Parish of Headley

the 16 June 1841 and 30 March 1851 censuses, sequenced by surname

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The sheets contain details of every person found in either the 1841 or the 1851 census returns. The information is sorted in alphabetical order, by surname, and within that by 'natural' family groups as far as possible.

Where a person is identified as being on both censuses, he or she is given just one line, except in the case of a girl marrying within the parish, in which case she is shown under both her maiden and married surnames.

Notes have been added where relevant, in some cases from information in the census returns themselves (eg. number of acres farmed), but more often from other sources, such as church records, previous researchers, and the invaluable notes of Mr Laverty [marked WHL] rector of Headley 18721928.

The columns contain the following information:

1. #: The reference number of the house, shown on the 1851 census. This was not included in the 1841 census.

2. Location: The location of the house. If not in italics, then it is as entered on one or other of the census returns. More normally it was not entered, and those shown in italics are our best guess. If followed by a question mark, they are even more of a guess!

3. Surname: Where it was necessary in order to provide a match between the two censuses, the spelling of some surnames has been adjusted (eg. all Fiffel and Fifield are shown as Fyfield). Refer to original documents for actual spellings. In a very few instances we are still not sure of the name, and these are shown followed by a question mark.
Entries in bold type were in the 1836 Poll of Headley. Entries in italics were not in the census, and have been added from other sources.

4. Firstname: In 1841 only one forename was asked for. Where a second forename has been found from the 1851 census or other sources, it has been added here.

5. Rel: The relationship between a person and the head of the house. This was not included in the 1841 census.

6. St: Marital status shown here as: M = married, U = unmarried, W = widowed. This was not included in the 1841 census.

7. 41: Age shown on the 1841 census. Note that these where supposed to be stated rounded down to the nearest 'multiple of five' for adults. (We have entered 'x' where a person was not even born at the time).

8. 51: Age shown on the 1851 census. (We have entered 'x' where we know that a person was dead by then).

9. Occupation: We have shown the occupation stated in 1851 where it is different from 1841. Standard abbreviations have been copied from the census returns (eg. FS = female servant).

10. Borncty: County where born. In 1841 only 'y' or 'n' were entered, indicating whether a person was born in Hampshire or not.

11. Borntown: Parish (or town) where born. This was not included in the 1841 census.

12. Notes: Information drawn from a variety of sources has been included here. In particular where a girl has married between the two censuses and stayed in the parish, we have included a reference to show where her second entry may be found.

Note that while every care has been taken in the compilation of this list, you should always refer back to original documents before drawing any important conclusions from the information.

My apologies to those of you familiar with American dating numeric dates here are British dd/mm/yy

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