Marriages at All Saints' Headley 1539 to 1851

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The information up to 1837 came initially from the Hampshire Genealogical Society (HGS). We have checked their records against a transcription made from the original Registers kept in All Saints' Headley Church Office and made amendments and additions where necessary we also added records up to the end of 1851, in order to link with the first widely-used Census records.

Bride & Groom Each marriage is entered twice, once sorted by the Bride's family name (first column F) and once by the Groom's (first column M).



Date Format of dates (yyyy/mm/dd) is that used by the HGS project — but in England until 1st January 1752, the New Year started on 25th March (called 'Old Style'). Therefore, for the years prior to 1752 we have adjusted to 'New Style' dates, by adding '1' to the year of entries occurring between 1st January and 24th March. This was done in order to sort the file correctly in date sequence on the computer.

Example: In the section on Ansell, we now show —

M 1539/11/27 Ansell Anielle Thomas     Morar Morer Yzabell
F 1540/02/12 Ansell Awncell Jone     Hunt Hunt Thomas

but the second of these entries was originally recorded in the Church Registers as 12th February 1539.

Note that for two periods (1643-1645 & 1649-1654) during the Commonwealth regime no marriages were entered in the register.

Surname Has been transcribed as recorded in the Registers but in order to sort into 'family' groupings, we have added a Family column. Spelling was not significant until well into the 1800s, and we have used our local knowledge to identify which variations should be grouped together. So, for example, Fifield, Fyfield and Fiffel are all grouped as family FIFIELD; and Piggott, Pickett are both grouped as PICKETT.

Example for 'Burrows':

1760/11/19 Burrows Burrow Mary
1775/11/05 Burrows Burroughs William
1777/01/21 Burrows Burrows Thomas

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