Baptisms at All Saints' Headley 1540 to 1812

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My thanks to Lesley Potter and Trudy Messingham for their considerable help in transcribing these records

Records are shown sequenced by surname



Date Format of dates is (yyyy/mm/dd)— but in England until 1st January 1752, the New Year started on 25th March (called 'Old Style'). Therefore, for the years prior to 1752 we have adjusted to 'New Style' dates, by adding '1' to the year of entries occurring between 1st January and 24th March. This was done in order to sort the file correctly in date sequence on the computer.

Example: In the section on Baker, we now show —

1625/08/14 Baker Baker Richard
1626/03/19 Baker Baker Francis

but the second of these entries was originally recorded in the Church Registers as 19th March 1625.

Note that during the Commonwealth period c.1653-1662 it was generally the BIRTH date rather than BAPT date which was recorded this is shown by the word 'born' in the Notes column.

Surname Has been transcribed as recorded in the Registers but in order to sort into 'family' groupings, we have added a Family column. Spelling was not significant until well into the 1800s, and we have used our local knowledge to identify which variations should be grouped together. So, for example, Fifield, Fyfield and Fiffel are all grouped as family FIFIELD; and Piggott, Pickett are both grouped as PICKETT.

Example for 'Burrows':

1850/10/20 Burrows Burrow Henry George/Sarah
1852/02/08 Burrows Burroughs Andrew George/Sarah
1855/03/04 Burrows Burrows Thomas Thomas/Sarah  

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