Burials at All Saints' Headley 1539 to 1851

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The Hampshire Genealogical Society (HGS) completed a massive project covering the transcription of Burial records for the whole of Hampshire up to the end of 1837. We have checked those for All Saints' Headley against the original Registers and made amendments and additions where necessary we also added records up to the end of 1851, in order to link with the first widely-used Census records, and subsequently added those up to the end of 1901 (see Switch above – these are held on a separate set of pages) .

Records are shown sequenced by surname – see NotesMonumental Inscriptions Wills

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Date Format of dates (yyyy/mm/dd) is that used by the HGS project — but in England until 1st January 1752, the New Year started on 25th March (called 'Old Style'). Therefore, for the years prior to 1752 we have adjusted to 'New Style' dates, by adding '1' to the year of entries occurring between 1st January and 24th March. This was done in order to sort the file correctly in date sequence on the computer.

Example: In the section on Baker, we now show —

1557/09/08 Baker Baker Elizabeth
1558/02/22 Baker Baker d of john

but the second of these entries was originally recorded in the Church Registers as 22nd February 1557.

Surname Has been transcribed as recorded in the Registers but in order to sort into 'family' groupings, we have added a Family column. Spelling was not significant until well into the 1800s, and we have used our local knowledge to identify which variations should be grouped together. So, for example, Fifield, Fyfield and Fiffel are all grouped as family FIFIELD; and Piggott, Pickett are both grouped as PICKETT.

Example for 'Burrows':

1760/11/19 Burrows Burrow Mary
William Mary
1775/11/05 Burrows Burroughs William
1777/01/21 Burrows Burrows Thomas

Multiple Registers There were three Burial Registers in use between 1695 and 1708 (and duplicates at other times), and the same burials are recorded in all three registers – but they do not always agree with regard to dates and names! We have done our best to sort out the muddle, but please refer to the originals if you are making important deductions from this information.

Affirmations Between 1690-1796 a separate register (No.6) was kept for 'affirmations' that the deceased was buried 'in woollen only' - we have noted the name of the person affirming this.


1694/04/28 Albury Albery Robert
    aff Ann Rogers

Monumental Inscriptions (MI) Where there is a Monmumental Inscription associated with a burial, this is shown by an entry in the MI column which gives a link to the inscription.


1814/08/15 Batchelor Batchelor John

where '53' is a link to the inscription number for John Batchelor (try it).

Most popular Surnames on Headley Burial Register 1539-1851:

In sequence of popularity (showing range of years in which entries found)
[Note: The top 4 names account for 10% of the total entires;
The most popular 33 surnames account for 41% of the 3,639 entries]

1 Baker 1540-1851
2 Morar/Moorar/Morer/Moorer/Atmoor/Atmore 1540-1783
3 Valler/Vallor/Voller/Vallour/Vallower/Faloar/ 1541-1841
4 Harding/Hardyng 1540-1849
5 Knight 1661-1851
6 Shrubb/Shrub/Shrubbe 1600-1851 [2nd most common name in 1841 & 51 censuses]
7 Boxall/Boxal/Boxolde/Boxole 1546-1849
8 Matthews/Matthew/Mathew/Matthewe 1551-1841
9 Marshall/Marshal/Marshel 1698-1849 [5th most common name in 1841 & 51 censuses]
10 Newman/Numan 1540-1788
11 Clear/Clere/Cleer/Cleere 1576-1848
12 Turner/Tornar/Toornar/Turnor/Tourner/Towrnare 1541-1842
13 Robinson/Robenson/Robeson/Rabenson/ 1611-1850
14 Eade/Ede/Eads/Eades 1557-1847
15 Figg/ffyg/Fygg/Fygge/Fig/Figge 1540-1837
16 Smith/Smyth 1543-1846
17 Fullick/Fullock 1672-1849 [This was the most common surname in the 1841 & 51 censuses]
18 Heath/Hethe/Heyth 1547-1759
19 Mills/Mill/Myll/Mylls 1546-1847
20 Chitty/Chittie/Chette/Chetey/Chytte 1539-1795
21 Tuckey 1667-1844
22 Woods/Wood 1682-1848
23 Collins/Collens/Collense 1682-1851
24 Hunt 1575-1837
25 Lee 1644-1832
26 Huntingford/Huntyngford/Hountingford 1564-1850
27 Combes/Coombes/Combs/Combe 1700-1849 [4th most common name in 1841 & 51 censuses]
28 Belton 1777-1851[6th most common name in 1841 & 51 censuses]
29 Farr 1597-1831
30 Albury/Albery/Alberrie 1581-1813
31 Gill/Gyll/Egille 1560-1674
32 Chiverton/Cheverton 1594-1850
33 White 1619-1849

Total for these Surnames = 1,497
Total on Register = 3,639

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