Kleopa. 1251
NORMAN Arthur J. 1109 WW2, 1240
NORMAN Ellen. 1240
NORMAN John. 1240
NORRIS Amelia. 610a
NORRIS William Henry. 905a
NORRIS William T. 1109 WW2
NORTH Ann Maria. 685d
NORTH Bertie. 645
NORTH Elijah. 685d
NORTH Ethel May. 1204
NORTH Florence Gertrude Louise. 645
NORTH Frederick. 1204
NORTH George. 408
NORTH Henry James. 207
NORTH Joseph. 840g
NORTH Lillian Annie. 408
NORTH Minnie. 840g
NORTH Wilfred J. 1109 WW1
NUGENT Elizabeth. 240
NYE Ernest William. 432f
O'BRIEN Charles Richard Ackroyd. 638
O'BRIEN Charles Richard Mackay. 638, 275
O'BRIEN Christina. 638
O'BRIEN Flora. 625f
O'BRIEN Ivy. 626
O'BRIEN John Francis Clare. 638
O'BRIEN Joyce Maria. 1234
O'BRIEN Mary. 760a
O'BRIEN Rosamund Mary Aphinstone. 638
O'BRIEN Selina Beatrice. 638
O'BRIEN Terence P R J. 1109 WW2
O'DELL Elizabeth. 780e
O'LEARY Alice Sarah. 872
O'LEARY Norman John William. 872
OAKLEY Ivor. Cn11
OBEE Alfred Herbert. 752a
OBEE Edith. 752a
OGDEN Sophia M. 452
OGILVIE Geoffrey Caton. 350
OGILVIE Noreen Hermine. 350
OLDER Henry. 112
OLDHAM Bertha (Honey). 929c
OLDHAM Caroline. 921
OLDHAM Jack. 875
OLDHAM James. 943
OLDHAM John Edwin. 962
OLDHAM Rosamond. 962
OLDHAM William. 921
OLIVER Clara. 790a
OLIVER George Paternoster. 790a
OSBORNE George V. 1109 WW1
OSGOOD Dorothy. 1304
OTHEN Mary Ann. 609
OTHEN William. 609
OVERTON Alfred. 623g
OVERTON Charlotte. 623g
P. M. 1118a
PACK-BERESFORD Annette Louisa. 446
PACK-BERESFORD Elizabeth H. 275
PACK-BERESFORD Elizabeth Harriet. 446
PACK-BERESFORD Henry John. 446
PAGE Kate. 310
PAGE Thomas Joel. 310
PAINE John. 490
PAINE John Morrisey. 490
PAINE Margaret. 490
PAIPULAS Kazys. 1048
PALMER Elizabeth. 945
PALMER Reginald Albert William. 945
PARAMONIW Teresa Tamara. 972
PARAMOR Harriet. 471
PARAMOR Walter. 471
PARFECT Alfred George. 345
PARFECT Annie Florence Emma. 735h
PARFECT Donald Frederick. 372
PARFECT Edmund. 120
PARFECT Emma Jane. 699c
PARFECT Florence May Triggs. 809
PARFECT Frederick Charles George. 371
PARFECT Frederick Oscar. 809
PARFECT George (Coffee?). 699c
PARFECT Henry Ernest. 735h
PARFECT Robin David. 372
PARHAM Ellen Jane. 838b
PARHAM Samuel. 838b
PARISH Charlotte Sophia. 277
PARISH Maj-Gen Henry Woodbine. 277, 275a
PARISH Vice-Adm John Edward. 276
PARISH Wilhelmina E. 264
PARISH Williamina Emma. 276, 269
PARKER Alice Mary. 1115, 263
PARKER Alice May. 264
PARKER Anne. 32
PARKER Clara Anne. 1069
PARKER John. 102
PARKER Mary. 104, 102
PARKER Robert. 1115, 263, 104, 103, 102, 32
PARKER Steven Tony. 1288
PARKIN Staff/Sgt Winston Wright. 509
PARKIN Winston Wright. 1109 WW2
PARKINSON Frederick Edward. 375
PARKINSON George William. 401a
PARRATT Florence. 1310
PARRATT Hannah. 744
PARRATT Henry. 744
PARRY Alice Mary. 439
PARRY George Montgomery. 512e
PARRY Jane. 932b
PARRY Margaret. 512d
PARRY Margaret Gillian. 344
PARRY Percy Richard. 344
PARRY Stanley Claude. 512e
PARSON Anne Katherine. 193, 57
PARSON Christiana Matilda. 193
PARSON Frances Elizabeth. 193, 57
PARSON John. 193, 57
PARSONS Amy Telfer. 901
PARSONS Deborah Annie. 312
PARSONS Ernest Harold. 1022
PARSONS Henry. 176
PARSONS Kathleen Florence. 901
PARSONS Mabel. 1022
PASCOE Hannah. 566
PASSINGHAM Arthur. 743a
PASSINGHAM Doris Eliza. 1066
PASSINGHAM Esther. 780aa
PASSINGHAM Florence Ellen (Florrie). Cm4
PASSINGHAM Frederick. 781
PASSINGHAM Frederick James. 1066
PASSINGHAM Henry. 780aa
PASSINGHAM Reginald Harry (Nobby). Cm4
PASSINGHAM Rosetta. 781
PATTERSON Marjory Lou. 1092
PAY Christopher Arthur John. 1220
PAY Christopher John. 978
PAY Edward. 1103
PAY Joan Catherine. 1088
PAY Margaret Alice. 978
PAYNE Elizabeth. 457a, 457
PAYNE Flora. 820a
PAYNE Harry. 457
PAYNE Henry James. 820a
PEAKE Michael. 977
PEARCE Agnes. 722
PEARCE Edgar James. Co8
PEARCE George. 722
PEARSE Rosemary. 632
PEARSE Winsford. 632
PEGG George Norman. 894
PENGEL Frank R. 316
PENGEL Frank Roy. 377
PENGEL Gladys Theodora. 377
PENN Edward James. 1351
PENNELL William Albert. 1166, 260
PENY George William. 772
PENY Rhoda Mary. 772
PEPPER William Ernest. 795a
PERKINS Ernest Frederick. 361
PERKS Joan Lilian. Cl3
PERRY Arthur Francis. 203
PESTOR Frederick William. 860
PESTOR Lilian Bessie. 860
PETAR Edward Tooth. 159
PETAR Fanny Hannah. 329
PETAR Harriet. 178
PETAR Harriet Gertrude. 1151
PETAR John. 178, 178
PETAR Rosa Britannia. 159
PETAR Selina. 329
PETERS Alice Maud Ellen. 1213
PETERS Herbert George. 734
PETERS Susannah M.E.N.. 734
PETRIE Jessie Ogg. 673
PETTITT Alice. 342f
PETTITT Ralph C. 342f
PHARO Albert Joseph. 657
PHARO Alice. 449
PHARO George. 448
PHARO Hilda Maria Lottie. 658
PHARO Leonard George. 446b
PHARO Mary Joyce. 657
PHARO William George. 658
PHILIPS Belinda. 979
PHILLIMORE Jasper P. 1109 WW1
PHILLIPS Alfred. 863b
PHILLIPS Alice Elizabeth. 666
PHILLIPS Amy Anne. 1150
PHILLIPS Daphne Helen Hawtin. 238
PHILLIPS Edward Hawtin. 1150
PHILLIPS Elizabeth. 1144, 267, 238
PHILLIPS Elsie Mary Caroline. 238
PHILLIPS John. 666
PHILLIPS John Hawtin. 1150
PHILLIPS John Rouse. 1109 WW2, 1144, 238
PHILLIPS Lt-Col John Rouse M.C.. 266
PHILLIPS Ralph Noël. 1150
PHILLIPS Stephanie Margaret. 238
PHILLIPS Walter Tawney. 275, 266, 238
PHILPS Ann. 55
PHILPS Thomas. 55
PICKETT Daniel. 689e
PICTON Doreen. 1250
PICTON Sidney M. 1250
PIGGOTT Elizabeth Clemence. 636
PIGGOTT Ellen Louisa. 595
PIGGOTT George. 200
PIGGOTT Maria. 212, 200
PIGGOTT Mark. 212, 200
PIGGOTT Walter. 595
PIM Anne. 105
PIM Elizabeth. 108
PIM Henry. 110, 108, 106
PIM Richard. 107, 105
PIM Susannah. 106
PIPER Louisa. 1116, 263
PLATT John L. 1109 WW1
PLUMB Isaac. 216
PLUMB Mary Ann. 216
PONSONBY Merelina. 679
PONTIN Grace. 174
PONTIN Henry. 174, 28
POPLE Arthur. 432d
POPLE Audrey Bessie. 432d
PORTER Robert. 1064
POWELL Cynthia. 761
POWELL Eveline Annie. 662c
POWELL Henry Ivor. 761
POWELL Maude Bayard. 760i
POWELL Maude Mayard. 761
POWELL Val. 761
POZNER Harry. 1346
PRESNAIL Albert Parsons. Cj12
PRESNAIL Kathleen Mary. Cj12
PRESTON Donald. Cn13
PRESTON George Edward. 1109 WW2
PRICE Allie. 1029
PRICE Arthur Thomas. 1029
PRINCE? Charles Henry. 832a
PRINCE? Nora Daisy. 832a
PRIOR Edith C. 938a
PRIOR James. 938a
PRITCHARD Elizabeth. 873
PRITCHARD Tom Southwell. 873
PRIVETT Alice M. 564a
QUENNELL Leonard V. 1109 WW1
QUICK Edwin (Speedy). 1313
QUICK Mauree. 1313
QUINLIN Rosetta Minnie. 666d
RADFORD Dorothy Emma. 384
RADFORD James. 384
RALPH George. 585m
RALPH Louisa (Louie). 585l
RALPH Mary Ann. 585m
RALPH William Reginald. 845d
RAMSAY Isabel Clara. 297
RAMSDEN Richard. 1109 WW1
RAMSEY Doris May. 841
RAMSEY James. 841
RAND Nicholas Albert. 1129
RANDALL Martha. 285
RAWLINSON Angela Ethel Rose. 739
RAY Alice. 1054
RAY Cecil Robert Hercules. 909e
RAY Eli. 858
RAY Elizabeth. 858, 486
RAY James. 486
RAY James William. 1218
RAY John. 502
RAY Maud Julia. 909e
RAY Olive. 780n
RAY Rosina. 502
RAY William. 1054
RAYNER Daisy Lilian. 368a
RAYNER Edward. 368a
READ Beatrice. 652f
READ Edwin J. 1109 WW1
READ Gladys Kathleen. 603a
READ Percy. 458a
READ Rendall. 652f
READ Stanley John Roy. 1042
READMAN Stanley. 735d
REDETH? Alfred John. 685a
REED Barbara. 674a
REED Barbara V.M. (Molly). 674a
REED Barbara Wilson. 674a
REED David. 674a
REED Francis. 674a
REED Sarah. 652e
REED William. 652e
REEVES George Hubert Rippen. 484
REID Alexander W. 1109 WW1
REMMENT Ronald Arthur. Cj9
REMNANT Ann. 100
REMNANT George. 100, 99
RENNIE David. 652b
RENSHAW Phoebe. 1361
RENSHAW Thomas. 1361
REYNOLDS Doris May. 1244
RHOADES Charles John. 564
RIBBENS Alice Elizabeth. 477
RIBBENS William Richard. 477
RICE Brinsley Alexander. 641
RICE Olive Wilbraham. 641
RICE Sheridan Knowles Brownlow. 640
RICHARDS Bill. 344b
RICHARDS May. 344b
RICHARDSON Bertie Morris. 419
RICHARDSON Charlotte. 179
RICHARDSON Ethel Kate. 419
RICHARDSON Percy Neville. 309
RICHARDSON William. 179
RICHMOND Susan Anne. 437n
RICKARDS William Reginald. 1109 WW2
RIDYARD Sarah. 786m
RILEY Richard N. 432b
RIMDZEVICIUS Albinas. 1281
RIPPEN Edward. 221
RISING Alice Louisa. 910
RISING John. 910
RIVERS Elizabeth. 65
RIVERS John. 65, 38, 37
RIVERS Sarah. 37
RIX Eileen Maud. 368
ROBERSON Emma. 275
ROBERTS Phyllis Eileen. 869
ROBERTSON Clara. 656f
ROBERTSON James S. 1008
ROBESON Lizzie Lindsay. 718
ROBINSON Alia G.M.. 503b
ROBINSON Betsy Ann. 848c
ROBINSON Daphne Helen Hawtin. 238
ROBINSON Emily Jane. 478
ROBINSON Oliver Giles. 238
ROGERS Addison H. 1109 WW1
ROGERS Annie Sylvesta. 1157
ROGERS Beatrice Mary. 1162
ROGERS Cyril Warrington. 265
ROGERS Evelyn Elizabeth. 519
ROGERS Henry E. 1109 WW1
ROGERS Ivy. 499
ROGERS James. 519
ROGERS John Warrington Q.C.. 265
ROGERS Joseph. 499
ROGERS Laurie Lynda. 1158
ROGERS Leonard Lothian. 1160
ROGERS Mary Jane. 1161, 1159, 1158, 1157
ROGERS William. 1161, 1159, 1158, 1157
ROGERS William Rufus. 1159
ROGERSON Guy Timothy. 1061
ROKE Emily Maude. 891
ROKE Murray George. 891
ROONEY James Wellington. 735p
ROONEY Thomas Henry. 556
ROOTES Brig. A. Hugh. 802
ROOTES Hrefna Maude. 394c
ROQUETTE Louis. 398
ROWAN Patricia. 413a
ROWBOTHAM Ruth Mary Purcell. 1063
ROWLATT Charles Henry. 716
ROWLATT Margaret Hilda. 716
ROWLATT Mary Pauline. 717
ROY Sarah. 623k
ROY William. 623k
ROYLANCE Peter. 413
RUSHTON Annie. 827
RUST Doris May. Cl14
RUST Emma Jane. 1107a
RUST Paul (Rusty). Cl14
RUSTALL Mary. 741
RUSTELL George Eli. 889
RUSTELL Harriet Matilda. 835
RUSTELL Rose. 890
RUSTELL William D. 1109 WW1
RUTHERFORD Margaret. 1147
RUTHERFORD Robert. 1147
RUTTER Colin Andrew. 929a
RUTTER Paul Maurice. 929a
S... R.P. 254
SANDERS Annie Elizabeth. 872a
SANDERS Frank Louis. 872a
SARGEAUNT Aileen Marguerite. 467
SARGEAUNT Arthur Frederick. 275
SARGEAUNT Clare Marguerite. 467
SAUL Rose. 585a
SAVAGE Helen Rose. 859
SAVAGE Jane. 650b
SAVAGE Thomas Edwin. 859
SAVELLI Tina Malana. 901a
SCARROTT Elizabeth. 778b
SCARROTT Henry Samuel. 351
SCARROTT Thomas. 1096a
SCHOFIELD Catherine. 536
SCHOFIELD Frederick. 536
SCHOFIELD Herbert. 275
SCHOFIELD Lt. Col. Herbert. 468
SCHOFIELD Phillip Anthony. Village Green
SCOTT Eliza Jane. 806b
SCOTT Robert. 806b
SCRIMGEOUR James (Jim). 347a
SEAGROATT Alfred W.W. 648
SEAGROATT Dora. 1359
SEAGROATT Eleanor Maud. 648
SEAGROATT Theresa. 996
SEAR Frederick. 275
SEAR Mary Ann. 275
SEARLE Jesse. 1363
SELDON John Henry. 481
SEWELL Barnabas. 188
SEWELL Frances. 188
SEWELL John. 188
SEWELL William. 188, 188
SHARP Joan S. 952
SHARPLES John Thomas. Cj2
SHEPARD Elizabeth. 229
SHEPARD Rev James William. 229
SHEPHEARD Alice. 227
SHEPHERD Capt. James L.F. 248
SHEPHERD Caroline Susan. 249
SHEPHERD Edward Alfred. 251
SHEPHERD James. 249
SHEPHERD James M.E. 1109 WW1
SHEPHERD John R M. 1109 WW2
SHEPHERD Montague James. 249
SHEPHERD Theresa Emily. 250
SHEPPARD Flora. 1182
SHEPPARD Harriett. 1182
SHEPPARD Samuel. 1182
SHORT Mary Ann. 663d
SHORT William. 663d
SHRUBB Alice Mary. 564b
SHRUBB Amy. 903
SHRUBB Cyril. 940
SHRUBB Daniel. 564b
SHRUBB Dorothy. 940
SHRUBB Edith Alice. 778c
SHRUBB Emily. 585a
SHRUBB Frederick. 884b, 432a
SHRUBB Henry James. 903
SHRUBB James. 664
SHRUBB Jonas. 175
SHRUBB Martin Henry. 778c
SHRUBB Mary. 884b
SHRUBB Mary Jane. 840f
SHRUBB Sarah. 175
SHRUBB William. 1109 WW1, 664, 585a
SILVESTER Ernest A. 1109 WW1
SIMES Ellen. 575
SIMES Frederick. 575
SIMEY Dora Emily Vernon. 633
SIMEY Ralph Iliff. 633
SIMMONDS Arthur William. 1246
SIMMONDS Elizabeth Caroline. 634
SIMMONDS Margaret. 1246
SIMMONDS William John. 634
SIMMS Hugh Crofton. 1109 WW2
SIMONS Dorothy Walker. 295
SIMPSON Sheila Muriel. 275
SIMS Charlotte. 556a
SIMS Peter. 896
SINCLAIR Florence. 1253
SINCLAIR Robert. 739f
SKAMARAUSKAS Antanas. 1241
SKENE Emily. 557
SKENE George. 557
SLADE Edward. 125
SLADE George. 1148
SLADE Susanna Rose. 125
SLEIGH Alma Mary Elizabeth. 578
SLEIGH Robert. 578
SMAIL Herbert William. 463
SMAIL Malcolm Knox. 463
SMALL Alfred John. 522
SMALL Ann. 580
SMALL Annie. 522
SMALL Benjamin. 580
SMALL Benjamin Frank. 635
SMALL Bessie. 579
SMALL Charles. 650f
SMALL Elsie May. 437a
SMALL Emmeline. 650f
SMALL Harold. 417
SMALL Herbert. 579
SMALL John Samuel. 869
SMALL Louisa Ellen. 916
SMALL Matilda. 623i
SMALL Phyllis Eileen. 869
SMALL Samuel. 916
SMALL Sarah Ann. 507
SMALL Walter. 623i
SMALLBONE John J. T. 1225
SMALLBONE Margaret. 1225
SMART Thomas. 687e
SMART? Dr. 845g
SMITH Albert. 894a
SMITH Amy Annice Louise. 927
SMITH Cameron. 1185
SMITH Caroline. 918
SMITH Derek Roy. 617
SMITH Edith Marion. 820
SMITH Eleanor Maud. 867
SMITH Eli. 51
SMITH Elizabeth. 622c, 51
SMITH Elizabeth Betsy. 617
SMITH Ernest Henry. 828f
SMITH Frederick William. 910a
SMITH George. 805, 739a, 735o
SMITH Gertrude Helena. 803
SMITH Hilda. 828f
SMITH Horace S. Co13
SMITH Ivy. 393
SMITH James. 803, 739a
SMITH James Leggatt. 622c
SMITH John. 51
SMITH Judith. 51
SMITH Lawrence J.R. 381c
SMITH Leonard. 1276, 918
SMITH Lydia. 578a
SMITH Mary Ann. 782
SMITH Mary Pauline. 717
SMITH Michael Carson Lyndon. 717
SMITH Nora Kathleen. 457
SMITH Patrick Charles Gilbert. 717
SMITH Phoebe Ann. 894a
SMITH Richard Martin. 407c
SMITH Sarah. 376
SMITH Sarah Ann. 563k
SMITH Thirza Ann. 805
SMITH Walter. 563k
SMITH William Aird. 867
SMITH William Henry. 746a
SMITH William J. 388b
SMITH? Henry. 652c
SMITHER William. 173
SMITHERS Daisy Kate. 929
SMITHERS Jane. 735q
SMITHERS Victor William Thomas. 813
SMITHERS William Dan. 929
SMITHES Eleanor Frances Jane. 1118, 273
SMITHES Helen Mary. 1118
SMITHES John Tatham. 1118, 273
SNABAITIS Justinas. 1337
SNELLING Mary. 656d
SNELLING Mary Anne. 663a
SNOW Beatrice Mary. 1003
SNOW Percy Maynard. 1003
SOPP Gregory. 982
SOPP Hannah Margaret. 982
SOUCH Anne (Jane?). 1173
SOUCH John. 1173, 1172
SOUCH John Henry. 1173
SOUTER Geoffrey. 336
SOUTER Lillian B. 554c
SOUTER Lily M. 554c
SOUTER? Reggie. 336
SOUTHAM Marie. 954
SPARKS George Albert. 687n
SPARKS Lilian Kate. 1315
SPEAKMAN Elizabeth. 257
SPEAKMAN William. 257
SPEAR Claud Herbert. 1032
SPEAR Lilian Clare. 1032
SPEAR Stephen Phillip. 989
SPENCER Edith Louise Elizabeth. 711
SPENCER Francis Henry. 711
SPENCER Kenneth David. 307
SPENCER-HILL Frances Edith Audrey. 711
SPICER Alfred H. 774
SPICER Orpha. 774
SPOONER Elizabeth. 1114
SPOONER Esther. 780h
SPOONER John Fred. 1114
SPREAKLEY Ellen Maria. 785a
SPYERS Aubrey G. 553
SPYERS Ivy Winifred Dora. 553
SQUAREY Arthur Fultom. 275
SQUAREY Arthur Fulton. 466
SQUAREY Clara Madeleine. 466, 275
STACEY Arthur. 860b
STACEY Emma. 744b
STACEY Frank. 1109 WW1
STACEY Frederick. 781a
STACEY George. 1109 WW1, 619f, 524
STACEY Grace. 860b
STACEY Henry. 745
STACEY Margaret. 573
STACEY William. 744b
STAPLEY Marjorie Dorothea. 804
STEARNS Lucy. 693a
STEDMAN Katherine Sophia. 1174
STEDMAN Mary Sophia. 1175
STEDMAN Robert. 1175, 197
STEDMAN Rosalie Frances. 1174
STEEL George. 609k
STENNING Arthur. 709
STENNING Caroline Anne. 618b
STENNING Charlotte Louisa. 709
STENNING James. 618b
STEPHENS Cicely Mary Byng. 438
STEPHENS Lionel Frederick Byng. 438
STEPHENSON Robin. 856b
STEVENEY Oscar Kinsman. 1221
STEVENEY Patricia Violet Hildegarde. 1221
STEVENS Arthur William. 847b
STEVENS Edith Agnes. 731c
STEVENS Elizabeth. 464
STEVENS Emily Ann. 660
STEVENS Eric. Ck13
STEVENS George. 660
STEVENS George Ernest. 731c
STEVENS Harriet Isabel. 824a
STEVENS Henry Joseph. 687b
STEVENS John Henry. 988
STEVENS Joseph. 464
STEVENS Kenneth Herbert. 1316
STEVENS Leonard George James. Ck14
STEVENS Martha. 659a
STEVENS Mary. 383
STEVENS R P Weston. 1109 WW2
STEVENS Richard Henry. 383
STEVENS Robert James. 1277
STEVENS Sarah Ann. 847b
STEVENSON Edmund Powell. 513
STEVENSON Eliza Jane. 502c
STEVENSON Harry George. 502c
STEWART Albert Edward. 708a
STEWART F James. 1109 WW2
STEWART Percy Sidney. Cm1
STEWART Rose. 708a
STICKLAND Bertha. 780a
STICKLAND Robert. 780a
STIFF Lewis Donaldson. 1085
STIFF Lillian Jean. 1085
STOBBS Marjorie Mary. 423d
STOCK Wilfred. 1203
STODDART Fanny Vane. 543
STOKE-REES Ivor Wellington. 239
STOKE-REES Norah. 239
STOKE-REES Rowland. 239
STOKES Donald. Cm18
STOKES-ROBERTS Brig-Gen Edward. 272
STONARD Annie R. 840b
STONARD Elsie. 840b
STONARD Percival. 840b
STONARD Percy Charles. 840b
STONE Elizabeth. 96
STONE Emily. 735n
STONE Irene. 850a
STONE Mary Ann. 847d
STONE William. 96, 95
STONEBANKS Mary Ann. 780ab
STONEBANKS William. 780ab
STONEMAN Mary. 569
STREATFEILD-JAMES Helen Elizabeth. 1231
STREET Elizabeth. 171
STREETER Edwin. 362
STRIBLING Benjamin. 661a
STRIDE Marjorie Kate. Cj7
STRIDE Maurice A. Cj7
STROUD Mary Ann. 475
STRUGNELL Charles George. 708b
STRUGNELL Mary Jane. 708b
STRUGNELL Thomas. 750
STYLES Daniel. 524c
SULMAN David James Douglas. 601a
SULMAN Margaret. 601a
SULMAN Paul L. 1109 WW1
SUSANS Kenneth Henry. 1290
SUTER Nellie Mary. 218
SUTER Percy. 218
SUTER William. 218a
SUTTLE Elizabeth Frances. 519a
SUTTLE Mary. 519a
SUTTON Danny. 1211
SUTTON Emma Jane. 475
SUTTON George. 663b
SUTTON James. 621a
SUTTON Martha. 474
SUTTON Walter. 474
SUTTON Winifred. 474
SVINKUNAS Kakolis. 1333
SWAN Eliz Davison. 654d
SWAN Joseph S. 1109 WW1
SWANN Charles. 97
SWANN Sarah. 97
SWANSBOROUGH Frederick. 966
SWANSBOROUGH Joan [Catherine]. 966
SWATTON Arthur. 505b
SWAYNE Edward Frank. 909
SWAYNE Emily. 524d
SWAYNE Henry George. 524d
SWAYNE Richard Martin. 524d
SWAYNE Rose Mary. 862
SWEET Dorothy Margaret. Ck5
SYMONS George. 1109 WW1
TANNER Guy Charles Lettbridge. 716
TANNER Nora. 716
TAYLOR Alice Mabel. 1019
TAYLOR Betty. 625f
TAYLOR Charles John. 919a
TAYLOR Edith. 1019
TAYLOR Eliza. 531
TAYLOR Eliza Harriet. 1120, 587
TAYLOR Florence Virginia Mathilde.
TAYLOR George Neville. 854
TAYLOR Helen. 1261
TAYLOR James. 531
TAYLOR Joseph William. 1019
TAYLOR Lady Jane. 672
TAYLOR Margaret Robinson. 857
TAYLOR Patricia Ann. 586
TAYLOR Robert. 857
TAYLOR Rosemary. 854
TAYLOR Sir Richard. 672
TAYLOR Thomas Ashford. 1121, 532
TAYLOR Victoria. 873a
TAYLOR Wilfred Lownham. 845e
TAYLOR William James. 845e
TAYLOR William K. 1261
TERRY Albert Edward. 735c
TERRY Maud. 623j
TERRY Thomas. 623j
THACKERAY Charles Henry Hartley. 725
THACKERAY Irene Maud. 724
THACKERAY Nancy. 723
THACKERAY Reginald Charles Burlingham. 723, 268
THACKERAY Reginald Hartley. 724
THOMAS Arthur E W. 1109 WW2
THOMAS Don. 367
THOMAS Harold. 604
THOMAS Hilda. 604
THOMAS Matthew Charles. 1107d
THOMAS Minna Edith. 1026
THOMAS Sylvia. Ck3
THOMAS Terry. 367
THOMAS Tryphena. 23
THOMPSETT James. 971
THOMPSON Paul. 1107
THOMPSON Rosina Margaret. 844b
THOMPSON Thomas. 844b
THOMSON-GLOVER Cicely Phyllis. 399
THORNE George Robert. 609i
THORNE Joyce Audrey. 1338
THORNE Peter Frederick. 1338
THORNTON Paula J. 899b
THURGOOD Peter Charles. 1340
TICKNOR John. 1109 WW1
TIDD Alice Maud. 656b
TIDD Tom Hubbard. 656b
TIDEY Emma. 487
TIDEY Robert. 487
TIDEY Sydney Arthur. 526
TILBURY Charlotte. 325
TILBURY Richard. 446a
TILBURY Sarah Ann. 446c
TILBURY Timothy. 325
TIPPER Anne. 139
TIPPER Francis. 145
TIPPER Henry. 141
TIPPER Mary. 141
TIPPER Robert. 139
TIPPER Sarah. 201
TIPPER William. 141
TOAL Olive Kathleen. 1232
TOAL Richard Michael. 1232
TOD John Kelso. 548a
TODD Charles Douglas. 406
TODD David. Cj14
TOMKINS William Edward ('Edy'). 514
TOMLINS Harriet. 568a
TOOVEY Robert Amos. 429e
TOOVEY Robert Edward. 437q
TOWNLEY-PARKER Violet Caroline. 1084
TOYE Donald Kenneth Morley. Cn3
TRACY Rose. 828c
TRENDALL Alfred Henry. 1075
TRENDALL Edith Ellen. 1075
TRIBE Charity Ann. 627
TRIBE F.J. 627
TRIBE Frank James. 509b
TRIGG Alfred. 1109 WW1
TRIGG Archibald Percy. 656
TRIGG Susannah. 656
TRIGGS Alan. 628a
TRIGGS Emily. 628a
TRIGGS Maud. 752
TRIGGS William. 786e, 98
TRIGGS William L.. 752
TRUSSLER Brenda Margaret. 754a
TRUSSLER Louisa. 791a
TRUSSLER Matilda H. 889b
TRUSSLER Thomas. 889b, 791a
TUBB Eric H C. 1109 WW2
TUCKER Edith A. 619a
TUCKER John. 656e
TUCKER John Henry. 1109 WW2
TUCKER John Manning. 619a
TUCKER William M. 1018a
TUCKEY Ann. 119
TUCKEY Emily. 1179
TUCKEY John. 119
TUCKEY Richard. 119
TUCKEY William. 1179
TUCKEY William J. 1109 WW1
TUCKEY William James. 1179
TUDOR-JONES Helen. 231
TUDOR-JONES James Spencer. 231
TULLETT Charles Oliver. 1060
TULLETT Frances Annie. 1200
TULLETT Kate. 1060
TULLETT Stanley Envis. 1200
TURNER Ada. 718a
TURNER Arthur. 623a
TURNER Carl A. 1109 WW1
TURNER Ernest. 718a
TURNER Isabel Helen. 778
TURNER James. 479a
TURNER Jane. 479a
TURNER Jean Hilda. 732a
TURNER Marjorie May. 416
TURNER Percy. 700
TURNER Sarah Ann. 623a
TURNER William Henry. 778
TURNER Winifred Mary. 527
TURNEY H Colin P. 1109 WW2
TURRILL Elizabeth. Ck1
UPPERTON James. 1171
UPPERTON Sarah. 1171
VALENTINE Love Ward. 341
VALENTINE William Edward Norman. 341
van GEMEREN Jacob Marinus. 343
VANE-HUNT Edward S.G. Ck2
VELLA Anthony Edward. 926
VENNING Charles Harrison. 235
VENNING Fanny. 235
VENNING Mary Kate. 833a
VENNING Wentworth. 833a
VERNON-WOODS Agnes Gwendoline. 880
VERSTAGE Ann. 519b
VERSTAGE John William. 519b
VIDLER Aolitia M. 920
VIDLER Henry Nelson. 920
VINE Kenneth. 807
VINE Rose. 807
VINEY Adrian Cecil. 913
VINEY Annie Julia. 211
VINEY Bertie J. 1109 WW1
VINEY Emeline. 294
VINEY Frederick Charles Philip. 211
VINEY John Henry. 294
VINEY Joseph. 211
VINEY Lillian Maria. 913
VINEY Margaret Theresa. 699
VINEY Percy G. 1109 WW1
VINEY Robert Alexander. 699
VINEY William. 699a
VISTARTAS Antanas. 987
VOYSEY Elsie Mary. 682
VOYSEY William Alfred. 682
WACKFORD Beatrice. 407
WACKFORD Frank. 407
WADDELL Kathleen Marian. 1070
WADE Cyril Henry. 437o
WADE Margaret. 437o
WAKEFORD Albert Frederick. 451
WAKEFORD Alice. 681
WAKEFORD Cecily. 298
WAKEFORD Elizabeth. 451, 298
WAKEFORD Frederick. 451, 298
WAKEFORD George Wilfred. 298
WAKEFORD Hannah Bertha. 680
WAKEFORD Henry James. 681
WAKEFORD Noah. 609l
WAKEFORD Robert Cecil. 680
WAKELING James. 621d
WAKELING Jane. 621e
WAKLEY Ivy Gertrude. 759b
WAKLEY Nathan Frederic. 759b
WALDREN Christine. 823a
WALDRON Bertie. 435c
WALKER Amy Jane. 647c
WALKER Annie Martha Phoebe. 973
WALKER Bert J.H. 973
WALKER Catherine McKenzie. 814a
WALKER David. 973
WALKER Elizabeth. 167, 36
WALKER Elsie. 973
WALKER Esme. 973
WALKER Jane Ellen. 654c
WALKER Jesse Cyril. 959a
WALKER Kenneth. 814a
WALKER Marner. 36, 33
WALKER Sarah. 167, 33
WALKER Sheila. 973
WALKER Susan. 1296
WALKER Thomas Marner. 167, 33
WALKER William. 647c
WALKER William Daniel John. 654c
WALLACE Frank. 1053
WALLACE Gwen. 1053
WALLER John W.E. 878
WALSH Aiden. 951
WALSH Annie. 685f
WALSH Elizabeth. 1094
WALTERS Helen Maxfield. 1154
WALTHAM Philip. 118
WALTOM Sarah. 117
WARD Audrey Joan. 1352
WARD Charles. 945b
WARD Charles E. 832
WARD Irene Lavinia. 381
WARD William C. 381
WARD William Joseph. 1352
WARE Kate. 830
WARNER E.J.. 364
WARNER Edmund. 514d
WARNER Emma Jane. 824b
WARNER Eva. 630
WARNER George. 511a
WARNER Harry. 824b
WARNER Jane. 514d
WARNER John. 630
WARREN Alica A. 252
WARREN Denis Percival. 246
WARREN Elizabeth Annie. 243
WARREN George. 243
WARREN George Lynton Curtis. 252
WARREN John LG. 246
WARREN Kathleen Gladys. 247
WARREN Percival John. 247
WARREN Sarah Jane. 243
WATERHOUSE Geoffrey. 429f
WATERMAN Harold Henry Adams. 370
WATERMAN Mary Elizabeth. 933
WATERMAN Walter Henry. 933
WATKINS Elsie Kathleen. 801
WATKINS Harold Thornton. 801
WATSON Alice. 911a
WATTS Dr Allan V. 394
WATTS Richard. 284
WATTS Sarah Ann. 284
WEBB Emily Mary. 475c
WEBB George. 476
WEBB Martha Catherine. 476
WEBB Walter George. 733
WEBBER William Henry. 666f
WEEDON Mildred Amy. Co11
WEEKS Ann. 283
WEEKS James. 283
WEEKS Thomas. 618d
WEHRLE Paul. 190a
WELLBELOVE Sophie Irene Maud. 853a
WELLBELOVE Trevor. 354b
WELLS Alfred. 822c
WELLS Annie Louisa. 822c
WELLS Benjamin. 1211
WELLS Charles. 921c
WELLS Margaret Elizabeth. 1273
WELLS Maurice John (Ben). 726a
WELLS Michael Anthony. 910b
WELLS Nora Joyce. 726a
WELLS Paul. 727
WELLS Pauline June. 1210
WELLS Phyllis Kate. Cl6
WENMAN Lionel (Lilea). 1079
WEST George. 666e
WESTACOTT? Florence M. 759a
WESTMACOTT Frederick. 863a
WESTRUP Jack Allan. 342
WESTRUP Solweig Maria. 342
WHEELER Winifred E.. 762
WHITAKER Alexander Ingham. 275
WHITAKER Georgina. 687a
WHITE Frederick William. 441
WHITE A. 435g
WHITE Amelia Elizabeth Eliza. 1122
WHITE Anne. 144
WHITE Annie. 1082
WHITE Arthur. 655, 618
WHITE Clara. 1065, 790a
WHITE Ellen Amelia. 933b
WHITE Frederick Thomas. 1082
WHITE George A. 1043
WHITE George Edward. 769
WHITE George William. 623b
WHITE Henry. 622b, 505a, 144
WHITE Henry Thomas. 556a
WHITE Jack. 1122
WHITE James. 619d
WHITE John. 1327
WHITE Joseph. 1109 WW1
WHITE Joyce Agnes Lily. Ck16
WHITE Joyce Mary. 1013a
WHITE Lewis. 1122
WHITE Mabel. 767
WHITE Mary. 751f
WHITE Maud Mary. 769
WHITE Mercy. 510b
WHITE P. 435g
WHITE Sidney. 767
WHITE Thomas Edward. 510b
WHITE Walter. 729a
WHITE William. 585e
WHITE William Frederick Warden. 585e
WHITEHORN Elizabeth. 780p
WHITEHORN Frederick Charles. 780p
WHITING Annis. 585b
WHITING Frederick. 526a
WHITING Frederick H. 1109 WW1
WHITING George Frederick. 864
WHITING James. 585c
WHITING James Frederick. 870
WHITING Jane. 864, 585c
WHITING William. 585b
WHITTING Doreen. 1209
WHITTING Maj Frederick LeGrice. 1209
WHITTLE Alfred. 1291
WHITTLE John. 1292
WHITTLETON Thomas. 622b
WICKHAM Hugh St Barbe. 485
WIENAND Amelia Mary Constance. 710
WIENAND Edith Louise Elizabeth. 711
WILDISH Doris. 1202
WILDISH Leonard. 1202
WILES Joan Mary. 806
WILKIE Dorette. 455
WILKINSON Eleanor M. J.. 757
WILKINSON Francis. 895
WILKINSON Henry. 473
WILKINSON Kate. 656g
WILKINSON Kathleen Dorothy May. 786b
WILKINSON Martha. 473
WILKINSON William. 1109 WW2
WILLIAMS Alfred John. 1020
WILLIAMS Allan Godfrey. 693
WILLIAMS Amelia Mary Constance. 710
WILLIAMS Cecil James. 906
WILLIAMS Dorothy A. 569b
WILLIAMS Dorothy Mary. 347d
WILLIAMS Elsie May. 1096
WILLIAMS Enid. 432
WILLIAMS Golyddan. 546a
WILLIAMS Harold George. 1109 WW2
WILLIAMS Harry John. 823
WILLIAMS Kate. 823
WILLIAMS Kathleen. 693
WILLIAMS Kathleen Ethel. 906
WILLIAMS Kevin Peter. 1184
WILLIAMS Maldwyn Glyndwr. 546
WILLIAMS Richard. 666h
WILLIAMS Rosemary. 854
WILLIAMS Sarah Anne. 546a
WILLIAMS Stanley. 868a
WILLIAMS William John. 1096
WILLIS Albert George. 928a
WILLIS Beatrice Lilian. 928a
WILLIS Fanny Elizabeth. 770
WILLIS Jonah. 737a
WILLIS Kate. 590
WILLIS Maria. 737a
WILLIS Reynold Stanley. 770
WILLIS Sidney James. 590
WILLS Elizabeth Mary Alice. 631
WILLS Kay (Kathleen Alice). 631
WILLS William. 631
WILSON Alexander G B. 1109 WW2
WILSON Alice Mary. 755
WILSON Anthony. 724a
WILSON Arthur Bishop. 888
WILSON Capt A.G.B. 550
WILSON Edith Lucy. 888
WILSON Ernest Richard. 882
WILSON Kathleen Mary. 959
WILSON Leslie G. 755
WILSON Maud. 1128
WILSON May. 550
WILSON Philip Colin. 1266
WILSON Robert Grimes. 896a
WILSON Sydney H. 1109 WW1
WILSON Tailor W. 1128
WINCHESTER James William. 567
WINDIBANK Albert C. 1109 WW1
WINDIBANK Elizabeth. 298
WINDLE Herbert Henry. 1097
WINTER Gladys Nellie. 437f
WISBY Arthur. Cz5
WISE Lily Ashdown. 779b
WISE Mary Elizabeth. Cp2
WISHART Robert James. 1109 WW1
WITCHARD Elizabeth Ann. 739i
WITCHARD Thomas Elver. 739i
WITHEY Norman Harold. 1318
WITTS Alice. 735l
WODEHOUSE r Hugh. 547
WODEHOUSE Helen Maud. 547
WOOD Emily Mabel. 1062
WOOD Francis James. 1062
WOOD James. 774c
WOOD John. 509a
WOOD Mary Ann. 774c
WOOD Matilda. 509a
WOODAGE Arthur R.W. 764a
WOODAGE Kathleen Edith. 764a
WOODBOURNE Mary Ann. 149
WOODBOURNE Samuel. 149
WOODFORD Albert Thomas. 563f
WOODFORD Ann. 563i
WOODFORD Charles. 563g
WOODFORD Charles Sidney. 563f
WOODFORD Dennis John. 337
WOODFORD Florence Ellen. 760e
WOODFORD Frederick John. 760e
WOODFORD Ivy May. 563h
WOODFORD Leonard George. 563g
WOODFORD Martin. 939
WOODGER Allan. 1109 WW1
WOODGER Ann. 751d
WOODGER Daisy Edith Isabella. 759
WOODGER Dennis George. Cj17
WOODGER George. 1168
WOODGER Martin James. 1089
WOODGER Mary. 1168
WOODGER Percy John. 759, Cj16
WOODGER Peter James. 1018
WOODGER William. 751d
WOODING William John. 848
WOODLAND Percy. 363
WOODMAN Rosetta. 589a
WOODS Aaron. 577
WOODS Charles. 4
WOODS Eliza. 577
WOODS Henry. 577a
WOODS Mary Ann. 577a
WOODS Richard. 4
WOODS Sarah. 1
WOODSFORD Gertrude Alice. 877
WOODSFORD Herbert William. 877
WOODTHORPE Anne Kate. 1156
WOODTHORPE Edmund. 1163, 1156, 1155
WOODTHORPE Edmund Henry. 1156
WOODTHORPE Henry. 1155
WOODTHORPE Mary Ann. 1155
WOODTHORPE Mary Frederica. 1163
WOODTHORPE Rose Mary. 1156
WOODTHORPE Rosina Sarah. 1163, 1155
WOODWARD Harriet. 1336
WOODWARD Ivy Jean. 840
WOODWARD James E G. 1109 WW2
WOOLRIDGE Phyllis Gertrude. 805
WORMAN Grace Mabel. 1311
WORMAN William. 1348
WORMAN William Spencer. 1311
WOULDHAM Mr & Mrs. 264
WREN Ivy Selina. 735j
WRIGHT Edna Joan. 824a
WRIGHT Elsie Frances. 935
WRIGHT Evan Stanley. 213
WRIGHT Merriel Mabel. 213
WRIGHT Sir Robert Samuel. 213
WRIGHTING Florence M. 687
WRIGHTING Frederick. 687
WRIGHTING Percy Walter. 1109 WW2
WRIGHT-PARKIN Staff/Sgt Winston. 509
YALDEN Penelope Fay. 565
YALDEN Peter. 565
YATES Joyce. 652f
YATES Robert Alfred. 652f
YENDALL Leigh Joseph. 609j
YOUNG Bessie Jane. 845d
YOUNG Helen Tregoning. 1041
YOUNG John Gordon. 1041
ZALECKAS Jonas. 1035
ZEIMYS Konstantinas. 975

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